STYV: Ch 33

Su Xiaoxiao also laughed, thinking that this is the harmonious atmosphere between the students.

  Many times, Zhang Dongshan is willing to be a clown and everyone laughs, but this does not mean that he is a clown.

  He is kind to others, but it doesn’t mean that anyone can bully or slander him.

  Afterwards, Su Xiaoxiao and Jin Qishan looked at each other and smiled tacitly.

  Cai Meng has been looking at Jin Qishan since he made a sound.

  When he was speaking, his whole body was shining, and his face was filled with a confident smile. Even the fluff on the top of his head looked very cute at the moment.

  However, his gaze remained only in one place.

  Cai Meng smiled sourly, thinking that the two of them were a little bit like a woman and a husband.

  In the end, Ma Jinlong barely managed to get 12 people.

  Then, when deciding on the physical education class, five players were selected as players, and the others as substitutes.

  In sports, in order to select players, (1) and (2) came to a friendly league.

  The students all gathered around the basketball court to watch them play basketball, and Su Xiaoxiao and Shen Hua also went.

  Since Zhang Dongshan still has an injury on his hand, he will temporarily act as a substitute and wait until the injury heals.

  So, he was also by the court, watching the basketball game with Su Xiaoxiao and the others.

  At this moment, Zhang Dongshan looked like a little fan, staring at Jin Qishan with both eyes.

  ”Do you think that the good guy’s jump shot is really cool.”

  ”Oh, this posture is also good.”

  ”This is called a three-point retreat. Isn’t it handsome? Isn’t it handsome?”

  ”It’s OK, it’s not You scored a goal and laughed so happily.” Su Xiaoxiao was annoyed by it.

  Suddenly, Jin Qishan hit another ball. He turned around, wiped his sweat with his shirt, and searched for Su Xiaoxiao’s figure.

  The line of sight crossed the layers of people and fell on Su Xiaoxiao.

  The eyes met, there was no expression, no words.

  But at that moment, Su Xiaoxiao felt that his heart had been hit, and he forgot to breathe.

  ”Handsome ah.”

  ”Yes ah, boys playing basketball the most handsome.”

  ”Just lift up the clothes, to see the abdominal muscles yet?”

  ”I look at the face and did not think there is such a class experiment Handsome.”

  ”When I finish playing, I’ll ask him for his phone number.”

  ”You don’t want to let go of the younger brother.”

  ”Young body, who doesn’t like it?”


  They are obviously talking about Jin Qishan, but Su Xiaoxiao’s ears were a little hot for no apparent reason.

  Yeah, young body, who doesn’t like it?

  Because I was so upset, Su Xiaoxiao left before the basketball game was over.

  Seeing that Su Xiaoxiao was gone, Shen Hua came up and asked, “Why did you go?”

  ”I don’t want to read it.” Su Xiao Novel, “Why didn’t you read it?”

  Shen Hua smiled, “I don’t think it’s interesting either. , I don’t understand.”

  Now, Shen Hua already knows that Shen Yi is “fat”.

  Su Xiaoxiao deliberately teased her: “If our class has a basketball game with (7), would you cheer for Jin Qishan or Shen Yi?”

  ”Come on all.” Shen Hua laughed and his eyes were as cute as Crescent Moon, “I Let’s cheer on Jin Qishan first, then cheer on Shen Yi.”

  Su Xiaoxiao smiled: “You are both rain and dew, so you are not afraid of them fighting?”

  “What does rain and dew mean? Does it mean equal treatment?” Shen Hua With an innocent look, “Why do they fight? Because they both want to win? Although I support Shen Yi, I don’t support it (Class 7, I still hope our class can win.”

  Su Xiaoxiao feels like Shen Hua, who doesn’t know anything is good and has less troubles.

  Unlike her, suddenly there were more thoughts in her heart, which shouldn’t be distracting, and it only increased her worry.

  In fact, it wasn’t that Shen Hua didn’t understand, but that Shen Hua saw it more thoroughly than Su Xiaoxiao.

  Later, the two looked under the shade of the tree, Su Xiaoxiao took out the mp4, and the two watched TV series together.

  Jin Qishan scored another goal and looked back happily to celebrate with Su Xiaoxiao.

  However, she was no longer on the court.

  After class, Su Xiaoxiao and Shen Hua went back to the classroom.

  The basketball game just ended.

  Jin Qishan washes his face casually by the pool in the playground.

Tossed the water from his hair.

  ”Hello, can I add a friend?” The girl blushed and stopped in front of Jin Qishan. “You can tell me your phone number.”

  Jin Qishan wiped her face: “Sorry.” After

  Jin Qishan left, Duan Hao beside him was dissatisfied. Pouting the sausage mouth: “What are you dragging, don’t you just rely on it to look good? Just deceive these superficial girls…”

  And the girl who was “skin” by the connotation changed the appearance of the shy reply and grabbed it. Duan Hao’s hair said fiercely: “Little dwarf, who do you say is superficial? You don’t pee first, according to your own virtues.”

  After that, she washed her hands by the sink: “Bah. My hands are really dirty.” After

  Jin Qishan returned to the classroom, he found Su Xiaoxiao sitting in his seat and chatting with Shen Hua.

  Jin Qishan came over: “Where did you just go?”

  Su Xiaoxiao whispered: “

  Nowhere .” Jin Qishan: “Then why didn’t I see you later?”

  Su Xiaoxiao was a little guilty: “Later, I stood tired. So I went to sit next to

  Weihua .” Jin Qishan curled the corner of his lips faintly.

  She’s so squeamish. He didn’t feel tired after playing a class. She was tired after standing and watching for ten minutes?


  Afterwards for many days, Su Xiaoxiao was a little absent-minded. She felt that she must be crazy, how could she dream of Jin Qishan?

  Since the last physical education class, after watching him wipe his sweat off his jersey, that picture has been inexplicably popped up in his mind.

  It’s really sexy.

  Obviously very white, but not weak in writing. Beautiful muscles and slender body made her withered old heart feel a little about to move.

  However, Su Xiaoxiao understands that this is the role of puberty hormones.

  Therefore, Su Xiaoxiao deliberately alienated Jin Qishan.

  After school, Su Xiaoxiao left first.

  Jin Qishan rode his bicycle and chased up: “What’s wrong with you lately? Why don’t you wait for me after school?”

  Su Xiaoxiao said

  dullly, “Something happened .” Jin Qishan: “What’s the matter?”

  Su Xiaoxiao: “You How do you

  care so much? Your family lives on the beach?” Jin Qishan saw Su Xiaoxiao’s anger, and said, “Are you a little unhappy recently?”

  Su Xiaoxiao: “What can I do to be unhappy?”

  Jin Qishan: “Then Are you angry with me?”

  Su Xiaobai gave Jin Qishan a glance: “What can I be angry with you? I can’t say a few words every day.”

  ”Oh” Jin Qishan’s pretty peachy eyes narrowed, “It turned out to be angry. I don’t talk to you any more.”

  Su Xiaoxiao felt that her ears and face must be red now. Fortunately, no one can see it when it gets dark.

  ”Less nonsense.” Su Xiaoxiao fast heartbeat, “Yes, the last time the girls have to find your phone number?”

  Jin Qishan smiled and said: “?? The last of which refers to the last one.”

  ”Is The basketball match.” Su Xiaoxiao frowned, “Which one is it? Is there many times?”

  ”Ha, there are indeed many times.” Jin Qishan looked up and said casually, looking ahead. I don’t remember it clearly anymore. “A

  lot of people actually want his phone number?

  Su Xiaoxiao looked at Jin Qishan in disbelief, although he looks good now…Uh,

  not really good, but very handsome… During the

  few seconds that Su Xiaoxiao did not speak, Jin Qishan’s heart suddenly Up and down, I don’t know what she is thinking.

  Suddenly, he had a bold idea.

  He jokingly said, “Could it be that you are jealous?”

  When Su Xiaoxiao was in a trance, he heard Jin Qishan say that she was jealous, and the reaction was particularly violent.

  ”What kind of jealousy am I?” Su Xiaoxiao said twice, “I won’t be jealous when I drink soy sauce!”

  ”Oh? You still drink soy sauce?”


  Su Xiaoxiao felt that the child is too difficult to take.

  Seeing that Su Xiaoxiao stopped talking, Jin Qishan began to coax: “Oh, why do you always keep silent?”

  ”It’s going to be a basketball game soon. Will you go to watch it?”

  Su Xiaoxiao: “It depends on the situation, I have time.

  Just go.” “It’s like how busy you are.” Jin Qishan glanced at Su Xiaoxiao, “Our class is playing against class (7). Who do you support?

? “

  Su Xiaoxiao was taken aback for a moment, but she didn’t expect it to be true.

  She said, “Of course I support our class.” “

  I’m not asking this.” “Jin Qishan looked at Su Xiaoxiao, “I mean, who do you support Shen Yi and I?” “

  Of course I support you.” “Su Xiaoxiao looked at Jin Qishan speechlessly, “How can you ask such a mentally handicapped question?” “

  Although he was scolded by Su Xiaoxiao, Jin Qishan was still very happy.

  Su Xiaoxiao suddenly thought of Shen Hua’s words and wanted to make Jin Qishan happy, so he said: “Huhua also said to support you. “

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