STYV: Ch 34

After Jin Qishan heard that Shen Hua also supported him, he nodded lightly, wondering whom Shen Hua would not support him?

  Do you support people in other classes?

  Shen Hua is not like Su Xiaoxiao, who likes to turn his elbows out…

  Su Xiaoxiao looked at Jin Qishan’s expression indifferently, and was a little confused: “Wuhua supports you, are you not happy?”

  Jin Qishan: “Happy.”

  Su Xiaoxiao Muttered: “How come I didn’t see you smiling when I was happy? I don’t feel happy just now.”

  After that, the two were speechless all the way.

  The night is quiet, occasionally the night wind blows.

  On the way home from school, Jin Qishan enjoys the most time of the day. Even if he and Su Xiaoxiao didn’t say a word and rode their bicycles, he was happy.

  He is easily satisfied, just like Su Xiaoxiao.

  He is not easy to be satisfied, only Su Xiaoxiao is good.


  I got home, there was only a small night light in the hallway.

  Su Xiaoxiao closed the door gently and tiptoed into the living room. Unexpectedly, the cat’s movement was still heard by Grandma Su.

  Grandma Su put on her coat and came out yawning.

  ”School is over?”

  Su Xiao put down her schoolbag: “Yeah.”

  Grandma Su turned on the kitchen light and asked: “What do you want to eat?”

  Since she started studying at night, no matter how late Su Xiaoxiao gets home, Grandma Su will get up. Make her something to eat.

  Su Xiaoxiao is embarrassed: “Grandma, I’ll just order some noodles by myself.”

  ”How can that work? How can you just eat noodles when you are growing up.” Grandma Su said sternly, “You can be a thousand Don’t even talk about losing weight on TV, you only have thin arms and legs, and you will lose it if you

  reduce it .” With that, Grandma Su opened the refrigerator and took out the ribs cooked during the day.

  Then, I listened to the sound of cooking oil and stir-frying green onion, ginger and garlic from the kitchen.

  At this time, Su Xiaoxiao’s cell phone rang, and a text message came in.

  Jin Qishan: What is grandma doing that is so delicious.

  Su Xiaoxiao: Rib noodles, are you hungry? Do you want to come over and eat some?

  When Jin Qishan saw the text message, he curled his lips, put down his water glass, and walked out with his long legs.

  Just now he was receiving water in the kitchen, and suddenly there was a smell of fried meat. You don’t need to think that it was Grandma Su who was adding food to Su Xiaoxiao.

  Su Xiaoxiao saw that Jin Qishan didn’t reply, and thought he was busy with homework, but he was here.

  As a result, within two minutes, there was a knock on the door.

  Su Xiaoxiao opened the door and saw Jin Qishan standing lazily in the doorway, wearing a wide gray cotton and linen pajamas.

  ”I thought you weren’t coming anymore.” Su Xiaoxiao put Jin Qishan in, and said casually, “You look pretty lazy.”

  ”Why don’t you come if you have something delicious?” Hearing Su Xiaoxiao praise him, Jin Qishan’s ears were a little hot.

  Su Xiaoxiao’s squat mouth: “When I was a kid, you didn’t come if you were allowed to come. Now, even if you don’t let you come, you still have to come.”

  Jin Qishan ignored Su Xiaoxiao, walked to the kitchen and put his arms around Grandma Su’s shoulders. “Grandma, what are you doing? It’s so fragrant!”

  ”Xiaoshan is here.” Grandma Su said, and she opened the refrigerator and put a few more spare ribs into the pot. You and

  Xiaoxiao make a bowl.” Jin Qishan bent down and nestled on Grandma Su: “I love the hand-rolled noodles made by grandma.”

  Su Xiaoxiao leaned at the door and unrelentingly opened him: “My grandma does it. What do you not like?”

  Jin Qishan curled his lower lip and said slowly: “Yes, I like what grandma does.”


  Su Xiaoxiao felt that Jin Qishan really got older and thicker.

  Grandma Su smiled and said, “Come here every day if you like. Many children in the house are still lively.” When the

  noodles are cooked, Grandma Su divides the ribs into two bowls. One bowl of noodles is two bowls of the other. Times.

  Su Xiaoxiao took the bowl of noodles and said, “Someone eats so much, remember to wash the dishes later.”

  Grandma Su beat Su Xiaoxiao: “You kid, don’t always bully Xiaoshan, I’ll take the bowl. Wash.”

  ”Grandma, where did I bully him?” Su Xiaoxiao pouted.

  Jin Qishan smiled, holding his face: “Grandma, it’s okay, wait for me to wash the dishes.”


Grandma smoothly brushed the pot, and then sat at the dining table, watching with satisfaction Su Xiaoxiao and Jin Qishan eating.

  Not long after, Grandma Su yawned again.

  Su Xiaoxiao saw it and said, “Grandma, go back to sleep.”

  ”It’s okay, I’m an old man, and sleep less. When you two finish eating, I will wash the dishes before going to sleep.” Grandma Su tightened her clothes. It was tight, “Are you enough to eat?”

  Jin Qishan also persuaded: “Grandma, you go back to sleep, we have enough.”

  Later, Grandma Su was finally persuaded by Jin Qishan to go back to the room and sleep.

  Jin Qishan ate so much and fast, Su Xiaoxiao only ate half of it, and he ate a big bowl before he ate it.

  He finished eating, wiped his mouth, and pushed the bowl next to Su Xiaoxiao: “I’m finished,

  let’s go.” Su Xiaoxiao grabbed Jin Qishan’s arm, still holding the noodles in his mouth, and said vaguely. “No.”

  Feeling the temperature of his arm, Jin Qishan raised his eyebrows: “Why not? I have finished eating.”

  Su Xiaoxiao quickly swallowed the noodles in his mouth: “You have to wash the bowl, and wait until I finish eating. You go again.”

  Jin Qishan sat down again, leaned back on the chair, and stared at her: “Then you eat quickly!” After the

  meal, Jin Qishan glanced at Su Xiaoxiao and cleared away the dishes. To put it in the sink.

  Su Xiaoxiao heated a glass of milk and leaned on the operating table, drinking milk while watching Jin Qishan wash the dishes.

  ”Why are you so lazy? You never wash the dishes, and   plan to let me do it for a lifetime?”

  Su Xiaoxiao retorted, “You can also buy a dishwasher.”

Jin Qishan smiled, “Dishwasher? You? That was so beautiful, what should the machine do? dishwasher can wash clean? ” “

  of course. after my house, washing dishes to the dishwasher, washing it with automatic washing machine, sweeping mopping the floor on Use robots.”

  Jin Qishan only thinks that Su Xiaoxiao is whimsical: “As you say, no human will be needed to do things in the future? I think robots are just a gimmick. Technology can’t be so advanced or popular.” After

  thinking about more than a decade, the development of science and technology is changing with each passing day. , Su Xiaoxiao’s eyes lit up: “Xiaoshan, I think you can learn more about programming and artificial intelligence. I think you won’t say that if you read it. Intelligence replaces humans, not just a slogan.”

  In fact, Jin Qishan has already paid attention to those of Su Xiao’s novels.

  He looked up and saw a circle of white milk stains around Su Xiaoxiao’s lips, and suddenly felt unusually thirsty.

  His Adam’s apple rolling a bit, their voices are dumb: “I milk it?”

  ? ? ?

  His milk?

  Su Xiaoxiao did not react, and raised the milk glass to Jin Qishan, and said blankly: “I only have one hot portion. Would you like to drink mine?”

  ”Yeah.” Jin Qishan lowered his head and pointed at Su Xiaoxiao. Hand took a sip.

  After Jin Qishan took a sip, Su Xiaoxiao took the cup back and took a sip himself.

  After drinking, she realized that she and Jin Qishan shared a cup, blushing and heart beating again.

  Jin Qishan placed the bowls and chopsticks, took the milk glass in Su Xiaoxiao’s hand, washed it, and buckled it up.

  When he left, he unconsciously said: “I think I am better than a dishwasher.”

  ? ? ?

  Su Xiaoxiao thought it was a little funny, how could anyone compare himself with the dishwasher?


  The weather in mid-October is already slightly cool.

  In the class, some people are too cold, and naturally some are too hot.

  Su Xiaoxiao is a stove physique, always afraid of heat but not cold. Fortunately, she was sitting under an electric fan, otherwise it would be too hot.

  However, her eldest aunt has come these few days. When her eldest aunt came, her hands and feet were cold, and she was a little afraid of the cold.

  It was a bit cold, and somebody turned on the electric fan because of the heat.

  Soon, Su Xiaoxiao’s body became cold.

  Jin Qishan just came back from playing basketball and hung his jacket on his arm casually, wearing a T-shirt on his upper body.

  Because it was a little far away from Jin Qishan, Su Xiaoxiao didn’t want to go to find him, so he passed a note to him and asked him to lend her the coat to wear.

  The coats were passed one by one.

  When Zhang Dongshan handed the coat to Su Xiaoxiao, he said dissatisfiedly: “Why did you look for a good brother so far to borrow the coat? I have it too, you can ask me to borrow it.”

Duan Hao pursed his mouth, and said without a moment of sourness: “Jin Qishan’s clothes are fragrant.”

  Su Xiaoxiao snorted: “Jin Qishan’s clothes are not fragrant, I don’t know, but your feet are really stinky. Can you take the trouble back? Reach out to my side every day to kill me? You have to say it one hundred and eighty times a day, can you be more conscious?”

  Duan Hao smiled shamelessly: “Smelly man, stinky man, how can you count as a man if you don’t smell?”

  ”The skin is really thick, my feet retracted.” Su Xiaoxiao kicked impatiently, and Duan Hao had already reached out to her feet under the stool.

  Duan Hao retracted and stretched out again within a few minutes.

  Su Xiaoxiao was in a bad mood when her aunt came, but when Duan Hao was so brazen, she was in a bad mood.

  She put on Jin Qishan’s coat, and the familiar taste calmed her mood a lot.

  She put the sleeves under her nose and smelled it, it was a faint scent of softener.

  During the class, Su Xiaoxiao came back from the toilet. Because of washing his hands with cold water, his hands became colder.

  She put her hand on Shen Hua’s face, and Bing Shen Hua whispered: “Ah, it’s so cold?”

  Su Xiaoxiao rubbed his hands: “Yes.”

  Shen Hua hesitated and looked at the top of his head. The rotating electric fan said, “Should I turn off the electric fan?”

  Su Xiaojun wrapped his jacket tightly, sniffed and said, “No, there are still people who are too hot. It doesn’t matter, I just need to wear more. . the “

  Shen tranquil little worried:” but, your body also too cold, not cold. “

  Su Xiaoxiao rubbed his nose:” nothing. “




  Ati ……

  Xiaoxiao just say After that, he even sneezed four times.

  Originally, everyone was a little drowsy during the afternoon class, so the classroom was extraordinarily quiet.

  However, Su Xiaoxiao’s four loud sneezes appeared unusually loud in the classroom, like thunder on the ground, and scared many students to wake up instantly.

  After a few seconds of silence, laughter broke out in the classroom.

  Su Xiaoxiao bowed his head embarrassedly.

  Shen Hua was also lying on the table, unable to laugh.

  Only Jin Qishan stood up and walked to the back door, turning off the electric fan on top of Su Xiaoxiao’s head.

  Su Xiaoxiao noticed that the electric fan was not turning. Looking back, he saw Jin Qishan return to his seat casually.

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