After breakfast, Yan Yixie accompanied Jiang Ning to the shopping mall below the hotel to buy a dress and change it on. Both of them have very good looks, handsome men and beautiful women, and countless turning heads along the way. Yan Yixie is tall and handsome, especially attracting the attention of female shopping guides in shopping malls.

    Jiang Ning couldn’t bear the endless astonishing gaze, and couldn’t help but pull a cap from the shelf next to him: “Bend over.”

    “?” Yan Yi thanked him for not knowing why, but he still bent over and bowed his head in coordination.

    Jiang Ning pressed the peaked cap on top of his head and pressed it down, which was satisfied.

    “I don’t want too many people to see you.” Jiang Ning was very frank and honest.

    Although Yan Yixie tried her best to make her face expressionless, she couldn’t help but smile when she saw Jiang Ningchi/naked possessiveness.

    He took Jiang Ning’s hand and circled the shelf, and also pulled out a wide-brimmed hat and face Gini, and put it directly on Jiang Ning’s face, covering Jiang Ning from the top of his hair to the neck. .

    He has wanted to do this since six years ago.

    Especially when Jiang Ning was stared at by Ye Chang and Lu Xiuran with such admiring eyes.

    Jiang Ning: “…” I

    ‘m crazy. It’s late autumn and not summer. When the passers-by thought they were here to rob.

    The last two left each wearing a peaked cap.

    Although Yan Yixie was a bit dissatisfied that Jiang Ning didn’t wear the face Gini he took off, he was somewhat satisfied to see that the caps worn by both of them were of the same brand. They looked like couple models.

    “What are you doing next?” The two came to the underground parking lot, and Yan Yixie put the purchased things in the trunk.

    Jiang Ning had walked all this way, but actually already a little bit wanted to go back.

    Today is the weekend, and people are everywhere outside. Even if they both wear peaked caps, because of their temperament and body shape, someone will look at them from time to time, causing them to be unable to make any intimate behaviors and hold hands at most.

    “You didn’t sleep all night, didn’t you feel tired?” Jiang Ning looked at Yan Yixie suggestively.

    Is it a test of physical strength as a newlywed wife?

    Yan Yixie closed the trunk and glanced at Jiang Ning, expressing meaningfully: “I’m not tired, I’ll accompany you to do whatever you want.”

    Jiang Ning was embarrassed to say that he was suddenly not interested in the series of plans, and just wanted to go back to the hotel or back. The two people at home stayed together quietly. When she said it, she looked yellow.

    She had to pretend to be very happy: “Then let’s go to the supermarket as planned.”

    Yan Yixie opened the door for her: “OK, get in the car.” After

    Jiang Ning got in the car, Yan Yixie leaned over. , Fasten her seat belt.

    Jiang Ning obediently raised his hands and waited for him to fasten them.

    Jiang Ning lowered her eyes, he was shaking a bit close handsome face of God, to be “snapped” look, he sat back after a good system in place, Jiang Ning back to God: “Thank you.”

    Yan Xie had he tried a I started the car, heard such a sentence, suddenly acted, turned his face to stare at her, slightly dissatisfied.

    Jiang Ning: “What’s the matter?”

    Yan Yixie looked at her dazed facial features, her dissatisfaction deepened, and faintly said: “Don’t you thank you husband?”

    Jiang Ning: “…”

    Jiang Ning asked: “Is it every time you Wear a seat belt for me, what do I have to say?”

    Yan Yixie held the steering wheel and did not start.

    His handsome face blushed, and he looked forward: “You don’t need to say the word’thank you’. After all, you are already married. You don’t need to be too polite. Use the next two words.”

    After a pause, Yan Yixie was expressionless and seemed very reluctant, but in fact there was a trace of expectation without a trace. He said in a not salty and not indifferent tone: “Of course, like that time when I came out at the Dutch Embassy. The same, it doesn’t matter if you call a few more times.”

    Jiang Ning: “…” I’m sick! Her husband’s husband’s husband’s husband calls her husband like this once for fun. People really think she’s a repeater if she calls too much.

    Yan Yixie frowned, glared at her sideways, and said, “What did you say at the time?’Since you are married, shouldn’t you call it that way?'”

    Jiang Ning felt amused and said, “Who was it then? Reluctantly threw down the sentence “Follow you”? Someone was expecting me to call that way. The car almost turned over, and even seemed to be angry. Duplicity doesn’t mean you recognize the first and no one dares to recognize the second. “The

    two suddenly began to look through the old accounts. Hearing what Jiang Ning said, Yan Yixie’s ears turned red.

    He started the car slowly and drove it out of the underground parking lot.

    When the sunlight outside came in, he suddenly said: “At that time, I did think that you agreed to marry me because of another plan.”

    Jiang Ning turned his face to look at him: “What do you think of me?”

    “Me too. It’s not clear, it may be money, it may be teasing me, in short…not for me.” Yan Yixie said indifferently.

    Although the chapter has been turned over, and he seems to have nothing to do, Jiang Ning still feels a kind of depression in a calm tone.

    Even if she felt that she had other plans and that she was acting, Yan Yixie still desperate to get a marriage certificate with her. What was in his mind at the time, did he admit his fate that she couldn’t really like him?

    Jiang Ning suddenly grabbed her heart.

    She stretched out her hand, touched Pengyan and thanked her hand holding the steering wheel: “I was joking with you just now, I know, even if I call my husband three hundred times a day, I would still be willing.”

    When a repeater is a repeater, if If you can give him a sense of security.

    Yan Yixie held her hand with her backhand, clasped her fingers, and pressed it down.

    The temperature of the two bodies is offset.

    “I know.” Yan Yixie touched the lines on Jiang Ning’s palm, raised his eyelashes, raised the dark eyebrows, and looked a little relaxed.

    He glanced at Jiang Ning and said in a low voice: “But Jiang Ning, give me some time, I need to digest myself.”

    “During this period, don’t just tell me’leave me’,’break up’, or divorce me. “Is this kind of joke okay?”

    “Of course not!” Jiang Ning said immediately: “Am I sick to make that kind of joke with you? Even if it is a quarrel in the future, I will not say anything like that.”

    “I won’t do it in this life. If I leave you, I will—”

    “I believe you.” The

    red light stopped, and Jiang Ning was blocked before he vowed.

    Yan Yixie raised his hand and messed up the top of Jiang Ning’s hair.

    He raised his eyes to look at Jiang Ning, his eyes filled with the love of turbulent waves surging in the calm sea.

    He is willing to trust Jiang Ning again, which is also self-salvation for him.

    More importantly, even if there is another accident between Jiang Ning and him, he will not let Jiang Ning leave again.

    For the rest of his life, even death could not separate the two.

    There are too many people in all the large supermarkets in the city center. Yan Yixie drove and took Jiang Ning to the suburban supermarket. As a result, as soon as I entered, although it was not crowded, there were still a few heads that were turbulent every ten meters.

    The two had never done what ordinary couples would do when they went to the supermarket. In their youth, Yan Yixie was in a wheelchair and it was inconvenient to go to many places. After reuniting, it was because the gap had not been eliminated and there was no chance to live together.

    Now, taking a detour to a remote supermarket, slowly moving forward with the flow of people, buying some snacks, although it is an extremely ordinary thing, but the two of them also feel very interested.

    Yan Yixie took a cart and pushed it in front.

    Jiang Ning was held by him and stopped when he went shopping.

    “Is there the kind of sugar that I used to carry you from the bottom of the mountain? Just the kind of colorful fruits.” Jiang Ning looked for the snack shelf.

    Yan Yixie said: “Production is discontinued.”

    Jiang Ning was very surprised: “Why did it stop production?”

    Yan Yixie picked up a packet of chocolate that Jiang Ning would like to eat and threw it into the cart, saying, “About two years ago, The Wenzhou boss went bankrupt, so he sold the sugar factory. The new production line should not contain that kind of sugar.”

    Jiang Ning felt a little regretful and scratched his head: “I knew I used to stock up more.”

    Yan gave a glance. When she glanced at her, she seldom smiled: “I was hoarding it at the time and now it’s already expired, so I can’t eat it.”

    Jiang Ning suddenly raised his head and asked, “How would you know?”

    Yan Yi paused for a while, if nothing happened. Said: “It happens.”

    He won’t tell her that in the past three years he will do some seemingly boring things, such as trying to buy the colorful sugar production line, to pass the long, seemingly invisible end. time.

    When she was young, she smashed candy on his window. He didn’t eat much because he didn’t like sweets, but later when he felt bitter in his heart, he couldn’t find the candy of the year.

    Fortunately, although Tang has stopped the production line, she returned to him.

    Yan Yixie took back his thoughts and said, “Don’t talk about this, let’s go to checkout, and then go to eat.”

    He led Jiang Ning toward the cashier.

    Jiang Ning took out the pile of plans he wrote happily in the morning, glanced at the pages of paper, only felt a headache, and asked, “Should I go to the furniture market after eating?”

    “Go if you want.” Yanyi thanked.

    Jiang Ning lay on him, looked up at him, and shook his head

    grievously: “My husband, my legs are sore .” Yan Yi thought about it for a moment, and said: “Then go home and I will sleep with you.”

    Jiang Ning was suddenly interested. Bobo/Get up: “Okay.”

    She smiled, and Yan Yixie looked at her for a moment.

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