STYV: Ch 46

The kiss this time is a bit different from the last time.

  Last time, Jin Qishan still only knew to kiss his lips, but this time, Jin Qishan has already gone deeper…

  He obviously taught himself secretly at home!

  The deeper the kiss, the more chaotic the breathing.

  Su Xiaoxiao was dizzy after being kissed, and leaned back slightly to part the entangled lips of the two.

  In the silent room, there was only a heavy gasp.

  As a result, after stopping for less than a minute, Jin Qishan held her face, his eyes deepened again.

  Su Xiaoxiao’s face is hot, and his lips are hot.

  Seeing that Jin Qishan’s lips were about to fall again, suddenly there was a knock on the door.

  Jin Qishan did not move.

  Su Xiaoxiao pushed his shoulders: “Are you not going to open the door?”

  Jin Qishan muttered, ” No.” A

  few seconds later, the knock on the door stopped, and then there was no sound.

  After being interrupted, Jin Qishan did not continue, but lay lazily between Su Xiaoxiao’s neck.

  The heat hit Su Xiaoli’s neck, and she was so frightened that she didn’t dare to move. Of course, the main reason is the abnormal heat from the thin fabric on the thighs.

  How unrestrained Su Xiao is when writing essays, he is shy in reality.

  It is precisely because she knows everything that she can’t ignore the changes in Jin Qishan’s body. She couldn’t ask Jin Qishan like a primary school chicken, what was his pants against her…

  Fortunately, Jin Qishan just lay down for a while, and then went out to get a drink.

  After Jin Qishan went out, Su Xiaoxiao looked around the room full of flowers, and didn’t know how long Jin Qishan had been preparing for it.

  Her gaze fell on the computer table again, and there was a classmate next to the computer. Su Xiaoxiao recognized it at a glance. This is a classmate written when he graduated from elementary school.

  Su Xiaoxiao opened his eyes and found that she was the only one who wrote the entire classmate.

  Anyway, I was bored, Su Xiaoxiao looked at what he wrote to Jin Qishan at that time. Five years later, she has almost forgotten.

  Turning to her page, I was suddenly attracted by a scratch in the relationship column.

  Su Xiaoxiao’s relationship column reads: Jin Qishan’s girlfriend.

  Su Xiaoxiao’s face blushed, this is impossible…

  At that time, she would never have written so shamelessly.

  Su Xiaoxiao thought about it. She should have written “Jin Qishan’s good friend”, and the word “zi” must have been crossed out by Jin Qishan.

  When Jin Qishan came in, he happened to see Su Xiaoxiao holding the record of his classmates. He walked over, pretending to put his classmates away as if nothing had happened.

  Su Xiaoxiao tilted her head, with a smile that couldn’t hide on her face: “Did you like me a long time ago?”

  Jin Qishan said flatly: “Longer than you thought.”

  Su Xiaoxiao was taken aback, and felt inwardly. I have an unknown sensation, and my eyes are sour.

  ”Then last year, why did you suddenly ignore me?”

  ”Didn’t you ignore me?” Jin Qishan looked at Su Xiaoxiao with a strange expression.

  Su Xiaoxiao said: “I didn’t ignore you, I thought you were angry…”

  Jin Qishan understood now, they all misunderstood each other.

  Su Xiaoxiao said aggrieved: “So, I always thought you didn’t like me.”

  ”How is it possible?” Jin Qishan hugged her into his arms, “I’m also afraid that I will be too obvious and cause you trouble. “

  Su Xiaoxiao said in dissatisfaction: “What? Then why do you say that I am not good-looking? Didn’t people say that Xi Shi is in the eyes of the lover?”

  Jin Qishan frowned, “When did it happen?”

  ”Junior high school… “

  Jin Qishan can’t remember at all, there is still such a thing. but. He believes that it is absolutely impossible for him to say that.

  ”Impossible, I can’t say that…”

  ”Then I just went to high school, and I chose the school

  babe in the post bar. Shen Wei and I, did you choose Shen Wei ?” Jin Qishan seemed to have such a thing in his mind, but the facts are It’s not like this. He was thinking about choosing Su Xiaoxiao, and

  he got the wrong point… He asked Su Xiaoxiao, “How do you remember it so clearly?”

  Su Xiaoxiao hummed, “Hmph, I remember it clearly, I will keep it for the future. “

  Jin Qishan couldn’t help laughing, and gave her a big kiss on the face.

Life in the third year of high school is getting more and more tense, Jin Yongzhong’s engineering projects are also getting bigger and bigger, and the living expenses for Jin Qishan are getting higher and higher.

  However, Jin Qishan didn’t care about the living expenses Jin Yongzhong gave, because he would occasionally write some code for other companies to make some small money.

  Su Xiaoxiao bought an electric car. On the weekend, she and Jin Qishan rode the electric car to the pedestrian street to buy milk tea.

  Suddenly, she felt that the woman who came across was a bit like Dong Xiaohong.

  Dong Xiaohong’s face was a bit vicissitudes of life, and she was still holding a bald and plump old man with a cane in her hand.

  Su Xiaoxiao was stunned, but he didn’t expect Dong Xiaohong to fall to this point.

  She raised her head and glanced at Jin Qishan, who obviously also saw Dong Xiaohong. He frowned, then turned around casually to buy milk tea.

  Dong Xiaohong held Boss Zhu with a smile: “Brother, how is my work going?”

  Boss Zhu hasn’t benefited from Dong Xiaohong, so naturally he is not willing to feed Dong Xiaohong too much.

  He coughed and said, “There is still a job vacancy in the monitoring room, what do you think?” The

  monitoring room? That’s about the same as a security guard…

  If she wants to do this kind of work, she doesn’t need to find Boss Zhu, she can just find it by herself.

  Dong Xiaohong smiled embarrassedly: “Brother, are there any other positions? I’m still a bit literate…”

  Boss Zhu glanced at her and said lightly: “Our company recruits people, all of them are

  junior college students.” Dong Xiaohong choked. I lived, thinking of my identity as a secondary school student, my face suddenly blushed.

  She was next to Boss Zhu, rubbed her chest, and said softly, “Brother, don’t I have you here, can I be like those people?”

  Boss Zhu didn’t use the crutches, but from the arm with the crutches. Go through it and pinch Dong Xiaohong’s chest: “Then let me take a look again.”

  Dong Xiaohong’s heart is as disgusting as eating fly shit, but she still has to smile: “Then I will thank brother in advance, and I will rely on him for more care in the future.”

  Dong Xiaohong was talking, and when he looked up, he saw the tall and thin. The young man, her body shook suddenly.

  No one knows better than her, Jin Qishan looks cold and harmless, but in fact he has a bad stomach. If it weren’t for him, her job, how could her family be gone?

  Everyone thought she was divorced because Jin Yongzhong had no money, but who knew she was forced by this bad kind?

  Although Jin Yongzhong is not much money, he wins because he looks tall and handsome and is considerate to her. She is barren, how could she take the initiative to dump Jin Yongzhong?

  It’s not that Jin Qishan got her handle and forced her to go out of the house, then betrayed her promise and released the video of her abusing students. As a result, the parents of the students joined forces and caused her to lose her job.

  Later, no matter what job she was looking for, she was inexplicably opened within a few days. I am afraid, this is also inseparable from Jin Qishan.

  When she was desperate and wanted to look for Jin Yongzhong again, Jin Qishan suddenly smashed a bunch of intimate photos of her and Zhang Hu on her face.

  Even her medical history of habitual abortion was investigated.

  The last fig leaf was pulled out bloody by Jin Qishan.

  Dong Xiaohong couldn’t understand how Jin Qishan could have such thoughts and methods at a young age.

  Jin Qishan glanced at Dong Xiaohong, and the moment his eyes met, Dong Xiaohong’s heart was lifted.

  She quickly said to Boss Zhu: “Brother, let’s go shopping elsewhere, I know a good place over there…”

  So she quickly helped Boss Zhu to change directions.


  first middle school student sports meet is held every three years, and Su Xiaoxiao waited until the next semester of high school to catch up with this sports meet.

  Because it was only more than 40 days before the college entrance examination, in order to let everyone relax, Cao Feng mobilized everyone to apply for more projects.

  Su Xiaoxiao didn’t have any special skills in sports, so he only reported 50 meters. It’s still because of its short distance, so it doesn’t get tired from running.

  3000 meters has always been a project that no one cares about. Su Xiaoxiao asked Jin Qishan to run around.

  Jin Qishan raised his eyes: “It’s okay, but is there a reward?”

  Su Xiaoxiao’s cheeks instantly burned like fire.

  Because it is always pro-Jin Qishan insatiable, plus Su Xiaoxiao feared it affect the two’s grades.

Therefore, he set a rule that he can kiss him only once a week when he is off on Sundays.

  This suffocated Jin Qishan, and tried every means to reward him.

  Su Xiaoxiao spoke to his ear and whispered: “You can add it once this week

  .” “Yes.” Jin Qishan put down his pen and shouted, “Sports Commission, I want to report 3000 meters.”

  Jin Qishan said this, the whole class They all looked over in surprise.

  Zhang Dongshan had to take it, but Brother Shan is still so awesome!

  Under the surprised gaze of the whole class, Jin Qishan triumphantly watched Su Xiao’s novel: “The reward I want tonight.”

  After school, Jin Qishan threw a piece of gum in his mouth and slowly chewed it up. □□’s gaze seemed to pass Su Xiaoxiao’s lips carelessly.

  Although I have kissed many times, Su Xiaoxiao still feels nervous every time.

  I have to say that Jin Qishan is a good learner. Just kissing this skill, he learned so superbly, and often made Su Xiaoxiao soft into a puddle of mud.

  However, his hands have always been very regular, just pinching Su Xiaoxiao’s shoulder or putting it on his back, never moving to his waist or hips.

  Today, Jin Qishan endured all the way.

  It wasn’t until Su Xiaoxiao Momo chirped the car to the basement, he finally couldn’t bear to press her against the wall.

  The scorching breath fell from above, and Su Xiaoxiao raised his head to meet his greedy gaze.

  Jin Qishan leaned down and kissed it overwhelmingly.

  Gentleness is only his appearance in disguise, and wolfishness is his true inside.

  His kiss is always urgent and fierce, as if the child who has been evil for a long time can finally have a full meal, and he can’t wait to put Su Xiaojian into his belly.

  Just when Su Xiaoxiao felt that he was about to faint due to lack of oxygen, Jin Qishan finally slowed down.

  Finally, Qian Qian pecked the corners of her lips a few times and then began to hold her to adjust her breathing.

  ”Should I run 3000 meters better?”

  Su Xiaoxiao nodded dizzyly: “Yeah.”

  ”Can I ask for more rewards for the first place?”

  Su Xiaoxiao’s mind was instantly awake, and there was still a gap between his lips and teeth. Jin Qishan’s minty fragrance: “At most once.”

  Jin Qishan’s voice was slightly aggrieved: “Okay.”

  End of Chapter 46. Thank you destiny, let me meet you

  soon and it will be at the sports meeting.

  For the 50-meter sprint event, Su Xiaoxiao was screened out in the primary election.

  There was no primary for the 3000-meter long run, and Jin Qishan went straight to the final.

  Jin Qishan stood on the runway, gunshots sounded, and he ran out slowly.

  At the beginning of the third lap, some people couldn’t hold on, and gradually retreated from the field. Jin Qishan ran unhurriedly, in the middle of the team.

  By the fifth lap, there were more than 30 contestants, and there were only a dozen people left.

  On the sixth lap, Jin Qishan still ran slowly, neither forward nor backward. Jin Qishan didn’t seem to have exhausted all his strength. Everyone was running out of breath, and he looked calm and relaxed.

  Su Xiaoxiao knew that Jin Qishan was holding back his temper. She was a little anxious, and yelled, “Jin Qishan, please run quickly, there is only one lap left.”

  Jin Qishan glanced at her and said flatly: “No reward, no motivation.”

  Su Xiaoxiao said bitterly. “Twice.”

  Jin Qishan rebuffed: “Three times.”

  Su Xiaoxiao saw that he was only more than 300 meters away, and was afraid that he would not be able to catch up with the first place later. He gritted his teeth and said, “

  Yes , three times.” Jin Qishan He pursed his lips and started to speed up slowly.

  Su Xiaoxiao screamed crazy: “Go on Jin Qishan, Go on Jin Qishan…”

  Slowly, Jin Qishan surpassed one person, two people, three people…The one who

  ran in the first place was a sports student, who was far ahead from the beginning.

  In the last half of the lap, he glanced back and saw that everyone else was a little weak, and the chasing was not so tight, so he was a little lighthearted.

  Unexpectedly, in the last 20 meters, Jin Qishan suddenly surpassed him.

  At that time, he only felt that a gust of wind passed by his ears, and then he heard cheers… When

  Jin Qishan crossed the finish line, he was instantly surrounded by the crowd.

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