STYV: Ch 38

Junior Su pushed his bicycle out of the basement and met Jin Qishan who was coming down the stairs.

  Thinking of last night’s dream, the blush climbed on his cheeks again.

  Su Xiaoxiao feels that he is not that easy to be shy, but I don’t know why it is different when facing Jin Qishan and feels uncomfortable.

  After looking at each other with Jin Qishan, Su Xiaoxiao made a very wrong decision and ran away by bike.

  Pushing the bicycle, she ran out of the unit door and quickly jumped into the car, pedaling her legs like hot wheels.

  In the past, she cared most about her posture when riding a bike, but now she doesn’t care about any image, she just wants to escape quickly.

  Seeing Su Xiaoxiao running away, Jin Qishan lowered his eyes and smiled self-deprecatingly.

  Look scared her.

  She suddenly took his hand last night, and he thought she was in the same mood

  as him … It seemed that he was passionate.

  After Su Xiaoxiao rushed all the way to the school, his tired face was sweaty.

  Shen Hua looked at it and asked, “Did you come here today?”

  Su Xiaoxiao wiped his sweat with a tissue: “No, ride a bike.”

  Shen Hua looked at the clock at the back of the classroom and said in surprise: “Again I’m not late, why are you riding so fast? Or say someone is chasing you behind?”

  Su Xiaoxiao took a glass of water and took a sip: “No one was chasing.”

  Not long after Jin Qishan arrived, he came in from the front door. , Glanced at Su Xiaoxiao.

  Su Xiaoxiao also happened to see Jin Qishan, and because of embarrassment, Su Xiaoxiao lowered her head quickly and avoided looking at Jin Qishan.

  Jin Qishan’s heart sank and saw Su Xiaoxiao hiding from him, thinking she hated him because of what happened last night.

  When Jin Qishan passed by Zhang Dongshan, Zhang Dongshan immediately stretched out his hand: “Hey, Brother Shan…”

  Jin Qishan ignored him and walked over.

  Zhang Dongshan scratched his head with a confused look: “Hey, what happened to Brother Shan today?

  His face is so dark and he ignored me. This is absolutely abnormal.” In the past, when Jin Qishan passed by him, both of them would punch and punch. Hello.

  Su Xiaoxiao heard it, turned around and peeked at Jin Qishan, and saw that his face was indeed not very good.

  Su Xiaoxiao couldn’t help thinking, is Jin Qishan angry with her? Is it because of what happened last night? Is it because she has done something beyond friendship, embarrassing him?

  Sure enough, being passionate is the most undesirable.

  She thought maybe, maybe…

  Su Xiaoxiao was in a bad mood this day, and Shen Hua realized this.

  ”Xiao Xiao, what’s the matter with you? I think you are not very happy all day, and you didn’t even eat much for lunch.”

  Su Xiaoxiao lowered his head to do the question, and said glumly: “Nothing.”

  ”If you have something to worry about, you can Tell me, I will help you keep the secret.” Shen Hua took Su Xiaoxiao’s hand, “You see how happy you smile, I haven’t laughed at all today.”

  Su Xiaoxiao touched his face: ” Is it really so obvious?”

  ”Yes.” Shen Hua nodded, “What the hell is it?”

  ”It’s nothing, I did something stupid, and I regret it.” Su Xiaoxiao lay on the table and whispered. .

  ”Since everything has been done, don’t waste time and regret it. Now think about it, is there any chance of remedy?”

  ”Hey, it should be gone.” Su Xiaoxiao sighed, “I compare it in my heart now. Chaos.”

  Shen Hua said helplessly: “Well, then you can be alone.”

  Su Xiaoxiao lay on the table, facing Shen Hua for a while, and carrying Shen Hua for a while.

  Shen Hua watched Su Xiaoxiao’s ponytail fluttering around, feeling a little funny, her deskmates were rarely so sentimental.

  Finally, Su Xiaoxiao couldn’t help it.

  ”Tranquil tranquil, if, if Shen also suddenly want to kiss you, how would you do?”

  Shen tranquil suddenly bowed his head shyly:. “Of course not, ah, this is not our age can do”

  ? ? ?

  Su Xiaoxiao has a question mark on his face, why is Shen Hua’s face shy? She is just an analogy.

  ”Then, what if Zhang Dongshan suddenly wants to kiss you?”

  Shen Hua’s eyes widened suddenly: “Then I will kill him!”


  Su Xiaoxiao understood, and still looked at people.

Su Xiaoxiao continued to ask: “If, I said if, what if he really wants to?”

  Shen Hua frowned: “Did he tell you?”

  ”No, no.” Su Xiaoxiao was afraid that Shen Hua would misunderstand Zhang Dongshan. , Immediately straightened up and waved his hand, “I’m really making an analogy.”

  ”Then I will really kill him.” Shen Hua said, “If he does, I will feel sick. Whether it is him or Whoever doesn’t get my consent.”

  Su Xiaoxiao nodded, yes, if someone she doesn’t like wants to kiss her, she will also feel sick.

  So, does Jin Qishan also think she is sick?

  Su Xiaoxiao sighed again, her expression a little sad.

  Suddenly, Shen Hua’s heart moved slightly, and a bold idea came to mind.

  She widened her eyes and pointed at Su Xiaoxiao: “It’s not who you want to kiss, right?”

  ”Shh~” Su Xiaoli put her index finger on her lips, looked back and forth, and found that everyone was doing the question. After paying attention to them, I said, “Keep your voice down.”

  ”Did you say you?”

  Su Xiaoxiao said awkwardly: “It’s not me, it’s a friend of mine…”

  Shen Hua was simple and easily believed in Su. Little words.

  She clutched her chest: “I was scared to death. I thought it was you.”

  ”Heh, heh, how could it be me.” Su Xiaoxiao laughed awkwardly.

  Su Xiaoxiao didn’t get a little bit from Shen Hua . Consolation, on the contrary, it is even more messy.

  In the evening, when studying in the evening, Su Xiaoxiao deliberately tidied things up.

  She was observing Jin Qishan’s reaction and wanted to see if Jin Qishan would wait for her.

  If Jin Qishan waits for her, it means he is not angry and he likes her too.

  If Jin Qishan didn’t wait for her, it means he was angry and didn’t want to care about her anymore. He really didn’t like her at all.

  However, Jin Qishan did not wait for her in the end.

  After Jin Qishan packed his schoolbags, he hung the schoolbags on his shoulders and left through the back door.

  Ha, he doesn’t like her.

  Su Xiaoxiao paused with the book in her hand, her vision blurred, and she felt a bit wronged.

  Shen Hua saw that everyone in the class was finished, only she and Su Xiaoxiao were left.

  ”You haven’t cleaned it up yet?”

  ”Immediately.” Su Xiaoxiao lowered his head, his voice a little choked.

  Shen Hua heard something wrong: “What’s wrong with you?”

  Su Xiaoxiao sniffed and raised his head: “It’s okay, let’s go.”

  ”Yeah.” Seeing Su Xiaoxiao’s eye circles red, Shen Hua didn’t dare to see it. Asking something, just silently following behind her.

  When he reached the door, Shen Hua turned off the two rows of lights in front. The lights in the back two rows have been turned off by other students first.

  Su Xiaoxiao lowered his head and stood at the door waiting for Shen Hua.

  Shen Hua came out, closed the front door, and hugged Su Xiaoxiao downstairs.

  At this time, none of them found Jin Qishan who had been standing in the shadow of the back door.

  Shen Hua saw that Su Xiaoxiao was in the wrong state, and he didn’t know what to do.

  She wanted to send a message to Jin Qishan to ask others why she didn’t wait for Su Xiaoxiao to go home with her. However, the mobile phone fell at home.

  While Shen Hua was in a hurry, she saw Shen Yi pushing her bicycle out of the parking shed.

  Recently, Shen also refused to let the driver come to pick him up, and began to ride on his own. His bicycle is also different from others. His bicycle doesn’t even have a brake. It has to slow down by himself. It is a variable-speed bicycle.

  Listening to Su Xiao’s novel, that bicycle can be worth a car. Although Shen Hua was a little unbelievable, she was happy for Shen Yi. Her good friend is doing well now and buying things very well.

  Shen Hua quickly called him: “Shen Yi.”

  Shen Yi looked back and saw them: “Why are you so late today?”

  Shen Hua silently glanced at Su Xiaoxiao with his head down, and said, “Something happened. But, can I ask that help?”

  ”Yes. Why is it busy?”

  ”It’s a bit late today, and   Xiaoxiao is alone again. I’m a little worried, can you send her home?”

  ”No problem.”

Su Xiaoxiao looked up and said quickly,

  ”No. ” “No, you “Listen to me.” Shen Hua said, “When you don’t worry about me, you let Shen Yi send me home. Now I don’t worry about you, why can’t I let Shen Yi send you home?”


  Su Xiaoxiao think about it also

, Oneself cannot be too double standard.

  Shen Yi smiled and said, “I’m not too eager to go back anyway. Let me take you home first.”

  ”Yeah.” Su Xiaoxiao nodded and looked at Shen Hua, “Then what do you do?”

  ”Anyway, my home is near .” ., I ran a few steps on the line, “Shen tranquil smiled and said,” then I go you, no one else on the road of late. ” “

  ah, bye. “

  Shen tranquil waved at them:.” worship “

  finish, Pulling the belt of the school bag, he ran away hop and hop.

  As soon as Shen Hua ran to the teaching building, he saw Jin Qishan emerge from the dark teaching building.

  ”Oh, why are you…” Before

  Shen Wei finished speaking, Jin Qishan passed by her, as if he hadn’t seen her nor heard her.

  If it weren’t for Jin Qishan’s dark face, frowning, and coldness all over, Shen Hua would really think he didn’t mean it.

  Seeing Jin Qishan go further and further, Shen Hua said, “They are arguing? One is crying, and the other is so scary…”

  There were no people on the empty street.

  This is the first time after self-study in the evening, Su Xiaoxiao did not go home with Jin Qishan.

  The moon is still the moon, and the street lamp is still the street lamp, but the person next to him is no longer that person.

  He doesn’t like her.

  She is passionate about herself.

  Really, it’s too embarrassing… I

  couldn’t help tears as I thought about it.

  To the cell door, Su Xiaoxiao choking back tears, said: “I went to, you go first.”

  Shen also took tissue from the bag and handed Su Xiaoxiao:. “Wipe it, go back and save the family do not trust”

  the face Shen Yi understood, Su Xiao was careful and warmed up: “Thank you.”

  As she said, she covered her face with a tissue and wept silently.

  Su Xiao thought carefully, she cried because she felt too embarrassed, not because Jin Qishan didn’t like her.

  If I don’t like it, I don’t like it. Some people like my old lady.

  Shen Yi reached out and patted Su Xiaoxiao’s back.

  At this moment, Jin Qishan rode past the two of them and glanced at them.

  Shen Yi also happened to see him. Just when he wanted to say hello, Jin Qishan passed by with a cold face.

  After crying, Su Xiaoxiao wiped his face with paper, then sighed with a long sigh, and smiled: “Hey, it’s okay. From now on, I am no longer Su Xiaoxiao, I am Niu Hulu Xiao Xiao.”

  Shen Yi smiled: “When you are done, go home.”

  ”Yeah.” After

  Xiao Xiao stopped the car to the basement, he was so down that he didn’t let the voice-activated light in the stairwell turn on.

  She feels that this dark environment is just right for her current mood.

  At the turn of the stairs on the second floor, there was a long black shadow in the corner.

  When Su Xiaoxiao passed by, he was taken aback, but after a closer look, he realized that it was Jin Qishan.

Why is he standing here?

  When Su Xiaoxiao was stunned, Jin Qishan wiped her shoulder and went upstairs, and then closed the door with a bang.

  In an instant, the lights in the corridor were all on, and Su Xiaoxiao reacted. It was not an illusion just now.

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