SFYV: Ch 26

Su Xiaoxiao didn’t expect that he was so popular.

  Since the last mid-term summary of the whole school, after she took the stage as a representative to give a speech, she actually received the love letter and was softened.

  The classmates sitting at the window, Sun Hao has already begun to protest: “Su Xiaoxiao, Shen Hua, who of you and me change seats, I hand you love letters and snacks every day, I am busier than I study.”

  Shen Hua listened. His face was so red that he couldn’t lift his head.

  Su Xiaoxiao smiled and said, “I’ll go to the commissary to ask you to eat something, just order it. If you have it next time, please refuse it all.”

  Sun Hao joked, “What if it’s Zhang Peng again?”

  Zhang Peng can be regarded as a grade grass in the seventh grade of a middle school. He is about 174cm tall. He looks good and can dress up. He is slightly superior among his peers.

  However, from Su Xiaoxiao’s point of view, it is just so-so. The main reason for being rated as a grade grass is because of his trendy dress and public personality.

  Two days ago, Zhang Peng came. (Class 1 called Su Xiaoxiao once.

  When school was over, Su Xiaoxiao was blocked at the door as soon as he left the classroom.

  A non-mainstream man stopped Su Xiaoxiao and ordered Su Xiaoxiao from top to bottom. looked again: “? you do Su Xiaoxiao”

  Su Xiaoxiao look for a job who thought of it, frowned and asked: “? ah, how the”

  boys tease with the index finger under the oblique Liu, head toss: “Zhang Peng, you should have heard of it…”

  Su Xiaoxiao looked blank: “I haven’t heard, what’s the matter? You are Zhang Peng?” The

  boy’s expression was obviously stunned: “I am not…but, he asked me to come. Ask you, do you want to be his girlfriend?”


  What is it?

  Let others ask, do you want to be his girlfriend?

  Isn’t this person a serious illness…

  ”No.” Su Xiaoxiao sneered.

  Then he stepped away and walked around the boy.

  As a result, Zhang Peng himself came the next day.

  Before Su Xiaoxiao could see his face clearly, he came up and said: “I heard that you don’t want to be my girlfriend?”


  Su Xiaoxiao now thinks back about Zhang Peng’s second middle school’s way of speaking every minute and every second. It was so embarrassing that she had two rooms and one hall.

  Su Xiaoxiao shook his head and said, “No one is an exception.”

  Zhang Dongshan came to be interested. The two big beauties in their class, what kind of boy can get them in.

  Zhang Dongshan called Su Xiaoxiao and Shen Wei and turned his head: “Two beauties, what kind of guy do you like?”

  Shen Wei blushed and said, “I don’t know, and I never thought about it. Anyway, during school, yes. Resolutely will not fall in love early.”

  Zhang Dongshan asked Su Xiaoxiao with a heartbroken expression on his face, and asked Su Xiaoxiao: “Beauty, how about you.”

  Su Xiao’s novel: “I have a little control over my face. Personality and character…”

  ”Isn’t Zhang Peng handsome?” Even Zhang Dongshan, a man, has to admit that Zhang Peng is good-looking, and his features are more refined than girls.

  Su Xiaoxiao said faintly: “It’s normal.”

  ”I wipe it, he’s still fair?” Zhang Dongshan was surprised, “Why do you think he can’t do it?”

  Su Xiaoxiao rolled his eyes and said casually, “I think He is a little short and looks like a child.”

  Zhang Dongshan is heartbroken. Among the first-year boys with an average height of only about 1.67 meters, Zhang Peng’s height is not bad.

  ”Then how tall boys do you like?”

  Su Xiaoxiao said honestly: “180 to 185cm.”

  After listening, Zhang Dongshan pressed his lips, pretending to nod solemnly.

  No one noticed that Jin Qishan, who was calculating the problem, drew a long, crooked diagonal line on the draft paper. Then, there was a pause for a few seconds, and a small number-“20” was written next to it.

  ”Can Qishan stop being so serious during class?” Zhang Dongshan suddenly hooked Jin Qishan’s shoulders and asked Su Xiaoxiao, “Then who do you think I and Qishan are handsome?”

  Su Xiaoxiao smiled, his tone beyond doubt: “Of course Jin Qishan.”

  Jin Qishan shook off Zhang Dongshan’s hand with a look of disgust: “boring.”

  But in the next second, he secretly curled up his lips.

  ”Wuhua, what do you think?” Su Xiaoxiao hurriedly cue Shenhua.

  ”I think it’s Jin Qishan too.” Shen Wei made a careful comparison.

If Jin Qishan could be more white, it should look much better.

  Zhang Dongshan thumped his chest, cried and burst into grief: “Why am I not as good as Jin Qishan? I am a few centimeters taller than him!”

  Su Xiaoxiao: “Your face is not as good.”

  Later, the news that Su Xiaoxiao’s boyfriend is at least 180cm tall After being released by Zhang Dongshan, the number of boys dangling from the window every day was reduced by more than half.


  the winter vacation of the second grade, Su Junhua bought a house in N City according to the agreement with Su Xiaoxiao.

  At the beginning, Su Xiaoxiao asked Su Junhua to buy a house in N City, saying that he didn’t want to live in the house of the unit, he wanted a big house, and he wanted his own home.

  Su Junhua felt that Su Xiaoxiao was a child, not sensible yet, and did not take her words to heart.

  Later, Su Xiaoxiao mentioned it several times for various reasons, but Su Junhua ignored it.

  Until one time, Su Junhua was watching TV, and the news about applying for the Olympics was broadcast on TV.

  Su Xiaoxiao said confidently that the application will be successful on 7/13 this year. Su Junhua didn’t believe it. Su Xiaoxi made a bet with him. The bet was the same as she said. Su Junhua bought a big house in N City.

  Su Junhua smiled, thinking how it was possible, and easily agreed.

  Unexpectedly, it really made Su Xiao’s novels! When announcing the successful bid for the Olympics, Su Junhua excitedly bounced around in the room, cheering and shouting…

  After calming down, he suddenly thought of making an agreement with Su Xiaoxiao, and Su Junhua was a little worried again.

  In the past few years, he has been in school, and his family’s expenses have been dependent on Wu Xinyu. Where is there so much spare money to buy a big house. Moreover, how nice is the dormitory of the unit to live in, you can live in it for a lifetime, why buy a house again?

  However, Wu Xinyu felt that since he agreed to the child, he must do it. Moreover, their child is not an ordinary child, but a very independent child. If possible, Wu Xinyu wants to make every effort to support Su Xiaoxiao’s ideas.

  So, the Su family saved up money for a few more years, pieced together, bought the first apartment in N City, a junior room of more than 130 square meters.

  A few years later, housing prices in city n have skyrocketed, and the hospital’s unit dormitories are facing demolition. Su Junhua and Wu Xinyu will be fortunate that they bought a house early that year.

  And now, Su Xiaoxiao looked at the 6 /> on her bank card,

  but she was still underage and couldn’t buy a house by herself. If you give the money to Su Junhua, how can she explain the source of the money?

  It turned out that in the boring days of the past, Su Xiaoxiao began to return to his old business and wrote novels. Nowadays, he has become famous in the online literary field.

  I am afraid that many readers would not have thought that they have been admiring the big things, and they were just elementary school students at that time.

  However, Su Xiaoxiao didn’t want Su Junhua and the others to know that she was writing a novel for the time being.

  Since he couldn’t buy a house for the time being, Su Xiaoxiao thought for a while and took out 30,000 yuan and put it in the stock.


  Soon, it is only more than two months before the high school entrance examination. What makes Su Xiaoxiao more nervous than the high school entrance examination is the situation of Jin Qi’s grandmother.

  According to the original setting, Grandma Jin went to the village relatives’ house to eat a water table. During the banquet, a child insisted on playing with the big wolfhound from the folks’ home. The wolf dog was tied to a tree, lying lazily on the ground to enjoy the cool. The child threw it with a small stone and poke it with a stick.

  Later, the dog was irritated, broke free from the leash, and rushed to bite the child.

  Grandma Jin is a good person. She was bitten by a dog in order to save her child. Fortunately, the wound was not deep, so Grandma Jin didn’t care. Unexpectedly, it didn’t take long for Grandma Jin to have a dog’s disease and died.

  At that time, Jin Yongzhong was still in the army, and Jin Qishan did not even see Grandma Jin the last time for various reasons.

  This is the pain of Jin Qishan’s life, and every time he thinks about it, he can’t wait to ruin the lives of those people back then.

  However, Su Xiaoxiao didn’t know the exact date when Grandma Jin was bitten. At that time, it was not so specific, and Jin Qishan took a few pens when he recalled.

  The only thing Su Xiaoxiao can be sure of is that this happened one month before the entrance examination for high school. Then when Grandma Jin was hospitalized, the teacher did not allow Jin Qishan to ask for leave on the grounds that she was about to take the high school entrance examination, so Jin Qishan missed the chance to see Grandma Jin for the last time.

  Thinking of this, Su Xiaoxiao quickly asked Jin Qishan: “Xiaoshan, have you called your grandma recently? How is your grandma recently? Is anyone in the village having a happy event?”

  Jin Qishan looked surprised, Su Xiaoxiao Why did you care about his grandma so suddenly?

However, he still honestly said, “I still call once a week. My grandma is in good health. How do I know who has a happy event? What do you ask for?”

  Su Xiaoxiao frowned slightly, “Nothing. How about you call grandma every day?”

  Jin Qishan felt that Su Xiaoxiao’s words today were inexplicable and very different from usual.

  ”Are you hiding something from me?”

  ”Where is it?” Su Xiaoxiao haha, turned his head, and began to think about what other relevant information he had missed.

  Just like that, a few more days passed.

  On the night of April 30th, it rained lightly, and it didn’t take long for thunder to strike.

  But Su Xiaoxiao’s dream gradually became foggy. Su Xiaoxiao was trapped in the mist and couldn’t get out. She walked without direction, and suddenly heard a cry: “Grandma!”

  Su Xiaoxiao’s novel looked for her voice, and a boy knelt on the ground in the mist, crying in his mouth. Shouting: “Grandma, grandma, why don’t you wait for me…”

  Su Xiaoxiao stepped forward, but the boy went backwards, unable to reach.

  Just when Su Xiaoxiao was puzzled, the fog gradually faded, and Su Xiaoxiao suddenly realized that the figure was exactly the same as Jin Qishan!

  ”Ah…” Su Xiaoxiao woke up from his sleep. She took out her phone, it was four o’clock in the morning on May 1st.

  ”Hurry up, hurry up…” Su Xiaoxiao held the phone and prayed.

  She finally remembered the key point. Grandma Jin ate the table on May 1st. Someone in the village got married.

  Chapter 26 Heartbeat (1) It feels like being hit by an electric shock…

  As soon as the time on the phone reached 7 o’clock, Su Xiaoxiao rushed out immediately.

  Grandma Su was cooking in the kitchen, and when she heard the door opening, she turned her back and asked, “Where are you going this early morning?”

  ”Go to Jin Qishan, there is something very important.” As soon as Su Xiaoxiao’s voice fell, the door closed. .

  Grandma Su shook her head: “What can this child do to be so anxious?”

  ”Bang bang bang”, Su Xiao knocked on the door of Jin Qishan’s house.

  Not long after the door was opened, Dong Xiaohong looked impatient: “Knock on what, what are you doing?”

  Since Jin Yongzhong started his business, the business hasn’t improved much, and Dong Xiaohong’s living expenses are getting less and less. In addition, after living together for a long time, Dong Xiaohong is a little tired of the aesthetics of Jin Yongzhong, and no longer carefully pretends to be virtuous every day.

  Su Xiaoxiao looked inside and shouted: “

  Xiaoshan, Xiaoshan , come out quickly, I have something to do with you.” Dong Xiaohong glared at Su Xiaoxiao: “He is not at home.”

  Su Xiaoxiao asked: “He is going Where is it?”

  ”How do I know?” After Dong Xiaohong finished speaking, he closed the door with a “pop”.

  Su Xiaoxiao stomped his feet in a hurry, where did Jin Qishan go this early?

  Su Xiao was cautiously impatient and waited downstairs. When I was tired, I sat on the road girders to rest.

  I don’t know how long it took, a pair of black and white sneakers appeared in front of her.

  Su Xiaoxiao raised his head and looked up, it was Jin Qishan.

  He was wearing a black sportswear, and his angular face was covered with a layer of fine sweat. The fine bangs were wet by the sweat and pressed softly on his forehead.

  Did he go for a run?

  Jin Qishan interrupted Su Xiaoxiao’s thoughts aloud: “Why are you sitting here?”

  Su Xiaoxiao stood up and patted the dust on his

  buttocks : “I’m waiting for you here.” Jin Qishan was obviously surprised and asked: ” What are you waiting for?”

  ”Well, do you want to go back to your hometown?” Su Xiaoxiao hesitated and said tentatively, “Grandma should miss you.”

  Jin Qishan raised his eyebrows: “What do you want to say? Let’s just say it, don’t have to make such a roundabout.”

  Su Xiaoxiao pulled Jin Qishan’s sleeves, raised his head slightly, and said cautiously: “Xiaoshan, I dreamed that my grandma was bitten by a dog.”

  Su Xiaoxiao found out that Jin Qishan was already half a head taller than her. .

  ”How come you have such a strange dream.” Jin Qishan laughed, thinking that Su Xiaoxiao was thinking about it day by day and dreaming about it every night. He talked about his grandma a lot every day.

  ”Don’t laugh, I’m serious. I dreamed that grandma was bitten…” Su Xiaoxiao bit her lower lip, and said the second half of the sentence, “have rabies.”

  Jin Qishan saw Su Xiaoxiao’s eyes the burden.

My heart suddenly moved, as if being hit by electricity, my whole body was numb. The usual tolerance and restraint were all broken at this moment.

  He couldn’t help but stretched out his hand and touched Su Xiaoxiao’s head with a soft voice: “Idiot, that’s a dream, not real.”

  This is the most intimate action he has done to Su Xiaoxiao over the years. NS.

  Because he has a ghost in his heart.

  Therefore, he carefully guarded that extravagant dream in his heart, for fear that he would accidentally do something excessive, so that Su Xiaoxiao would notice a little bit.

  Su Xiaoxiao’s thoughts were all about persuading Jin Qishan to believe her, and he didn’t realize that this action was different in normal times.

  ”You believe me, my premonition is very good, I will accompany you to go back and have a look, okay?” The

  family feels really good about being cared by Su Xiaoxiao.

  Jin Qishan nodded pettingly: “Well, you wait for me to go back and change my clothes.”

  Su Xiaoxiao nodded: “Well, you will come to my house to find me then.”

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