STYV: Ch 40

Hearing what Jin Qishan said, she straightened up with the back of her hands behind, feeling a little at a loss.

  Su Xiaoxiao is arrogant, Mingyan, when has he ever cringed like this?

  When Jin Qishan saw it, he felt a little uncomfortable.

  ”You, why did you come out?”

  Su Xiaoxiao

  scratched her hands: “I’m here to find you.” Jin Qishan lowered his head and kicked the small stone next to him with his toes: “Oh.”

  A cold wind blew by, Su Xiao shrank. He lowered his neck.

  Jin Qishan obviously didn’t look at her, but noticed.

  With a straight face, Jin Qishan put the hat of Su Xiaoxiao’s down jacket on her head, and tied the ropes hanging on both sides with a crooked bow at the chin.

  After finishing the department, his tone was a little irritable: “Go, go back.” The

  two returned to the classroom. Most of the classmates had already gone, and a small part of them was chatting.

  When they saw Su Xiaoxiao and Jin Qishan coming back together, they laughed boisterously.

  Su Xiaoxiao blushed, and he didn’t know if it was because of embarrassment or was blown by the wind outside.

  Jin Qishan kicked his classmate who took the lead and said, “After taking homework for the winter vacation, don’t you go back?”

  Zhang Dongshan was a little sad: “Isn’t this not going to be in the same class next semester? Everyone is a little bit reluctant.”

  Su Xiaoxiao: ” It’s just being divided into classes. It’s not that you won’t see it in the future. It’s not so exaggerated.”

  Cai Meng said with a smile: “Science is in the first department, and the liberal arts is in the second, and there are two teaching buildings. It will not be so easy to meet in the future. “

  Jin Qishan glanced at Su Xiaoxiao, thinking of it, he didn’t know whether Su Xiaoxiao chose literary or rationality.

  Cai Meng seemed to know what Jin Qishan was thinking, and said enviously: “It’s still Su Xiaoxiao and Jin Qishan, who are classmates since elementary school, and classmates are still classmates after class.”

  Zhang Dongshan quickly answered the conversation: “Yes, I still live together at home, or the door is right.”

  Cai Meng received again: “Childhood sweethearts, two little

  kids who don’t guess…” Jin Qishan glanced at Su Xiaoxiao, afraid that she would be embarrassed, and quickly stopped and said: “

  Okay , where is the list? I haven’t read it yet.” Zhang Dongshan picked up the class list from the podium and handed it to Jin Qishan.

  Jin Qishan saw Su Xiaoxiao in the first place at a glance. She has always been so good since she was a child.

  It’s him further down.

  Both of them are still in the first (1) class of high school.

  No need to read the others, Jin Qishan handed the list to Zhang Dongshan.

  Shen Hua felt that Su Xiaoxiao and Jin Qishan were reconciled, but they were not reconciled.

  Judging from the looks of the two, they are much more cautious than before.

  Shen Hua shook his head secretly, feeling that this would not work.

  Feelings, the more they walk on thin ice, the more vulnerable they are.

  After the reconciliation, Su Xiaoxiao and Jin Qishan will deliberately avoid what happened in the corridor that night, and will not mention a word.

  **After the

  winter vacation, the high school (1) class is still the high school (1) class, but the classmates inside have changed a lot.

  Su Xiaoxiao, Jin Qishan, Zhang Dongshan, and Shen Hua are still in this class.

  Those who chose liberal arts, such as Cai Meng and Ma Jinlong, all went to the second department.

  After the division, Su Xiaoxiao’s advantage is no longer so obvious. There are many talented classmates, such as Jin Qishan and Shen Wei, both of whom are outstanding in science.

  Su Xiaoxiao didn’t have much obsession with whether he could keep the first grade.

  It’s just that if you live a lifetime again, it will naturally be better than the previous life.

  In her last life, she took a 985 exam, and this time her goal is Q big.

  In the first semester of high school, Jin Qishan and Shen Wei’s science scores surpassed Su Xiaoxiao.

  I don’t know why, a lot of posts mocking Su Xiaoxiao’s grades suddenly appeared in the Post Bar of No. 1 Middle School.

  Su Xiaoxiao didn’t care, because she knew that it wasn’t her grades that had fallen, but that others were indeed better than her.

  After all, Shen Hua was originally a heroine with a radiant radiance, and Jin Qishan was a great rebellion with extraordinary talents.

  Speaking of Jin Qishan as the villain, Su Xiaoxiao wanted to laugh a little.

  Because the current villain is like a beast with his teeth plucked out, so obedient.

  ”Understand?” Jin Qishan poked Su Xiaoxiao’s head with a pen.

  He is explaining to Su Xiaoxiao that the

Su Xiaoxiao suddenly laughed because of the origin of the style.

  ”Yeah.” Su Xiaoxiao clutched his forehead, “How do you know so much? These are not taught in textbooks.”

  ”I saw it in the library, and I will remember it after reading it.” Jin Qishan said. , Looks quite arrogant.

  At this time, Shen Hua came back from outside with a large bag of snacks.

  She poured all the snacks on the table, and asked Jin Qishan, Su Xiaoxiao, and Zhang Dongshan to pick them randomly: “I just sent it by Shen, you guys take it.”

  ”Shen also sent it, so I’m not welcome. “After the basketball game last year, Zhang Dongshan and Shen Ye have become good friends.

  Jin Qishan rarely eats snacks, so he is not interested.

  Seeing that he hadn’t moved, Shen Hua took a bag and stuffed it into his hand: “Here you are.”

  ”I’m not going to eat.” Jin Qishan threw the snacks back on the table.

  Shen Hua stuffed the snacks into Jin Qishan’s hands again: “Let’s take a look, in case it’s delicious.”

  What’s so delicious about puffed food?

  Jin Qishan held it in his hand disdainfully, turned over and looked at it again.

  Xiaoxiao Su?

  Su Xiaoxiao?

  Jin Qishan curled the corners of his lips, as if he was a little bit interesting.

  Jin Qishan looked at Su Xiaoxiao: “It seems, it looks delicious.”

  ”Yes.” Shen Hua nodded, “Shen Yi likes to eat Xiaoxiaoxiao the most.”

  ? ? ?

  Speaking of Shen Yi, Jin Qishan thought of Shen Yi holding Su Xiaoxiao.

  This is a thorn in his heart…

  Although he has wanted to ask Su Xiaoxiao countless times if she likes Shen Yi, the identity of a friend does not allow him to control so much.

  Jin Qishan smiled stiffly, and crushed a packet of small pastry with his bare hands.

  ”Hey, don’t waste it if you don’t like it.” Shen Hua said distressedly, “How can you eat it after

  crushing it ?” Jin Qishan unpacked the bag with a “bang” and poured Xiao Xiao Su into his mouth.

  After taking a bite, Jin Qishan gritted his teeth and said: “Who said I don’t like

  Xiaoxiaosu ?” Su Xiaoxiao didn’t know if it was her own illusion. She always felt that when Jin Qishan said Xiaoxiaosu, it was like saying Su. Little.

  From this day on, Jin Qishan seems to be declaring that he likes small crisps, and puts a packet of small crisps on his table every day.

  The news that Jin Qishan and Shen Yi both like to eat Xiaoxiaosu spread like wildfire, so that the Xiaoxiaosu at the school canteen is always out of stock.

  For this, Su Xiaoxiao laughed for many days.

  In the second semester of high school, the school held a drama competition, but the subject matter should be selected from textbooks or extracurricular classics.

  As the representative of Chinese class, Su Xiaoxiao, the Chinese teacher delegated this important task to Su Xiaoxiao.

  Su Xiaoxiao recruited applicants in the class, but no one signed up except Zhang Dongshan.

  The science experiment class is like this, except for learning, other things are not too active.

  Su Xiaoxiao finally found five students who only wanted to play supporting roles.

  Who will play the protagonist?


  , why don’t you play the heroine!” Shen Hua waved his hand quickly: “No, no, I can’t act. “

  ” Why ah? “

  Shen Hua’s face blushed: “I have stage fright with too many people. What should I do if the performance is broken?” “

  Su Xiaoxiao shook her sleeves: “It’s okay, let’s try first.” “

  Shen Hua said: “No, no, it’s better to play it yourself.” “

  Su Xiaoxiao: “Ah, but I’m the director…”

  ”The director just can’t find the actor and go on his own.” “

  ”Then what do you think of the

  hero ?” “Jin Qishan.”

  ”Can he agree?”

  ”Of course.” Shen Wei shook Su Xiaoxiao’s sleeves and said with a smile, “You just shake him like this, he is sure Promise, if he doesn’t agree, I will be the

  hero for you.” After class, Shen Hua took Su Xiaoxiao to Jin Qishan.

  Shen Hua took the lead and said: “Jin Qishan, you can play the male lead in the drama.”

  Jin Qishan frowned: “No.”

  Shen Hua: “Come on, play the female lead, you are just right to be the male lead.”

  Jin Qishan raised his head and looked up. Li questioned, Su Xiaoxiao as the heroine? Isn’t she a director + planner?

  Shen Wuchong and Jin Qishan nodded sincerely: “Really.”


, Shen Hua pushed Su Xiaoxiao next to Jin Qishan, implying that she should act like a baby quickly.

  Su Xiaoxiao was taken aback for a moment, and after comprehending Shen Hua’s meaning. He hesitated to pull Jin Qishan’s sleeves: “You come to play the male lead, okay? Okay?” It

  ’s common to be acting like a baby with others, and it’s the first time to be like a baby with Jin Qishan…

  but once you are born, you will get acquainted twice .

  While Jin Qishan was stunned, Su Xiaoxiao started the second round of acting like a baby again.

  ”Xiaoshan, Xiaoshan, okay? Okay?”

  Since the last time they didn’t speak, Su Xiaoxiao hadn’t called him Xiaoshan for almost a year, and the two felt quite respectful.

  With this “Xiaoshan”, Jin Qishan’s body was crisp, and the tips of his ears turned pink.

  He turned his head and gritted his teeth: “Okay, OK, I got it.”

  ”Yeah.” Su Xiaoxiao jumped up on the spot excitedly, “Wuhua, you are amazing.”

  ”It’s you who are amazing.”

  Jin Qishan said impatiently. Said: “You two are endless? Don’t disturb me reading.”

  Su Xiaoxiao pulled out the magazine from Jin Qishan’s English textbook: “You are really serious.”

  After finishing speaking, she took Shen Wei back happily.

  At the same time, Zang Xiaoya is happily organizing a drama competition. She took the initiative to win this opportunity from the teacher, just to become famous on the stage.

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