SFYV: Ch 30

Su Xiaoxiao was stunned: “I didn’t hit any place, I just knocked the list off.”

  Jin Qishan nodded, but he seemed to stop talking.

  After Cao Feng asked the group leader to

  hand out the workbook, he looked at the seat, the height was uneven… He knocked his hands on the podium, his eyes turned around on the whole class.

  ”Jin Qishan.”

  Jin Qishan, who was named, raised his head blankly.

  ”You, sit in the last row, you are too tall.” The

  class burst into laughter.

  Su Xiaoxiao couldn’t help laughing. Jin Qishan was sitting in the fifth row, and he really blocked the people behind.

  Jin Qishan pretended to start packing things, and kicked Su Xiao’s stool with his foot.

  Su Xiaoxiao asked: “What are you doing?”

  Jin Qishan: “Next.”

  Su Xiaoxiao stretched his hand from below.

  Suddenly, Jin Qishan held his hand, and then stuffed two long strips in.

  Su Xiaoxiao’s palm was hot, and she retracted her hand like an electric shock. Then, he let go of his clenched fists with a startled heartbeat, and there were two chocolates lying in the palm of his hand.

  She looked back at Jin Qishan, Jin Qishan seemed as if nothing had happened, and she sat in the last row with her schoolbag lightly.

  Hahahaha, sure enough, she was thinking too much.

  Su Xiaoxiao divided a piece of chocolate to Shen Hua.

  Shen Hua asked: “Did you buy it?”

  Su Xiaoxiao shook his head: “No, Jin Qishan just gave it.”

  Shen Hua sighed: “Jin Qishan is so kind to you, he knows that he will smash me every day.”

  Su Xiaoxiao moved and grinned. The corner of his mouth: “What are you kidding? Dongshan said I’m pretty, but he thinks Dongshan is blind.”

  Shen Hua lay on the table with light in his eyes: “Don’t listen to him nonsense, you are the most beautiful.”

  Su Xiaoxiao also lay on the table, looking at Shen Hua: “In my heart, you are the most beautiful.”

  Zhang Dongshan Also lying on the table, feeling a little sad. Brother He Shan has been at the same table for three years, but he finally separated because of his height.

  At this time, a boy named Duan Hao in the class sat over with a schoolbag.

  Duan Hao came from another junior high school, and Su Xiaoxiao and the others were not very familiar with him.

  However, Su Xiaoxiao had a bad impression of him. He was dark and fat, with greasy hair sticking to his scalp, and a dark beard around his mouth, looking very sloppy.

  **In the

  afternoon between classes, Ge Jian sitting at the window shouted: “Su Xiaoxiao, there is a handsome guy looking for you outside.” In

  an instant, the eyes of the whole class floated out of the window, and

  Su Xiaoxiao looked up. It is Shin Yi who is shining.

  Su Xiaoxiao stood up, and the whole class’s attention was focused on Su Xiaoxiao again.

  The combination of handsome men and beautiful women always makes people think about it, so the class is a little boiling.

  ”Is this Su Xiaoxiao’s boyfriend?”

  ”I feel like alas, I was in the same class as junior high school. At that time, many boys came to look for her in the class, and she never ignored her. You see this time, she

  I’m all standing up and going out…” “I don’t know, but I’m pretty handsome. If I were so handsome, I would like it too.”

  ”Oh, do you know who it is?”

  ”I don’t know.”

  ”I don’t know. “


  Shen Yi saw Su Xiaoxiao stand up, and shook the exquisite gift bag in her hand at her.

  Su Xiaoxiao took Shen Hua’s hand: “Someone is looking for me, shall we go out together?”

  Shen Hua looked outside and hesitated: “Your friend is looking for you, it’s not good for me to go out.”

  Su Xiao Novels: “Not my friend. Do you remember that I said that someone hit me down on the stairs in the morning? He. I’m afraid I will go out alone and others will gossip.”

  Shen Hua thought about it, so he went out with Su Xiaoxiao.

  Shen Yi handed the handbag to Su Xiaoxiao, and the corners of his lips rose slightly: “I’m sorry in the morning, now I’m here to pay you a gift.”

  ”It’s okay, thank you.” Shen Hua pushed forward, his eyes beckoning her next.

  Shen Hua looked stunned, how could she pick it up?

  However, he obediently did it.

  With some meaning,

  Shen also smiled and said: “I haven’t

Let me introduce, my name is Shen Yi, and I am in Class 7 of Senior One. “

  Su Xiaoxiao nodded like pecking rice, she knew it, of course she knew it!

  ”That’s fine , I’ll go back first, see you next time. “Shen Ye finished speaking, put his hand in his pocket, and walked away freely.

  ”Hurry up and say goodbye to them. ” “Su Xiaoxiao pushed Shen Hua.

  Shen Hua still waved his hand dumbfounded: “Goodbye. “

  Jin Qishan leaned on the back, with an inexplicable smile at the corner of his mouth, and his eyes were cold. When

  Shen Yi came over, Jin Qishan took a step forward


  His arms collided with his arms. Jin Qishan exercised all the year round, plus he was already there. Mind.

  Shen Yi gasped with a “hiss”, it hurts.

  He just wanted to say I’m sorry, but the boy on the opposite side looked a little contemptuous.

  Shen Yi looked up and down Jin Qishan, “” He sighed and left.

  ”Who is he?” ? Who was the one who just looked for you? “

  As soon as Su Xiaoxiao came in, he was surrounded by people and kept asking.

  Unfortunately, before the doubts were answered, I thought about the bell in class. So everyone returned to their seats

  with a sad expression. Hu, suddenly reacted after class: “Little, didn’t that person come to you? Why do you keep pushing me in front? “It

  was discovered…

  Su Xiaoxiao quickly pointed to the words on the handbag: “Shen’s cake?” Let’s open it and see what’s inside. “

  Shen Hua opened the bag. At the top was a bag of puffs and some small biscuits, and at the bottom was a small cake as exquisite as the packaging bag.

  Shen Hua couldn’t help but exclaimed: “Wow, so many things. “

  Shen’s cake is in the local area, so it can be regarded as the Hermes in the cake.

  Zhang Dongshan, who has been paying attention to their every move, is too greedy. Although his family’s conditions are fine, they have very little pocket money, let alone buy him cakes.

  He lay on the table with his head stretched out: “So many delicious foods, do you have a share of it?

  Xiaoxiao , who is that person? Is that really your boyfriend?” Su Xiaoxiao: “No, just today Knowing friends.”

  Zhang Dongshan: “The friend I just met is so generous? It seems that I want to chase you!” At

  this time, Jin Qishan came over and sneered: “As soon as I met, just accept gifts from others? I can’t buy what I want?”

  Su Xiaoxiao raised her head and looked up, but was stimulated by Jin Qishan’s sneer, making her very casual.

  ”Whoever said I am, I will accept it? Don’t talk nonsense if I don’t know. Besides, why should you buy it if I want to eat it? Can’t I buy it myself?” Su Xiaoxiao turned her head and didn’t want to pay attention to Jin Qishan.

  It happened to be dinner time, and there were no people in the classroom, so not many people heard this conversation.

  Didn’t she just accept it casually? That’s what I thought about it before I received it?

  Hearing this sentence, Jin Qishan only felt that he was going to explode.

  He kicked the stool where no one was sitting in front of him, and greeted Zhang Dongshan: “Let’s go, go to eat.”

  Shen Hua was frightened by the “boom” when the stool fell on the ground, and it was the first time she saw Jin Qishan. After quarreling with Su Xiaoxiao, he was a little overwhelmed for a while.

  After time stood still for a few seconds, Shen Hua said: “Xiao Xiao, shall we go to eat?”

  ”I don’t want to eat anymore.” Su Xiaoxiao lay on the table weakly, “Go by yourself.”

  ”Yeah. You want it.” What to eat, I’ll bring it back for you.” Shen Hua hasn’t seen Su Xiaoxiao look so depressed yet, a little worried.

  ”No, I will buy it myself when I want to eat.”

  Shen Hua nodded, and went out with the meal card.

  When Jin Qishan quickly walked to the entrance of the cafeteria, he suddenly said, “I’m not eating anymore, I’m going to play ball.”

  After that, he turned and left, leaving Zhang Dongshan alone in the autumn wind.

  Fortunately, Zhang Dongshan saw Shen Hua who was alone, and the two of them ate together.

  Shen Hua: “Where is Jin Qishan? Didn’t you two come together?”

  Zhang Dongshan was a little puzzled: “Half he said he won’t eat anymore, he went to play basketball. What about the little one?”

  Shen Hua: “She won’t eat either.

  Up .” A few seconds later.

  Zhang Dongshan & Shen Hua, together: “Oh…” After

  playing for half an hour, Jin Qishan felt that the fire in his heart had not yet vented.

Everyone else had a halftime break, and he was still pitching alone.

  People who had finished eating also came to the basketball court one after another, among them Zhang Dongshan.

  ”Brother Shan, come and have a drink.” Zhang Dongshan bought a drink.

  Jin Qishan took it and started drinking.

  Sweat slipped from the cheeks, and the apples rolled up and down drastically with the action of drinking water.

  Watching the girls playing in the basketball court, they want to see but are too embarrassed to stare at them, and take a sneaky glance after a while.

  Zhang Dongshan opened up the essence of his chatter again: “Brother Shan, you see how nice I am to you, knowing that you are thirsty, you still want to buy you a bottle of water. You pour it well, and walk to the canteen door and dump me.”

  ”Fortunately I met Shen Hua, otherwise I will eat alone.”

  ”It’s either that I can’t eat alone, or I feel a little pitiful to eat alone.”

  ”However, it’s fortunate that Shen Hua met me, otherwise. She is also pitiful by

  herself .” Jin Qishan paused while drinking water, and looked at Zhang Dongshan with some doubts. Why is Shen Hua alone? Where is Su Xiaoxiao?

  As if he knew what Jin Qishan was thinking, Zhang Dongshan went on to say, “Xiao Xiao also said she didn’t want to eat.”

  Jin Qishan took another sip, and drank a bottle of water . He squashed the bottle and threw it into the trash. bucket.

  ”Stop playing, I’ll go first.” Jin Qishan picked up his jacket from the side of the court, and then thought of something, “Please go out for dinner after school.”

  ”Good.” Zhang Dongshan took off his jacket and said with a grin.” Brother Shan, go slowly.”

  Yao Yuan and them have been playing together since the first day of the junior year, seeing that his good friend Zhang Dongshan became a little bit dog-legged.

  He patted Zhang Dongshan on the back: “Brother

  Shan is walking far away, don’t look.” Zhang Dongshan looked at the people on the court and shook his head: “Brother Shan is gone, this ball is boring. “

  ”By the way, you led the goal to Brother Shan, so how come the difference is so big?” Yao Yuan looked up and down Zhang Dongshan, and chuckled.

  Zhang Dongshan also replied politely, with a contemptuous tone: “Who said that he started playing since he could jump? Didn’t he still get rubbed on the ground by Shan brother?”

  Yao Yuan was choked and clenched his fists angrily: ” Let you see how great dad is.”

  Zhang Dongshan threw his jacket on the ground: “I just let you see how great dad is.” With

  that, the two went to the court and started robbing basketball.

  Of the two girls passing by, one of them frowned: “These two boys are so disgusting, and they call each other to dad…”

  Jin Qishan went back to the classroom and went to the canteen and bought some bread and milk.

  After returning to the classroom, Su Xiaoxiao was lying on the desk and sleeping.

  Jin Qishan put the bread and milk on Su Xiaoxiao’s table, and Su Xiaoxiao raised his head when he heard the movement.

  Jin Qishan said awkwardly: “I bought this.”

  Chapter 30 I’m not happy, can you not play with him? …

  Jin Qishan pulled away Shen Hua’s chair and sat on it.

  Su Xiaoxiao snorted and turned his head to ignore him.

  Jin Qishan put his chin on with one hand and didn’t speak, so he looked at Su Xiaoxiao quietly.

  ”What are you looking at?” Su Xiaoxiao was upset when he was seen.

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