STYV Ch 19

Because of Su Xiaoxiao, Jin Qishan’s popularity in the get out of class has become much better. Every day after class, boys invite him to go to the bathroom.

  At first, Jin Qishan was flattered and would go to the toilet with them.
  But gradually, he realized that they were all here to inquire about Su Xiao’s little news, and he didn’t want to be with them anymore.

  Su Xiaoxiao was curious: “They’re looking for you to play, why don’t you go?”

  Jin Qishan read the book: “I don’t want to go.”

  Su Xiaoxiao began to persuade Jin Qishan to make more friends and don’t always be bored alone. of.

  Jin Qishan looked at the book and ignored her, even plugging his ears with his hands.

  Su Xiaoxiao saw that Jin Qishan was reading a book during class, so hard working, he couldn’t help being curious.
  She pulled away Jin Qishan’s hand: “You love studying so much, why are your grades not good?”
  Su Xiaoxiao swears that you didn’t mean to laugh at Jin Qishan, but just expressed your inner curiosity. Because the content of elementary school is not difficult, as long as you study hard, your grades are unlikely to be bad.

  Jin Qishan put the book down and looked at Su Xiaoxiao without difficulty. Sure enough, he felt that Su Xiaoxiao was showing off vaguely from the beginning.
  His poor grades were because Dong Xiaohong always tossed him before. He didn’t have time to study at night and couldn’t sleep well. He was sleepy during the day and couldn’t listen to class well.  
  Now that Jin Yongzhong is at home, he doesn’t have to work at night, he also has time to do his homework, and he is not sleepy in class. In addition, Su Xiaoxiao’s grades are so good, he also wants to get better grades.
  However, Jin Qishan didn’t want to explain so much to Su Xiaoxiao, so he continued to read the book.

  While Jin Qishan was reading, Su Xiaoxiao was lying on the table looking at him. The current Jin Qishan looks really ugly, his facial features are plain and his skin is yellow and dry, because he is too thin and has protruding cheekbones and sunken cheeks.

  Su Xiaoxiao thought, what did he look like when he grew up? It seems that when she writes novels, she likes to describe him as “small”, “gloomy”, and “smooth”. However, using these words shows that he will not look good when he grows up.
  However, Jin Yongzhong is so handsome and a big man who is about 1.8 meters tall. How come Jin Qishan hasn’t inherited it at all? Is it because of Dong Xiaohong that Jin Qishanying did not develop well during his teenage years of malnutrition?

  ”You, what are you looking at?” Jin Qishan’s cheeks were slightly hot.

  Su Xiaoxiao: “It’s up to you.”

  Jin Qishan blushed and stammered: ” Yes, what’s so beautiful.”

  ”It’s not good.” Su Xiaoxiao shook his head truthfully, “You are too thin, you have to Eat more. Also, you have to drink more milk, or what if you don’t grow tall? And…”

  Jin Qishan couldn’t bear it and stood up.

  Su Xiaoxiao: “Where are you going?”

  Jin Qishan: ” Go to the toilet.”

  Su Xiaoxiao: “Oh, then Liu Ming just

  asked you to go to the toilet. You still don’t want to go.” Jin Qishan ignored her and took even greater steps.

  Seeing Jin Qishan left, Feng Zihao finally had a chance to talk to Su Xiaoxiao.
  Feng Zihao: “Little, little.”

  Su Xiaoxiao turned around, “What’s wrong?”

  Feng Zihao looked sad: “What are you talking about with Jin Qishan every day?”

  Su Xiaoxiao thought for a while and said, “We are all discussing. Studying.”

  Feng Zihao complained even more: “Then why don’t you discuss it with me?”

  Su Xiaoxiao smiled and said, “Don’t you already have Luo Zhi?”

  Feng Zihao yelled, “Who has him? I don’t have one. What about him.”

  Luo Zhi also pushed Feng Zihao away with a look of disgust: “I don’t want him.”

  Jin Qishan came in from behind and saw Su Xiaoxiao turning his head and talking to Feng Zihao and the others, smiling like a flower.

  Jin Qishan sat down with a black face, and started to pack up the textbooks for the next class.

  Su Xiaoxiao felt a chill and gradually reduced his smile. Su Xiaoxiao knew that Jin Qishan did not like Feng Zihao, after all, Feng Zihao bullied him.
  At the beginning, Su Xiaoxiao didn’t like Feng Zihao very much, but after contacting him for a long time, he felt that Feng Zihao was not that bad. Not to mention anything else, Feng Zihao is really good to Su Xiaoxiao. If there is any good thing, he thinks of Su Xiaoxiao first. Moreover, Feng Zihao also promised Su Xiaoxiao that he would never bully Jin Qishan in the future.

  At this time, Cai Meng turned his head and said, “Jin Qishan, I forgot to bring the eraser. Can you lend it to me?”

  Jin Qishan nodded and handed the newly bought eraser to Cai Meng: “Give this to you. I still have it.”
  Jin Qishan is rich now and can buy his own stationery, even an eraser is very good-looking.

  ”Give it to me?” Cai Meng was flattered.

  Jin Qishan nodded: “Yeah.”

  Su Xiaoxiao smacked his lips and whispered, “You are so kind to Xiao

  Mengmeng . Give her a new eraser and use the old one yourself.” Jin Qishan glanced at Su with a bad expression on his face . With a small glance, he closed the pencil case with a snap.

  ”Oh, are you shy?” Su Xiaoxiao joked, “It doesn’t matter, I’m a person who came over, and I understand it!”

  Although Jin Qishan didn’t understand what “come over” in Su Xiao’s novel meant, he knew she absolutely didn’t.
  Because he is not shy now, but angry, very angry!

  Soon, the final exam was ushered in, and the atmosphere of the exam was getting stronger and stronger.
  Because the test results are directly related to the quality of the year, everyone pays special attention to it.

  The content of the third grade is still easy for Su Xiaoxiao. So when others were nervously reviewing, she was a little idle, and she was happiest to talk about other people’s topics.

  Jin Qishan’s grades have improved a bit recently, and he is already ranked in the middle class.

  Su Xiaoxiao finished the topic to Feng Zihao and said: “Xiaoshan, do you want me to tell you?”

  Jin Qishan didn’t know why he was a little unhappy, and said
  dully, ” No. ” Jin Qishan thought, you If you explain the topic to Feng Zihao, don’t tell him the topic. If you tell him the topic, you can’t tell Feng Zihao. Not only can’t tell Feng Zihao, even Luo Zhi can’t.

  Jin Qishan was sulking there. He wanted to ask Su Xiaoxiao whether he should choose him or Feng Zihao or Luo Zhi.
  However, he had a face and couldn’t say it, and it would appear that he was too cautious when he said it, so he could only vent his temper on the exercises.
  At this time, Feng Zihao and Luo Zhi were still teasing Su Xiaoxiao to go to the canteen to buy instant noodles.

  Feng Zihao looked at Su Xiaoxiao: “Let’s go, let’s go, I’ll treat you.”

  Su Xiaoxiao: “It’s too far , I do n’t want to go.”

  Luo Zhi said to Feng Zihao: “I’ll accompany you.”

  Feng Zihao sighed . “Hey, forget it, don’t go.”

  Luo Zhi understood, and quickly began to persuade Su Xiaoxiao: “Little, let’s go, I beg you, there is a new kind of crispy noodles in the canteen. The small card is delicious…”
  Then Luo Zhi Barabara said a big deal.

  Su Xiaoxiao could not withstand Luo Zhi’s pleading, and agreed to him.
  Su Xiaoxiao stood in front of her with her hand   : “Okay, let’s not talk about it, can’t I go.”


Zhihuan said happily, “Oh yeah.” Su Xiaoxiao: “Jin Qishan, are you going together?”

  Jin Qishan wrote “Don’t go.”

  Su Xiaoxiao: “Do you need me to bring you something back?”

  Jin Qishan: “No.”

  Feng Zihao shouted: “Little, hurry up, or you will be late when you come back to class.”

  Su Xiao Xiao: “Here’s here, don’t hurry.”

  After that, Su Xiaoxiao didn’t know where to provoke Jin Qishan, and Jin Qishan didn’t talk to her for a few days.

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