STYV: Ch 42

At the door of the classroom, Su Xiaoxiao and Jin Qishan entered the classroom at the front and back doors respectively.

  Shen Hua saw that Su Xiaoxiao and Jin Qishan came back so late, and asked: “Why are you back so late?”

  Su Xiaoxiao blushed and took out a number study booklet from the table hole and spread it out on the table: “Push the bike to the parking lot.” The shed is gone.”

  Shen Hua glanced at the clock behind: “It’s okay to go back and forth four or five times at this time.”

  Su Xiaoxiao’s hand with the pen paused.

  Shen Hua approached Su Xiaoxiao’s ear and chuckled softly: “Are you going to go on a date~”

  Su Xiaoxiao glanced at the question, bowed his head and quickly wrote the calculation steps on the scratch paper, looking upright like a pupil: “What nonsense? “

  She and Jin Qishan are just walking around the campus twice.

  Thinking about it, Su Xiaoxiao accidentally wrote Jin Qishan’s name on the draft paper.

  When the reaction came, the three words “Jin Qishan” were already lying in the most conspicuous position of the draft paper.

  Su Xiaoxiao quickly erased these three words, his cheeks hot.

  Throughout the night of self-study, the blush on Su Xiaoxiao’s face did not fade, and his heartbeat also went up and down with his thoughts.

  After school, Su Xiaoxiao was distracted because of his late self-study, and today’s math homework was not finished. So, it took another half an hour to finish the math homework before leaving.

  When Jin Qishan and Su Xiaoxiao walked out of the teaching building together, the security had already turned off the last light in the corridor and put a lock on the entrance of the stairs.

  ”It’s so late today.” Su Xiaoxiao sighed tiredly. Doing math problems is too exhausting.

  Jin Qishan nodded casually: “Yeah.” When the

  two arrived at the parking shed, only their two bicycles were still parked in the huge parking shed.

  Su Xiaoxiao unlocked the car but couldn’t push the cart.

  ”Huh? What’s the matter? Why can’t my car move?”

  Jin Qishan was puzzled, stopped his car, walked to Su Xiaoxiao’s side and passed her car, but he couldn’t push it hard.

  He looked down at the wheels and found that the front and rear wheels were entangled with colored ribbons.

  He tugged with his hand, and found that the wrap was too tight to pull at all.

  Su Xiao was so angry that he looked up to see where there was a camera, but there was no camera in the parking shed. As a result, she became even more angry.

  ”Who did this? Why is it so disgusting? What should I do? The school building is locked, and I can’t go back and get a knife.”

  ”It’s so annoying, why do you want to get my car? Who am I offending? “

  A man is invincible when he is the most humble person. Do such wicked things? I curse that he will never have paper in the toilet…”

  Jin Qishan said flatly: “Don’t worry.” After

  that, he squatted down and wiped it clean with his hands. I placed the ribbon, and then tried it with my teeth to see if it could be broken.

  ”Oh, what are you doing?” Su Xiaoxiao was frightened by Jin Qishan’s behavior. “It’s so dirty. Don’t bite, don’t even ride a bike and go back.”

  Jin Qishan didn’t say a word.

  It didn’t take long before he bit off one ribbon, and then bit the second one.

  A total of four colored ribbons were wrapped around the car.

  Su Xiaoxiao watched Jin Qishan squatting on the ground trying to bite the ribbon, and suddenly wanted to cry.

  Why should Jin Qishan treat her so well?

  What if no one treats her so nicely in the future?

  What if she can’t forget him in the future?

  Jin Qishan clapped his hands and stood up, spit out the ribbon crumbs from his mouth while turning his face to the side.

  Su Xiaoxiao handed him a tissue and asked him to wipe his mouth.

  ** The

  next day, Su Xiaoxiao told Zhang Dongshan and Shen Wei about her car being tied to the wheel with a colored ribbon.

  Zhang Dongshan was so angry that he slapped the table and cursed: “Grandma’s, which little bitch, I know that grandpa must beat her to death.”

  Shen Hua couldn’t think of anyone who would do such a thing, it didn’t seem like Pranks or jokes are like revenge.

  But Su Xiaoxiao’s popularity is so good, and he has never had any enemies with anyone.

  Is it Duan Hao? It is impossible. Duan Hao is now afraid of Jin Qishan and Su Xiaoxiao, so afraid that he will go around.

  Su Xiaoxiao thought about it for a day but didn’t figure out who the suspect was.

  During the second class of the evening self-study, Shen Wei had a stomachache and hurried to the toilet. However, the women’s toilets on almost every floor of this classroom are


  So she quickly chose the toilet on the second floor of the Art Building. Although it is a bit far away, there are few people and it is very clean.

  Not long after Shen Hua left, Su Xiaoxiao suddenly received a text message: Now go to the playground and wait for me, don’t say it or tell anyone, Jin Qishan.

  Su Xiaoxiao was a little curious about how Jin Qishan changed her mobile phone number, but she was even more curious about why Jin Qishan asked her to go to the playground at this time.

  However, Jin Qishan always did some strange behaviors in the past two days.

  I asked her to visit the campus during my self-study last night, and it is not too strange to ask her to visit the playground tonight.

  Su Xiaoxiao looked back at Jin Qishan and found that Jin Qishan was also looking at her.

  She blushed and nodded to Jin Qishan, meaning I received a text message.

  Su Xiaoxiao stood up and went out from the front.

  A minute later, Jin Qishan also stood up and went out through the back door.

  From the teaching building to the playground, there were fewer and fewer people along the way, and the environment became more and more quiet. Su Xiaoxiao seemed to hear the sound of his heart thumping.

  It’s a bit nervous, and a bit irritating.

  Is Jin Qishan ready to confess?

  Why invite her to such a reverie place?

  Don’t let her tell others?

  When Su Xiaoxiao arrived on the playground, the bell rang for the evening self-study class.

  Jin Qishan came when Su Xiaoxiao was hesitant to go back to study in the evening.

  Jin Qishan put his hands in his pants pockets and walked to her side.

  Su Xiaoxiao walked forward along the plastic track, and Jin Qishan followed her in step.

  The two of them just circled the 400-meter plastic track, and no one spoke first.

  Su Xiaoxiao was a little anxious, wondering why Jin Qishan came to the playground for her? Is it purely for a walk?

  Su Xiaoxiao certainly didn’t believe it was for a walk, but Jin Qishan had nothing to say and kept silent?

  At the same time, Jin Qishan was also thinking, Su Xiaoxiao asked him to come out for what? Just to let him walk with her?



  Suddenly, the two stopped at the same time, turned to face each other, and spoke at the same time.

  Su Xiaoxiao lowered his head and pursed his lips and chuckled.

  Jin Qishan: “You speak first?”

  Su Xiaoxiao felt even more embarrassed when he thought that Jin Qishan was about to confess. He almost buried his head on his chest: “You speak first.”

  Jin Qishan cleared his throat nervously: “You, you are looking for I…”

  Suddenly, a strong flashlight light shone: “Who is there?” The

  flashlight light flickered on the faces of Su Xiaoxiao and Jin Qishan: “What are you doing there?”

  Su Xiaoxiao was caught. The eyes pierced by the light almost couldn’t open.

  She wondered in a daze, is this teacher asking what she and Jin Qishan are doing again?

  teacher? ? ?

  what! ! ! !

  teacher! ! ! !

  They met the teacher on the patrol!

  Su Xiaoxiao was dumbfounded for a moment, and quickly reacted.

  At the same time, Jin Qishan had already pulled her wrist and said, “Run!”

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