STYV Ch 20

Jin Qishan’s cold war until the day before the exam.

  At this time, Su Xiaoxiao and Feng Zihao were discussing how to play during the winter vacation.

  Feng Zihao: “I want to show my mother the supermarket during the winter vacation. During the Chinese New Year, I can’t go anywhere. Or, you can come to the supermarket to see me for fun. You can eat everything in my house.”

  Su Xiaoxiao: “No way. , I have to go back to City N during the winter vacation.”

  Feng Zihao: “Ah, wouldn’t it mean that I couldn’t see you during the winter vacation?”

  Su Xiaoxiao: “Yes.”

  Feng Zihao whispered: “I can’t see you, I It will be very boring.”

  Luo Zhi said quickly: “It’s okay, I’ll go and play with you, I can go and play with you every day.”

  Feng Zihao frowned and said unhappy, “Don’t come, I No time to play with you.”

  Then Luo Zhi and Feng Zihao quarreled again.

  Jin Qishan couldn’t hear what Luo Zhi and Feng Zihao were arguing about. She was full of Su Xiaoxiao’s novels. She was going back to N City during winter vacation, and Feng Zihao said that it would be boring not to see Su Xiaoxiao during a winter vacation.
  Jin Qishan thought, he will be boring this winter vacation too.

  At this time, Su Xiaoxiao stretched out while talking to Feng Zihao, and reached out to Jin Qishan.

  Jin Qishan said: “Su Xiaoxiao, your hand reached my side.”

  Su Xiaoxiao deliberately put his hand under Jin Qishan’s eyelids, swaying his body back and forth, and said hurriedly: “I will stretch out, I will stretch out. The

  petty man .” Jin Qishan pulled Su Xiaoxiao’s hand from the front: “You are a

  petty man .” Jin Qishan dared to refute her!
  Su Xiaoxiao snorted, and wanted to stretch his hand in front of Jin Qishan again, but Jin Qishan grabbed his wrist and didn’t let go.
  Unexpectedly, Jin Qishan looked so thin, but his strength was not small. Su Xiaoxiao couldn’t break both hands with Jin Qishan’s hand. He was simply able to crush Su Xiaoxiao.
  Therefore, when girls and boys are about the same size, the power disparity between girls and boys is still really great.

  Su Xiaoxiao sees that Jin Qishan can’t play with him, so he swears.
  She scared Jin Qishan and said: “Jin Qishan, I warn you, let go. If you don’t let go, I will bite you.”

  Jin Qishan: ” Don’t let go .”

  Su Xiaoxiao opened his mouth wide and slowly approached Jin Qishan’s wrist: ” Ah, I’m going to bite, bite.”

  Su Xiaoxiao saw that Jin Qishan was scared, and Jin Qishan was not afraid. She said, “I really bitten.”  

  Su Xiaoxiao fiction, and really bite up.
  She just gave a light bite at first, and it was useless at all. But Jin Qishan did not step back at all, still clenching her wrist tightly.
  Su Xiaoxiao increased his strength a little bit, and then watched Jin Qishan’s expression while working hard. However, Jin Qishan’s face remained unchanged.
  Su Xiaoxiao stepped up a little bit more, and Jin Qishan still didn’t frown.
  As a result, Su Xiaoxiao stepped up a little bit more.

  Su Xiaoxiao wondered, why doesn’t Jin Qishan hurt? Didn’t she bite hard?

  Even though Jin Qishan didn’t feel the pain, Su Xiaoxiao didn’t dare to exert any more effort. She quickly let go and saw two rows of blue and purple teeth marks on Jin Qishan’s wrist.

  Su Xiao Cautiously hurt so much, annoyed that he was competing with a kid.
  She took Jin Qishan’s wrist, dried the saliva on it, and blew to Jin Qishan: “Does it hurt? Sorry, I bite too

  hard .” Jin Qishan took out his hand, glanced at it, and said lightly: ” It’s okay.”
  Su Xiaoxiao is still afraid of him hurting?
  It really doesn’t hurt at all, Dong Xiaohong’s playing is much more painful than this.

  Su Xiaoxiao blamed himself and stretched out his hand in front of Jin Qishan: “Or you can bite me, or beat me and scold me.”

  Jin Qishan raised his head and said, “It really doesn’t hurt. If you feel guilty, please bring me a gift when you come back from N City.”

  Su Xiaoxiao nodded, “Yeah, this is no problem at all. I promise to come back. I’ll give you a gift.”

  Jin Qishan’s lips raised slightly . This is what he was waiting for. She will come to him as soon as she comes back.

  The tooth marks on Jin Qishan’s wrist hadn’t completely faded until he finished the exam.
  Out of guilt, Su Xiaoxiao was almost obedient to Jin Qishan. Jin Qishan suspected that Su Xiaoxiao’s chat with Feng Zihao interrupted his review, so Su Xiaoxiao immediately closed his mouth and forbade Feng Zihao and Luo Zhi to talk.

  After the exam, Su Junhua and Wu Xinyu came back to pick Su Xiaoxiao back to N City. It happened that Su Junhua was also on winter vacation, and he could take care of Su Xiaoxiao at home.

  After Mr. Su had packed his luggage, he wanted to bid farewell to Jin Qishan. Su Xiaoxiao and Su Junhua said, “Dad, I want to find Jin Qishan and tell him that I’m going back, okay?”

  Su Junhua glanced at his watch, and it was too early for the car to leave. He nodded and asked Su Xiaoxiao to go and return quickly.

  After Su Xiaoxiao left, Su Junhua asked Grandma Su: “Mom, is Jin Qishan a friend of Xiaoxiaoxin?”

  Grandma Su smiled and said, “Isn’t it, they are at the same table now, and he lives at the door of ours.”

  So. ” Su Junhua was surprised: “We have a little boy as big as Xiaoxiao? How come I haven’t seen it?”

  ”It’s only been a few years since I moved here, and the kid is introverted and not talkative.” Grandma Su explained, ” but a nice boy, and little relationship these days, and you will certainly be met with love. “

  the Survey and helped under his glasses, nodded:” I did not expect so soon find little good friends. “
  at this time of Su Junhua didn’t know yet, the first time he and Jin Qishan met in the future, they were not so friendly.

  Grandma Su had a proud look on her face: “Our Xiaoxiao is very popular at school. Several parents told me that they want their children to sit with Xiaoxiao. However, Xiaoxiao only has the best relationship with Xiaoshan. “

  Su Xiaoxiao ran to the door of Jin Qishan’s house and knocked on the door.

  A few seconds later, the door opened and it was Jin Qishan.

  Su Xiaoxiao said reluctantly: “

  Xiaoshan , I am going back to N City today.” Jin Qishan nodded coldly without letting Su Xiaoxiao in.

  Su Xiaoxiao was a little disappointed with Jin Qishan’s reaction. She thought that Jin Qishan would be reluctant to bear her, after all, she took care of him so much.
  ”Then I’m leaving. At that time, you will help me get the transcript.”

  Jin Qishan was still cold: “Yeah.”

  Su Xiaoxiao turned around, suddenly Jin Qishan thought of something, and shouted, “Wait, I will get something. Here you are.”

  Jin Qishan went back to the house, looked for it for a while, and stuffed Su Xiaoxiao a piggy bank with a Peppa Pig.

  Su Xiaoxiao smiled and said in a pleasant voice: “Thank you.”

  Jin Qishan said awkwardly, “No thanks, it’s in the loop. I don’t need anything from the little girl.”

  ”Well, bye!” Su Xiaoxiao was holding a pink pig. Pig, went home happily.

  Jin Qishan wanted to say, come back soon. But

  after opening his mouth, he finally said: “When you come back, I will ask you to settle the account.” This winter, Jin Qishan has learned to miss it, which is different from missing grandma. This kind of thinking is like scratching the heart with a hundred claws, but I can’t say it.

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