STYV: Ch 43

Jin Qishan took Su Xiaoxiao’s hand, turned around and ran out from another exit.

  Director Xu Zenian, the director of the Academic Affairs Office, shouted from behind: “Don’t run, I have seen you.”

  Seeing them running from the side door to the basketball court, Xu Zenian quickly went around the basketball court to stop them.

  The dangling lights showed their backs, but they were all wearing the school uniforms of No. 1 Middle School, and Xu Zenian couldn’t recognize who they were.

  Xu Zenian scared them: “Stop for me! I have recognized you, no need to run anymore. If you don’t stand still, you will record it for me to keep the school for inspection.”


  How could it be…

  Jin Qishan grabbed Su Xiaoxiao’s hand and ran all the way.

  Su Xiaoxiao ran out of breath and did not forget to ask: “Do you think Teacher Xu recognizes us?”

  Jin Qishan saw that Su Xiaoxiao was about to turn back, and quickly stopped: “No, don’t look back.”

  He came out of the basketball court, right in front of him. The tree-lined path leading to the Art Building, to the left is the unobstructed road leading to the gymnasium, and to the right is the direction Xu Zenian chased.

  Su Xiaoxiao said anxiously: “Art building, art building.”

  There should be art students in the art building for self-study now. They ran over there and then mixed in with the art students. Teacher Xu couldn’t recognize it.

  ”Yeah.” Jin Qishan took Su Xiaoxiao and started running towards the art building.

  Xu Zenian saw them running to the Art Building and looked at the geographical location. He felt that if he copied it in the woods next to him, he might be able to catch up with them.

  As a result, Xu Zenian ran into the grove and pursued diagonally.

  Seeing getting closer and closer, Xu Zenian was a little overwhelmed.

  I’m really old and strong, and I can still surpass these 17 or 18-year-olds at the age of more than 40.

  Xu Zenian saw that he was about to catch up with more than ten meters, and hurriedly shouted: “Give you another chance, give me a stop!”

  Su Xiaoxiao heard Xu Zenian’s voice coming from the side, and he didn’t think so well. Teacher Xu took a shortcut and was about to catch up with them.

  At this time, they had already ran to the door of the Art Building: “Hurry in, we are going to catch up.”

  Xu Zenian has to see the distance getting closer and closer, as if he can catch them by reaching out, but there is a row to the knees. Bushes.

  If it was normal, Xu Zenian would surely step over carefully.

  But today, he feels that his condition is very good. So, take a leap.


  Xu Zenian snorted and fell to the ground with the flashlight rolling to the side.

  At this time, Su Xiaoxiao and Jin Qishan had already turned into the art building.

  ”It seems that Teacher Xu fell.” Su Xiaoxiao panted heavily, worried about Teacher Xu, “Will he hurt him?”

  Jin Qishan pursed his lips: “Probably not.” The

  first floor of the Art Building is for the art teacher. In the office, the second floor is an art classroom, the third floor is a music classroom, and the fourth floor is a practice room.

  Su Xiaoxiao and Jin Qishan ran to the stairs.

  Su Xiaoxiao grabbed Jin Qishan, and whispered: “Wait, see if Teacher Xu can get up…” Before

  he finished speaking, I heard Teacher Xu cursing outside: “If these two little rascals are I got caught, so I have to ask the parents.”

  Su Xiaoxiao heard it, pursed his lips and smiled, and quietly pointed his finger upstairs.

  Then, the two catted their waists and gently climbed the stairs.

  ”Hey, Teacher Chen, are you in the piano room? Oh, yes, now you come down. Two students came here. You can find it for me.”

  Su Xiaoxiao and Jin Qishan moved to the piano. The room is on the third floor, and Xu Zenian is guarding the first floor…

  Su Xiaoxiaogang’s relaxed mood hangs up again, what should I do?

  Jin Qishan took Su Xiaoxiao’s hand and speeded up the stairs, hoping to get into the art classroom before Teacher Chen came down.

  But when they just walked to the top of the stairs on the second floor, there was the sound of high-heeled shoes on the third floor. It seemed that Teacher Chen had come down. Then, on the first floor, there was the sound of Teacher Xu coming upstairs.

  How to do? They are still some distance away from the nearest art classroom.

  Su Xiaoxiao looked around, and when she saw the women’s toilet at the top of the stairs, she had an idea.

  There are few people in the art building, and there are often no people in the toilets.

  ”Shhh.” She put her finger on her lips, “I’ll take a look first, you are waiting for me at the door.”

Su Xiaoxiao stood at the door and glanced inside, then beckoned to let Jin Qishan in.

  Jin Qishan didn’t want to, Su Xiaoxiao heard the footsteps getting closer, and eagerly pulled him in.

  Su Xiaoxiao quickly opened the penultimate toilet, pushed Jin Qishan in, and went in as well, and then locked the toilet door.


  Su Xiaoxiao immediately covered his nose, unexpectedly someone was pulling Baba in the last frame…

  Su Xiaoxiao glanced at Jin Qishan, and Jin Qishan frowned.

  Jin Qishan is not disgusting, but he would rather be caught by Xu Zenian, write a review or ask his parents, even if he has been punished, he does not want to hide in the women’s   bathroom …

  Besides, there are other people in the women’s

bathroom … Jin Qishan reached out to open the door and go out. , Su Xiaoxiao stopped him and shook his head silently.

  Jin Qishan struggled, he didn’t want to hurt Su Xiaoxiao.

  The door came Xu Ze-year voice: “Chen, you down when it came to the two students yet?”

  ”No.” “It

  was not just that I went to the second floor next to the art room to see you? This is waiting for me.”

  ”Okay, Director Xu.”

  Su Xiaojiang Jin Qishan pushed in and put his finger on his lips to keep him silent.

  At this time, Su Xiaoxiao’s phone made a “buzzing” vibration.

  Su Xiaoxiao opened it and saw that it was Shen Hua who had sent a message.

  Shen Hua: Xiaoxiao, save me! On the second floor of the Art Building, the innermost lattice of the toilet at the top of the stairs is me, and there seems to be an abnormality next to it! There are four feet, one of which is very big…The

  amount of information is a bit big, and Su Xiaoxiao is somewhat unresponsive.

  Su Xiaoxiao’s phone “buzzed” again after the earthquake, and Shen Hua sent another message.

  Shen Hua: Xiaoxiao, I’m afraid! ! ! ! I dare not go out! ! ! Come pick me up! ! !

  Su Xiaoxiao blinked.

  Su Xiaoxiao: Don’t be afraid, there seems to be me next to you.

  Sure enough, Su Xiaoxiao heard a faint mobile phone vibrating in the grid next to it.

  Shen Hua: Really? So why are you four feet?

  Su Xiaoxiao looked down at the feet of herself and Jin Qishan, and didn’t know how to explain to Shen Hua for a while.

  At this time, Teacher Xu’s voice came again: “Mr. Chen, do any classmates pass by here?”

  ”No, I have been standing here.”

  ”That’s weird, I just went to the art room to watch it. Today the art room is not open, there are no students.” Xu Zenian scratched the few hairs, “Or you can go to the women’s bathroom, I’ll go to the men’s bathroom.”


  Su Xiao said cautiously . , I thought of the “four feet” that Shen Hua said, and I was afraid that Teacher Chen would also see from below that there were a few people inside. So, he hurriedly jumped on Jin Qishan.

  Jin Qishan instinctively caught Su Xiaoxiao with his hands, but he didn’t expect his hands to rest on her ass so naturally.

  The soft touch caused Jin Qishan’s whole body to burn, and his eyes did not dare to face Su Xiaoxiao.

  He moved his hand down quietly.

  Su Xiaoxiao put his arms around Jin Qishan’s neck and buried his head on his shoulders.

  At this time, Shen Hua sent another message.

  Shen Hua: …how did you change from four legs to two legs? Did I think too much?

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