STYV: Ch 41

After discussion among the members of the drama team and consideration of the number of actors, everyone unanimously decided that the drama should be “Cinderella”.

  Su Xiaoxiao plays Cinderella, Jin Qishan plays the prince, Sun Yuan plays the stepmother, there are three girls as the step sister, and one girl as the magic fairy.

  And Zhang Dongshan plays the role of both the driver of the pumpkin carriage and the guard looking for Cinderella.

  The costumes were sponsored by Su Xiaoxiao and Jin Qishan, who ran from studio to studio.

  The studio not only sponsored the costumes and roads, but also agreed to send a makeup artist and makeup on the day of the performance.

  Su Xiaoxiao seriously suspects that the boss’s wife is attracted to Jin Qishan’s beauty, because the boss has been asking Jin Qishan if she wants to take a photo shoot, so she can shoot a set for him for free… After a

  hard rehearsal for more than a month, the day before the official performance, The classmate who played the little fairy asked for leave due to fever.

  Fortunately, the little fairy has few lines, mainly waving a magic wand and spinning around and saying: “Change and change!”

  Su Xiaoxiao hugged Shen Hua’s thigh: “Wuhua, this time it is Jianghu emergency rescue. You watched it every time we rehearsed, and you know how to do it.”

  This time I really couldn’t push. Although I was a little scared in his heart, Shen Hua still bite the bullet.

  The costume of the little fairy is a short white evening gown. Shen Hua himself looks beautiful, and it is even more eye-catching after being carefully dressed up.

  Because Su Xiaoxiao plays Cinderella, her makeup is not as beautiful as she is.

  And she was still wearing a black coat that didn’t slip away from the blue dress, so she was not so conspicuous.

  Zang Xiaoya’s drama is in front of Su Xiaoxiao.

  Zang Xiaoya is very confident in her drama, and she has found a makeup artist and a stylist at her own expense in order to show off Su Xiaoxiao in the performance.

  During the draw, Zang Xiaoya met Su Xiaoxiao who had finished putting on makeup. She looked up and down Su Xiaoxiao, and became happy sincerely. Su Xiaoxiao just put on a lipstick, his face was not usually white, but also a little dirty. The hair is also tied up randomly. What’s more, Su Xiaoxiao actually wore a plump men’s coat outside.   Hahahaha

  , Su Xiaoxiao was really dirty, earthy and ugly this time… After

Zang Xiaoya finished the performance smoothly, she happened to meet Su Xiaoxiao who was on the waiting stage when she stepped down.

  She glanced at Su Xiaoxiao triumphantly and contemptuously, and passed Su Xiaoxiao with a smile.

  Su Xiaoxiao was nervous, and didn’t realize that the person passing by her was Zang Xiaoya.

  And, what about Zang Xiaoya? She had never put Zang Xiaoya in her eyes.

  Su Xiaoxiao’s group amazed the audience as soon as they spoke, because they chose to perform in English.

  The students in the audience are saying that the experimental class is worthy of being an experimental class, and even the dramas are all in English.

  The principal who came to watch gave a high evaluation to Su Xiaoxiao’s group. Because they are not only entertained in the game, but also learn in the entertainment.

  Next was Shen Hua’s appearance, a beam of lights hit the stage, and Shen Hua slowly walked out with the skirt of the dress, like a real fairy descending to the earth.

  When Shen Hua’s first call changed, the coachman Zhang Dongshan pushed the pumpkin carriage (orange bicycle) out of the field.

  When Shen Hua shouted for the second time, Su Xiaoxiao wiped off the stains on his face while spinning around.

  When Shen Hua shouted for the third time, Su Xiaoxiao loosened his hair while spinning, took the crown from his pocket, and quickly put it on his head.

  When Shen Hua called for the fourth change, Su Xiaoxiao unfolded his black coat while turning in a circle, then threw it out, revealing the long sapphire blue evening dress inside.

  The hem of the evening dress spread out little by little, and under the light of the light, it shone like a gem, sparkling like a lake.

  When all this was done, Su Xiaoxiao didn’t know how many laps he had made. In order to spread the skirt of the dress, she turned it fast and fiercely.

  The audience thought it looked good, and Su Xiaoxiao really turned himself fainted.

  Fortunately, Zhang Dongshan held Su Xiaoxiao in time and put on crystal shoes (silver high heels) for her.

  Su Xiaoxiao also took his temperament very well, gracefully like a real princess.

  After the change from Cinderella to Princess was completed, Su Xiaoxiao smiled at the audience.

  This laugh surprised the audience.

  The Chinese teacher was dumbfounded after watching it below, and he realized more deeply why writing an article would be eager to promote it first.

In a blink of an eye, the stage scene changed to the palace ball.

  Jin Qishan’s neat suit caused the audience to scream quietly.

  Chen Fei smiled. Fortunately, the principal is here, otherwise this group of students don’t know what the madness is.

  Chen Fei took out her mobile phone and sent a message to Cao Feng.

  Chen Fei: Brother, how many boys and girls in your class have to provoke sleepless nights tonight

  Cao Feng is still the head teacher of (1, now, he is sitting behind Chen Fei.

  Cao Feng: Pay attention to the words , It is these good friends

  Chen Fei: Well, like us, they are all good friends.

  Cao Feng: …

  At this time, dance music

  came to mind on the stage. Jin Qishan took Su Xiaoxiao’s hand and danced the waltz.

  Su Xiaoxiao While smirking, he approached Jin Qishan’s ear: “Why are your palms sweaty so much? Are you very hot? I think the weather today is

  fine and it’s not that hot.” Jin Qishan clenched Su Xiaoxiao’s hand, his eyes were deep. But he didn’t say anything. It’s

  hot, of course it’s hot. It’s

  not because of the weather, but because of you. The

  stage is full of affection, and the audience is sad, some people are happy and some are worried.

  ”Su Xiaoxiao is really amazing, I feel like this time again ( 1) Class took the first place.”

  ”Jin Qishan is so handsome, damn can’t bear…”

  ”At first I thought (15) Ban Zang Xiaoya was the first in stability, but I didn’t expect the wonderful things to come.”

  ”(15) and the class are not comparable, but I think if they say Chinese Su Xiaoxiao better, so I can understand some.”

  ”dishes that you do not understand, they have deliberately made it very It’s simple, most of them are words learned in the textbook…”

  ”Can you understand?”

  ”Of course.”

  At this time, another person also joined the group chat: “Can’t you understand?”

  ”Can you understand?”

  ”Of course…”

  Zang Xiaoya was very angry as she listened to the discussion of the next two girls. She gritted her teeth, not only because she didn’t understand what was being said on the stage (although she could guess it), but also because Su Xiaoxiao and the others had robbed her of the limelight.

  For this performance, she spent 1,000 yuan to hire a makeup artist and a stylist.

  Su Xiaoxiao who only put on lipstick and brought a crown at will?

  Zang Xiaoya was so angry that she couldn’t catch her breath, her eyes turned black for a while.

  The results of the drama competition came out. (Class 1 is the first, (15) is the second, and (20) is the third. When

  the award was given to Su Xiaoxiao, the grade director said with emotion that the science class has not won an award in the drama competition for a long time. Unexpectedly this time I

  won the first place. Cao Feng laughed happily in the audience. The

  drama competition was held during the evening self-study time. After the competition, the students returned to the classroom to continue their self-study.

  Zhang Dongshan pushed. The prop pumpkin carriage (bicycle) was stopped as soon as it came out.

  Jin Qishan held his hands and said, “You go back to class, I will push the car back.”

  Zhang Dongshan was overjoyed, Brother Shan is really good! The

  parking shed is dark and winter, and he happens to be do not want to, but Shen tranquil now ready to return to the classroom, he wants to stay with Shen tranquil back together.

  ”Xiexie Shan brother.” Zhang Dongshan Jin Qishan threw the car, quickly chase in front of the sink and tranquil Su Xiaoxiao.


  Xiaoxiao .” Su Xiaoxiao turned around and it was Jin Qishan: “Huh? What’s the matter?”

  Jin Qishan pushed the car and walked to the side with few people: “Come here.”

  Although Su Xiaoxiao was puzzled, he passed. NS.

  They were too late to come out, coupled with the deliberate delay for a few minutes, the teachers and classmates on the way are almost gone.

  Jin Qishan saw that there were no others, and said, “How about a stroll around school when I ride a car?”

  Su Xiaoxiao was surprised: “Why? Are you not going to go back to study at night?”

  Jin Qishan was a little annoyed: “Don’t count. . the “

  Su Xiaoxiao immediately said:” go. “

  Jin Qishan laughed:” up. “

  Su Xiaoxiao blushing sat back seat, and some of those terrible idea around the corner.

  Does he really not like her?

  Don’t like it, will you drive her around the campus at night?

Su Xiaoxiao had many thoughts, but couldn’t grasp Jin Qishan’s thoughts.

  After Jin Qishan rode Su Xiaoxiao around the campus, he returned to the parking shed.

  But it just passed by, and then turned to the square.

  Su Xiaoxiao did not ask why, nor did Jin Qishan say.

  In the weather in early April, the spring breeze was still slightly cool, but the heat that Jin Qishan felt could not dissipate.

  In this way, Jin Qishan took Su Xiaoxiao around the campus twice.

  After the end, Jin Qishan stopped, and Su Xiaoxiao stood beside him silently.

  After parking the car, Jin Qishan and Su Xiaoxiao walked side by side, accidentally bumping their shoulders together.

  Su Xiao cautiously banged like a deer, his ears and cheeks were hot, but he pretended that there was nothing unusual.

  In the darkness, the two silent and parallel, their shoulders rubbed together from time to time.

  Zang Xiaoya was in a bad mood, so she ran out of self-study at night and wandered around the campus, just when Jin Qishan came back with Su Xiaoxiao.

  Jin Qishan and Su Xiaoxiao?


  The two people she hated the most had

  actually caught her…

  and that pesky pumpkin carriage, which was actually Su Xiao’s small bicycle, and it was so beautifully decorated with colored ribbons.

  Zang Xiaoya rushed into the carport with anger and removed all the colored ribbons from the bicycle.

  The anger in her heart had not been extinguished, and she firmly tied the ribbon to the wheel of Su Xiaoxiao’s bicycle.

  Zang Xiaoya tied a lot on the front and rear wheels, and they were tied very tightly…

  After all this, Zang Xiaoya had her arms akimbo, and she wanted to see how Su Xiaoxiao would go home tonight!

  Soon, Zang Xiaoya’s mind came to the scene of Jin Qishan and Su Xiaoxiao walking side by side.

  By the way, she thought of the embarrassing scene of her showing her kindness to Jin Qishan and being rejected by Jin Qishan.

  Jin Qishan doesn’t like her, he likes Su Xiaoxiao?

  OK, then she will become him!

  Zang Xiaoya kicked Su Xiao’s bicycle, laughed a few times, and returned to the classroom happily.

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