SFYV: Ch 31

Jin Qishan’s expression was cold, but his tone eased a lot: “Why didn’t you eat?”

  ”I don’t want to eat.” Su Xiaoxiao glanced at Jin Qishan, and then comforted himself. Don’t get angry, don’t get angry, because getting angry is prone to wrinkles.

  Jin Qishan opened the yogurt and pushed the yogurt in front of her: “Why don’t you want to eat it?”

  Su Xiaoxiao was not so angry at first. Hearing Jin Qishan’s words, the fire broke out again, and he really wanted to slap him in the air.

  ”Can’t you tell?” Su Xiaoxiao raised his

  eyebrows and stared at him, “I’m angry.” Jin Qishan laughed in a low voice , “I can see it now, just like Zhang Fei is angry.”

  Zhang Fei?

  That Zhang Fei who blows his beard and stares and says “Me too”?

  Thinking of this, Su Xiaoxiao chuckles, and quickly tells Jin Qishan the “I am the same.”

  Su Xiaoxiao plays the role of a triangle, Guan Yu for a while, Liu Bei for a while, and Zhang Fei for a while.

  In the end, Su Xiao Primary School frowned with Zhang Fei’s

  fist , frowning, and said thickly: “The same is true for me.” Jin Qishan was so amused that he couldn’t hold it anymore, so he held the book in front of him and hid behind and smirked. .

  Su Xiaoxiao snatched the book and insisted on performing “The same for me” in front of him.

  The evening breeze gently blew in from the gap in the window, blowing the broken hair in front of Su Xiao’s small forehead, floating on her rosy lips, and she casually pushed it away with her hands.

  Jin Qishan couldn’t help thinking that when he returned to his grandma’s house, the breeze stirred his heartstrings.

  When Shen Hua came back from the toilet upstairs in the art building, she saw Jin Qishan sitting in her seat, arguing with Su Xiaoxiao, talking and laughing.


  Shen Hua felt a little supportive, and it seemed that he had to go to the playground and walk around.

  Seeing that Shen Hua had arrived at the door of the class, Cai Meng turned and walked back. So he stopped her: “Hey, why don’t you go in, Shen Hua?”

  Shen Hua touched his stomach: “I’m too full today, I’m going to the playground.”

  Cai Meng felt a little strange in her heart, but didn’t say much.

  Until she walked into the classroom and saw the deserted boy, raised the corner of her mouth and looked at Su Xiaoxiao intently.

  There was a bit of pain somewhere in the heart…I could

  n’t help thinking that after school on a third day, she waited for him to finish playing on the basketball court, and then shyly handed him the pink envelope. He took a step back and left an apologize.

  The students have returned to the classroom after dinner. After a few words with Su Xiaoshu, Jin Qishan returned to his seat.

  Su Xiaoxiao looked at the yogurt that had been taken apart and took a sip. The strawberry flavor was a bit sweet.

  After Shen Wei and Zhang Dongshan came back, Su Xiaoxiao shared the cake sent by Shen Yi.

  Duan Hao finished eating a piece and asked Su Xiaoxiao again, staring at Su Xiaoxiao with a smile, “Is there any more? I want more.”

  Duan Hao’s straight eyes made Su Xiaoxiao feel uncomfortable, and she wrinkled. Frowning: “No more.”

  Duan Hao smiled and said, “Then you can give me something to eat.”

  I am afraid this is neurotic…

  She has eaten half of her piece.

  Su Xiaoxiao was extremely disgusted.

  But because I just met today and I don’t know him well, I don’t know if he knows how to joke or is really psychopathic.

  In the last night of self-study, Jin Qishan passed a note over, saying that he would drink milk tea after school so that they would not rush away.

  Su Xiaoxiao asked Shen Hua: “Xiaoshan said, please drink milk tea after school, will you go?”

  Shen Hua hesitated, because her home and Su Xiaoxiao were in different directions, she was afraid that she would miss it too late to return. There is a flow of people, a person will be a little scared.

  Su Xiaoxiao knew what Shen Hua was worried about. She said, “After drinking the milk tea, Xiaoshan and I will send you home. How about?”

  ”Okay, no problem.”

  After school, Su Xiaoxiao and Shen Hua bought milk tea at the hottest milk tea shop at the entrance of the school, and Jin Qishan and Zhang Dongshan went to buy barbecue next door.

  While queuing, Su Xiaoxiao saw Shen Yi alone.

  She knew that at this time, Shen Yi was preparing to cross the vast sea of ​​people, and then went to a secluded alley to wait for the driver to pick him up.

  Su Xiaoxiao looked at Shen Yi and Shen Hua, and suddenly thought of a wonderful idea.

  ”Shen Yi!” Su Xiaoxiao yelled loudly with his hands folded to his mouth.

  Shen also heard someone calling him, the


  ”Here.” Su Xiaoxiao Chongshen also waved his hand, “Come here and invite you to drink milk tea.”

  Shen Yi saw that it was Su Xiaoxiao, a little surprised and a little happy. I was surprised because I didn’t expect to meet her at this time, and at first I also met her at this time.

  Su Xiaoxiao was his first friend in the first middle school, and this girl gave him a very familiar and natural feeling. Even the friends around her felt kind inexplicably.

  ”Okay.” He smiled, and then sent another message to the driver, asking the driver to wait for him a little longer.

  There were two or three people in front of them. Su Xiaoxiao asked Shen Yi: “What do you drink?”

  Shen Yi looked at the menu, then turned to ask Su Xiaoxiao, “What do you drink?”

  ”I’ll just drink this .” Original milk tea with pearls.” Su Xiaoxiao pointed to the picture above and told him.

  Shen Yi said casually: “Then I want this too. I haven’t drank it anyway.” When

  they were queued, Su Xiao’s novel said, “Brother, we want three original milk tea and one taro milk tea today. A serving of red beans.” The

  boss is a young couple who has opened a milk tea shop here for several years. Su Xiaoxiao and the others have liked buying milk tea at his house since they were in junior high school.

  The proprietress saw that Su Xiaoxiao was gone, and said with a smile: “It’s over from school, why didn’t I see Xiaoshan?”

  Su Xiaoxiao entered the shop and found an empty table to sit down, and said with a smile: “He’s going to buy barbecue, right away. Come here.”

  Soon, Jin Qishan and Zhang Dongshan came back with a bag of barbecue.

  As soon as he entered the door, Jin Qishan saw Shen Yi sitting opposite the door at first glance. Next to Shen Yi were Su Xiaoxiao and Shen Wei in turn.

  Jin Qishan’s face instantly sank, and he felt that Shen Yi was impure, and he really came after him again.

  It seems that they are following them all the way.

  No, as soon as he walked on his front foot, his back foot followed.

  Jin Qishan sneered and sat down across from Shen Yi.

  There was a hot situation just now, and because of Jin Qishan’s participation, it was a bit cold.

  Su Xiaoxiao saw that Jin Qishan’s face was a little dark, and she was jealous when she guessed that it was a rival in love.

  However, Shen Wei and Shen are also matched by officials, and she can’t separate them.

  Moreover, if Shen Hua liked Jin Qishan, he would have liked it a long time ago. Jin Qishan will not catch up after so many years.

  If the bamboo horse is not defeated by the heavens, then the fate is not enough.

  Su Xiaoxiao broke the embarrassment: “This is Shen Yi from class (7), who just transferred to school today.”

  Jin Qishan responded with his nose.

  On the contrary, Zhang Dongshan was more enthusiastic and handed the barbecue in front of Shen Yi: “Brother, I ate the cake you sent today, and you also eat the barbecue we bought.”

  Jin Qishan knocked on the table unwillingly: “Use To be more precise, I bought it.”

  At this moment, the boss came with milk tea: “Which one of you ordered the original

  bubble tea?” Jin Qishan and Shen Yi said at the same time: “Me.”

  Then they looked at each other. At a glance, there was some disdain in his eyes.

  Respectively, to the boss Shen Jin Qishan and also after cup, he said: “? This cup it,”

  Jin Qishan will push another cup to the front of Su Xiaoxiao, slightly Shen also looked defiantly: “? You like to drink tea flavor”

  to it At that time, Shen also almost knew where Jin Qishan’s hostility came from.

  He curled his lips and said unclearly, “I don’t care, mainly because I like it.”

  This milk tea was not very harmonious. Jin Qishan and Shen Yi secretly put knives in the place where you come and go, even Shen Hua was aware of it.

  It’s finally over…

  Su Xiaoxiao breathed a long sigh of relief, and didn’t have to wait on the two uncles.

  At this time, she suggested: “Shen Yi, where are you going next?”


  ”That’s right, you and Hua Hua will go together. We live in the south of the city, and Hua Hua is walking alone and I am not at ease. If you want to drop in, let you two go together.”

  Shen Yi was stunned, thinking that it is a bit late now, a girl is really not safe, and he doesn’t mind wasting some time.


  Shen Hua was embarrassed and waved his hand quickly: “No need, I can just go by myself.”

  ”No.” Su Xiao Novel, “You are so beautiful and dangerous by yourself. If you don’t want to talk to Shen Let’s also go together.

, Then I will send you back. “

  ” No, no. Shen Hua glanced at Shen Yi shyly, “Then I will go with him.” The

  thief Su laughed secretly, she knew she said so, Shen Wei would definitely be willing to let Shen Yi send it.

  Zhang Dongshan was unhappy, patted the table and yelled: “It’s too much, you guys, why no one is thinking about it.” And me? I live in the west of the city and I am alone. I’m so scared, why no one will send me away? “

  Jin Qishan raised his leg and gave him a kick: “You tm speak well.” “

  Su Xiaoxiao laughed loudly. A place with Zhang Dongshan is never afraid of being boring. After

  Su Xiaoxiao and his party left, the lady boss of the milk tea shop asked the boss: “Why don’t I understand, who is with whom? Together? Why is there another handsome guy here? “The

  boss smacked his lips: “I just smelt the smell of gunpowder when I went to deliver the milk tea.” “

  Lady boss: “But, I can see that Zhang Dongshan is out. “The

  boss asks: “What do you say? “The

  lady boss looked through: “There are two handsome guys, what else is there with him?” “At

  this age, isn’t it an age to look at your face?


  the way back, Jin Qishan pedaled his bike fast, and Su Xiaoxiao almost couldn’t keep up.

  ” Xiaoshan , you ride slower.” “Su Xiaoxiao shouted while chasing.

  Against the wind, Su Xiaoxiao rode a little hard. Seeing Jin Qishan ride farther and farther, Su Xiaoxiao suddenly didn’t want to chase him. He wanted to ride as fast as he liked.

  Jin Qishan I always thought that Su Xiaoxiao was right behind him, but didn’t hear anything for a while, and when

  he turned around, he found that the person was gone. He turned his head quickly and quickly rode back to find Su Xiaoxiao.

  Finally he saw the familiar figure. At that time, his hanging heart was let go.

  He didn’t speak , so he drove the car around behind Su Xiaoxiao and followed.

  Su Xiaoxiao glanced at him and said: “Didn’t you all

  leave , why are you coming back?” Jin Qishan said sullenly, a little aggrieved: “I don’t like Shen Yi.”

  Can you not stay with him? Play?

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