SFYV: Ch 24

I met Su Xiaoqian, Jin Qishan had no friends and no tablemates. After meeting Su Xiaoxiao, Jin Qishan was only Su Xiaoxiao. However, Su Xiaoxiao is also best with him.

  However, all this changed after meeting Shen Hua.

  Since Su Xiaoxiao and Shen Hua sat together, the relationship between the two has become closer and closer, even as inseparable as a Siamese baby.

  On the weekend, Jin Qishan asked Su Xiaoxiao to go to the bookstore to buy tutorial books. When leaving the community and passing the bus stop, Su Xiaoshuo waited a moment.

  Before long, a bus stopped and the back door opened. Shen Hua wore a white long skirt and walked down slowly.

  The moment Jin Qishan saw Shen Hua, his brows frowned, wondering why she came?

  Su Xiaoxiao waved his arms: “Hua Hua, here.”

  Shen Hua also saw that Su Xiaoxiao was gone, and ran over with his skirt corner .

  As soon as Shen Hua came over, Su Xiaoxiao started blowing rainbow farts: “Huhua, why are you running so cute? Are you still carrying a small skirt?”

  Jin Qishan urged impatiently, “Su Xiaoxiao, you are all right. Can’t leave yet?”

  Su Xiaoxiao said quickly: “Walk around.”

  Jin Qishan looked at Shen Hua who had no bicycle and said, “Then what should she do?”

  Su Xiaoxiao patted the back seat of his bicycle. Sit on mine.”

  Jin Qishan looked at Su Xiaoxiao with thin arms and legs, a little worried.

  ”Or, Shen Wei ride your car.”

  Shen Wei was a little afraid of Jin Qishan, stepped back a little, and whispered: “I don’t know how to ride a bicycle.”

  Jin Qishan pursed his lower lip, paused for a few seconds and said, “Come here.” , I’ll take you.”

  Shen Hua didn’t dare to go there, Su Xiaoxiao pushed her and said, “

  Xiaoshan is very good, you will know if you touch it more, it’s cold outside and hot inside .” Shen Hua sat behind Jin Qishan, Not daring to hold his waist, he pinched the hem of his clothes.

  Su Xiaoxiao looked at him with love. Isn’t this the standard for campus love? Boys ride girls on bicycles…

  Ah, ah, it’s so romantic.

  Shen Yi, Shen Yi, don’t blame Ma Ma for pushing your wife on others in the future.

  Jin Qishan rode out for a short distance, and saw Su Xiaoxiao smiling there alone, and shouted: “Su Xiaoxiao,

  let’s go.” After Su Xiaoxiao saw Jin Qishan’s face, the filter of the idol drama was instantly disillusioned.

  Xiaoshan, Xiaoshan, you have to work hard!


  junior high school, the friendship between girls is much more exciting than in elementary school. Either this one won’t play with that one today, or that one won’t play with this one tomorrow.

  In the three years of junior high school, Jin Qishan never stopped praying for a day, and the friendship between Su Xiaoxiao and Shen Hua quickly broke.

  But seeing that the friendship of others is the same as plastic, Su Xiaoxiao and Shen Hua are still as good as iron.

  Even Zhang Dongshan would sigh with Jin Qishan, and the two most beautiful girls in the class have the best relationship.

  After listening, Jin Qishan paused slightly with the pen in his hand. He raised his eyes slightly, and said disapprovingly, “Where is it good?”

  ”Did you say Su Xiaoxiao? Are you blind? Or is it that you grew up together, and you were tired of her aesthetics?” Zhang Dongshan His mouth is like a machine gun, and he keeps talking.

  Jin Qishan put the pen on the table, and solemnly said: “I think you are blind. If your brain is sick, go and have a look.” What

  he said clearly is what is good about Shen Hua? The only good-looking person is Su Xiaoxiao.

  Zhang Dongshan hugged Jin Qishan’s shoulder with one hand, and punched Jin Qishan’s chest with a small fist with one hand: “Oh, has anyone ever said that your attitude is very hanging.”

  Jin Qishan hooked Zhang Dongshan’s neck with his arm: “I’m strangling to death.” When

  Su Xiaoxiao turned around, he saw Jin Qishan put his arms around Zhang Dongshan’s neck, and Zhang Dongshan was shyly lying in Jin Qishan’s arms.

  Unexpectedly, Jin Qishan left himself, just like such a free self.

  She quickly threw the washed grapes onto Jin Qishan’s table, and dropped a sentence: “For you.” Then she immediately turned her head and looked like I hadn’t seen anything.

  Jin Qishan quickly opened his hand, slapped Zhang Dongshan away, and then tugged Su Xiaoxiao’s clothes: “You turn your head back to me, I’ll explain it to you…”

  Su Xiaoxiao sneered on the table. Do not look back.

  Zhang Dongshan: Wipe, it seems like a big misunderstanding… 

Later, Su Xiaoxiao called Jin Qishan to go home together. Because there is no need for evening self-study in the first year of junior high school, school ends at 5:30.

  Jin Qishan slung his schoolbag over his shoulder, and said to Su Xiaoshu: “You go back first, I will go to play with Dongshan for a while.”

  ”Oh” Su Xiaoxiao looked out the window, waiting for Jin Qishan’s Zhang Dongshan, deliberately The sound was prolonged, and it looked like I knew everything I knew.

  Zhang Dongshan is outside the window, where do you know what Jin Qishan and Su’s novels have done? Seeing Su Xiaoxiao smiling at him, he grinned and waved at Su Xiaoxiao.

  After Su Xiaoxiao came out, he patted Zhang Dongshan on the shoulder: “Then I will leave

  Xiaoshan to you.” Zhang Dongshan thought he was teaching Jin Qishan about basketball, patted his chest, and promised: “No problem. “

  Jin Qishan came over, carrying Su Xiaoxiao’s schoolbag: “I’ll take you to the parking shed?”

  ”No, can’t I find the carport myself?” Su Xiaoxiao smiled, took the schoolbag and put it on his back.

  The basketball court was near the school gate. Jin Qishan placed his schoolbag beside the court and kept looking at the direction of the school gate.

  Zhang Dongshan greeted Jin Qishan to come over to play: “Qishan, what are you looking at? Come and play.”

  Jin Qishan turned his back to Zhang Dongshan and said, “You wait, I’ll rest.”

  Yao Yuan from the next class smiled: “It hasn’t started yet. I just started to rest. Dongshan, your friend is so funny.”

  After a few minutes, a girl with a high ponytail and fan schoolbag, riding a pink bicycle, appeared in Jin Qishan’s sight.

  Jin Qishan laughed, happily made a shot, and turned around and said, “Come here.”

  Later, everyone knew that Jin Qishan had a habit of playing basketball, so he would take a break next to the court.

  For this reason, I was ridiculed by the people who played with it. It was too empty.

  When Su Xiaoxiao arrived home, Grandma Su happened to be cooking in the kitchen. As soon as she looked up, she saw Su Xiaoxiao coming home by bike alone. At that time, Grandma Su was still a little wondering why Jin Qishan didn’t come back together.

  For many days, Su Xiaoxiao came back alone. Grandma Su thought to herself, okay, did the two children quarrel?

  During the meal, Grandma Su asked Su Xiaoxiao: “Xiaoxiao, are you having trouble with Xiaoshan?”

  Su Xiaoxiao was a little confused, where did Grandma Su infer the conclusion.

  ”No, what’s the matter?”

  ”These days, I haven’t seen you and Xiaoshan come back together. It’s not a tumult, what is it?”

  Su Xiaoxiao smiled, “He stayed after school to play basketball. I’ll be back first.”

  ”Oh, it’s fine if there is no conflict.” Grandma Su was relieved, “Let him come over for dinner on weekends and I will cook him rib soup.” After

  Jin Yongzhong came back from the army, he took the money from the army . Started a business. After a few years, business hasn’t improved. Dong Xiaohong’s monthly salary is enough to buy cosmetics and clothes. Therefore, the Jin family now lives frugally.


  Many female aunts in the class have already come, but Su Xiaoxiao and Shen Hua have not yet come.

  In physical education class, girls who come to the aunt do not need to run. Shen Hua is most afraid of running 400 meters, so he expects his aunt to come quickly. Unexpectedly, hers hadn’t come yet, but Su Xiaoxiao had come.

  In the afternoon, during the last music class, Su Xiaoxiao suddenly felt that his pants were a little wet. Suddenly I felt that something was wrong, and the long-lost aunt seemed to have really come.

  Su Xiaoxiao pouted and writhed on the bench, thinking that she was wearing light-colored slacks. It must be dirty now. How can she go home later.

  ”Weihua, I seem to be my aunt, please go to the commissary to help me buy sanitary napkins, okay?” Su Xiaoxiao whispered, lying next to Shen Hua’s ear.

  ”Ah? Are you really here?” Shen Wei was surprised and a little scared. “But I haven’t bought that. What should I say later?”

  Su Xiaoxiao: “When you get to the commissary, you will let Auntie Just take a pack of sanitary napkins.”

  Shen Hua hesitated: “What if someone else hears it?”

  Su Xiaoxiao: “It’s okay, it’s not a shame to buy sanitary napkins.”

  Shen Hua was still very scared: “But, I still don’t dare.”

  Su Xiaoxiao sighed: “It’s okay, then I will buy it myself later.”

  Shen Hua was a little worried: “Can you go by yourself? Does your stomach hurt?”

  Su Xiao Xiao: “It’s okay, it doesn’t hurt.”

After Su Xiaoxiao and Shen Wei had finished talking, she turned around and said to Jin Qishan: “Xiaoshan, take off your coat and give it to me.”

  Jin Qishan took off obediently and said, “What do you want the clothes for?”

  ”It’s useful.”

  Shen Wei didn’t understand. Question: “What do you want Jin Qishan’s clothes for?”

  Su Xiaoxiao explained: ” Auntie got on her pants, so she needs to wear her clothes under the crotch.”

  Su Xiaoxiao wore a white doll collar shirt, which was too short and too transparent. No, I can’t cover my butt.

  As he was talking, the bell rang after class, and everyone packed their schoolbags and was ready to go home. Su Xiaoxiao sat in his seat, ready to stand up after everyone had gone.

  At this time, Jin Qishan said: “Su Xiaoxiao, why are you still not leaving?”

  Su Xiaoxiao’s

  novel : “I have to wait, you can go first.” Jin Qishan was holding the basketball. Although he had doubts in his heart, he didn’t think so much. Let’s play ball first.

  Within a few minutes, only Su Xiaoxiao and Shen Hua were left in the classroom.

  Su Xiaoxiao stood up, Shen Hua took a look, and sure enough, the pants were dirty, and the bright red color was very obvious.

  Su Xiaojun Jin Qishan’s clothes were pinned around his waist to block the stain.

  Seeing that Su Xiao’s pants were so dirty, Shen Hua said, “I’ll buy you one.”

  Su Xiaoxiao asked, “Can you really do it?”


  Hua nodded heavily: “Yes.” Jin Qishan As soon as I walked downstairs to the teaching building, I felt that something was wrong with Su Xiaoxiao today. He asked him to borrow clothes, and he was lingering after school. So, he let Zhang Dongshan go first, and he came back to see what happened.

  As soon as I got upstairs, I saw Shen Hua running out of the classroom in a panic and down another staircase. what happened? When he walked towards the teacher, he saw Su Xiaoxiao sitting in his seat alone.

  Jin Qishan lay at the window: “Su Xiaoxiao, what’s wrong with you?”

  The aunt came, Su Xiaoxiao’s mood was inexplicably low. Jin Qishan came back when he was so embarrassed, she just wanted to chase him away now.

  ”It’s nothing, you can go quickly.”

  ” You quarreled with Shen Hua? Did she make you angry? I think she ran over there?”

  Su Xiaoxiao’s tone was a little bad: “You are really annoying, ask then Why do you do more? She went shopping for me and you made me angry.” After

  Jin Qishan was sent away by Su Xiaoxiao, he was still a little unsure. What did Shen Hua buy for Su Xiaoxiao? Jin Qishan couldn’t help but automatically went to the canteen, and at a glance he saw Shen Hua who was crying in the corner.

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