SFYV: Ch 32

Su Xiaoxiao heard it, but nodded faintly: “Well, I know.”

  ”You, you know?” Jin Qishan was a little panicked for a while, and his ears slowly turned red.

  Su Xiaoxiao discovered the thoughts he thought he had been covering carefully.

  ”Of course, the same sex repelled each other and the opposite sex attracted each other.” Su Xiaoxiao glanced at Jin Qishan, “Besides, Shen is so handsome.”

  ”Heh, heh.” Jin Qishan was so angry that he “he” a few times. “Is he handsome? I didn’t think it.”

  ”You see you are sour, I can smell sourness.” Su Xiaoxiao’s mouth was flat, “Is it so difficult to admit that others are handsome?”

  ”Heh.” Jin Qishan rode up to him. Beside Su Xiaoxiao, pretending to say casually, “Then you think he is handsome or I am handsome?”

  ”When, of course, you…” Su Xiaoxiao teased him deliberately, dragging the “you” sound very long.

  Jin Qishan just grinned and nodded.

  Su Xiaoxiao immediately added the second half: “He’s not as handsome as him.”

  ”Humph.” Jin Qishan turned his head and snorted softly.

  ”Oh, don’t be angry, don’t be angry.” Su Xiaoxiao coaxed again, “You are handsome, you are handsome, and you are the most handsome in the world.”

  Suddenly, Su Xiaoxiao thought of something and said: “Zhang Dongshan and Huan during summer vacation You confessed, do you know?”

  Jin Qishan was surprised: “Zhang Dongshan likes Shenhua?”

  Su Xiaoxiao looked at a fool’s expression: “Isn’t it obvious?”

  ” Isn’t it obvious.” Jin Qishan recalled the bits and pieces of the time he got together. , I still didn’t find any clues.

  Compared to saying that Zhang Dongshan likes Shen Hua, he believes that Zhang Dongshan likes Su Xiaoxiao.

  Every day, Zhang Dongshan pulled Su Xiaoxiao Barabara and talked non-stop, and he didn’t see how special he was to Shen Hua.

  Moreover, what Zhang Dongshan had to eat was the first one to Su Xiaoxiao.

  Su Xiao’s novel: “Well, you didn’t

  notice it at all…” “When did you know it?”

  Su Xiaoxiao proudly said: “I knew it in the second semester of junior high. I have such glaring eyes. Sweep it over and you will know who likes whom.”

  Jin Qishan chuckled and said, “Really?”

  ”Do you see mine?” However, the second half of the sentence was taken by Jin Qishan in his heart.

  ”Of course.” Su Xiao thought carefully, the love of junior high school students is really too pure.

  Although they want to attract each other’s attention in various ways, they all look at each other in the same way.

  Maybe the language will deceive, but the look will never be.

  Jin Qishan asked again: “Then how did you know that you confessed?”

  ”Dongshan told me after the confession.” Su

  Xiaoshushu , “Unfortunately, Huahua rejected him.” Jin Qishan nodded, thinking this was expected.

  ”But why didn’t he tell me?”

  ”Why did he tell you? How can you tell your rivals?” Su Xiaoxiao exclaimed, “But, I didn’t expect them to continue to be friends.”

  Jin Qishan was concerned. The last sentence is omitted, thus ignoring the previous sentence.

  He frowned: “Why can’t you be friends?”

  Su Xiao thought carefully, is Jin Qishan acquiescing that he likes Shen Hua?

  Su Xiaoxiaogan laughed twice, her eyes dodged, and said, “How do you be friends with the person you like? Like it, you can never be a normal friend.” The

  night was heavy, the breeze was cool, and the light was shining on the ground.

  The surroundings were silent, except for the occasional “squeak” of the bicycle.

  Jin Qishan whispered: “Then, do you have someone you like?”

  Just at the intersection, the red light turned on, and Su Xiaoxiao stopped the car.

  The one you like? She seems to have forgotten what to like.

  I just remember that many years ago, in another world, she had a crush on the school grass of the same level, but the school grass already had her own little green plum. Later, she also wrote this novel based on the school grass and Xiao Qingmei. Oh, yes, it’s the novel she is wearing now.

  Now, in this small body, there is a big soul… Who else can she like?

  Her eyes faintly passed over Jin Qishan, and finally landed on the traffic light in the distance.

  With long memories, Su Xiaoxiao’s voice also appeared long: “No, right…”


Does Su Xiaoxiao really don’t like him at all?

  Jin Qishan heart sinking slowly, but pretending to be easy smile: “? That you and people like you would be friends,”

  Su Xiaoxiao no hesitation to say: “No, because I would feel embarrassed.”

  The In the autumn, Su Xiaoxiao would never know what kind of mood Jin Qishan was in, and tremblingly asked, do you have someone you like?


  Life in high school is a lot more interesting than in junior high school. I just held a table tennis game some time ago, and now it’s a basketball game.

  Early that morning, Cao Feng said to everyone with a look of enthusiasm: “Next month, a basketball game will be held. I hope everyone will sign up. In recent years, the experimental class has not made it to the finals. I hope you can do it this year. Break this phenomenon.” In

  this case, Cao Feng said every year, but not a year has been achieved. For those in the experimental class, it would be nice to get a basketball team together.

  Liu Jun is tall and thin, with good grades, but not good at sports. He started to pant after running 100 meters.

  He said: “Oh my god, just those old, weak, sick and disabled in our class, can you beat the tall and strong people in the ordinary class?”

  Chen Bo punched Liu Jun from behind: “Don’t talk nonsense, don’t we still have Brother Shan.”

  Chen Bo played basketball as well, but he was also a vegetable chicken.

  Liu Jun said, “That’s Brother Shan, with a bunch of old, weak, sick and disabled?”

  Zhang Dongshan heard it, and pointed at Liu Jun with a gauze-wrapped finger, “Just you, who do you look down on?”

  Chen Bo Looking at Zhang Dongshan’s newly abolished hand, he gave a lowly smile: “Isn’t that obvious, it’s you.”

  Zhang Dongshan wanted to cry without tears. He was playing basketball two days ago and poked his finger on the basketball. Poke fractured.

  Today, he is so ruthlessly ridiculed.

  Su Xiaoxiao patted Zhang Dongshan on the shoulder: “Calm down, calm down. Next time you play basketball, you may break more than this finger.”

  Zhang Dongshan: …

  Shen Hua tried to suffocate a smile, the whole back was shaking slightly.

  Zhang Dongshan glanced at Shen Hua and began to play treasures even more desperately.

  Duan Hao amused everyone haha ​​when he saw Zhang Dongshan pretending to be crazy and stupid.

  He gave a cold snort and glanced disdainfully, his narrow eyes were almost nothing but white.

  Su Xiaoxiao turned his head and saw Duan Hao’s appearance, coupled with his greasy hair, it was really nauseating.

  Su Xiaoxiao doesn’t like talking to Duan Hao, but Duan Hao still likes to play with her. Duan Hao often tells Su Xiao’s stories that he thinks they are humorous, but actually make people embarrassing.

  Duan Hao doesn’t pay attention to personal hygiene, and his feet are particularly smelly. No matter how bad his feet are, he also likes to stretch his feet under Su Xiao’s stool. Su Xiaoxiao is so dizzy every day.

  Moreover, Su Xiaoxiao realized that Duan Hao should like her.

  But that kind of liking made her sick.

  For example, Duan Hao likes to play with her hair, likes to poke her back, likes to make trouble to make her angry…

  Duan Hao has a thick face, and the more Su Xiaoxiao hates him, the happier he is.

  It’s just abnormal.

  Thinking of Duan Hao, Su Xiaoxiao’s brain hurts.

  If it was Jin Qishan sitting behind her, it would be fine.

  At this time, Cao Feng clapped his hands to calm everyone down.

  ”I’m done, let’s discuss after class. Ma Jinlong, wait for you to count the list of basketball players in our class.”

  Ma Jinlong is a sports committee member. He stood up and said, “I have received it. I promise to complete the task.”


  After class, almost every boy in Ma Jinlong mobilized and prepared to conduct a primary election within the class.

  However, the result is not so ideal, because there are not many people who can play basketball.

  ”Brother Shan, are you still participating?” Ma Jinlong took the list and arrived at Zhang Dongshan.

  Zhang Dongshan didn’t need to persuade him, so he immediately said, “Of course, how can I miss the mountain master in basketball.”

  “Come on, return the mountain dog. I think the mountain dog is about the same.” Duan Hao said while peeking at Su Xiaoxiao. The reaction, “You can play basketball like a blind man.”

  Zhang Dongshan’s basketball is indeed not that good, but it’s not good.

  When Duan Hao said this in public, especially in front of Shen Hua, some of them couldn’t get off the stage.

  However, Zhang Dongshan is still good-tempered, but his face is

Some crimson said: “That’s because Shan Ye didn’t exert his true strength.”

  Ma Jinlong finished off: “That is, Shan Ye is the most powerful. If you don’t have any comments, I will sign up for you.”

  Zhang Dongshan waved his hand: “Report it. , Report it.”

  ”Xinglai, I’ll see if anyone else wants to report.” Ma Jinlong said while watching Duan Hao, “Brother Hao, can you report it?”

  ”I, I won’t report.” Duan Seeing that Su Xiaoxiao didn’t even look back at her, Hao’s voice became louder, “They are all old, weak, sick and disabled, what’s the point of playing?”

  Su Xiaoxiao was a little unhappy because Duan Hao damaged Zhang Dongshan. But because I really hated Duan Hao, I didn’t plan to talk to him.

  However, seeing Duan Hao

  talking more and more excessively, Su Xiaoxiao couldn’t help it. At this time, Duan Hao still said in a weird manner: “I think our class will be out in the first game, and none of them are resistant.”

  Su Xiaoxiao turned her head and smiled: “Then, you can fight?”

  Duan Hao was stunned: “I’m not very good at it, but I…”

  ”But, but what? But you can watch? But do you have a mouth? “Su Xiaoxiao continued to smile, “Will you know how to force it? If you have the ability, just go!” “You can’t

  win honor for the class, but you can do it. If others can’t, you can do it. Then you are. With your mouth, I see if you can blow a one-pointer with your mouth.”

  ”Those who can’t make a shot, don’t be jerky. Do you know what a shot is? Do you know what a dunk is? “Su Xiaoxiao looked up and down Duan Hao, “Just your height and body shape, can you jump up? Can you reach the basket?”

  Finally, Su Xiaoxiao smiled contemptuously: “You, comparable to Zhang Dongshan It’s too far.”

  Duan Hao was so stunned that he couldn’t say a word.

  It was the first time everyone heard Su Xiaoxiaoren, and for a while, they didn’t react.

  As a result, the whole class was in a strange silence.

  Jin Qishan broke the weird situation with a “poof”.

  He smiled and walked over from the back: “Since Brother Hao is so awesome, why don’t we go and play a game on the court? See which kind of old, weak and sick I am?”

  Chapter 32 Heartbeat (2) Withered the old heart just around the corner ……

  segments are afraid to fight the natural ho.

  He is someone who has never touched basketball, let alone played.

  I’m on the court, isn’t it a joke to be there?

  Duan Hao secretly glanced at Su Xiaoxiao again, and Su Xiaoxiao was looking at Jin Qishan with a full smile.

  Seeing the beloved girl and the people who joke about him, Duan Hao tickled his teeth with hatred.

  However, he couldn’t fight for himself in front of Su Xiaoxiao, so he could only bear it.

  Naturally, Jin Qishan would not let Duan Hao go.

  He didn’t expect that Duan Hao’s great ability could actually make Su Xiao flushed with anger and swear words came out.

  Jin Qishan said again: “Brother Hao, why are you not talking? Are you not willing to show your face? Or are you not as good as the old, the weak and sick, so you dare not go?” I

  don’t know who took the lead and laughed first. Become a piece.

  Duan Hao felt that the laughter made his face hurt like a blade.

  However, he doesn’t think this is his problem.

  I blame Jin Qishan. I don’t know what Jin Qishan is doing with mice.

  At this time, Su Xiaoxiao also sneered and said, “I must not dare to go.”

  Duan Hao lowered his head, blushing with a thick neck.

  However, he just didn’t talk, and let others laugh at him, just like a turtle.

  Ma Jinlong took the opportunity and quickly asked: “Brother Shan sign up?”

  Jin Qishan stretched his waist and said lazily, “Report.”

  ”Okay, thank you, Brother Shan.” Ma Jinlong registered Jin Qishan’s name and started blowing rainbow farts again. “Brother Shan goes out, our class will be stable.”

  Suddenly, he wanted to Zhang Dongshan again. In order to be treated equally, he quickly said: “Of course, we cannot lack our strongest defender-Brother Shan.”

  Zhang Dongshan was embarrassed and laughed loudly.

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