SFYV: Ch 23

In the first middle school graded by grades, Su Xiaoxiao and Jin Qishan were put into the same class—the first grade (1) of junior high school.

  On the day of school, Su Xiaoxiao and Jin Qishan casually found a seat to sit down, and then began to pack the newly issued books.

  At this time, a nice voice came from the opposite side: “Excuse me, is there anyone sitting in front of you?”

  ”No.” Su Xiaoxiao looked up, and saw the girl’s skin like fat, her eyes streaming, like a fairy.

  The girl smiled: “Then I will sit here.”

  Su Xiaoxiao was stunned by the girl’s beauty. She had never seen such a beautiful girl: “You, sit down.” The

  girl smiled and said, “Thank you.” Then , Put the school bag on the table and started to pack things.

  When the girl sat down, Su Xiaoxiao immediately hit Jin Qishan with her arm, and whispered: “The girl in front is so

  beautiful .” Jin Qishan glanced at Su Xiaoxiao suspiciously, thinking that others were beautiful. What was she excited about?

  ”Really, I didn’t lie to you.” Seeing Jin Qishan’s puzzled expression, Su Xiaoxiao thought he didn’t believe it.

  Su Xiaoxiao poked the girl in front of her back, and the girl turned her head.

  Su Xiaoxiao: “Hello, my name is Su Xiaoxiao, what is your name.”

  ”My name is Shen Hua.”

  Shen Hua’s voice was soft, and it sounded very comfortable. Su Xiaoxiao said directly: “Your name is so nice, and your words are nice.”

  Shen Hua was a little shy, and smiled, Su Xiao’s smile became so careful.

  Why is there such a beautiful and cute girl? I really want to hold her in his arms and rub it.

  After Shen Hua said a few words, he turned around again to pack his things.

  Su Xiaoxiao smiled idiotly and said to Jin Qishan: “Did you just see it? Isn’t it pretty? She is called Shen Hua, and she has a nice name. I have a female goose also called this name…”

  Speaking of which, Su Xiao Xiao stopped suddenly.

  Yes, she has a female goose named Shen Hua, could this Shen Hua be her female goose?

  Thinking about it this way, Su Xiaoxiao felt more and more possible.

  Having been in this world for four years, Su Xiaoxiao almost forgot that she was a book wearer. Forget that there is also a female protagonist named Shen Hua and a male protagonist named Shen Yi in this world.

  The novel was written from the high school life of the male and female lead, so the life before high school only used a few strokes to summarize.

  so. Su Xiaoxiao also didn’t remember where the heroine went to junior high school.

  Unexpectedly, she was in the same class as Shen Hua. Shen Hua, but her favorite goose! ! !

  Chapter 22   Hua Hua Hua Hua, Hua Hua, Hua Hua Hua Hua …

  ”Little.” When

Su Xiaoxiao heard someone calling her, she looked back at Zang Xiaoya. She smiled and said politely: “Are you in this class?”

  In fact, Su Xiaoxiao and Zang Xiaoya are not very familiar, because Zang Xiaoya gives her a feeling of arrogance and despise, so she rarely interacts with Zang Xiaoya. touch.

  I remember, not long after she arrived in Class 3 (2), Zang Xiaoya brought kumquats and said, “Su Xiaoxiao heard that you came from a big city, do you know this? I promise you haven’t seen it.”

  Su Xiaoxiao’s

  novel : “Isn’t this kumquat?” Zang Xiaoya blushed, and argued, “No, this is not kumquat.”

  Su Xiaoxiao didn’t want to fight with a child, so she said, “Okay. Then it’s not kumquat, then what is it?”

  Zang Xiaoya raised her head and said, “It’s not kumquat, and I won’t tell you what it is.”

  After that, Zang Xiaoya left proudly.

  At that time, neither Wang Xiaoxia nor Dai Lainan had seen kumquat, and they were still discussing what it was.

  Su Xiaoxiao thinks about it now that it’s ridiculous. Fortunately, she was the one who had seen Kumquat, otherwise Zang Xiaoya would laugh at it.

  Zang Xiaoya said, “I’m very happy to be in the same class with you again.”

  Su Xiaoxiao was stunned, but she didn’t expect Zang Xiaoya to say something like this. So, she also politely said: “I am very happy too, and can be classmates with you again.”

  In fact, Zang Xiaoya is not happy, and she doesn’t like Su Xiaoxiao either. Because before Su Xiaoxiao arrived in their class, she and Cai Meng had reached a balance. Cai Meng is good at Chinese, she is good at math, and the total scores of the two are about the same. The teacher also likes her very much, as much as she likes Cai Meng.

  Moreover, she and Cai Meng look similar. Some people say that she looks better than Cai Meng, and some people say that

Cai Meng is more beautiful than her. In her heart, of course she looks better than Cai Meng.

  However, since Su Xiaoxiao came, this balance has been broken. Su Xiaoxiao has better grades and looks better than them. These are no longer needed for comparison, but recognized.

  No one praised her for her grades anymore, and nobody praised her for being beautiful. Everyone’s attention was on Su Xiaoxiao.

  However, these have passed. In the summer vacation, she hired a tutor to make up lessons at home, and she wanted to surpass Su Xiaoxiao in junior high school.

  Zang Xiaoya saw an empty seat in front of Jin Qishan and asked, “Is anyone sitting here? If no one is sitting, I will sit here?”

  Shen Hua heard it, raised her head and smiled and said, “No, you can sit.”

  Zang Xiaoya saw it. Shen Hua looked so good-looking, and his face changed suddenly. However, it quickly returned to normal.

  She thinks that she is beautiful, and her grades are not necessarily better than hers. Now there is only one person she hates, and that is Su Xiaoxiao.

  So she sat down and started chatting with Shen Hua.

  Su Xiaoxiao saw that Shen Hua and Zang Xiaoya had a very happy chat, and she was a little bit disappointed. Her goose is so strange to her, but so passionate about others.

  Cai Meng came a little late, and there were not too many places left, so she just found one and sat down in a seat with a boy at the same table.

  Su Xiaoxiao Lian Xiangxiyu’s instinct came out again: “

  Xiaoshan , you see Xiao Mengmeng is sitting with no one, do you want to rescue her?” Jin Qishan was speechless, wondering why Su Xiaoxiao always put him and Cai Moe linked together.

  Jin Qishan said directly, “What about her, what do you care about me?” After

  a while, a middle-aged man came in.

  While writing his name on the blackboard, he introduced himself: “Classmates, my name is Wang Qing, and I am your head teacher and math teacher. For the next three years, I will be responsible for all aspects of your study and life. Question. I hope we can cooperate and help each other.”

  Then, Wang Qing started to roll the call and found that the students were all here. He went on to say that everyone sits first according to the current seat, and waits until next week that the teachers and students are familiar with each other, and then re-arrange the seats.

  Su Xiaoxiao took a look. In addition to Zang Xiaoya and Cai Meng who are her primary school classmates, there are also two boys in this class. One of them is Xu Hao and the other is Wang Jun. However, Su Xiaoxiao is not too familiar with them.

  Zang Xiaoya also looked at her classmates in the next class. In addition to knowing Su Xiaoxiao, Jin Qishan, and Cai Meng, she also knew Xu Hao and Wang Jun. They were all people in Class 6 (2) with very good grades.

  The first grade (1) class is an experimental class in the first middle school. The class gathers the best students in the county, and the teachers are also the best teachers in the county.

  One morning, Su Xiaoxiao gave paper to a new schoolbag and got to know the teachers and classmates, and the time was about to pass.

  When it was time for lunch, Jin Qishan stood up and called Su Xiaoxiao, and said, “Let’s go to the cafeteria for dinner.”

  Su Xiao Novel: “Wait.”

  Then, she patted Shen Hua on the shoulder, “Someone met at noon. Do you eat together?”

  Shen Hua nodded and said, “I will eat with Xiao Ya at noon.”

  ”Or, shall we?” Su Xiaoxiao blinked, “I, you, Xiao Ya, and Jin Qishan, We are just sitting at the same table, how about?”

  Zang Xiaoya looked at Cai Meng who was waiting at the door, and said, “It doesn’t seem to be possible, because we are already with three people.”

  Su Xiaoxiao looked at Cai Meng, then looked at Cai Meng again. Looking at Shen Hua, I was even more disappointed. She also really wants to eat with her Hua Hua!

  At noon in the cafeteria, Jin Qishan is helping Su Xiaoxiao prepare soup.

  He heard the two girls next to them, discussing them whisperingly.

  A girl said: “Have you seen that boy and girl have dinner together and help her make soup. What is their relationship?”

  Another girl said: “It must not be that kind of relationship. You see that boy is so ugly, and girl is so ugly. How can he be beautiful?”

  Jin Qishan’s hand shook the soup, and the soup almost spilled out.

  All afternoon, Jin Qishan was depressed, obviously because he was concerned about the ugly things that others told him.

  Because not only they said he was ugly, Su Xiaoxiao also said before, what else did she say at that time? It seems that he asked him to drink more milk, otherwise he will be over…

  Jin Qishan looked at himself and Su Xiaoxiao, who was 160cm tall, and was even more unhappy.

  The twelve to thirteen age, during the rainy season, boys and girls have the most cognition of themselves and the opposite sex.

  Jin Qishan is no exception, he began to examine his appearance. He hadn’t thought about this before, just thinking about good grades. Now, he also felt that he looked a little shabby.

  Where did Su Xiaoxiao know Jin Qishan’s careful thoughts, her attention was focused on Shen Hua.

  ”Wuhua, do you drink yogurt?”

  ”Wuhua, do you eat grilled sausage?”

  ”   Wuhua, can you go to the bathroom?”


Jin Qishan could hear Su Xiaoxiao calling Shen Hua’s name eight hundred times a day , He said impatiently: “Why don’t you sit with Shen

  Wei .” Su Xiaoxiao didn’t hear Jin Qishan mocking her, and he was actually considering this matter seriously.

  She was a little embarrassed: “If I sit with

  Huahua, what do you do? And I don’t know whether Huahua would like to be with me?” Jin Qishan was impatient and didn’t want to talk to Su Xiaoxiao.

  During class, the tips of Shen Hua’s hair rested on Su Xiao’s desk.

  Su Xiaoxiao touched Shen Hua’s hair, feeling that she was worthy of being the heroine. She was born beautiful and could not give up, even her hair was so delicate.

  Su Xiaoxiao began to shout to Shen Hua again: “Hua Hua, do you usually use conditioner or hair mask or something?”

  ”No, my mother said that children can’t use it.” Shen Hua kept smiling when he spoke.

  Su Xiaoxiao pouted her mouth and said with envy: “Your hair is really good, long and smooth, black and dense.”

  Shen Hua was embarrassed: “Little, you are so cute, do you like to praise others so much?”

  Jin Qishan listened. After that, he snorted disdainfully.

  Shen Hua was a little scared of Jin Qishan, and asked in a low voice: “Little, why is Jin Qishan a little unhappy?”

  Su Xiaoxiao waved his hand: “Don’t worry about him, he is born with a bad face.”

  ”Ah, there are such people.” Shen Hua was surprised, “I thought he hated me.”

  Su Xiao said cautiously, “You are so cute, why would anyone hate you?”

  Shen Hua didn’t. Feeling embarrassed, he lowered his head and smiled, then turned his head.

  The Emperor lives up to his heart.

  If there is a will, everything will come true.

  Through continuous efforts, Su Xiaoxiao kept sending food, drink, and accompany to the toilet…In

  less than a day, Su Xiaoxiao and Shen Hua became good friends who could talk about everything.

  When school is over in the afternoon, Jin Qishan pretends to ask casually: “What kind of boy do you think is more handsome?”

  ”Wide shoulders, narrow waist and long legs.” When it comes to handsome boys, Su Xiaoxiao can’t help but think of Shen Ye, and don’t know. When will I meet the male lead?

  Jin Qishan was silent. He thought of the comics that Su Xiaoxiao watched recently, in which the boys were all of this type and were tall.

  He pretended to ask inadvertently: “Drinking milk can really grow taller?”

  ”Of course.” Su Xiaoshu, “You have to cooperate with sports. It is best to play basketball and stretch. The longer you stretch, the longer you get. Pull higher.”

  Jin Qishan listened carefully, remembering silently.

  The next day, the new military training began.

  Su Xiaoxiao, Shen Hua, Zang Xiaoya, and Cai Meng are all about the same height, so they all stand in the same row.


  One week after the military training, Wang Qing had almost felt the bottom of the classmates, and began to arrange seats.

  Wang Qing saw that everyone was sitting pretty well, so he was ready to make fine adjustments. Adjusted the taller one back and the short one forward.

  And because the No. 1 Middle School did not allow boys and girls to sit together in order to prevent premature love, Su Xiaoxiao and Jin Qishan were separated. Also disassembled are Cai Meng and Zhang Dongshan.

  Wang Qing arranged for Jin Qishan and Zhang Dongshan to sit together, and Su Xiaoxiao and Cai Meng to sit together. The seats of the others remained unchanged.

  At this time, Zang Xiaoya suddenly stood up and said: “Teacher, why don’t I sit with Cai Meng, she and I are elementary school classmates, we are more familiar.” The

  reason Zang Xiaoya said this is because she now hates Shen Weibi . I hate Su Xiaoxiao a lot. During the military training, the others were all dark, only Shen Hua became whiter and brighter with the sunburnt. I was next to her, completely set off.

  Two days ago, when they went to the cafeteria together, a boy asked Shen Hua for a phone number or a deduction in front of her. Not only that, but students from other classes who knew each other also asked her to help Shen Hua hand over notes.

What made her most unbearable was that Su Xiaoxiao, like a pug, praised Shen Hua and bought delicious food for Shen Hua…

  She didn’t understand why everyone only saw Shen Hua!

  Therefore, after Wang Qing obtained the consent of the parties, Zang Xiaoya and Cai Meng sat together. Then, Su Xiaoxiao took the position before Zang Xiaoya, and Zhang Dongshan took the position before Su Xiaoxiao.

  For a while, Su Xiaoxiao didn’t know if he should thank Zang Xiaoya for her accomplishment and let her get what she wanted.

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