STYV: Ch 35

It was during the second class break that Shen Hua found that the electric fan above his head was turned off. She raised her head and saw that the other electric fans were still spinning around. She was a little strange: “Oh, who turned off our electric fans?”

  Su Xiaoxiao was a little uncertain: “It seems to be Jin Qishan.”

  ”Oh. “Shen Hua nodded thoughtfully, “Look, Jin Qishan is really good to you.”

  ” Pull it down, isn’t it good for you? Last time you were in the library, it suddenly rained. Then, you were not in the group.” what sentence did not take an umbrella with emotion. As a result, he was non-stop for dinner comes the reckoning you go. arrived, a message asking where you sit, you did not return, he found a whole three, only to find you. ” “

  which Is that so?” Thinking back to that day, Shen Hua couldn’t help but frowned. “He found me in the library that day, his face was dark, and he said unhappy,’Why are you alone here?’ I said. , I was here alone.”

  ”Then, he didn’t plan to give me the umbrella and left. Later, halfway through, he folded back and gave me the umbrella.”

  ”I guess, he thought you and When I’m together, I mainly want to give you an umbrella.”

  Su Xiaoxiao couldn’t believe it: “How is it possible?”

  ”Look, you said that you would go to the library with me that day, right?”

  Su Xiaoxiao Little nodded: “Yeah.”

  ”Later, you didn’t come because of something at home, but you didn’t say in the group, and you sent it to me privately. Later, I said in the group that it was raining and there was no umbrella. Then, you did it again. During the busy period, I have not spoken in the group. Therefore, Jin Qishan always thought you were with me.” Shen Hua analyzed, “When he finds me, when he sees that I am alone, he is naturally unhappy. It’s as dark as Bao Gong. I worked so hard to give the umbrella, and the clothes were soaked, and in the end I gave it to the wrong person.”

  Although Su Xiaoxiao felt that Shen Hua’s analysis was somewhat reasonable, but he always felt that something was wrong.

  She was a little confused: “It’s not right, or you are wrong. First of all, why does he send me an umbrella?”

  ”Why give you an umbrella?” Shen Hua held his face in his hand, looked directly into Su Xiaoxiao’s eyes, and said with a smile, “Because, I like you.”

  ”Huh?” Su Xiaoxiao shook his head and shook his head again, “Impossible , Impossible. He likes you!”

  ”He doesn’t like me.” Shen Hua said, “He likes you.”

  ”No, I can guarantee that he likes you.”

  ”Then I can guarantee that he likes you.” Well! If you don’t believe me, just ask him!”

  ”Ask who?” Jin Qishan didn’t know when he would come over, and leaned down to ask Shen Hua, “Who likes her?” Shen Wei opened his eyes wide and nervous when he was caught by the master

  . He swallowed his saliva.

  And Su Xiaoxiao’s whole person seemed to be roasted on the fire, burning with fire.

  It happened that someone shouted at the door: “Little, Shen Yi is looking for you, let you come out.”

  Su Xiaoxiao quickly stood up, lowered his head, blushing to

  drip blood: “I’m going out first.” Jin Qishan turned around and looked towards Shen Yi outside the window: “It’s him?”

  ”No, it’s not.” Shen Hua waved his hand quickly.

  ”Then who did you just talk about?” Jin Qishan was sitting on Shen Hua’s table, playing with Shen Hua’s pen in his hand.

  ”Say you like it…” With a

  ”pop”, the pen fell from his hand.

  Jin Qishan opened his mouth slightly and turned around slowly stiffly. A trace of panic flashed in his eyes, but soon the panic turned into a thick murderous intent.

  Shen Hua: How do you feel that Jin Qishan wants to kill someone?

  ”Ha, ha ha…” Shen Hua laughed awkwardly, and quickly pointed at Shen Yi outside the window, “I was joking with you, we said he was talking about him.”

  Jin Qishan stood up and just saw Shen Yi handing over one. Give the pink bag to Su Xiaoxiao. And Su Xiaoxiao was wearing his clothes, smiling sweetly at Shen Yi…

  He leaned on the window sill and shouted at Shen Yi in the corridor: “Hey, why do you come to our class every day?”

  Su Xiaoxiao winked at Jin Qishan to let him stop talking nonsense.

  After Shen Yi left, Jin Qishan asked Su Xiaoxiao: “Why is he here again?”

  Su Xiaoxiao held the bag in his hand and said, “In the morning, he forgot to bring the biology book, so I’ll lend it to him. Just now, he came to

  return the book to me.” “Huh, he came to you to borrow books after so many classes?” Jin Qishan frowned, “Is there no one in the next class?”

“Less nonsense, the last time you do not still wearing his shoe cover it?”

  ? ? ?

  Jin Qishan stunned: “I wear his shoe last computer class, you help me borrow his shoe??”

  Su Xiaoxiao white at him: “Yes ah.”


  Jin Qishan looked down, I really want to chop off my feet.

  Su Xiaoxiao returned to his seat and returned the biology book to Shen Hua, “Shen Yi said thank you.”

  Shen Hua lowered his head and said, “Yeah.”

  Su Xiaoxiao reached into Shen Hua’s ear and said, “Shen Yi gave it back to you. I brought the cake and said it was the strawberry flavor that you like to eat.”

  Shen Hua was stunned, and then smiled: “Did you say thank you for me?”

  Xiao Xiao handed her the bag: “If you want to say thank you, say it yourself. Ah. Don’t you have him and phone number?”

  Shen Hua nodded.


  Soon, it was the day of the basketball game. The first game was (1) vs. (7).

  (1) The basketball uniforms of class (7) are blue, and some people ridicule that this is a battle between fire and water.

  (7) The head teacher of the class is a young female teacher who has just graduated today. Under her leadership, all the girls in the class wore uniform white shirts and black skirts, gathering together to support the players in the class.

  However, the position of Class (1) is obviously much weaker. Everyone was wearing their usual clothes, and they were scattered all over the stadium.

  The other classmates who came to see the lively class laughed and said, “It seems that the experimental class will die very miserably this time.”

  Su Xiaoxiao also realized that they had lost a section in terms of momentum first.

  At this time, the game began.

  At the beginning, the (7) class teacher took the lead and shouted: “(7) class…”

  The students behind shouted: “Come on!”

  ”Class (7)…”

  ”Come on!”

  ”Class (7)…”

  ”Come on!”

  Cao Feng watched as the enthusiasm of class (7) grew. Soaring, a little anxious.

  He walked up to the students, frowned and raised his hands: “You guys shout too…”

  Duan Hao hid behind and whispered, “What can I say? Anyway, I lose.”

  Cao Feng heard: “Who What are you whispering about? Wait, I call (1) class, you will win, you know?”

  Su Xiaoxiao said loudly, “I heard it.”

  ”Well, your voice will be as loud as Xiaoxiao . “

  Cao Feng said loudly: “(1) Class…” The

  classmates languished: “We must win.”

  Cao Feng said loudly again: “(1) Class…” The

  students became a little angry: “We must win.”

  Cao Feng shouted and broke his throat: “(1) Class…” The

  students finally shouted with momentum: “We must win!”

  Then, the players on the court battled, and the supporters off the court battled. Both sides were as passionate as they had been beaten with blood.

  The principal who came to watch, looked at the energetic classmates, showed a gratified smile. This is the vigor of this age group.

  Want to win, dare to fight, and have enthusiasm!

  The competition became more and more exciting, and Jin Qishan also showed his true strength for the first time. Whenever he glanced at Su Xiaoxiao to cheer for them, his heart beats uncontrollably, and his mind only had one idea, to win!

  ”Fuck, Brother Shan is really awesome, one person can carry a team.” I don’t know which boy ran up, “Brother Shan, come on!”

  After Cai Meng heard someone shouting “Brother Shan, come on”, she shouted hoarsely: “Brother Shan, come on!”

  She dared to shout her own voice only under the cover of others. Through the basketball game, shout out all the love for him.

  My boy, come on!

  Su Xiaoxiao and Shen Hua shook hands with each other, and at this moment they were in no mood to cheer for Shen Yi.

  They also followed the crowd and shouted: “Brother Shan, come on, Brother Shan!”

  Su Xiaoxiao’s voice passed through the wave and reached Jin Qishan’s ears.

  The sound of “good brother” made his blood boil, and he wanted to smash the basketball.

  Jin Qishan has been running and fitness since the third grade of elementary school, and he has been doing it for seven or eight years. So don’t look at him, it looks skinny.

Yes, but the flesh is firm.

  According to the legend, the clothes are thin, and the clothes are fleshy.

  (7) Several players in the class didn’t pay much attention to Jin Qishan at the beginning.

  However, after rushing the ball several times, they started to feel pain in their chest when they saw Jin Qishan rushing over.

  he! Damn, this man is harder than a rock…one hit, it feels like it’s half life.

  ”Fuck, what are Pan Yang and the others doing? The ball is here, what are you hiding? Isn’t this for the No. 7 of class (1) to release water…”

  (1) No. 7 of class, it is Jin Qishan!

  ”I’m going, I’m so angry, I’m rushing, I’m rushing…”

  ”Fuck, hell! Did n’t you say that class (1) is all rookie chicken, why do you feel that our class is not stable?”

  Soon At the end of the first half, (1) Class led by a few points.

  Jin Qishan turned his head, raised his eyebrows at Su Xiaoxiao, curled the corners of his lips, and walked towards her.

  Just in time, the sun shone on him.

  Su Xiaoxiao only saw Jin Qishan walking towards her slowly in golden light. Just like slow motion in a movie, every step is so slow.




  Su Xiaoxiao finally understood what a heartbeat is like a drum.

  Just two steps away from Su Xiaoxiao, Ma Jinlong hugged Jin Qishan.

  Ma Jinlong handed Jin Qishan a bottle of mineral water: “Brother Shan, you are

  awesome . Come and drink some water.” Jin Qishan took the water, but his eyes were always fixed on Su Xiaoxiao.

  Su Xiaoxiao was very nervous when he looked at him, staggered his eyes, and pretended to play with his fingers.

  Suddenly, a red jersey appeared in his sight.

  Don’t think about it, you know it’s him.

  Shen Wei couldn’t help but said: “Jin Qishan, you are amazing.”

  Jin Qishan gave a faint “um”, then opened the mineral water with a ” puff”, and took a few sips.

  After drinking, he stuffed the mineral water bottle into Su Xiaoxiao’s hand: “Help me hold it.”

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