STYV: Ch 39

Shen Ye waited at the door until he received the news that Su Xiaoxiao had arrived home, and then he was relieved.

  Therefore, he immediately sent a message to Shen Hua.

  Shen Hua was washing her hair. He heard the phone ring and guessed it was a message from Shen Yi.

  She rinsed her hands with warm water, wiped her eyes with a towel, then walked out of the shower and picked up the phone on the washbasin.

  Sure enough, it was Shen Yi.

  Shen Yi: Xiaoxiao has arrived home safely.

  Shen Hua: Thank you, and you should go back soon.

  Shen Yi: Well, you rest early, good night.

  Shen Hua: So are you. Good night

  shampoo drips slowly down his forehead, but Shen Hua is sending a message and has no time to wipe it, so just let it flow into his eyes.

  As soon as the message was finished, she squinted and rushed into the shower, turned on the shower to rinse off.


  Because there are more than 20 classes in a grade, the trials have to be played for one month. So a day or two, they turn to (1 class and (4) the class sparring.

  Dinner time, Shen tranquil asked: “? Little, we also see a basketball game yet,”

  Shen tranquil reason why so asked, because she seen Su Xiao and Jin Qishan really quarreled. The two hadn’t said a word from yesterday morning until now.

  Moreover, they would eat lunch and dinner together before, and now they don’t even eat together.

  Su Xiaoxiao pretended to be there. Write the questions carefully and say: “I have a few questions

  left . If you want to go, you should go first.” Shen Hua took out his homework book: “I won’t go anymore, let’s do the questions together.” On the

  court, Jin Qishan glanced around and didn’t find Su Xiaoxiao’s figure.

  Although he had guessed that she would not come to cheer for him again. However, when this fact was really confirmed, he would inevitably feel disappointed.

  He vented all the helplessness and unwillingness in his heart on the court, and the whole person had already been red-eyed.

  (4) The classmates had heard about Jin Qishan playing fiercely, and he was really up to it, only to realize that Jin Qishan was playing ball, it was terrible.

  Jin Qi’s virtuous situation is like a broken bamboo, and the people watching the game also scream for him.

  The excitement on the basketball court was brought into the classroom by the wind.

  Su Xiao carefully wrote a math problem absentmindedly, and stood up: “The classroom is a little boring, I’ll go to the corridor to blow a blow.”

  Shen Hua lowered his head to do his homework, and heard the words with a soft “um”.

  You can see the basketball court in the corridor. Su Xiaoxiao didn’t know how long she watched it. She didn’t leave until the crowd dispersed.

  In this way, Su Xiaoxiao and Jin Qishan became the most familiar strangers.

  No, they are worse than strangers.

  It’s not that Zhang Dongshan and Shen Wei didn’t want to match them up, but neither Jin Qishan nor Su Xiaoxiao were moved.

  Moreover, both of them kept silent about why they were awkward.

  In this way, more than two months passed without saltiness, and it was the end of the term in a blink of an eye.

  The final exam in the first semester of high school is also commonly known as the placement exam. Because the semester is about to be divided into liberal arts and sciences, the final exam results of last semester are used as an important basis for class placement.

  Shen Hua asked Su Xiaoxiao: “Little, do you want to learn literature or theory?”

  Su Xiaoxiao: “

  Xueli .” Shen Hua was a little surprised: “I thought you would choose liberal arts.”

  ”Why do you think so?

  ” Because you have good grades in Chinese.”

  ”But I don’t like endorsements.” Su Xiaoxiao smiled, “I still like

  writing questions than endorsements.” “Yeah.” Shen Wei nodded and wrote on the paper: A small selection manager.

  Then he tore off the note and handed it to Zhang Dongshan behind.

  The fifth day after the end of the final exam is the time for the transcript and placement list to be issued.

  On this day, Su Xiaoxiao came early, and when she arrived there was no one in the class.

  Not long after, Cao Feng also came. He still has business at home today and needs to leave first in a hurry. He gave Su Xiaoxiao the transcript and class list, and asked her to help her and her classmates preach the next winter vacation. As for homework during winter vacation, Chen Fei, the teacher in charge of class (7), will come over and inform to pick it up.

  After speaking, Cao Feng hurried away.

  Not long after, the classmates also came one after another.

  Su Xiaoxiao sees all the classmates have arrived.

Soon, I put the transcript and the placement list on the podium and said, “Ms. Cao has left beforehand. The transcript and placement list are here. If you want to read it, come here.”

  Su Xiaoxiao As soon as he finished speaking, the students gathered in a swarm.

  Su Xiaoxiao was trapped in the crowd before he could leave.

  No way, she had to shrink from the podium to speak, and there were two or three people inside and out.

  Everyone is quite restrained. Even if you want to see the list, you don’t have too much physical contact, just a little bit next to each other.

  But suddenly, Su Xiaoxiao’s back was heavy, as if someone was pressing on her back.

  Su Xiaoxiao thought, maybe someone wanted to see the list too much, and didn’t care too much.

  At first, her back was still straight, but slowly, the weight behind her became heavier and heavier, pressing her whole body on the podium.

  Su Xiaoxiao couldn’t help thinking how many people she had to lie on, at least five or six.

  Where is the stack of Arhats?

  Just when Su Xiaoxiao’s arms were about to fail, she wanted to tell the people behind her to get out of trouble.

  So, she tilted her head slightly.

  I saw a head with greasy hair lying on her shoulder.

  Su Xiaoxiao yelled in fright: “Ah.”

  As Su Xiaoxiao yelled, that head suddenly lifted up.

  The bumpy acne marks, the short nose upturned, the thick and red sausage mouth, such an ugly face is close to Su Xiaoxiao.

  ”Ah, get out of here.” Su Xiaoxiao was so scared that he was about to cry.

  She was crushed on the podium by Duan Hao and couldn’t move her body.

  With both hands on the podium, he couldn’t pull it away at all…

  Just when Su Xiaoxiao was panicked, his body suddenly lightened.

  She quickly got up to see that it was Jin Qishan who was pulling Duan Hao by the collar and throwing Duan Hao aside.

  Jin Qishan turned his back to Su Xiaoxiao. Su Xiaoxiao couldn’t see his expression, but he saw his body tense and clenched his fists slightly to exert force.

  Duan Hao stood there, pouting dissatisfied: “You have hair…”

  Before he finished speaking, Jin Qishan slammed a fist in his face.

  Jin Qishan used his strength so hard that Duan Hao was stunned and took two or three steps back.

  Jin Qishan didn’t let him go, so he chased him and made another punch.

  Before Duan Hao stood firm, he received another punch and staggered to the ground.

  Before everyone reacted, Jin Qishan was already riding on Duan Hao, raising his fist and about to smash it down.

  Duan Hao was so scared that he yelled and closed his eyes, but the pain never came.

  Su Xiaoxiao yelled: “Jin Qishan!”

  Duan Hao slowly opened his eyes and saw that it was Su Xiaoxiao who was hugging Jin Qishan’s arm.

  Recently, the relationship between Su Xiaoxiao and Jin Qishan broke. Everyone knows this, and Duan Hao naturally knows it.

  Duan Hao was overjoyed when he saw Su Xiaoxiao stopping Jin Qishan, thinking that it was Su Xiaoxiao who was protecting him, and he was reluctant to be beaten.

  ”Don’t beat him.” Su Xiaoxiao shook his head to Jin Qishan, “You have dirty hands

  when you hit him.” To be honest, if Su Xiaoxiao beat Duan Hao, Su Xiaoxiao would have dirty hands, it would be really disgusting.

  However, she is now more worried that Jin Qishan has broken Duan Hao and will have to be punished.

  Jin Qishan was angry, so he couldn’t listen to Su Xiaoxiao’s persuasion. But Su Xiaoxiao hugged him tightly, and he couldn’t bear to throw her away.

  Jin Qishan snorted angrily and stood up from Duan Hao.

  Su Xiaoxiao let go when he saw this.

  Jin Qishan kicked Duan Hao angrily and slammed out through the front door.

  The students in front of the podium were stunned, not knowing what had just happened.

  When everyone was looking for their grades and which class they were assigned to, they suddenly heard Su Xiaoxiao scream, and then saw Duan Hao standing behind Su Xiaoxiao.

  Then, Jin Qishan and Duan Hao fought.

  It was not so much that Jin Qishan and Duan Hao fought, it was more that Jin Qishan beat Duan Hao unilaterally…

  Seeing Jin Qishan had gone, Duan Hao stood up cursingly: “Fuck, did our school have to remember the beating? Damn,” I want to kill Jin Qishan, this dog…”

  Su Xiao copied the chalk box on the podium and smashed it on Duan Hao’s face: “Who are you talking about? Are you shameless? What did you just do, I don’t know? You

Want Jin Qishan to remember? Okay, let me see if Jin Qishan remembered it first, or if you dropped out first. “

  Su Xiao?? Near Duan Hao: “During the flag-raising ceremony, what the dean of teaching said was forgotten? Are you playing hooligans, harassing girls, and wanting the wicked to sue first? In my opinion, Jin Qishan not only does not need to be punished, but also needs to be praised. This is called bravery. “

  Speaking of this, Su Xiaoxiao smiled contemptuously: “I have to see if the school is towards you or towards me?” “

  Actually, Su Xiaoxiao was more guilty when she said these things. She just scared Duan Hao.

  Because she said Duan Hao harassed her, but the classroom did not have a camera, she could not produce substantive evidence. Moreover, the classroom did so. Many people, no one saw except Jin Qishan…

  The boy who harassed girls last time was dropped out of school because he wrote a lot of love letters, sent countless harassment messages, and even followed the girls.

  Duan Hao was from the countryside. It was one of the few people in the whole town who passed the entrance examination. For this reason, his parents often brag about how good he is.

  If he is dropped out of school, how can his parents stand up in the village in the future? Isn’t it strange not to be beaten to death by her parents?

  Duan Hao lowered his head and looked a little frightened.

  Su Xiaoxiao didn’t have time to pay attention to him. She was going to chase Jin Qishan now, and she didn’t know where Jin Qishan had gone.

  Su Xiaoxiao shouted behind him. “Zhang Dongshan, wait for (7) the head teacher of the class will come over and inform you of the winter vacation homework. Who do you go with to take the assignment? I will go out. “

  Zhang Dongshan stood up, nodded:” Good. “The

  cold wind was bitter, and the branches were creaking by the wind.

  Little General Su shrank his head in a turtleneck, wondering where did Jin Qishan go?

  She just went to the parking shed to see that his car was still there, indicating that he

  Have n’t left the school yet. But the campus is so big, where can he go?


  Yes, it may be the playground!!!

  Because before, Su Xiaoxiao and Jin Qishan said that if they were in a bad mood, they would go to the playground and run a few laps. After running, the body is relaxed.

  Thinking of this, Su Xiaoxiao ran quickly.

  Sure enough, Jin Qishan was sitting on the table tennis table in the empty playground. He put the hat of the coat on his head and dangled his long legs.

  Su Xiaoxiao smiled, Jin Qishan was so stupid, wouldn’t it be colder to sit here on such a cold day.

  Jin Qishan’s right hand was hanging down on his right leg, and the joints were slightly red.

  Su Xiaoxiao squatted down and looked at his hand: “Does it hurt?”

  Jin Qishan’s heart shrank: “It hurts.” The

  hand hurts and the heart hurts even more.

  Hearing these words, Su Xiaoxiao almost burst into tears. This is the first complete dialogue between the two in more than two months.

  Chapter 38 Xiao Xiao Su Who said I don’t like Xiao Xiao Su?

  ”Then, I’ll blow it for you?”

  Su Xiaoxiao’s voice was soft, and it disappeared as soon as it blew in the howling cold wind.

  Jin Qishan couldn’t help thinking of when he first learned to ride a bicycle. Once, he fell from the car and scratched his knees and palms.

  At that time, Su Xiaoxiao regarded him as a treasure in the same way.

  Jin Qishan whispered: “Yeah.” What if

  she doesn’t like him, as long as she doesn’t hate him.

  The warm breath spilled on the back of his cold hands, Jin Qishan’s heart shrank suddenly, and his muscles tightened.

  The girl’s eyelashes are long and dense, and they flap gently with the blow.

  At this moment, Jin Qishan just wanted to embrace her cruelly and feel her warmth.

  Unexpectedly, after two months of estrangement, desire will only increase.

  After thinking about it for a moment, Jin Qishan put his hand in his pocket and said faintly: “Okay.”

  Jin Qishan withdrew his hand so quickly that Su Xiaoxiao still kept blowing.

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