STYV: Ch 21

On the bus, Su Junhua sat next to Su Xiaoxiao. In the three-hour drive, the two were almost speechless.

  In view of this situation, Su Xiaoxiao had already anticipated that he might be very unhappy in city n, without even a single person to speak.

  When they arrived in city n, Wu Xinyu was already waiting for them at the station. Seeing Su Xiaoxiao’s moment, Wu Xinyu ran over quickly and hugged Su Xiaoxiao in his arms, both kissing and hurting.

  Compared to Wu Xinyu’s tears streaming down his face, Su Xiaoxiao was much calmer. After all, the daughter is a real daughter, but the mother is not a real mother.

  After arriving home, Su Xiaoxiao knew that Su Junhua and Wu Xinyu lived in the staff dormitory of the hospital. They didn’t actually buy a house? They don’t know how expensive the house prices in city n will be in the future.

  Su Xiaoxiao is heartbroken, thinking that he must persuade Su Junhua and Wu Xinyu to buy two more apartments.

  This staff dormitory has two bedrooms and a small study room. When passing by the entrance of the study, Su Xiaoxiao accidentally caught a glimpse of a desktop computer! Unexpectedly, there is a desktop computer in the Su’s study room!

  The computer was bought by Su Junhua some time ago. Now schools and hospitals use computers in a lot of places, so he bought a computer and went home to practice.

  Su Xiaoxiao hurried in, stroking the computer with both hands, her voice trembling with excitement: “Dad, do you usually play on the computer?”

  Wu Xinyu smiled, “What’s so fun about the computer? Your dad practice typing occasionally.”

  Su Xiaoxiao was so excited that she jumped up.

  Su Junhua has just started to learn computer, and is still in the stage of working hard in Wubi. Therefore, the computer is just a learning tool for him, and it is meaningless.

  However, for Su Xiaoxiao, the computer is her spiritual food. So, when she saw the computer, her eyes were straight.

  Su Xiaoxiao desperately suppressed the frantically raised corners of her mouth, and lied: “Mom, I also learned computer in school, can I use it?”

  Wu Xinyu didn’t know how to use computers and didn’t know what computers could do. Hearing that Su Xiaoshu had learned computers in school, he agreed to use them.

  Su Xiaoxiao turned on the computer proficiently, and heard the familiar and wonderful startup sound, Su Xiaoxiao was about to fly happily.

  On weekdays, Su Junhua reads in the bedroom, Wu Xinyu goes to work in the hospital, and Su Xiaoxiao hides in the study and plays computer wildly.

  Because Wu Xinyu needs to be on duty, he can’t go back to his hometown to celebrate the New Year. So the Su family stayed in N City with a family of three, and spent a year in a simple and warm manner, saving even the activities of visiting relatives for New Year greetings.

  Throughout the winter vacation, Su Xiaoxiao dominated the computer, as if a mouse fell into a rice tank and was very comfortable.

  Soon, the winter vacation is coming to an end, Su Xiaoxiao and Su Junhua are about to start school, Su Xiaoxiao is a little reluctant to bear the computer.

  It just so happened that the day before sending Su Xiaoxiao back to s County, Su Junhua asked her if she had anything she wanted.

  Su Xiaoxiao drummed up his courage and said, “Dad, do I want a computer too?”

  Su Junhua was taken aback, then smiled at Wu Xinyu and said, “I said Xiaoxiao has a talent for playing computers. Listening to her typing in the room every day, the speed is fast.”

  Wu Xinyu also smiled: ” Maybe Xiaoxiao can still be a computer typist in the future.”

  Su Xiaoxiao was surprised by the conversation between the two. It has to be stunned. I’m afraid I will disappoint the two of you. There will be no position as a computer typist in the future.

  After smiling, Su Junhua seriously asked Su Xiaoxiao: “Why do you want a computer?”

  Su Xiaoxiao had prepared the reason. She said: “A few days ago, I followed the video on the Internet and learned English. Many. Even when I return to my grandmother’s house, I still want to learn with the computer.”

  Su Junhua pushed down his glasses, a little surprised: “Oh? Did you learn English with the computer?”

  ”Yeah.” Su Xiaoxiao nodded, and then improvised. A paragraph of English.

  Su Xiaoxiao is fluent in English, and she is really amazed by Su Junhua and Wu Xinyu. So the two immediately agreed to buy a computer for Su Xiaoxiao.

  At night, Wu Xinyu couldn’t sleep with excitement. He felt that he had given birth to a genius, and Su Xiaoxiao was really too smart.

  In the past, when Su Xiaoxiao was in N City, his results were not very outstanding, but he was better than being obedient.

  However, since returning to s County, Su Xiaoxiao not only takes the first grade test every time, but also listens to English several times.

  Wu Xinyu was wondering, is Xiaoxiao always a genius, but he has only recently become a genius?

Education is more suitable for Su Xiaoxiao?

  Throughout the winter vacation, Su Xiaoli’s thoughts were put on the computer, and he never thought of Jin Qishan, let alone bring gifts to Jin Qishan.

  Until returning to grandma’s house and seeing the closed door of Jin’s house, Su Xiaoxiao finally thought of Jin Qishan.

  In the evening, Su Xiaoxiao came to Jin Qishan with a bag of prosperous gift bags.

  In fact, in the afternoon, Jin Qishan knew that Su Xiaoxiao was back, and he heard the noise outside.

  Then, he kept waiting, and until now, Su Xiaoxiao unexpectedly came to him now.

  Su Xiaoxiao just knocked twice before the door was opened.

  Su Xiaoxiao indefensible, the guilty conscience Want spree up to his face, lost smiles:. “Small good, which I’ll buy you a gift,”

  Jin Qishan took it, muffled voice said:. “Thank you,”

  the He had seen Wangzai’s gift package. A visitor came to Grandma Su’s house two days ago, and the visitor brought it over.

  Su Xiaoxiao sensitively sensed that Jin Qishan was not very happy. Did he not like this gift?

  Su Xiaoxiao rolled his eyes and said, “Actually, this is not a real gift. The real gift is in my house. Would you like to go and see it?”

  Jin Qishan raised his head, his eyes black and bright: “Really?”

  Su Xiaoxiao Nodded and pulled Jin Qishan’s wrist: “Come and see.”

  Su Junhua and Wu Xinyu did what they said, and they bought a computer for Su Xiaoxiao and set it up in Su Xiaoxiao’s bedroom.

  Jin Qishan had never seen a computer, and Su Xiaoxiao showed it to him when he turned it on: “This is called a computer, you can listen to music, watch videos, play games, and make friends and chat…”

  Su Xiaoxiao asked, “You have played Xiaobawang game console. Is it?”

  Jin Qishan shook his head. He didn’t even have toys at home. Where did the game console come from?

  Su Xiaoxiao also thought about how Dong Xiaohong could buy a game console for Jin Qishan. So she asked again: “Do you like watching movies?”

  Jin Qishan nodded. When he was a child, he organized watching movies in the village. After he came to S County, the school also organized two watching movies.

  ”What movies do you like to watch, I’ll show them to you.”

  ” Can you watch any movies? Is there anything you want to watch?”

  Su Xiaoxiao smiled: “Almost, you say what you want to watch.”

  Jin Qishan hasn’t watched any movies, and he doesn’t know what kind of movie he wants to watch, so he can say whatever he wants.

  Su Xiaoxiao thought, every boy should have a martial arts dream when he was a child, so she searched for classic martial arts movies in Hong Kong.

  There is only one computer chair in Su Xiaoxiao’s room, and Su Xiaoxiao sits alone and there is a large space. So, she patted the vacant place: “

  Xiaoshan , you can sit here too.” Jin Qishan stepped back restrainedly: “No, no, I just stand.”

  Su Xiaoxiao reached out and took Jin Qishan’s hand. Hand: “How do you do that?”

  Jin Qishan shrank back: “Or, maybe I’ll go and move a chair outside.”

  ”Why are you so troublesome?” Su Xiaoxiao pulled Jin Qishan aside, “Don’t be haggling.”

  Yes , the movie is about to start.” Su Xiaocao thought, what is so embarrassing about Jin Qishan as a kid?

  She didn’t know that children at this age were already gender-conscious.

  Jin Qishan and Su Xiaoxiao squeezed into the same chair, shoulder to shoulder.

  Su Xiaoxiao felt that it was a bit squeezed, so she put her arms around Jin Qishan’s shoulders and staggered the two of them slightly.

  In Su Xiaoxin, Jin Qishan was still a child, regardless of gender, so he didn’t feel anything wrong.

  So, on the last day of the third-year winter vacation, Jin Qishan watched the first Hong Kong movie in his life in Su Xiaoxiao’s room, in the same computer chair as Su Xiaoxiaowo.

  After reading it, Su Xiaoxiao asked: “Does it look good?”

  Jin Qishan looked at Su Xiaoxiao’s crooked eyes and shallow dimples at the corner of his mouth, and whispered: “It looks good.”

  Su Xiaoxiao looked at the time, already After 8 o’clock, she said: “It’s a bit late today, let’s watch other movies next time. Police and gangster movies and zombie movies are all very good, and we will watch them slowly in the future.”

  Hong Kong movies are now prosperous at this time. At that time, there were many wonderful movies that took the world by storm.

  Because of the computer, Su Xiaoxiao and Jin Qishan’s relationship has become closer. The two people gather together every weekend to watch movies and play games, and there are more topics between the two.

stand up.

  After the Chinese New Year, everyone has grown up one year and become little adults.

  As a result, after school started, many parents stopped coming to pick up their children from school. Both Wang Xiaoxia and Dai Lainan walked back by themselves. Su Xiaoxiao didn’t let Grandma Su pick her up. She went to school with Jin Qishan every day and ended school together.

  Feng Zihao likes Su Xiaoxiao, because Su Xiaoxiao is good-looking and has good grades. He wants to play with her and be a good friend. Now, watching Jin Qishan and Su Xiaoxiao’s relationship get better and better, he is a little jealous.

  He asked Luo Zhi: “Do you think Jin Qishan is handsome?”

  Luo Zhi shook his head and said disgustedly: “He looks like a monkey, not as good as I am.”

  Feng Zihao felt that Luo Zhi was right, and Jin Qishan did not look good. The grades were not good, so Su Xiaoxiao would definitely not like Jin Qishan. Thinking about it, he was happy again.

  After school, Su Xiaoxiao and Jin Qishan walked together, and Feng Zihao also chased up with his schoolbag. Along the way, I kept listening to Feng Zihao and Su Xiao’s novels.

  Jin Qishan some unhappy: “Ping Zaihao, how do you go this way, you are not at home in the east of it?”

  Feng Zaihao eyebrows a challenge, defiantly said:. “You go to my aunt home today, my aunt family lived north of the city”

  on In this way, Feng Zihao followed them all the way downstairs to Su Xiaoxiao’s house.

  After school the next day, Su Xiaoxiao and Jin Qishan had just left the school gate, and Feng Zihao followed.

  Seeing Jin Qishan staring at him, Feng Zihao immediately glared back and said arrogantly: “I’m going to my aunt’s house today.”

  Feng Zihao made Su Xiaoxiao laugh all the way, and Jin Qishan, who was silent beside him, seemed a lot more silent.

  Soon, Su Xiaoxiao and Jin Qishan arrived home. Jin Qishan asked Su Xiaoxiao to go upstairs first, and he had to buy something.

  After Su Xiaoxiao came upstairs, Jin Qishan approached Feng Zihao and said in a low voice, “Don’t follow us tomorrow, or I’ll tell Su Xiaoxiao that you found a bunch of seniors to beat me last year. You said, if Su Xiaoxiao knows that you used to find someone to beat me. Will she hate you? Will she still care for you?”

  Feng Zihao remembered. One morning Su Xiaoxiao ignored him, and instead chased after Jin Qishan and gave Jin Qishan a piece. drumstick. He was not angry, so he bribed Luo Zhi with a pack of snacks, and asked Luo Zhi to help him figure out a way to grab the chicken legs, and teach Jin Qishan by the way.

  It happened that Luo Zhi had a cousin who was in the first year of junior high school. So Luo Zhi asked his cousin to take four or five classmates, and blocked Jin Qishan on the road when school was over.

  Jin Qishan was also fierce. No matter how scared his cousin Luo Zhi was, he hugged his schoolbag tightly and refused to take out the drumstick. Later, a teacher from the No. 1 Middle School passed by and yelled. Cousin Luo Zhi and the others ran away in fright.

  After Su Xiaoxiao’s education, Feng Zihao already knew that it was wrong to bully people like that before. He said with a guilty conscience: “No, I didn’t hit you, I just wanted to scare you.”

  Jin Qishan curled the corner of his lips: “Since it’s a scare scare, it’s okay to tell Su Xiaoxiao.”

  ”No, no.” Feng Zihao knew. , If this matter is known to Su Xiaoxiao, Su Xiaoxiao will definitely hate him.

  Feng Zihao lowered his head: “I, I have already apologized to you.”

  Jin Qishan stared at him, and said word by word: “I don’t accept your apology. I just hope that you will stop following us after school. “

  After that, Jin Qishan went upstairs without waiting for Feng Zihao’s response.

  Feng Zihao unexpectedly discovered that when Jin Qishan just spoke, he was actually a little scared. It was not because of Su Xiaoxiao that I was afraid of Jin Qishan, but because of Jin Qishan’s harshness when he spoke. He is afraid of Jin Qishan!

  Later, when Su Xiaoxiao asked Feng Zihao if he was still going to his aunt’s house, Feng Zihao looked at Jin Qishan in horror, and then shook his head quickly.

  Within two days, Su Xiaoxiao and Jin Qishan met Cai Meng again on their way home. Cai Meng’s grandmother lived in the same community as them.

  Cai Meng was very happy to see Su Xiaoxiao and Jin Qishan: “It’s a coincidence that I can meet you, otherwise it would be boring for me to walk alone.” The

  thief Su glanced at Jin Qishan and saw that he was looking at Cai Meng. Su Xiaoxiao

  pursed his mouth and smirked: “Yes , if you come here again in the future, just walk with us. Xiaoshan , what do you think?” Jin Qishan nodded, “Yeah.”

  After Cai Meng left, Su Xiaoxiao took the opportunity to ridicule Jin Qishan: “When Feng Zihao walks with us, you see your face is dark. Xiao Mengmeng walks with us, and you smile with great joy. Jin Qishan, you are too double bidding!”

“When did I laugh?”

  ”I haven’t laughed yet? Just when I said that joke, your mouth was grinning to your ears.” Su Xiaoxiao wrinkled his nose at Jin Qishan.

  ”Don’t you make people laugh when you tell a joke?” Jin Qishan felt that Su Xiaoxiao’s words were inexplicable, “Really unreasonable.”

  Su Xiaoxiao was a little angry, but Jin Qishan actually said that she was unreasonable.

  ”I’m not reasonable, Xiao Mengmeng is reasonable, you go to play with Xiao Mengmeng.” After that, Su Xiaoxiao strode forward.

  Seeing that Su Xiaoxiao was unhappy, Jin Qishan hurried to catch up: “If you don’t like me talking to Cai Meng, I won’t talk to Cai Meng.”

  ”I didn’t tell you not to talk to Cai Meng. I have that. Are you stingy?” Su Xiaoxiao stopped and looked at Jin Qishan and said, “I’m just angry that you said I was unreasonable.”

  Jin Qishan coaxed in a low voice, “I’m sorry.”

  Jin Qishan apologized together, and Su Xiaoxiao felt soft. At the same time, she felt that she was still angry with the elementary school students, which was too naive.

  She quickly said: “Okay, okay, I’m not angry, let’s go home quickly.”


  Time flies quickly. In the next semester of third grade, Su Xiaoxiao is still the first in grade. Jin Qishan’s grades have gradually improved, and the ranking class is above the middle.

  Yao Yulian still wanted to separate the seats of Su Xiaoxiao and Jin Qishan, but Su Xiaoxiao was determined and only willing to sit with Jin Qishan. Therefore, Yao Yulian ranked the people she likes before and after Su Xiaoxiao. She thought that Su Xiaoxiao would be able to bring Jin Qishan’s results well, and the others would definitely be no problem. In this way, Feng Zihao and Luo Zhi were placed behind again.

  In the fourth grade, Su Xiaoxiao still occupied the throne of the first grade, and Jin Qishan also entered the top ten of the class.

  Yao Yulian has almost forgotten that she once hated Jin Qishan very much, and her attitude towards him has eased a lot.

  The students also completely forgot that they had squeezed and bullied him, and they would even ask him to go out on weekends.

  In the fifth grade, Su Xiaoxiao was still the first in grade, and Jin Qishan was able to enter the top five of the class.

  Yao Yulian began to often praise Jin Qishan for making great progress, and even let the students learn like Jin Qishan many times.

  In the sixth grade, Su Xiaoxiao has become a mythical character in the experimental elementary school, occupying the first grade for four consecutive years.

  Jin Qishan has become a representative figure of inspirational students in the teacher’s mouth. Through his own efforts, he improved his grades from the countdown in the class to the top five in grade.

  In three years, Class 6 (2) has changed from an ordinary class to an experimental class. Almost all the top ten in the grade are occupied by Class 6 (2). Yao Yulian and Jia Zhe have also changed from senior teachers to super teachers.


  about to take the first exam. It’s different from the tense atmosphere before the exam. This time, I was totally immersed in a kind of sadness.

  Because after the exam, everyone is about to enter different junior high schools, different classes, and face differences.

  Many students have bought classmates and photocopied photos. Instead of being busy reviewing, I was busy writing classmates and sending photos.

  Su Xiaoxiao is undoubtedly the most popular classmate. Many people ask Su Xiaoxiao to write on the first page of their classmates. Even people who don’t know other classes will come to Su Xiaoxiao to write classmates.

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