SFYV: Ch 27

On the way home, Jin Qishan walked in front.

  Su Xiao was cautiously pretending to be something, and followed behind him unscrupulously. When going up the stairs, Su Xiaoxiao stepped on the air and almost hit the ground face down.


  Jin Qishan turned around, quickly grabbed Su Xiao’s arm with his eyesight, and raised him.

  Su Xiaoxiao fell into Jin Qishan’s arms because of inertia. Jin Qishan’s other hand also quickly supported Su Xiao’s waist.

  The moment he touched it, the softness of the girl and the fragrance of the hair made Jin Qishan stiff and unable to move, and his breathing was paused.

  The rapid heartbeat, the rolling Adam’s apple, the hot palm, some things seem to be no longer under control…

  ”Ah, it scared me to death.” Su Xiaoxiao was excited, and his heart finally returned to its original position.

  Jin Qishan quickly released his hand, turned and left.

  ”Oh, why are you walking so fast?” Su Xiaoxiao muttered behind, “I almost fell, you don’t care about me…”

  Jin Qishan took out the key, opened the door, and slapped it. Closed.

  Su Xiaoxiao shouted outside the door: “You come to me when you change your clothes.”

  Jin Qishan closed the door, looked for a change of clothes, and went into the bathroom.

  The cool water fell on his body, but it could not extinguish the heat in his heart.

  Her nose seemed to have the fragrance of her hair, and her arms seemed to have her warmth.

  This is crazy…

  This time the bath took longer than usual.

  Dong Xiaohong was a little anxious while waiting for her make-up. As soon as Jin Qishan came out, she couldn’t wait to sarcastically said: “Is it going to take the skin off after washing for so long?”

  Jin Qishan was wiping his hair with a towel. Hearing Dong Xiaohong’s words, he stopped. Down the action.

  He slowly turned his head, his eyes sharp: “I seem to have warned you, don’t mess with me.”

  Dong Xiaohong was frightened by Jin Qishan’s eyes, and she couldn’t help thinking that a year ago, she just cursed Su Xiaoxiao casually. Suddenly, Jin Qishan grabbed her neck and said, “Control your mouth, don’t mess with me or the people around me.”

  When it comes to “and the people around me”, Jin Qishan was obviously working hard, and his eyes were slightly hairy. Red.

  Dong Xiaohong was stunned in fright, swallowed his saliva nervously, and did not dare to breathe.

  In a blink of an eye, Jin Qishan wiped his hair and left, as if nothing had happened.

  After Jin Qishan completely disappeared from sight, Dong Xiaohong was relieved and cursed in her heart: He was a motherless child, like a mad dog, who catches and bites anyone!


  Xiao Xiao packed up his things, he sat at the dining table and waited for Jin Qishan. After waiting for a long time, he didn’t see Jin Qishan.

  Didn’t he just go and change clothes?

  Why has it been used for so long?

  Just when Su Xiaoxiao was about to wait, Jin Qishan finally came.

  Su Xiaoxiao glanced at his wet hair and frowned, “You still took a bath?”

  Jin Qishan gave a faint “um”.

  ”Oh, let’s go now.”

  Su Xiaoxiao picked up the pink backpack on the dining table and was about to carry it on, but Jin Qishan naturally took it over and carried it on his back.

  Seeing this, Grandma Su quickly stuffed Jin Qishan and Su Xiaoxiao a piece of bread and a carton of milk: “Keep it on the road to eat,

  Xiaoxiao can’t eat breakfast too worriedly .” Jin Qishan was slightly taken aback, but he didn’t expect Xiaoxiao Su to dream. Take it so seriously.

  Grandma Su explained: “

  Xiaoxiao sometimes has a premonition that is very accurate. She said that what will be a successful bid, and it is really successful.” Then, Grandma Su turned around and asked Su Xiaoxiao, “What is the name?”

  Su Xiao Novel: “Olympics.”

  Grandma Su patted her thigh: “Yes, yes, the Olympics.

  Xiaoxiao dreamed that the Olympic bid was successful, and it really succeeded, even the date is exactly the same.” Jin Qishan looked at Su Xiaoxiao even more surprised.

  Grandma Su said: “If you don’t worry, go back and have a look, just by the way to see your grandma, you haven’t been back in a long time.”

  Jin Qishan nodded.

  Su Xiaoxiao and Jin Qishan took a taxi to the bus terminal, and then bought the last bus to the countryside.

  In the car, Su Xiaoxiao looked out of the car, and Jin Qishan looked at Su Xiaoxiao.

  The road in the country is not very good, bumps and bumps along the way. Su Xiaoxiao didn’t have breakfast before, and

Su Xiaoxiao’s motion sickness caused by a few strokes.

  Enduring the discomfort all the way, Su Xiaoxiao ran to the side of the road and retched.

  Jin Qishan stroked Su Xiaoxiao’s back, trying to make her feel more comfortable.

  After retching, Su Xiaoxiao straightened his back, stretched out his hand, and said weakly: “Water.”

  Jin Qishan quickly took out the mineral water and handed it to Su Xiaoxiao.

  Su Xiaoxiao took a few sips, her pale face a little better.

  Jin Qishan said worriedly: “Can you still go? Do you want me to carry you?”

  Su Xiaoxiao sat on the bench at the bus stop and rested for a while, ate some bread, and said slowly, “It’s okay, let’s go. “

  Before coming, Jin Qishan called grandma, but no one answered the phone at home, and no one answered her cell phone.

  Jin Qishan didn’t worry too much, because his grandparents have always been like this. The phone is the same as the decoration, and he can never find someone when he is looking for someone. Answering the phone depends entirely on fate.

  When I got to grandma’s house, it was almost 12 noon. The door of Jin’s house was closed tightly, and Jin Qishan shouted a lot outside the door, but no one came to open the door.

  Later, the grandmother of the neighbor’s grandmother said that the daughter of Lao Yu’s family in the west of the village got married today and was setting a banquet at home. Grandpa Jin and Grandma Jin had already gone in advance to help.

  When Jin Qishan heard it, he suddenly raised his head to look at Su Xiaoxiao, his dark eyes filled with surprise.

  Su Xiaoxiao did not find, asked: “little good, you know how to get there?”

  Jin Qishan shook his head and asked: “? Aunt grandmother, the old west is more than the first few households”

  Sun aunt grandmother was by no accident, Jin Qishan young age Not in the village, it would be nice to remember her aunt.

  ”The fourth house in the second row to the west, you can see the word “Happy” on the door. You remember, you called Lao Yu to be your uncle.” Grandma and grandmother said, “If my granddaughter just ate and slept, I I’ll take you there.”

  Jin Qishan quickly said, “Thank you, grandma, I will

  go by myself.” When we left, Su Xiaoxiao smiled and waved to her grandmother and grandma: “Auntie, let’s go first, bye.”

  Aunt grandma said with a smile, “Okay.” Good, bye bye.” After

  Su Xiaoxiao and Jin Qishan left, Aunt Sun’s grandmother looked at their backs and exclaimed: “Time flies so fast, Xiaoshan has grown up so much and has become so handsome, and she brought her girlfriend back. Now.”

  Before arriving at Lao Yu’s house, Su Xiaoxiao and Jin Qishan heard the hustle and bustle. Following the voice, I found it soon.

  The rural banquet opened early, and when they arrived, the banquet was nearing its end, and Jin Qishan finally found Grandma Jin among the crowd.

  When Grandma Jin saw Jin Qishan, she was taken aback, thinking she was wrong. After reading it several times, I dared to confirm that this is really Xiaoshan.

  Grandma Jin took Xiaoshan’s hand and repeatedly touched excitedly: “Why are you back?”

  Chapter 27 opened her lips to her chin and landed on her beautiful collarbone…

  Jin Qishan smiled and said, “Just come back and see. Look at grandma.”

  Grandma Su quickly said to the person at the table: “My grandson is back, I’ll go back first.” The

  person at the table also knows that Jin Qishan is a rare return, so she looked at him kindly and smiled a little. head.

  Afterwards, Grandma Jin shouted to the table next door: “Grandpa

  Xiaoshan, Xiaoshan is back, let’s go home.” Grandpa Jin stood up in shock, and when he saw Jin Qishan, there was finally a trace of dazed face on his face. Fluctuations, and finally pulled out a smile.

  During the dinner, the eyes of the villagers turned around on Jin Qishan and Su Xiaoxiao.

  Then Su Xiaoxiao heard them eating melons.

  ”The grandson of the old Jin family is really promising. Not only did he do well in the exam, but he also found his little girlfriend so good-looking…”

  ”Xiaoshan is becoming more and more like Yongzhong, how handsome, she actually attracted the likes of the little girl…”

  ”This girl is so handsome, and she really matches Xiaoshan…”

  Su Xiaoxiao was beside him, not smiling, not smiling. No, a look of embarrassment.

  She really wanted to say, you seem to have made a mistake, I am not Jin Qishan’s girlfriend!

  She placed her hopes on Jin Qishan, and saw that Jin Qishan nodded with a smile no matter what others said, just like a Erha…

  Grandma Jin seemed to have not heard the discussion of the villagers, and took Jin Qishan’s hand excitedly and wanted to go home.

  After walking for a while,

Grandma Jin discovered Su Xiaoxiao who had been following them.

  Grandma Jin asked Jin Qishan: “Which girl does this girl belong to? With you?”

  Jin Qishan quickly glanced at Su Xiaoxiao: “Well, my friend, Xiaoxiao.” ” Hello,

  grandma, I’m Su Xiaoxiao, and I will live here .” At the door of Xiaoshan’s house.” Su Xiaoxiao jumped a few steps forward, thinking that Grandma Jin finally saw her.

  Su Xiaoxiao’s eyebrows are curving, her eyes are curving, and her lips are curving. Grandma Jin is delighted to see it.

  However, in her eyes, Jin Qishan was still a kid who didn’t understand anything, so she didn’t think much about it.

  She asked Jin Qishan again: “Why do you suddenly want to bring a friend back to play?”

  Su Xiaoxiao saw that Grandma Jin hadn’t been bitten by a dog like this, and Jin Qishan didn’t know how to lie.

  She rushed and said, “Xiaoshan said to think about grandma. I happened to be at home and nobody was with me to play with me, so I followed Xiaoshan to play.”

  Grandma Jin smiled so that the folds on her face were all wrinkled together.

  I don’t know when the tears will come out. Grandma Jin rubbed her eyes and tried to control her emotions so as not to show them in front of the children.

  She smiled and said, “Have you not eaten yet, I’ll make some food for you when I go home?” When

  she got home, Grandma Jin went into the kitchen.

  On weekdays, the old couple don’t buy any vegetables at home, just what they grow in the vegetable garden and what they eat.

  Now, Jin Qishan suddenly came back with a friend, and Grandma Jin didn’t know what to cook for a while.

  Grandma Jin looked at the kitchen except for a small piece of pork, but a bunch of tomatoes, carrots and cucumbers, so she said, “Old man, you can borrow some meat from Lao Sun’s house. You don’t have any dishes at home.”

  Su Xiao Xiao heard that said: “Grandma, don’t work, we still have bread in our bag.”

  Jin Qishan thought of Su Xiaoxiao’s face pale when she got out of the car, why would she be willing to continue eating bread?

  He looked at the dishes in the kitchen and said, “Grandma, go and sit down, I’ll take care of it.”

  Grandma Jin was stunned. When will Xiaoshan cook?

  Su Xiaoxiao was not too surprised. She gathered around Jin Qishan: “Really? Is it delicious? I want to eat what you make.”

  Jin Qishan nodded lightly. In the past, he was already at a time when she didn’t know. , I practiced a good cooking skill.

  He asked: “Is it okay to eat fried noodles?”

  Su Xiaoxiao nodded like a chicken pecking at rice.

  She doesn’t care what she eats, but she can’t wait to taste Jin Qishan’s craftsmanship.

  Soon, the fried noodles will be ready.

  Su Xiaoxiao took a sip, raised her eyebrows, and raised her thumbs up: “Yeah!”

  Grandma Jin was curious, Xiaoshan’s noodles are so delicious?

  She picked a few noodles from Jin Qishan’s bowl and tasted it. It was really good.

  Su Xiaoxiao took another sip and praised: “Wow, I didn’t expect that you cooked so delicious!”

  Jin Qishan looked at Su Xiao Snacks with joy, and suddenly felt relieved that he could cook.

  Being able to cook is not so sad anymore.

  After eating and chatting, Su Xiaoxiao suddenly caught a hole in the thigh of Grandma Jin’s pants.

  The hole was covered by the jacket before, but now Grandma Jin sat down to reveal it.

  Su Xiao cautiously said, “Grandma, why are your trousers torn?”

  Grandma Jin remembered that her pants hadn’t been changed yet, and she was a little embarrassed to cover her with her hand, and said, “I was at Lao Yu’s house just now.

  Jin Qishan ‘s dog was torn.” Jin Qishan’s expression suddenly changed: “How about it, did you bite it?”

  Grandma Jin looked at Jin Qishan’s nervousness and smiled comfortedly: “It’s okay, the dog bit on the pants. I just broke my skin.”

  Jin Qishan’s tone was firm: “How can it be okay? Let’s go to the hospital.”

  ”It’s okay, and I’ve washed it with soap and water. It’s okay, small wounds.” Grandma Jin frowned and didn’t want to go to the hospital.

  Most elderly people are like this. Talking about the discoloration of the hospital, they feel that a lot of inspections in the hospital are just to make money.

  In the stalemate, Su Xiaoxiao persuaded: “Grandma, we have more than a month to enter the entrance examination, you know.”

  Grandma Jin nodded, how could she not know this?

  Su Xiaoxiao continued: “If you don’t get this injection, Xiaoshan will be worried. I think about it every day, worry about this and that. You said that, can Xiaoshan still do well in the exam? “

  Grandma Jin thinks about it, but she thinks it’s just a small matter, where do I need to go to the hospital? You have to spend money to go to the hospital. I heard that this rabies vaccine is hundreds of injections, and you have to get several injections. , Can’t go . “But, there is no need to go to the hospital at all, it’s a little broken. “

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