STYV: Ch 37

good? ? ?

  Su Xiaoxiaogang felt that Jin Qishan was a bit too much. After winning Shen Yi, he still clamored in front of Shen Yi. Isn’t this embarrassing.

  As a result, Shen Yi actually said yes?

  Not only Su Xiaoxiao was dumbfounded, but everyone present was dumbfounded.

  Brother Shan is really capable. If he wins others, he still invites others at the celebration party?

  I really admire it.

  No one knew that Jin Qishan, who was smiling on the surface, felt as if he had eaten a fly in his heart. There is no Geying to Shen Yi, but Geying to himself.

  After the barbecue, Jin Qishan paid.

  He looked at the deflated wallet, then looked at Su Xiaoxiao who was talking to Shen Yi, and felt that he was really at a loss!


  the way back, Su Xiaoxiao felt that Jin Qishan was a little unhappy, but she didn’t know why.

  Along the way, the two did not speak.

  Ye Jing, they are

  quieter than night… Even when they went up the stairs, neither of them made a sound, and the sound-controlled lights in the corridor were not on.

  With the moonlight shining through the window of the stairwell, Su Xiaoxiao looked at Jin Qishan who was in front of him.

  In the narrow stairwell, the two of them went one after the other, silent.

  No, it shouldn’t be such an atmosphere.

  Today, the basketball game has been won, and she hasn’t congratulated Xiaoshan yet.

  Seeing that there are only four or five stairs, Jin Qishan is about to get home.

  Su Xiaoxiao was anxious and took Jin Qishan’s hand from behind.

  In the dark corridor, suddenly there was a soft warmth in his hands, Jin Qishan’s body was shocked, half shocked, half shocked.

  After understanding what it was, his stiff body turned slowly back.

  Su Xiaoxiao took Jin Qishan’s hand and whispered, “Xiaoshan.”

  Jin Qishan looked at her and whispered “um”.

  Su Xiaoxiao raised his face and opened his mouth slightly.

  She forgot what she wanted to say, only knowing that her heart was about to jump out.

  Jin Qishan looked at Su Xiao’s eyes, those eyes were like a pool of spring water, dark waves swimming.

  Further down is the red and curled lips that make him think about it today.

  He held Su Xiaoxiao’s hand instead, and walked down a step.

  Su Xiaoxiao was standing sideways on the stairs, Jin Qishan suddenly approached, scared her to step back and leaned against the wall.

  Jin Qishan propped his left hand on the wall behind Su Xiaoxiao, with a sexy voice: “What did you want to say? Huh?”

  Think, what do you want to say?

  Su Xiao’s eyes blinked and blinked uncontrollably, and his voice was trembling: “Say, say you played a great game today.”

  Jin Qishan continued to ask: “Huh? Anything else?”

  ”Also, it’s okay. Congratulations, you won the game.”

  Jin Qishan watched Su Xiaoxiao’s mouth open and closed, and his mind screamed wildly: kiss up, kiss up, kiss up…

  But the remaining reason told him that it’s no way. If you do this step, you may not even be able to do it in the future.

  Jin Qishan’s chest was ups and downs violently, and the heavens were fighting in his mind, holding Su Xiaoxiao’s left hand involuntarily with force.

  Su Xiaoxiao was scared, and looked forward to it.

  Jin Qishan just looked at her quietly and looked at her lips…

  as if it was an invitation signal…

  During the few seconds when time was still, Su Xiaoxiao had only one thought in his mind: kiss or not?

  Su Xiaoxiao grabbed Jin Qishan’s collar with one hand, closed his eyes, and slowly stood on his toes.

  ”It’s too late to come back today. When you get home, keep your voice down and don’t wake up mom.”

  ”Well, the crabs tonight are really delicious.”

  ”Do you like it?”

  ”Like it.”

  ”If you like it, just kiss me…”


  Su Xiaoxiao heard the voice downstairs from far to near. That is the voice of Li Yue and her husband.

  She pushed Jin Qishan away, broke free of the hand he was holding, and climbed upstairs in a panic.

  She pulled him by the collar and pushed him away?

  Jin Qishan’s eyes dropped to the ground, and the warm palms of his hands were now empty, like his heart.

  There was no sound when she closed the door, as if everything was his fantasy.

  Someone downstairs stomped and shouted: “Ah.”

  The voice-activated light in the stairwell lights up from the first floor.

Arrived on the third floor.

  The sudden light made Jin Qishan uncomfortable. He took the key from his pocket and opened the door.

  Li Yue came up and saw Jin Qishan opening the door: “Xiaoshan just came back?”

  ”Yeah.” Jin Qishan responded with a muffled voice, and then closed the door with a “slap”.

  Li Yue smiled and said: “Hey, this kid, his temperament is the same as when he was a child. My little treasure, if Xiaoshan is half smart in the future, it will be fine.”

  ”That must be.”

  ”It must be a fart. You are as stupid as you…”

  Su Xiaoxiao leaned against the door and listened to Li Yue and her husband as they went upstairs and closed the door, only to let go of the hanging heart.


  After taking a shower, Su Xiaoxiao threw his barbecue-smelling clothes into the dirty clothes bucket.

  Although it was past 11 o’clock, Su Xiaoxiao still insisted on writing a set of English test papers.

  She is not a talented player, and her advantage when she was young is gone. Now that I still want to maintain my first grade, I can only work harder than others.

  After writing the test papers, she put the stationery in her schoolbag, but she touched the mineral water she put in her schoolbag after school.

  She wanted to throw it away…

  She took the mineral water in her hand, walked to the bed and put it on the bedside table. Then turn on the lamp and turn off the chandelier.

  Lying on the bed, she involuntarily picked up the mineral water. After thinking about it, he gently opened the bottle cap, blushing and took a sip.

  After drinking, I felt ashamed and embarrassed, so I quickly turned off the light and got into the bed.

  However, what she did today to make her ashamed was more than this.

  Jin Qishan is pull the hand, but also on tiptoe to kiss him ……

  OMG ……

  to die ……

  do not know how Jin Qishan will see her ……

  Su Xiaoxiao rolled frantically in the bed, and whenever he calmed down, he thought of those damn pictures again.

  Why is she so proactive? ! ! !

  If there is a regret medicine or amnesia medicine, she needs one urgently.

  Forget it, you don’t need to take the medicine anymore, let’s move away from the earth!

  Goodbye grandma, I will sail tonight.

  I don’t know if I’ve been tossing a lot, when the day was about to dawn, Su Xiaoxiao finally fell asleep.

  In her dream, she dreamed of the moment when Jin Qishan drank her water.

  But this time, what she said was: “Why is your mouth more powdery than a girl’s, so beautiful?”

  After speaking, she pulled Jin Qishan by the collar and kissed it.

  At the moment when I was about to kiss, the alarm rang.


  Why, why? ? ? ?

  Why are dreams as annoying as reality? ? ?

  Su Xiaoxiao’s first reaction was annoyance. What annoyed him was not why he was so active again, but why he didn’t kiss him again! ! ! !

  what! ! !

  Su Xiaoxiao put on the cup and wanted to reconnect with Jin Qishan in his dream, but he couldn’t sleep anymore.

  Not long after, Grandma Su shouted outside the door: “Xiao Xiao, get up soon, why is it so late today?”

  No matter how sad it is, Su Xiaoxiao can only get up in clothes.

  At the same time, Jin Qishan suddenly opened his eyes.

  In the dream, Su Xiaoxiao called him Xiaoshan all night, his voice was like in the corridor.

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