SFYV: Ch 25

Shen Hua stood in front of the counter, and the commissary was crowded. She couldn’t find a suitable opportunity to tell her aunt to buy sanitary napkins. She was afraid that Su Xiaoxiao had waited too long, and she was about to cry in a hurry.

  Jin Qishan saw it and walked over and asked, “What did Su Xiaoxiao ask you to buy for her?” The

  sudden voice that frightened Shen Hua. She looked back and found that it was Jin Qishan.

  Why is he here? But it’s not easy to tell Jin Qishan about what I bought. He might as well go!

  Shen Hua was anxious in his heart: “No, nothing.”

  Jin Qishan frowned slightly: “What is nothing? Su Xiaoxiao is still waiting for you in the classroom.”

  Of course, Shen Hua knew Xiaoxiao was waiting for her in the classroom, but Jin Qishan was here. How does she buy it?

  The more Shen Hua thought about it, the more anxious he became, his eyes reddened rapidly, and his tears rolled around, and he was about to fall.

  Jin Qishan looked at Shen Hua and didn’t expect her to tell him. He raised his eyes and glanced at the opposite shelf. There are papers, rolls, sanitary napkins, toothpaste, toothbrushes, shampoos, shower gels…

  all of them are daily necessities, most of which are prepared for students living in school. Su Xiaoxiao does not need.

  Suddenly, Jin Qishan raised his head abruptly, and scanned the items on the shelf again.

  Pump paper, roll paper, sanitary napkins…

  Oh, sanitary napkins.

  Eyelids twitched involuntarily, he swallowed his saliva and coughed slightly: “Auntie, please come and help me get things…”

  Auntie asked as he walked, “What do you want?”

  Jin Qishan’s finger moved to the opposite shelf. , Nodded: “That?” The

  aunt frowned, and put her hand on a pack of sanitary napkins somewhat suspiciously: “This?”

  Jin Qishan flushed flushed, and nodded invisibly.

  The aunt quickly understood that the young man bought it for his girlfriend.

  ”Night use or daily use?”

  ? ? ?

  This has obviously touched Jin Qishan’s blind spot in knowledge…

  His ears were red: “Whatever, whatever.” The

  aunt thoughtfully took a black plastic bag and put the daily use and night use in a bag: “Total 31 yuan.”

  Jin Qishan heard someone say at this time.

  ”Hey, that boy is buying sanitary napkins.”

  ”Ah, it’s disgusting.”

  ”Which girl would you buy it for?”

  ”That’s also disgusting, perverted…”

  ”Yeah.” Jin Qishan quickly took out the money and handed it over. Auntie, then took the plastic bag and escaped from the canteen at a speed of 100 meters.

  ”Jin Qishan, wait for me…” Shen Hua shouted while chasing, “Wait for me, why are you running so fast? I can’t keep up.”

  When there was no one around, Jin Qishan finally stopped. Come down.

  He turned his head and stared at Shen Hua fiercely, blaming her for calling his name just now.

  ”Yes, I’m sorry…” Shen Hua didn’t know where he had offended Jin Qishan, and instinctively apologized quickly.

  Jin Qishan changed his appearance in a blink of an eye, as if the person who was nervous just now was not him.

  He snorted, his tone relaxed and contemptuous: “

  Huh , you can’t do this little thing, so courageous?” “Yeah.” Shen Hua lowered her head embarrassedly, she was indeed courageous. However, Jin Qishan is really good, he can say it…the

  two returned to the classroom, Su Xiaoxiao was no longer in the classroom.

  Shen Hua was a little anxious: “

  Where is the little one? Have you already left?” Jin Qishan looked around, his eyes fixed in the direction of the women’s toilet: “You go in and take a look.”

  ”Oh.” Shen Hua took Jin Qishan’s hand. After looking around, he suddenly carried his black plastic bag into his arms, with a sneaky look.

  Jin Qishan reluctantly covered his eyes with his hands. Shen Hua really didn’t look at him like this. Could he be more stupid?

  As soon as Shen Hua entered the bathroom, she began to whisper like a thief: “Xiao Xiao, Xiao Xiao, are you in there?”

  ” Yes , the second squat.” Su Xiao Xiao’s hand stretched out from the gap under the door. “Just hand me the sanitary napkin from below.”

  ”Oh oh.” Shen Hua hurriedly opened the plastic bag, “Do you want one for daily use or night use?”

  ”For daily use, just give me a piece.” Su Xiao I smiled, thinking that Huahua was so careful that I actually bought everything for the night.

  Before long,

There was a soft touch in my heart.

  After coming out, Su Xiaoxiao washed his hands and said, “Xiaohuahua, thank you so much. If you didn’t save me from the fire and water, what should I do?”

  Shen Hua flushed, and hurriedly waved his hands: “It’s not me. It’s Jin Qishan.”

  ”Huh? What’s wrong with Jin Qishan?” Su Xiaoxiao came out of the toilet and raised his eyes to see Jin Qishan standing against the light in the sunset.

  The afterglow of the setting sun plated him with a yellow gold rim.

  Hearing Su Xiaoxiao’s voice, Jin Qishan turned his head, the dazzling golden light hit his side face, and Su Xiaoxiao couldn’t open his eyes.

  Obviously not very handsome, but Su Xiaoxiao’s heart suddenly missed a beat.

  Su Xiaoxiao seemed to have heard the thumping heart.

  What the hell, Su Xiaoxiao shook his head to drive away these absurd thoughts. ,

  ”In fact, this is Jin Qishan buy.” Shen tranquil glance at Jin Qishan, attached Su Xiaoxiao, whispered.

  ? ? ?

  Su Xiaoxiao’s eyes widened and looked at Shen Hua in disbelief.

  Shen Hua nodded seriously.

  Rao is Su Xiaoxiao, who has lived for more than 20 years, and his skin has been hardened enough. When a boy buys her sanitary napkins, he is still so embarrassed.

  Su Xiaoxiao’s cheeks quickly stained with two lumps of blush. She hooked the ponytail and pretended to say indifferently: “

  Xiaoshan , thank you.” Jin Qishan unnaturally looked towards the sky: “No thanks.”

  ” Xiaoxiao.” , I’m sorry.” Shen Hua was ashamed of his timidity and apologized to Su Xiaoxiao.

  ”It’s okay.” Su Xiaoxiao remembered that when she first came to her aunt, she didn’t dare to buy sanitary napkins. Until she went to college, her mother bought her sanitary napkins for her.

  Later, even when I went to college, I was sneaky to buy sanitary napkins, and I was very embarrassed. Huahua was willing to buy it for her, she was already very moved.

  Here, Shen Hua sighed in annoyance.

  Mouth belated, and a long sigh.

  Others sighed and sighed while pursing their mouths, while Shen Hua sighed and pouted. She looked cute.

  Su Xiaoxiao couldn’t help but pinch Shen Hua’s face:

  ”Hua Hua , you are so cute.” “Aren’t you going home?” Jin Qishan said, returning to the classroom and carrying Su Xiaoxiao’s schoolbag in his hands. Come on, I ride send you back. “

  Su Xiaoxiao:” no, I am back on the line, you go play it. “

  Jin Qishan glanced down, raised his eyebrows:”? are you sure, “

  Su Xiaoxiao was so Jin Qishan At first glance, they thought that their trousers were so dirty that they might be exposed when cycling, so they said, “That’s okay.”

  Su Xiaoxiao and Jin Qishan accompany Shen Wei to the bus stop and wait for the bus. After Shen Wei got on the bus, they Just left.

  Shen Hua looked at Su Xiaoxiao and Jin Qishan from the car window.

  Su Xiaoxiao didn’t know why he was angry, so he punched Jin Qishan. Jin Qishan turned around and said something again, and Su Xiaoxiao burst into laughter.

  Seeing Su Xiaoxiao and Jin Qishan fighting, she was very envious. Although Jin Qishan’s face is sometimes stinky, and his speech is strange, he is invincible to Su Xiaoxiao.

  In fact, when she was a child, she also had a very good friend called


  Fang Pang “, but she couldn’t find it… Su Xiaoxiao sat in the back of the car and suddenly remembered and asked, “Why did you go to the commissary too?” Jin Qishan snorted: “I don’t worry about seeing her like that.”

  Jin Qishan’s original intention was to see Shen Wei’s sneaky and sneaky look, and he was not assured that she could help Su Xiaoxiao with good things.

  However, to Su Xiaoxiao, he was worried about Shen Hua.

  Su Xiaoxiao thought, is Jin Qishan already in love with Shen Hua? Obviously the plot has changed, and Jin Qishan is no longer bullied. Shen Hua did not save Jin Qishan, nor did he comfort his fragile and sensitive soul. He still fell in love with her unhesitatingly?

  Maybe, this is destined.


  mid-term exam came as scheduled. Su Xiaoxiao did not have much pressure but did better in the test. He spoke full marks in both math and English, and he also got the first place in Chinese.

  But Zang Xiaoya, who wanted to surpass Su Xiaoxiao, was deducted by 5 points because of his carelessness in math problems and the wrong decimal point.

  (1) Ban Ben is a master, Zang Xiaoya immediately counted down because of the 5 points that shouldn’t be deducted. Zang Xiaoya, who has always been proud, fell directly from the top ten in the class to the end of

At the countdown to eighteen, my mentality collapsed instantly, and I started to cry during class.

  For a long time later, Zang Xiaoya couldn’t concentrate on listening to the class, and even started to be afraid of the teacher’s questions. For this reason, Wang Qing talked to her many times, but the results were of little effect.

  Although Su Xiaoxiao didn’t like Zang Xiaoya very much, she felt sorry for her.

  Once in a self-study class, Zang Xiaoya could not do some questions, so she consulted Cai Meng.

  Cai Meng didn’t know how to do it, so he passed a note and asked Su Xiaoxiao.

  Su Xiaoxiao glanced at the question, then quickly demonstrated the calculation process on the draft paper, and finally gave the draft paper to Cai Meng.

  The process of Su Xiao’s lowercase is very detailed, and Cai Meng can understand it at first glance.

  Cai Meng happily handed the draft paper to Zang Xiaoya, but Zang Xiaoya shredded the draft paper abruptly and shouted angrily: “Who made Su Xiaoxiao be kind? I don’t want to read what she wrote! Don’t see me okay!”

  Because it is a self-study class, the students are quietly doing their homework. Zang Xiaoya broke out suddenly, terrifying many people.

  Su Xiaoxiao was also stunned by Zang Xiaoya’s series of operations…

  ”Why did Su Xiaoxiao Zang Xiaoya?”

  ”What is Zang Xiaoya angry about?”

  … The

  originally quiet classroom began to talk a lot.

  ”Zang Xiaoya, you and him. Is your mother sick? Go and treat it as soon as possible.” Jin Qishan’s tone is extremely contemptuous, “Huh, I can’t solve the problem by myself, and I blame Su Xiaoxiao for being smarter than you? Don’t treat her as an imaginary enemy. , Because people don’t like you at all.”

  Jin Qishan said quietly, but he heard what he should have heard.

  ”Oh, it turns out that I can’t do it if I have a problem. If I don’t, I won’t be able to chant, what is it called? It’s scary.”

  ”She actually wants to compare with Su Xiaoxiao? This gap is not so big.”

  ”Su Xiao Xiao should really not look at her, Su Xiaoxiao is better than Shen Wei or Cai Meng!”

  ”Is Zang Xiaoya under too much pressure recently? I feel a little nervous.”

  ”Recently, her grades have dropped too much, and   she can’t answer class questions.”


Zang Xiaoya couldn’t accept Jin Qishan hitting her sore spot directly. Coupled with the fact that someone exposed her performance to the face, Zang Xiaoya’s final line of defense also collapsed.

  With a wow, she lay on the table and started crying.

  Su Xiaoxiao looked back at Jin Qishan, Jin Qishan was looking at Zang Xiaoya, with a sneer on the corner of his mouth, that expression was an indifference that Su Xiaoxiao had never seen before.

  Su Xiaoxiao suddenly said something like this: When the puppies grow up, they will bite people.

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