SFYV: Ch 22

Looking at the mountain of classmates in front of Su Xiaoxiao, Jin Qishan was a little unhappy.

  He opened his classmates: “Who are these people? Do you know? Why do they come to you to write? Still a boy…”

  Su Xiaoxiao looked at the photo of the boy on the cover and said, “I don’t know, these are all Said Wang Xiaoxia gave it to me.”

  Jin Qishan pulled her face and said, ” Did she collect money from others? So positive.”

  Su Xiaoxiao buried his head and wrote: “Why are you so strange today, talking yin and yang.”

  Jin Qishan blushed instantly. , Almost jumped up anxiously: “Who, who is yin and yang strange? Me, I see these things are piled on my desk, affecting my reading.”

  ”Oh.” Su Xiaoxiao took a look, and his classmates recorded one. Most of them were placed on Jin Qishan’s table. She moved her hands together, and they all came to her desk.

  ”Have you bought a classmate record?” Jin Qishan asked casually, pretending to be.

  Su Xiaoxiao: “I didn’t buy it.”

  Jin Qishan: “Why didn’t you buy it?”

  Su Xiaoxiao went through so many separations from elementary school to university, from the real world to the world in this book. Now this small promotion is really nothing to her. Moreover, 90% of everyone will still be given to the school at the same time, it’s just a different class. What’s the difference?

  Su Xiaoxiao: “Why should I buy it? I have such a good memory. After a few decades, I will still remember what you look like. Did you buy it?”

  Jin Qishan stuffed his hand into the table hole, panicking. He said, “No, I didn’t buy it. I didn’t buy it.”

  Su Xiaoxiao didn’t notice Jin Qishan’s abnormality, so he pulled out a stack of exactly the same photos from his bag and posted them one by one on the classmate’s record.

  Jin Qishan: “You don’t even know them, and you still record and paste photos of their classmates?”

  Su Xiaoxiao felt that Jin Qishan said a lot today. She pointed to the place where her classmates posted the photos, and said, “Did you not see? Here, they all wrote in pencil-‘Please Su Xiaoxiao to post the photos.'”

  Jin Qishan glanced at it and muttered in a low voice: “Ill-intentioned.”

  Later, in the junior high school exam in S County, Su Xiaoxiao won the first place in the county, and Jin Qishan won the fourth place in the county.

  When Jin Yongzhong heard the news, he smiled so happily for the first time, almost all his teeth were exposed.

  Before, he only heard Dong Xiaohong say that Xiaoshan’s grades were not very good. Later, after sitting with Xiaoxiao, he improved, but he didn’t expect it to improve so much.

  Recently, his business has been sluggish, and Xiaoshan has given him a bite.

  Jin Yongzhong happily patted Xiaoshan on the shoulder: “Son, do you have any gifts you want? I said that my dad will buy it for you.”

  Jin Qishan wanted to say that he wanted a computer, but he also knew Jin Yongzhong recently. In the bad business, even the 500 yuan given to him every month before has been reduced to 100. At this time, it was indeed difficult for him to ask his family to spend a few thousand dollars to buy a computer.

  Jin Qishan shook his head: “No.”

  Jin Yongzhong touched Jin Qishan’s head, feeling mixed. Xiaoshan in his family is really sensible. Why did everyone say that Xiaoshan is not obedient?

  After the results came out, Jin Qishan wanted to ask which school Su Xiaoxiao was going to attend. The first middle school is the best but a little far away, and the second middle school is close but not as good as the second middle school.

  Jin Qishan wanted to go to the first middle school, but if Su Xiaoxiao wanted to go to the second middle school, he would also go.

  At dinner in the evening, Jin Yongzhong also asked: “Xiaoshan, which school are you going to go to? I heard people say that the first middle school is better. If you go, dad will buy you a bicycle.”

  Jin Qishan said, “I haven’t Think about it.” In the

  evening, Jin Qishan wanted to ask Su Xiaoxiao’s thoughts. As a result, Su Xiaoxiao was taking a bath, so Grandma Su asked Jin Qishan to go into the house and play on the computer.

  Jin Qishan sat in front of the computer, listening to Grandpa Su and Grandma Su talking outside.

  Grandpa Su: “When will Xiaoxiao leave?”

  Grandma Su: “Junhua hasn’t had a holiday yet. When the holiday is over, I will pick Xiaoxiao back.”

  Grandpa Su: “Little, junior high school is really not here anymore?”

  Grandma Su: ” That’s what Little Mom said. However, according to Junhua’s intention, he still wants to continue his Ph. People can’t take care of Xiaoxiao.”

  Grandpa Su: “Then chant in my hometown, isn’t it good here. Look at Xiaoxiao’s results, and there will be no problem with Q and B in the future.”

  Grandma Su: “That’s right, I also want Xiaoxiao to be here, but can we do things for others? Xinyu is Xiaoxiao’s mother, and she should want Xiaoxiao to go to school next to her. “

  ” Oh. “Grandpa Su sighed and said nothing.

  Grandma Su followed with a sigh.

  Then, Grandpa Su and Grandma Su sat on the sofa and sighed together.

  Su Xiaoxiao came out of the shower and saw Jin Qishan sitting on the computer. Before

  she was in a daze. She shook her hand in front of Jin Qishan: “What are you in a daze? Why not play on the computer? “

  Jin Qishan came back to his senses and looked at Su Xiaoxiao quietly. He always knew that Su Xiaoxiao would go back to N City on vacation, but he never thought that she might go back to school.

  Su Xiaoxiao frowned and squinted. Head: “What’s wrong with you? Where does it hurt? “

  Jin Qishan stood up: “No, your hair is still dripping.” “

  ”Oh. “Su Xiaoxiao wiped the tips of her hair with a towel. At this moment, she was hanging on her, and there was a sound of ticking news.

  Su Xiaoxiao sat down and threw the towel to Jin Qishan: “I’ll get back to the news, you Wipe it for me. “

  Jin Qishan picked up Su Xiaoxiao’s hair, wrapped it in a towel, and wiped it gently. After the hair stopped dripping, he wiped the towel from the top of his head to the end.

  Every time he wiped it, his heart would turn back and forth.

  A mouthful of air pressure couldn’t come in my heart. Su Xiaoxiao felt Jin Qishan’s low air pressure: “Xiaoshan, what’s wrong with you?” bad mood? “

  Which school are you going to go to?” “Jin Qishan answered the wrong question.

  Su Xiao’s novel easily: “I will go to which school you go to.” Which one do you want to be on? “

  Hearing the answer, Jin Qishan felt sore, and his breathless feeling became more serious. He didn’t know if Su Xiaoxiao still didn’t know, or didn’t want to tell him.

  At night, Jin Qishan suffered from insomnia, and it was Su Xiaoxiao who opened his eyes and closed his eyes. appearance.

  in case, see later how to do?

  The next day, Jin Qishan pulled out the classmates he bought before from the drawer.

  Su Xiaoxiao saw that Jin Qishan took this classmate to record, was very surprised: “Whose is this?”

  Jin Qishan: “Mine.”

  Su Xiaoxiao’s eyes widened in disbelief. It took a long time before she chuckled.

  ”You asked me to write too?”

  Jin Qishan nodded.

  ”Hey, why did you buy the classmates now? You have graduated, who else do you want to write.”

  Su Xiaoshu sighed, “Oh, I seem to be the only one who can write for you.” Jin Qishan whispered: “You alone are enough.”

  ”What?” Su Xiaoxiao said without

  hearing clearly, “Oh, it’s a pity that Xiao Mengmeng is not there, otherwise I will let her write on the first page.” Jin Qishan was speechless: “You mentioned her again. What are you doing?”

  ”If you don’t mention her, who to mention?” Su Xiao

  thief smiled , “Oh, all right, don’t think I don’t know.” Jin Qishan became anxious and leaned forward: “What else do you know?”

  Su Xiaoxiao didn’t. He teased him and said: “Okay, okay, I won’t talk about it.”

  Then, Su Xiaoxiao wrote “Jin Qishan’s good friend” in the column of relations, and then handed the classmate to Jin Qishan.

  Jin Qishan refused to answer, and said unhappily: “Photo.”

  Su Xiaoxiao flipped out the photo from his bag, then applied glue on the back, and affixed it with a “pop”. Then, she closed the classmates and stuffed it into Jin Qishan’s arms.

  A few years later, when Jin Qishan opened the classmates of Su Xiaoxiao alone, he severely scratched off the word “zi”.


  When they graduated, Su Xiaoxiao and Jin Qishan both received an invitation from the Experimental Primary School, asking them to go back to school to give lectures to the students, to teach them their learning experience, and to cheer for them.

  Jin Qishan didn’t like this kind of occasion, so he refused. After Yao Yulian learned about it, she took out her teacher’s air and persuaded Jin Qishan to make some contribution to her alma mater.

  Jin Qishan laughed at himself and said to Su Xiaoxiao: “Unexpectedly, one day I could stand in front of the national flag and give a speech to my classmates as a student representative. Also, Yao Yulian asked me to go. No, I won’t go.”

  Su Xiaoxiao knew that Jin Qishan had never forgiven Yao Yulian. Her words and deeds used to be like a sharp sword, deeply pierced in his heart.

  Su Xiaoxiao originally wanted to support Jin Qishan not to go. However, she changed her mind again, why not go?

  ”Go, of course gotta go. If not, how can we teach our dear teacher Yao a lesson? “

  Jin Qishan: “Huh? “

  Su Xiaoxiao: “At that time, we will be like this…”

  On the day of the speech, Yao Yulian saw Su Xiaoxiao and Jin Qishan and embraced them enthusiastically.

  Then introduced to the parents around him: “These two, one is called Su Xiaoxiao, One Jin Qishan was a student I had brought before. Xiaoxiao passed the first exam in the county this time. Xiaoshan was ranked fourth in the county. “The

  parent complimented: “Ms. Yao is amazing, he deserves to be a super teacher, and the students he brought out are so amazing.” “

  Yao Yulian: “Let me tell you, Xiaoshan, who was originally in the bottom five in the class, you can see that his work in the past few years has become the fourth in the county…”

  Parent: “It was taught by Teacher Yao. Okay, which class will Mr. Yao teach next? My child, can you go to your class…”

  Su Xiaoxiao put his tongue out, thinking that Yao Yulian only catches students with good grades, and she doesn’t care about those with poor grades.

  When Su Xiaoxiao comes on stage, she thanks the school first. She was given this opportunity, and then she thanked the math teacher, music teacher, art teacher, and physical education teacher for their care over the

  past four years. Yao Yulian nodded and applauded while listening to Su Xiaoxiao’s words. When she started to thank the teacher, Yao Yulian’s face   She smiled on her face, thinking that the next step was to thank herself.

  Su Xiaoxiao went on to say, “I’m sorry, forget to thank…”

Yao Yulian thought, she really wants to thank her.

  Su Xiaoxiao said loudly, “Thank you for the cafeteria. Aunt Fan, if she hadn’t shaken her hands, I wouldn’t have grown so strong. Thanks to Master Zhou, the doorman, who has been in his post for more than ten years, providing us with convenience regardless of the wind and sun. Thank you Uncle Zhou for caring me sincerely over the past few years. “

  Uncle Zhou didn’t know Su Xiaoxiao, but tears were flying when he heard Su Xiaoxiao thanking him.

  Yao Yulian pursed her lips and frowned, her face a little unpleasant.

  Su Xiaoxiao added: “I have to thank the little flower dog in the school. Without it, I might not have done so well in the exam. Whenever I am in a bad mood and not motivated, I am happy to see her.”

  The students underneath couldn’t hold it back, they all laughed. On the school playground, I don’t know when a stray flower dog came, and was later adopted by the school’s logistics teacher. Good personality and good relationship with classmates.

  Yao Yulian’s face was already dark.

  Then, Su Xiaoxiao said something to cheer up the younger brothers and younger sisters, and ended the speech.

  The content of Jin Qishan’s speech was similar to that of Su Xiaoxiao. He thanked everyone a lot, except for Yao Yulian.

  There were some talking voices next to him: “Isn’t Teacher Yao their head teacher? Why didn’t they talk about Teacher Yao?”

  ”I think they are like this, it seems that they deliberately did not mention Teacher Yao. Look at the school’s Ahuadu mentioned, not to mention Yao teacher …… “

  ” Mr. Yao done a thing, let them keep the pain to graduate? ” “

  I told Yao before when a teacher at the office, and also to listen to her parents called, and do not let Jin Qishan Let’s play together…”

  ”My God, can Teacher Yao do something like this?”

  ”Ms. Yao is more concerned about the grades of middle school students…”

  ”Oh, but this is the most brilliant one taught by Mr. Yao, right… …”

  ”Shhh, don’t say

  anything . Didn’t you see that Teacher Yao’s face is about to turn into pig liver?” Yao Yulian couldn’t hold her face, and left when she heard halfway, she cursed Su Xiaoxiao and Jin Qishan at the eighteenth generation of ancestors. .

  These two children are so crazy, let’s see when they can be crazy.

  Jin Qishan saw Yao Yulian leave with a black face on the stage, and a faint excitement arose in his heart.

  Maybe this way of revenge is not wise, and it may not hurt Yao Yulian a bit, but he is still very happy. Perhaps what made him more happy was that this was an action with Su Xiaoxiao, an action by Su Xiaoxiao for him.

  Finally, Jin Qishan stood on the stage, looked at Su Xiaoxiao below, and said: “Everyone may know that I did not do well before. At that time I encountered helplessness and hesitation, and even doubted myself. At this time, there was someone Tell me, if you want to prove yourself, you have to rely on strength. Most of us are ordinary people. If you want to get good grades, there is no other way, only to spend more time and harder than others. Entering the door, the practice is personal. I hope that the students present here will cherish their time and redouble their efforts. Only work hard.

I will never let you

  down …” When Jin Qishan stepped down, Su Xiaoxiao enthusiastically told him how Yao Yulian walked away with a dark face. In fact, he saw all of them, but he didn’t interrupt Su Xiaoxiao. After listening to her with a smile,

  Su Xiao’s novel was over, and he asked, “Is it cool? “

  Jin Qishan stared at her, smiled and said, “Shuang. “


  Within a few days, Su Junhua came back to pick up Su Xiaoxiao and returned to the city. Before leaving, Su Junhua wanted to pack all Su Xiaoxiao’s things and take it home, but Su Xiaoxiao did not agree.

  Su Xiaoxiao’s novel : “I think Reading junior high school in s county. “

  Su Junhua smiled slightly: “The education in city n is better.” “

  Su Xiaoxiao asked back: “If education is good, will it be suitable for me?” Then why did my results in n city fail? Is the result in s city better? “

  Su Junhua was so speechless that Su Xiao’s novels really made sense.

  ” “

  Su Xiaoxiao nodded and decided to persuade Wu Xinyu after he went back.

  When he left, Su Xiaoxiao didn’t know that a young man had been watching her back in silence in a small window on the second floor. When he

  arrived in city n, Su Xiaoxiao So she said her own thoughts.

  Wu Xinyu didn’t speak, because Su Xiao’s novels were exactly the key points of her entanglement. She had also been hesitating whether the education in N City was suitable for Su Xiaoxiao.

  However, she hoped that she could accompany Su Little growth. In the

  end, it was Su Xiaoxiao who persuaded Wu

  Xinyu to continue to study in s county. The summer passed quickly. Before the junior high school registration, Su Junhua returned with Su Xiaoxiao.

  Su Xiaoxiao and Jin Qishan together , Reported to the first middle school. But Wang Xiaoxia, Dai Lainan, and Feng Zihao chose the second middle school that is closer to home.

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