STYV: Ch 45

Jin Qishan’s eyes flickered.

  He will never forget. Before no one believes him, Su Xiaoxiao firmly said that others are good.

  At that time, Su Xiaoxiao came to his world as if wearing a ray of light, and pulled him out of the quagmire.

  It’s a pity that he is not a good person who knows his gratitude. Since Su Xiaoxiao has come to his world, don’t want to escape.

  Jin Qishan approached condescendingly, his eyes hot.

  Su Xiaoxiao stood upside down nervously.

  She opened her eyes wide, a little anticipating what was about to happen, and a little frightened.

  Jin Qishan grabbed Su Xiaoxiao’s hand, his palms were hot, and his voice was hoarse: “You know, I like

  Xiaoxiaosu .” Su Xiaoxiao nodded, his face burning: “Yeah.”

  ”Then you should know, I like it .” Su Xiaoxiao.” When

  Jin Qishan said this, it was as if he was talking plainly, then you should also know that I like boiled water.

  As a result, Su Xiaoxiao didn’t react, and nodded, his face still burning: “Huh.”

  ? ? ? ? ?

  Like Su Xiaoxiao?

  After reacting for two seconds, Su Xiaoxiao quickly said: “No, I don’t know…”

  Jin Qishan pursed his lips: “Then you know now?”

  It turned out that he really liked her.

  After confirming this fact, Su Xiao was cautiously overjoyed, but still thought to tease him. So he deliberately said: “I don’t know.”

  Jin Qishan confessed for the first time, and was a little flustered when he encountered this unexpected situation.

  He said awkwardly and stubbornly: “I like Su Xiaoxiao, I like Su Xiaoxiao, I like Su Xiaoxiao, I like Su Xiaoxiao…”

  ”It’s alright.” Su Xiaoxiao was ashamed and embarrassed, and hurried. Stand on tiptoe and cover Jin Qishan’s mouth.

  Jin Qishan’s mouth was firmly covered by Su Xiaoxiao, and he could only stare at her with his eyes, full of grievances.

  Su Xiaoxiao retracted his hand and quietly rubbed the sweat of his palms on his clothes. Blushing, she whispered: “I know now.”

  After that, she turned upstairs.

  Jin Qishan is anxious, what does Su Xiaoxiao’s attitude mean?

  Su Xiaoxiao walked in front, her hands hanging on both sides beside her.

  Jin Qishan hooked her hand.

  Su Xiaoxiao threw it away.

  Jin Qishan hooked her hand again.

  Su Xiaoxiao threw it away again.

  Jin Qishan hooked her hand again… I

  don’t know how many times she hooked , dozens of steps are almost finished.

  Su Xiaoxiao glanced at the door of his house close at hand, and finally did not leave it.

  She also wanted to hold his hand, but after he showed his mind, she was more shy and embarrassed.

  Seeing that she didn’t throw his hand away anymore, Jin Qishan stepped up two steps step by step and pressed her against the wall: “Does Su Xiaoxiao like Jin Qishan?”

  Why is this person so dumb? They all agreed that he had held hands, and had to ask to understand. Why is she so embarrassed that she would like to say it?

  Su Xiaoxiao turned his head angrily: “I don’t like it.”

  Jin Qishan pursed his lips, a little disbelief in Su Xiao’s novels.

  ”Su Xiaoxiao likes Jin Qishan.”

  Suddenly, an old man’s deep and depressed coughing sounded from the room upstairs.

  Although the voice was far and small, Su Xiaoxiao’s body shuddered and became tense in the dark as if he were stunned.

  Now, Jin Qishan puts his hands on her side and circled her between him on the wall.

  The corridor was dark and quiet, very ambiguous.

  Like this, if you let others see…

  Su Xiaoxiao turned her head anxiously: “Hi…”

  Su Xiaoxiao wanted to say, I like you, what if someone comes? Send it away soon!

  But as soon as the word “happy” overflowed, Jin Qishan’s lips pressed up.

  Su Xiaoxiao’s eyes widened suddenly, and before the rest of the words could be said, he drowned in his mouth…The

  soft lips pressed and separated, and then pressed up again.

  Su Xiao cautiously trembled, and slowly closed his eyes.


  night breeze is light, and there are occasional insects.

  Su Xiaoxiaoqiu settled the account: “Why did you kiss me just now?”

  ”You said you liked it…”

  ”I didn’t say it!” Su Xiaoxiao’s

His face burned, and he ran home covering his face.

  Jin Qishan’s heart was surging, and he couldn’t recover for a long time.

  He went downstairs and ran around the community twice, and finally stopped in front of Su Xiaoxiao’s window and shouted: “I like you, I like you!”

  Su Xiaoxiao, I like you, I really like you!

  Su Xiaoxiao was lying on the table to do the question. He didn’t do a few questions, but he didn’t know where he was floating.

  She touched her lips with her hand, sometimes smirking, sometimes frowning.

  I heard someone shouting outside the window: “I like you, I like you!”

  I thought to myself, which fool is this, ran downstairs in the middle of the night and yelled. No name is added, the ghost knows who you like?

  Suddenly, I felt wrong in my heart.

  She opened the window, and the dark figure downstairs really looked like Jin Qishan.

  It turned out to be her idiot!

  Su Xiaoxiao quickly called Jin Qishan and whispered: “What are you doing?”

  Jin Qishan’s voice was pleasant: “Run.”

  Su Xiaoxiao: “You are crazy, go home and sleep!”

  ”Yeah.” Jin Qishan gently said. Said, ”   I’m going back now.”

  Su Xiao was

careful and warmed up: “Don’t let anyone recognize you.” Jin Qishan said stupidly: “I am wearing a hat.”


  Su Xiaoxiao smiled and said softly: ” Good night.”

  Jin Qishan also whispered: “Good night.”


  next day, Shen Hua listened to Su Xiaoxiao’s novel, and it turned out that someone pretended to be Jin Qishan to send a message to Su Xiaoxiao.

  Then, they pretended to be Su Xiaoxiao to Jin Qishan, so that they were almost caught by Director Xu on the playground.

  Shen Hua said angrily: “Which bad guy is it?”

  Su Xiaoxiao Tanshou: “I don’t know.”

  Shen Hua said angrily, “It’s too much! Will you be alone

  with the one who tied your bike?” Su Xiaoxiao poked his chin with the end of his pen cap: “It should be. Yes.” By

  coincidence, Jin Qishan came in through the front door.

  Shen Hua yelled, “Jin Qishan, come here.”

  Jin Qishan had no reason to talk to Su Xiaoxiao. Hearing Shen Hua’s shout, he passed by.

  Seeing Jin Qishan coming, Su Xiaoxiao quickly stood up: “I, I suddenly want to go to the toilet…”

  After that, Su Xiaoxiao escaped through the back door.

  Shen Hua wondered, why is Xiaoxiao so abnormal?

  When Jin Qishan came over, Shen Wei asked, “You two quarreled again?”

  Jin Qishan looked at Su Xiaoxiao’s running back, and raised the corners of his lips: “No, we are fine.”

  ” Huh ?” Shen Wei widened in shock. Mouth.

  Seeing that Su Xiaoxiao was gone, Jin Qishan felt that there was nothing wrong with him. He lazily said, “Is there anything else

  ?” Shen Hua held the pen and said angrily, “This kind of bad guy, how about we find a way to find him and give him a fight?”

  Jin Qishan licked his lower lip and smiled slightly: “No, it’s a good guy. I will find him someday. , I have to thank him very much.”


  Hua opened his mouth again: “Huh?” Jin Qishan glanced at Shen Hua with a dumb face, and didn’t give much explanation. He put his hands in his pants pockets and left refreshedly.

  At this time, Zhang Dongshan poked Shen Hua’s back: “What did you say to Brother Shan? Is there any good news? I think Brother Shan is refreshed at happy events, and his mouth is almost reaching the roots of his ears…”

  Shen Hua: “Huh?”

  Chapter 44 Together Su Xiaoxiao, would you like to be my girlfriend

  When school was over, when the get out of class bell rang, Su Xiaoxiao ran out of the classroom with his bag. She thought she was so fast, Jin Qishan would definitely not be able to catch up.

  She hummed a little tune and walked cheerfully.

  When she was approaching the carport, she was patted on the shoulder. When she looked back, it was Jin Qishan.

  ”You, why are you so fast?”

  ”It’s okay.” Jin Qishan turned the key in his hand and smiled slightly.

  Jin Qishan moved closer and closer to Su Xiaoxiao, and even when there was no one, his palm was next to Su Xiaoxiao’s.

  Su Xiaoxiao was frightened by the teasing. After looking around and no one noticed them, he said: “Why are you so close to me?”

  ”I think…” Jin Qishan said as he did

He grabbed Su Xiaoxiao’s hand.

  ”No, not in school.” Su Xiaoxiao was so frightened that he quickly took out his hand and jumped a step away.

  Jin Qishan lowered his head in frustration: “Oh.” After leaving

  the school gate, he turned left onto the trail, and there were fewer and fewer people.

  Jin Qishan and Su Xiaoxiao run side by side.

  Riding on, suddenly Jin Qishan put his hand on Su Xiaoxiao’s hand.

  Su Xiaoxiao was so scared that the front of the car could not be stabilized: “What are you doing? I was scared to death.”

  Jin Qishan was a little aggrieved: “I just wanted to…”

  Su Xiaoxiao blushed and said, “No, not when riding a bike. “

  Jin Qishan retracted his hand: “Oh.”

  After arriving home, Su Xiaoxiao just stopped the car, and Jin Qishan was waiting for her behind her.

  Su Xiaoxiao was a little nervous, deliberately holding the key in his hand to play.

  Jin Qishan took her a hand domineeringly and led her upstairs.

  Su Xiaoxiao used his hair to conceal his blush, while pretending to be dissatisfied, said, “Your palms are all sweat…”

  Jin Qishan dangled his clothes twice, and then came to hold Su Xiaoxiao’s hand.

  After dozens of steps, the two of them walked for several minutes in a daze.

  When he was about to get home after another turn, Jin Qishan suddenly stopped.

  His gaze flicked over Su Xiaoli’s lips.

  Su Xiaoxiao noticed Jin Qishan’s eyes and was so nervous that she quickly took out her hand to cover her mouth: “I’m not your girlfriend yet…”

  ”When will you be my girlfriend?”

  Su Xiaoxiao’s mind came to mind. During the marriage proposal ceremony, he subconsciously said: “You don’t even have a flower, so you want me to be your girlfriend?”

  Jin Qishan quickly turned and went downstairs: “Then I will buy it now.”


  Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh . Can that hand still be held?”

  Su Xiaoxiao lowered his head: “Not at school.”

  ”Yeah.” Jin Qishan held Su Xiaoxiao’s hand tightly in his palm, and kept her to the door. , You go back.”

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