SFYV: Ch 29

Many days after returning, Su Xiaoxiao saw Jin Qishan again, and her lips were faintly hot, as if the kiss had been branded on her lips.

  Obviously, I only kissed the collarbone, not kissing anymore. Why are you so nervous?

  During class, Jin Qishan kicked Su Xiao’s stool.

  Su Xiaoxiao leaned back on Jin Qishan’s table.

  Jin Qishan whispered: “Next.”

  Su Xiaoxiao’s hand reached under Jin Qishan’s desk, and when Jin Qishan stuffed the note into her hand, the two of them touched their hands. This action, which has been repeated countless times, now has an ambiguous taste.

  Su Xiaoxiao patted his face and laughed whether he had reached puberty. He actually felt that Jin Qishan was also attractive as a man.


  After the high school entrance examination, Su Xiaoxiao still returned to city n.

  Life in city n is very simple. In addition to writing novels every day, I just chat with my classmates on the buttons.

  Jin Qishan filled a row of drills, and there will be a dedicated reminder when he goes online every day.

  Su Xiaoxiao felt that this fancy look was very inconsistent with his character.

  Soon summer is over, and high school life is about to begin.

  The day before returning to county s, Su Xiaoxiao talked to Jin Qishan, and Jin Qishan said that he would pick her up at the station when the time came.

  After leaving the station, Su Xiaoxiao saw Jin Qishan in the crowd.

  He wore a black baseball cap, a white T-shirt on the upper body, light-colored jeans on the lower body, and a pair of black canvas shoes on his feet.

  He has a thin and slender figure, a beautiful face, a cool temperament, and his hands in his pants pockets, just like a teenager walking out of a comic, attracting the young girls passing by.

  After only two months, Su Xiaoxiao felt that Jin Qishan seemed to have grown taller again. He is at least 182cm now.

  While Su Xiaoxiao was stunned, Jin Qishan had already walked over with long legs.

  The first thing he came here was to rub her hair.

  ? ? ? ?

  Did he secretly fall in love during the summer vacation, or did he secretly report to his sister’s class?

  Seeing Su Xiaoxiao’s gaze a little dull, Jin Qishan asked, “What do you think?”

  Su Xiaoxiao asked back, “Are you growing taller?”

  Jin Qishan hooked the corner of his lips: “I haven’t measured it, but the trousers are shorter.

  One piece .” After entering high school, Su Xiaoxiao and Jin Qishan, as well as Shen Wei and Zhang Dongshan are still in the same class. After all, the tradition of No. 1 Middle School is to arrange classes according to their grades.

  It was not only Su Xiaoxiao that Jin Qishan had grown taller, but also Zhang Dongshan. He found that he only reached the tip of Jin Qishan’s nose.

  In the first year of junior high, Jin Qishan was 162cm and Zhang Dongshan was 165cm.

  In the first year of high school, Jin Qishan was 184cm and Zhang Dongshan was 171cm.

  Now, Zhang Dongshan is not calm, how did Jin Qishan grow 10 centimeters in a month?

  He can no longer hold Jin Qishan’s neck as before, otherwise he will just hang on Jin Qishan.

  Zhang Dongshan asked Jin Qishan: “Did you eat pig feed in the summer? Why did you grow so much at once?”

  Jin Qishan glanced at Zhang Dongshan lightly, “If so, would you eat too?”

  Zhang Dongshan was choked, and immediately. Said: “That must be eaten. Let alone pig feed, chicken feed, duck feed, as long as I can grow taller, I will eat it.”

  Su Xiaoxiao smiled: “Jin Qishan is a gene, his father is at least 185cm.”

  Zhang Dongshan instantly slumped: “Forget it, my house doesn’t exceed 175cm.” After

  that, Zhang Dongshan still took out his mobile phone and began to inquire about how to grow taller.

  ”Ah, did you buy a mobile phone?” Su Xiaoxiao looked at Zhang Dongshan’s new mobile phone and took out his own and said, “What is the mobile phone number?”

  Zhang Dongshan looked at Su Xiaoxiao’s phone.

  Good guy, their mobile phones are only a few hundred and one thousand, and Su Xiaoxiao’s are several thousand.

  Zhang Dongshan swallowed his saliva: “I don’t know if there is a word that should be said inappropriately.”

  Jin Qishan raised an eyebrow: “If you have a fart, let it go.”

  Zhang Dongshan: “Little, what does your family do, so rich?”

  ”My family No money.” Su Xiao took the phone back, “My mother works alone to get the salary, how can I get any money?”

  Zhang Dongshan thinks about it, and Su Xiao’s story has been about her family.

Grandma and grandma have been together, and the whole family depends on grandpa’s retirement salary, and the situation is not as good as his family.

  ”Then why is your mobile phone so expensive…”

  Su Xiaoxiao: “This is a copycat machine, not that expensive.”

  Zhang Dongshan laughed and said, “It looks quite alike. Good brother, how many mobile phones? I also keep them. Next.” While

  Su Xiaoxiao was still thinking about Jin Qishan’s number, Shen Hua blurted it out.

  Su Xiaoxiao’s eyes turned around Shen Wei and Jin Qishan, wondering if something happened during the summer vacation, and it seemed that their relationship had become closer again.

  Thinking of this, Su Xiaoxiao thought that the hero Shen should also be on the stage. Shen also did not participate in military training, so he came to report during class.

  In the original text, on the first day of school after the military training, Shen Wei, the squad leader, was holding a stack of homework books and ran into Shen Yi on the stairs hurriedly downstairs.

  Shen Hua’s arm was hit, and the homework in his hand was scattered in the stairwell like a fairy scattered flowers.

  Shen Yi and Shen Hua hurriedly picked up the workbook together, and when they found the last one, they both reached out their hands at the same time.

  The moment they raised their heads, both felt that each other had a sense of deja vu.

  However, when the class bell rang, Shen Hua left a thank you, and ran away holding the workbook.

  At this time, Su Xiaoxiao glanced at Jin Qishan next to him. Did he like Shen Hua or not?

  If Jin Qishan really likes Shen Hua like the plot, what should she do? Help or not?

  If she is selfish, she hopes that Jin Qishan will be happy.

  Soon, the week of military training was over. Some of the classmates who had gone from the uniform of military training and put on their own clothes soon emerged. For example, Shen Hua and Su Xiaoxiao.

  During the military training, the women who were sealed by their clothes and hats looked better than others. But looking like this now, they are so beautiful.

  Zhang Dongshan forwarded the post about the dispute between Su Xiaoxiao and Shen Wei from the No. 1 Post Bar to the small group of four.

  Zhang Dongshan: But whoever of you is a school graduate, my title will not change. I am a good friend of school graduates.

  Su Xiaoxiao knew that she was not as good-looking as Shen Hua, and she felt it an honor to be on the same level as Shen Hua.

  Shen Hua’s good looks are purely natural, and most of her good looks are due to acquired efforts.

  Although Su Xiaoxiao’s skin was also white, it was still far from the enviable cold white skin of Shen Hua. However, Su Xiaoxiao pays special attention to sun protection. Since elementary school, she has applied sunscreen every day, and she also wears an umbrella when she goes out in summer.

  Su Xiaoxiao’s eyebrows were also painted by herself, and her original eyebrows were not very beautiful.

  Even the lip color that others praised is because she used colored lipstick.

  Also, it’s not that she looks good so that she wears all the clothes that look good, but those clothes are really good-looking, and each one is carefully selected by her.

  Jin Qishan looked at the post and was about to vote for Su Xiaoxiao silently.

  Suddenly, Zhang Dongshantou stretched out, and he shook his hand and cast Shen Hua.

  ”Ah, Brother Shan voted for Huahua.” Zhang Dongshan quickly patted Su Xiaoxiao’s back, “Brother Shan was too partial, so he voted for Huahua.”

  ”Look at me, I didn’t vote for anyone.”

  ”I’m telling you, there is something I’ve been holding back in my heart. When I was in junior high school, I said you were beautiful, and Brother Shan said that I had a problem with my eyes and asked me to treat it.”

  ”Brother Shan really has to be cured. , You are so kind to him that made him lawless.”

  Jin Qishan looked at Zhang Dongshan’s mouth opening and closing, and then he just fell out, wishing to choke him immediately.

  Su Xiaoxiao glanced at Jin Qishan in shock, thinking that this preference was indeed confident.

  As he was talking, the head teacher Cao Feng came, and he called out Su Xiaoxiao. Because Su Xiaoxiao was ranked No. 1 in the county again in the high school entrance examination, Cao Feng was the most impressed with her, and he liked to ask her to do everything.

  Cao Feng gave Su Xiaoxiao the key to the office: “Xiaoxiao, go to my office and help me get the roll on the table, as well as the lesson plan and the water cup.”

  Su Xiaoxiao nodded.

  When she came back, Su Xiaoxiao heard rushing footsteps coming upstairs, and she quickly hid to the side. Unexpectedly, the speed on the other side was too fast, and she couldn’t dodge the lesson plans and rolls in her hand and was hit and scattered on the stairs.

  The boy picked it up and said: “I’m sorry.” When

  Su Xiaoxiao and

When the boy raised his head at the same time.

  Fuck, trough…

  isn’t this Shen Yi?

  It was exactly the same as the figure that Su Xiaoxiao had in his mind at the time, really super handsome!

  Shen also picked up the roster and lesson plans, with a smile on his lips: “What’s your name?”

  Su Xiaoxiao was still a little confused: “Su Xiaoxiao.”

  ”Which class?”

  ” Grade 1 (1). “

  Shen Yi raised an eyebrow and smiled: “I’m sorry, I have to go now in a hurry, and I will go to you to apologize next time.”

  After that, he handsomely made a salute to Su Xiaoxiao, then turned and left. .

  When Su Xiaoxiao returned to the classroom, she still couldn’t recover. How could it be that she met Shen Yi?

  After handing everything to Cao Feng, she returned to her seat, only to find that Shen Hua was not in the classroom.

  Su Xiaoxiao Jin Qishan turned around and asked: “? Tranquil tranquil”

  Zhang Dongshan plug came over and said:. “The teacher called to pick up this job,”

  Su Xiaoxiao more ignorant, Shen tranquil exercise books to pick up on the gender of the main story There is not too much deviation.

  Su Xiaoxiao was puzzled.

  Not long after, Shen Hua came back.

  ”Huahua, did you hit anyone on the stairs?”

  ”No. What’s wrong, someone hit you?”


  Su Xiaoxiao hesitated to tell Shen Wei, Shen Yi was the one she had been in when she was a child. friend.

  But, what if Shen Hua asked how she knew? Does she want to say that she knows Shen Yi? Wouldn’t it be that when everyone met in the future, her lie would be exposed?

  It’s better to find a way to let Shen Wei and Shen Yi get to know each other first. Then, she found an opportunity to tell Shen Hua, so as to save them from misunderstanding.

  Thinking of this, Su Xiaoxiao looked back at Jin Qishan, but he didn’t expect that Jin Qishan was also looking at her.

  As soon as Su Xiaoxiao wanted to talk, she heard Jin Qishan ask, “Where did you hit?”

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