STYV: Ch 44

Su Xiaoxiao looked at Shen Hua’s message and didn’t know how to explain it. It seems that since the decision to enter the women’s bathroom, she has embarked on a path of no return.

  He wanted to cry without tears, and smiled without regrets on his face.

  If God gave Su Xiaoxiao another chance, she would never go to the playground with a fool like Jin Qishan.

  Good students should think about studying hard instead of thinking about falling in love every day!

  Now it’s okay. She hasn’t settled in love yet, and she was almost caught by the dean of the Academic Affairs Office as a typical case.

  Now, I have to hide in the toilet to smell the smell.

  The intestines are all regretful!

  At this time, Su Xiaoxiao heard the high heels coming closer and closer.

  It seems that Teacher Chen is coming in.

  Su Xiaoxiao’s nerves were tense, her panting quickened, and she couldn’t help but get close and hugged Jin Qishan tightly.

  In the dark, all of Jin Qishan’s senses were attracted by the softness of the body.

  The soft touch of the violent ups and downs in his chest made him feel happy.

  Teacher Chen opened the bathroom doors one by one to check if anyone was inside.

  As the door was pushed open with a “bang” and then closed automatically with a “bang”, Su Xiaoxiao’s nerves tightened to the extreme.

  Su Xiaoxiao straightened up, put his hands on Jin Qishan’s shoulders, face to face, eyes facing each other.

  Pouting her

  lips, she said silently to Jin Qishan, “Shhh.” Facing the red lips that were close at hand and slightly curled up, Jin Qishan’s Adam’s apple rolled up and down, turning his head unnaturally.

  At such a nervous time, Su Xiaoxiao was shamelessly distracted by Jin Qishan’s Adam’s apple.

  When the reaction came back, Teacher Chen had already arrived at them.

  Teacher Chen didn’t push the door open, but knocked on the door: “Is anyone inside?”


  There was silence.

  Is it hiding here?

  ”Is there anyone?” Teacher Chen knocked on the door again, frightened, “No one? I will notify the security guard to open the door if there is no one!” There

  was still silence for a second or two.

  Su Xiaoxiao turned her head and

  bit her lip and replied: ” Yes .” Jin Qishan heard Su Xiaoxiao’s answer ” Yes ” and turned his head to look at her, thinking about what to do next.

  By coincidence, Su Xiaoxiao also turned his head, and his thin lips could rub the tip of Jin Qishan’s nose.

  Jin Qishan was shocked.

  Su Xiaoxiao also seemed to be enchanted and froze.

  In the narrow space, Su Xiaoxiao’s breathing became more intense, and his skin became hotter.

  Jin Qishan felt the changes in his chest more clearly. He moved away from him for a while, rubbed it again, and sometimes changed his shape by squeezing on his chest.

  Su Xiaoxiao noticed that Jin Qishan’s eyelashes blinked, and suddenly thought of this gesture, whether Jin Qishan would just see her nostrils…

  Thinking of this, Su Xiaoxiao hurriedly covered his nose and moved a little farther away from Jin Qishan.

  Thinking that there might be a young couple hiding in the toilet, Teacher Chen couldn’t help but frown, with a stern tone: “Someone opened the door, and everyone inside came out for me.”

  But then she thought again, in case there is nothing but How about ordinary classmates who come to the bathroom?

  In order not to frighten the “ordinary classmates” who don’t know about love, Teacher Chen added, “I’m the teacher on duty, come here to check the toilet.”

  After that, Teacher Chen went to push the next door, and the last door was also from It’s locked inside.

  Could it be that they divided the toilets into two compartments, one for boys and one for girls?

  She knocked on the door: “Is there anyone inside?”

  Shen Hua squatted inside and said weakly: “

  Yes .” ? ? ? ?

  Is it a girl again? ? ?

  Maybe those two classmates didn’t come to the toilet…

  Teacher Chen nodded thoughtfully: “Okay, then you two come out together.”


  Teacher Chen’s voice instantly pulled Su Xiaoxiao’s soul back to reality.

  Now the most important thing is, what will Jin Qishan do?

  Su Xiaoxiao whispered: “Teacher, I’m in the stool, you can not wait for the next trouble on the outside?”

  Chen also think there are unpleasant smell, your nose, said:. “Well, you guys hurry up”

  finish , And went out again.

  After confirming that Teacher Chen has gone out, Su Xiaoxiao’s

Qishan slowly came down, allowing Jin Qishan to stand to the side.

  Then, he opened the door cautiously, poked his head out and confirmed that there was no one outside.

  At this time, Shen Hua, who was next door, also started flushing, and then opened the door and came out.

  Su Xiaoxiao thought of acting and had to do a set, and rushed back to flush the toilet.

  Shen Hua kept his head down from beginning to end, not looking at Jin Qishan standing inside.

  After washing his hands, Su Xiaoxiao took Shen Hua’s hand and came out.

  Teacher Chen saw the two of them coming out and recognized them as Su Xiaoxiao and Shen Hua from the second grade (1) class. She took them one semester of music class.

  These two students often go in and out of the office, and their grades are so good-looking, and the teachers like them very much.

  Su Xiaoxiao and Shen Wei shouted together: “Director Xu, Teacher Chen.”

  Teacher Chen and Xu Zenian said: “Director Xu, there are only two of them in the toilet.”

  ”Only two of them?”


  Xu Zenian cleared up. Clear your throat: “What are you doing in the toilet?”

  In the toilet, of course you go to the toilet!

  Shen Hua was too embarrassed to lift his head.

  Su Xiaoxiao immediately said: “Stool!”

  Xu Zenian smelled a faint odor lingering on their bodies, and thought they did squat for a while.

  ”Why do you come to the toilet

  in the art building during class time?” Why do you come to the art building?

  It wasn’t you who chased me…

  Shen Hua was afraid that Su Xiaoxiao would not be able to answer, and whispered: “It wasn’t during class time. I came here after class.”

  ”The toilet over the classroom is full and my stomach hurts again. Come here…”

  Su Xiaoxiao deliberately said: “Yeah, yeah, I didn’t expect to pull it till now.”

  Suddenly, Xu Zenian had a picture in his mind and waved his hand disgustingly: “It’s all right, go back to self-study.”

  Su Xiaoxiao and Shen Hua bowed their heads and said obediently: “Yeah.”

  Xu Zenian and Teacher Chen began to go upstairs. Go, Xu Zenian still said: “Where are the two students just now? I clearly saw them running here? Did they run upstairs?”

  Teacher Chen nodded, “Well, maybe I just separated from them. a. ” “

  now the children really make you worry, do not study hard, running on the playground romance …… “

  and so on and Xu Ze Chen’s voice is completely inaudible, Su Xiaoxiao Jin Qishan only then pull out.

  After Jin Qishan came out, he glanced at Shen Hua, and then walked fast, as if the wind was blowing under his feet.

  Su Xiaoxiao really brought him a different life experience tonight. Such a strange experience, he really loves

  and hates … Su Xiaoxiao took Shen Hua’s hand and walked slowly behind him, thanking Shen Hua for saving her and Jin Qishan once.

  Although Shen Hua was embarrassed, she still asked: “Why are you and Jin Qishan being chased by Director Xu? You hid in the women’s

  bathroom ?” “Jin Qishan sent me a message, saying that I should go to the playground to wait for him, and I have something to say to me. We had just walked around the playground, and when we were talking about it, Director Xu appeared and ran after us.”

  ” We ran after us all the way to the Art Building.”

  ”As soon as we arrived on the second floor, Teacher Chen went from there. The third floor came down, and Mrs. Xu came up from the first floor. It was too late to hide in the classroom, so I could only hide in the toilet.”

  ”I didn’t think too much . When I saw no one in the women’s toilet, I pulled Jin Qishan in. I didn’t expect you to be there. “

  Su Xiaoxiao sighed, and said happily: “Fortunately you are here.”

  ”You two didn’t do anything, what are you running?”

  ”I said we didn’t do anything, who would believe it? I didn’t say a word when I went to the playground together, do you believe it?”

  Shen Hua shook his head: “I don’t believe it, I must go on a date.”

  ”Yeah, so, isn’t it going to go on a date to go to some playground?”

  ”Yeah.” Shen Hua nodded, and said clearly, “So, you are going on a date.”


  well, Su Xiaoxinli admitted silently She wanted to go on a date, but Director Xu didn’t give her this opportunity.

  Suddenly, Shen Hua said: “Every Friday night, don’t you know that Director Xu is on duty? Director Xu is famous for checking puppies. He can drill a dozen times in the grove to arrest people. You actually picked him. Dating in the evening on duty.”

  ”No date.” Su Xiao weakly defended, “There is no puppy love.


  school was over, Shen Wei remembered to explain to Jin Qishan again.

  So cheeky, walked to him: “Although I don’t know what you asked Xiaoxiao to do in the playground, I can’t go on Monday or Friday. On Monday it was the extinction teacher, and on Friday it was Director Xu. The two of them performed the most stringent investigations, and they did not let go of every corner of the campus. “

  Jin Qishan   didn’t understand that it was Su Xiaoxiao . Why did he say that he asked her?

  Is it because you are embarrassed?

He still doesn’t know what Su Xiaoxiao asked him to go to the playground. What happened? So mysterious.

  Of course, Su Xiaoxiao is so confused.

  On the way home, Su Xiaoxiao asked tentatively: “Today, do you have anything to say to me? “No.

  ” “Jin Qishan frowned, “Don’t you have something to tell me?” “

  If you weren’t riding a bike, Su Xiaoxiao must have jumped up.

  ”When did I have something to tell you? Didn’t you send a message to me and ask me to go to the playground to tell me something?” “

  I send a message.” “Jin Qishan realized that they had been deceived, and frowned. “I also received news that you are looking for me to go to the playground…”

  Su Xiaoxiao and Jin Qishan heard the car by the side of the road, took out their mobile phones and looked at them. Individuals have received text messages.

  Su Xiaoxiao asked: “Who is playing a prank? “

  Jin Qishan shook his head: “No. “

  Su Xiaoxiao hurriedly called the other party, showing that the other party’s phone was turned off.

  The mobile phone card of this era is not real-named, and it is easy to apply for the card. Therefore, a person may have many phone cards, and change the card when the charge is over.

  Su Xiaoxiao was a little disappointed: “It turned out that you weren’t looking for me. “

  Afterwards, Su Xiaoxiao was very depressed. The confession she thought was gone.

  When going up the stairs, Su Xiaoxiao followed Jin Qishan glumly and was silent.

  Jin Qishan did not speak either.

  The two moved lightly, and they didn’t even turn on the sound control lights.

  When approaching home, Jin Qishan finally asked: “Why are you suddenly unhappy?”

  ”Not unhappy.”

  ”Yes, you said several times along the way that I was not looking for you.” Jin Qishan looked at her with scorching eyes. “You hope that I sent that message, right?”

  Su Xiaoxiao was said to be in the mood, shy, and anxiously denied: “No.”

  After she finished speaking, she ran past Jin Qishan in a panic .

  ”I do have something to tell you.” Jin Qishan slammed Su Xiaoxiao’s hand, as if he had made a big decision, “I want to say it for a long time.”

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