MFTIV: Ch 36

The teachers looked at each other, the students in Class 16…seven hundred forty-five?     Teacher Yang, the head teacher of Class 16, was stunned: “This, this…what’s the matter? How can our class achieve this kind of results?” The     teachers are also surprised. Everyone knows that even if the results are leaps and bounds, it is impossibleContinue reading “MFTIV: Ch 36”

STYV: Ch 47 【END】

Oh oh oh , Shan brother first place!”   ”Oye!” “Brother Shan, awesome!”   ”I’m going to overtake!”   ”Congratulations! Congratulations!”   ”Brother Shan is amazing, you watch the sports class That kid looked   dumbfounded !” The cheers around him were endless. Jin Qishan looked over the crowd and saw Su Xiaoxiao shook the mineral water in his hand at him notContinue reading “STYV: Ch 47 【END】”