STYV: Ch 36

Su Xiaoxiao felt that everyone was looking here, her blushing was like cooked shrimp.

  And Jin Qishan stood beside her with his arms akimbo as if nothing had happened.

  The thief Su glanced at Jin Qishan, and Jin Qishan was also looking at her… When his

  eyes met , Su Xiaoxiao quickly turned his face away in embarrassment, and his heart burst out.

  Su Xiaoxiao quickly took a deep breath to calm down. However, I was still nervous and embarrassed.

  She pressed the back of her hand to her cheek, trying to cool down.

  Jin Qishan looked confused. He played so well, why did Su Xiaoxiao ignore him instead? Not only did he turn his head away from him, but he also covered his face with his hands.

  Jin Qishan bent over, facing Su Xiaoxiao’s face: “Why are you…”

  Su Xiaoxiao secretly guessed: It’s embarrassing , does he want to ask me why my face is so red?

  To save face, Su Xiaoxiao a hand holding a mineral water, burst into his hand, said:. “I am, I went to the bathroom under”

  Cao Feng sessions with so many students, boys kick a ball, go out She ran in front of the girl and asked her to help get water. Cao Feng understands what this means.

  Although he is a teacher and a head teacher, he has also been young and understands emotional matters, which is not something that can be controlled artificially. As long as the student does not do excessive things, he will not care. Especially for people like Jin Qishan and Su Xiaoxiao, who have good grades and good looks, and the teachers don’t want to beat Mandarin Duck.

  (7) Chen Fei, the teacher of the class, came over and said with a smile: “Brother, this little couple in your class is a bit interesting.”

  Cao Feng listened and said with a smile: “Don’t talk nonsense, they are good friends. “

  After that, Cao Feng walked to Jin Qishan’s side and patted Jin Qishan on the shoulder: “I did a good job just now. I will continue to work hard in the second half.”


  ”Can I still hold on to my physical strength?”

  ”No problem.”

  At this time, the other players drank the water, and then they all went to Jin Qishan’s side to discuss how to play in the second half.

  One player felt that he was not in a good state to apply for a substitution, and Zhang Dongshan, who was sitting on the bench, finally had a chance to play.

  (7) Due to the first half of the team’s defeat, the players were a little depressed and depressed.

  Chen Fei gave them encouragement: “teenagers, the second half we have a chance, you cheer up winning or losing is not important, it is important that we fight hard for this result of this procedure, come on come on come on!!!!!”

  This At that time, the basketball captain of Class (7) said: “The opposite No. 7 should have exhausted all his energy in the first half. The second half must be exhausted. Then you two should just stare at him first.”

  The player in question nodded and they Think about it, too, people’s physical strength is always limited. It’s already very tiring to fight like they did. What’s more, the kind of No. 7 who leads a team by one person?

  As a result, everyone’s confidence has returned to that point.

  Shen also remained silent, because he felt that Jin Qishan was not as simple as they thought.

  Soon, the second half began, and Su Xiaoxiao also rushed back in time.

  Jin Qishan thought that Su Xiaoxiao ignored him just now. Is it because he disliked him for not playing well enough? The score is not open enough? As a result, he worked harder.

  The (7) players who thought that Jin Qishan was exhausted just now, saw that he was more ferocious than the first half, and he was directly frightened.

  Me, go…

  Is this still a human?

  With the tacit cooperation of Jin Qishan and Zhang Dongshan, class (7) was quickly defeated and won the game with a 16-point lead.

  At the end of the game, Jin Qishan just wanted to turn his head to find Su Xiaoxiao to celebrate, but he was hugged.

  ”Fuck” Zhang Dongshan was so excited that he held Jin Qishan, “Unexpectedly, we actually won.”

  Before Jin Qishan could react, more and more people surrounded him and threw him up to cheer.

  ”Everyone performed very well today. Let’s hurry up to eat after taking a break.” Cao Feng patted everyone on the shoulder, very excited but didn’t know what to say.

  Zang Xiaoya is now in class (7). When Shen Yi first arrived in their class, Zang Xiaoya only took one look and fell.

  Today Shen also played ball, she also specially put on makeup to cheer for him.

  However, on the court, she was attracted by another figure.

Full attention.

  Zang Xiaoya didn’t expect that after months of seeing him, Jin Qishan actually grew so much taller and played so handsomely!

  Although, in junior high school, everyone had unpleasant things. However, she can see his handsome face and doesn’t mind anymore.

  The water in Zang Xiaoya’s hand was originally intended to be given to Shen Yi. However, she has changed her mind now.

  Zang Xiaoya wears a uniform white shirt and black short skirt, but looks better than others. Her waist is extremely thin, and her exposed legs are long and straight.

  Many boys peeked at her on the basketball court today.

  So, she walked up to Jin Qishan step by step, handed him the water, and whispered: “Brother Shan, long time no see, do you want to drink?”

  Jin Qishan is still looking for Su Xiaoxiao’s figure, no Kung Fu took care of Zang Xiaoya: “No.” “Shenhe

  , I didn’t expect you to play so well, so beautiful.” Zang Xiaoya looked at Jin Qishan, her face flushed slightly.

  She thought, she was handing him water again, complimenting him on playing well and pretending to be shy, he should understand what she meant.

  Jin Qishan glanced at Zang Xiaoya and thought she was really inexplicable. They were never friends, what is she doing so diligently now? Is it just because he plays well?

  If I remember correctly, she also hurt Su Xiaoxiao. Su Xiaoxiao is not a grudge, but he is.

  ”Why? You fell in love with me again?” Jin Qishan folded his arms and looked at Zang Xiaoya coldly, with a contemptuous look in his eyes, “However, I don’t like you…”

  After speaking, he walked around Zang Xiaoya. Past.

  Zhang Dongshan followed Jin Qishan, stunned.

  Brother Sun rejected the beauty like this?

  No pity for Xiangxiyu at all!

  Although he had the heart to comfort the beautiful woman, but the good brother was gone, he also hurriedly followed.

  Zang Xiaoya was stunned. He didn’t expect Jin Qishan to react like this, let alone give it a bit of face.

  Even more unexpectedly, there were others standing behind Jin Qishan, and he heard the conversation between them.

  The moment he saw Zhang Dongshan, Zang Xiaoya’s face was blue and white, and a sense of shame that had never been felt before.

  Zang Xiaoya squeezed the mineral water bottle tightly, as if it were Jin Qishan’s head and wanted to squeeze him!

  Jin Qishan waited for her, she would definitely avenge this grudge!

  At this time, the basketball team of (7) is also going back. I saw Zang Xiaoya running to deliver water to her opponent

  , but she was rejected… Zang Xiaoya saw members of her basketball team also coming, but Shen Yi was missing.

  She knew that Pan Yang in the team liked her a bit. In order to save face, she

  smiled at Pan Yang and handed him the water in her hand: “Brother Yang, come and drink.” Although Pan Yang likes Zang Xiaoya, she has lost the game now. , And seeing her give him water that her opponent didn’t want, she was also very unhappy in her heart.

  ”You’d better keep this water for yourself.”

  Zang Xiaoya, who was rejected again, didn’t care about her face, and said sarcastically: “You have lost the game, and your temper is still so big. You are really weak, everyone said (1) Class is an old,

  weak, sick and handicapped team. You are not even better than them…” The captain explained kindly: “(1) The Jin Qishan of the class is really too hard. It’s like a

  lifeless …” Zang Xiaoya said disdainfully, “Then you guys. Why can’t you be like him?”

  Pan Yang was angry, and everyone was uncomfortable when they lost the game, and they were so ridiculed.

  He couldn’t help but stunned: “If you are as beautiful as Su Xiaoxiao, Shen Hua or Cai Meng, and you are willing to scream for my voice, then I can fight for you…”

  Pan Yang didn’t know, he This sentence poked what Zang Xiaoya cared most.

  Originally, she felt very embarrassed and sad because she didn’t enter the experimental class.

  But after being assigned to class (7), each of the classmates in class (7) is rich or expensive, and she feels that this class is also quite suitable for her identity. In addition, without Su Xiaoxiao, Shen Hua, and Cai Meng, she became a recognized class flower, and the boys in the class took more care of her. For this reason, she was secretly happy, and it was fine if she didn’t go to the experimental class.

  Nowadays, the boys who once liked her openly say that she is not as good-looking as Su Xiaoxiao, Shen Hua, and Cai Meng.

  Zang Xiaoya was so embarrassed that she wanted to find a place to sew in.

  After Jin Qishan finished his meal, he returned to the class and found that Su Xiaoxiao was working on a problem.

  He walked over, picked up the mineral water on the table, opened it and took a sip: “Why are you

Why flee with water? “

  Su Xiaoxiao looked at Jin Qishan’s pink lips covering the mouth of the bottle, flushing unnaturally on her cheeks again.

  She had drunk the water, and her lips covered the mouth of the bottle like this…

  Jin Qishan saw Su Xiao In a daze, his hand crossed in front of her: “What do you think? “

  Su Xiao said in a low voice: “You drink my water, and your water is on your table.” “

  ”Oh. “Jin Qishan put the water on Su Xiaoxiao’s table again, “Then give it back to you.” “

  Su Xiaoxiao was stunned. I drank it all. Why would I give it to her? Let her continue to drink? She didn’t want it!

  After returning to his seat, Jin Qishan looked at the mineral water on the table and touched his lips. Le bloomed. The

  same table Li Xu saw it, and he felt like a chill: “Why do you look lustful and laugh at the mineral water? “

  Go away.” “Jin Qishan closed his smile, opened the mineral water and took another sip, but the tips of his ears were quietly red.


  Cao Feng was very happy. After the first night of

  self- study, after work, he proudly invited everyone to drink water at the canteen. Zhang Dongshan took it. With the drink, I couldn’t believe it: “Do you think Lao Cao borrowed money to buy it? Otherwise, why not invite you after the game is over, and wait for one night of self-study? I guess it was because there was no money on him at that time. “

  I went to the office to get the test paper that day, and I heard Lao Cao and Lao Ban next door complain about them. All the wages have been turned in since the engagement.” “

  Jin Qishan raised his eyebrows: “Oh? “

  Zhang Dongshan sighed: “This man, he has no freedom at all when he gets married.” My dad does the same, occasionally I have to apply for a report for a long time if I want to drink a bottle of wine. “

  If it were you, would you agree to hand in all your wages?” Alas, I don’t want to be controlled…”

  ”If she wants to, just give it. “Jin Qishan took a sip of water and said lightly. What

  she wants, what he has, just take it.

  What she wants, what he doesn’t, he wants to do everything he wants to get.

  Zhang Dongshan opened his mouth wide, because he did not expect Jin Qishan to take his words.

  He knew that Jin Qishan never liked to talk about such unrealistic topics, so he just complained casually.

  Jin Qishan came back to him suddenly, but he didn’t know what to say next, he was full of thoughts, he was actually willing?

  ”Jin Qishan, Zhang Dongshan, why are you two hiding in the corner? Come here soon.” Cao Feng greeted them again.

  Together, Zhang Dongshan and Jin Qishan put the water on the counter and went to Cao Feng.

  Cao Feng’s expression of joy: “Do you still want to eat something?” When

  he thought of the poor old Cao, who even borrowed money for drinking water, Zhang Dongshan waved his hand quickly: “No, no, no, I have a good dinner. “That’s right.”

  The others echoed: “No need…”

  Cao Feng said with a smile, “Don’t save me money,

  everyone, I should eat and drink.” Everyone shook their heads, no need.

  So Cao Feng had no choice but to give up: “Well,

  let’s go back early to study in the evening.” Jin Qishan and Zhang Dongshan took their respective drinks and walked back.

  As he walked, Zhang Dongshan glanced at the drink in his hand: “Fuck, Brother Shan, we took the wrong drink. Mine is green, and yours is yellow…”

  Jin Qishan took a look and it was.

  Zhang Dongshan: “Brother Shan, did you drink it?”

  ”No.” Jin Qishan calmly changed the drink.

  Zhang Dongshan is not so calm: “I didn’t drink either, or we would kiss indirectly.”

  ”Fuck, Brother Shan, I kissed indirectly with you!”


  Why did it become an indirect kiss? Haven’t you drunk it yet?

  If you talk about indirect kissing, say that he and Su Xiaoxiao are about the same.

  Thinking of Su Xiaoxiao’s red lips that looked like pale red petals, Jin Qishan suddenly felt stiff and blood flowed backwards.

  NS! ! !


  Although it was just a small preliminary match, it was really enjoyable. Therefore, Zhang Dongshan suggested that after the evening self-study, everyone should go to the barbecue restaurant in front of the school to celebrate. In addition to the seven members of the basketball team, Su Xiaoxiao and Shen Hua were also invited.

  After school, a group of people rode to the barbecue restaurant mightily.

  On the way, they met Shen Yi.

  Su Xiaoxiao and Shen also finished greeting.

After greeting, Shen Yi looked at the large army behind her, and asked with a smile, “Are you so many, are you going to fight together?”

  Zhang Dongshan said enthusiastically, “No, no, I’m going to have a barbecue.”

  Jin Qishan wanted to respond to Shen Yi and deliberately said, “I want to celebrate the basketball game, do you want to go together?”

  Shen Yi is not that serious and doesn’t care much about winning or losing. Instead, the momentum and tenacity that Jin Qishan showed on the court deeply shocked him. He felt that Jin Qishan should not be underestimated.

  Since the other party invited him, why didn’t he go?

  Shen Yi smiled slightly: “Okay.”

  ? ? ? ?

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