SFYV: Ch 28

“It won’t work if you break the skin. The virus can go in.” Su Xiaoshu, “Grandma, don’t worry Xiaoshan. Although we have spent some money, we can buy your peace. Xiaoshan can rest assured. “

  Finally, Su Xiaoxiao made another slam: “

  Xiaoshan is distracted by a bad exam, but he didn’t go to high school. Grandma, don’t you get the vaccine just like this?” Grandma Jin glanced at Jin Qishan. Said: “Fight.”

  On the way back with his grandma after the vaccine, Jin Qishan still had a lingering fear. If it wasn’t for Su Xiaoxiao’s dream, what would grandma do?

  Before reaching the door of the house, Jin Qishan heard several dog barking, his back was stretched straight, and he was on high alert.

  Grandma Jin saw Lao Yu holding his big wolf dog standing at the door and asked: “Lao Yu, why are you here?”

  Lao Yu wrinkled a face: “Isn’t this just finished at home, Xiao Hei bites in the morning? It’s you, I’ll apologize.”

  Jin Qishan exuded an uncomfortable aura, and approached Xiao Hei step by step.

  Su Xiaoxiao remembered that he had killed the dog abnormally in the original text, and quickly took his hand and whispered: “Don’t be impulsive, don’t be impulsive.”

  Jin Qishan was shocked and froze in place. In the palm of his hand was her soft hand, he didn’t even dare to hold it back, he could only let her hold it.

  Grandma Jin also frowned and said to Lao Yu: “Look at what you see, you can go back and work on the day when your family is happy today. Xiao Hei didn’t mean it, isn’t it because the child didn’t know how to make trouble.”

  Lao Yu There was also a smile on his crumpled face. He took out a handful of money from his pocket and stuffed it into Grandma Jin’s hand: “You don’t blame Xiao Hei, you have to hold this money anyway. Otherwise, I’m thinking about it. I’m sorry, it will cost money to get a vaccine.” The

  two were stalled for a while, and Grandma Jin reluctantly accepted the money.

  When Lao Yu led Xiao Hei by Su Xiaoxiao, Xiao Hei whimpered twice, seeming to be grateful.

  Su Xiaoxiao said: “Uncle, dogs can also be vaccinated, so everyone can rest assured.”

  **In the

  evening, Grandma Jin advised Su Xiaoxiao and Jin Qishan to stay for one night before leaving.

  However, Su Xiaoxiao didn’t even have a change of clothes, so she still had to go back.

  When Su Xiaoxiao goes back, Jin Qishan will naturally go back too. Anyway, it’s about to take the high school entrance examination, and at least two months of vacation after the high school entrance examination.

  On the way back, Su Xiaoxiao was tired and fell asleep leaning on Jin Qishan’s shoulder.

  The car was bumping, and Su Xiaoxiao’s little furry head was dangling on Jin Qishan’s shoulder. Jin Qishan held her head with his hands to prevent her from hitting the seat.

  Some of her hair was constantly blown to his face by the wind, and his face was tickled and heart tickled.

  Jin Qishan looked at the long and winding path, wishing there was no end to this road, and she could accompany him to the end.

  However, that is always just hope.

  Soon, the car pitted in.

  Jin Qishan frowned when he saw Su Xiaoxiao, as if he was about to wake up. He quickly took his hand off and closed his eyes and pretended to sleep.

  Su Xiaoxiao rubbed his sleepy eyes and looked out the car window. It turned out that the car had entered the station. She turned her head to see that Jin Qishan was still asleep, not knowing what she was dreaming of, his thick eyelashes fanned.

  Su Xiaoxiao approached a little, and looked carefully while Jin Qishan was asleep.

  I don’t know when, he has become better looking. The angular face, the shiny white skin, the handsome and straight nose, the thin and lightly pursed lips…

  and further down, the slightly open neckline reveals a sexy throat and a beautiful collarbone.

  A 15-year-old boy already looks like a man.

  Sure enough, as long as Jin Qishan grows seriously, he won’t be ugly, after all, where the genes are.

  Suddenly, the bus stopped suddenly, and Su Xiaoxiao’s body suddenly tilted.

  Lips rubbed Jin Qishan’s chin, and finally landed on the beautiful collarbone that she had just praised.

  Time seemed to stand still.

  Su Xiaoxiao heard the violent heartbeat, and didn’t know whether it was his own or Jin Qishan’s.

  Fortunately, at this time the driver began to shout: “At the station, everyone gets off the bus.”

  Su Xiaoxiao quickly opened his body and took a peek at Jin Qishan. Fortunately, he is still sleeping.

  Jin Qishan’s eyelashes trembled and trembled, never opening his eyes.

  It wasn’t until Su Xiaoxiao poked him: “It’s the station.”

  He didn’t finish

Wake up.

  Then, Su Xiaoxiao blushed and hurriedly jumped out of the car.

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