STYV Ch 18

 Feng Zihao sat down behind Su Xiaoxiao as he wished. He excitedly poked Su Xiaoxiao’s back with his fingers: “Su Xiaoxiao, I’m sitting behind you.”

  Su Xiaoxiao turned his head and gave a cold “Oh”. .

  Feng Zihao wondered why Su Xiaoxiao was so indifferent to him but so good to Jin Qishan. Why is he inferior to Jin Qishan?

  Su Xiaoxiao was still teasing Jin Qishan: “We are at the same table, we need to help each other in the future.”

  Feng Zihao heard this and immediately said, “Little, I also want to help each other with you.”

  Su Xiaoxiao looked suspiciously. Looking at Feng Zihao, he wondered why he was so excited.
  Su Xiaoxiao said hesitantly: “From then on, let’s help each other together, I will supervise your studies.”

  Feng Zihao: “Then what can I help you?”

  Su Xiaoxiao thought for a while: “You should maintain discipline and don’t talk. “

  Feng Zaihao immediately covered her mouth:”. well, from now on, we are not allowed to speak, “

  Luo Zhi” Puchi “laugh out.

  ”What are you laughing at?” Feng Zihao asked Luo Zhi, staring at him.

  ”Nothing, nothing.” Luo Zhi hid his face in the book and smirked. How dare he say that he is laughing at Feng Zihao stupidly.

  After Yao Yulian arranged her seats, class began.

  Yao Yulian was afraid that Jin Qishan would affect Su Xiaoxiao’s study, so she walked off the stage and stood beside Jin Qishan almost all the time except for the necessary blackboard writing.  
  Jin Qishan didn’t have a chance to distract himself. This was the attention he had never received before.   

  Whenever Yao Yulian asked questions, Jin Qishan’s heart would hang up.
  Because Yao Yulian was not saying “Jin Qishan, you will answer this question”, or “Little, you will answer this question”.
  Many times, Jin Qishan didn’t know the questions asked by the teacher, so he couldn’t answer the questions hesitatingly.
  However, no matter what question the teacher asked, Su Xiaoxiao always answered it easily.  
  Seeing Su Xiaoxiao’s chic and bright appearance, Jin Qishan secretly made up his mind to study hard, just like Su Xiaoxiao did.

  After school, Grandma Su came to pick up Su Xiaoxiao, and she was seen by Yao Yulian who was waiting at the school gate.

  Yao Yulian said with a smile: “You are the little grandma it.”

  Su grandmother recognize it is a small class, quickly said: “?? Right right right, Mr. Yao how our little family trouble at school.”

  ”No, no How can such a sensible child cause trouble?” Yao Yulian laughed, “I want to tell you that Xiaoxiao got the first grade in the exam this time, with 100 points in Chinese and 99.5 points in math.”

  Grandma Su was surprised: “Yao Teacher, are you talking about Su Xiaoxiao? Or is it Sun Xiaoxiao, Wang

  Xiaoxiao …” “It’s Su Xiaoxiao.” Yao Yulian said quickly.

  Grandma Su was overjoyed, and she didn’t see Su Xiaoxiao much love to study, so she got the first place in the exam? awesome! Still a little clever, unlike her dad.

  Yao Yulian frowned slightly, looking very embarrassed: “However, I have to tell you something. Today, let the students choose the same table, Xiao Xiao chose Jin Qishan. You may not know Jin Qishan, Jin Qishan’s child… “

  Grandma Su laughed: “Jin Qishan, I know him, and live right across from our house. Xiaoshan, this child, is quite a good friend, and is a good friend.”

  Yao Yulian had no choice but to swallow it. , Have to accompany to listen to the words of Grandma Su’s praise of Jin Qishan.

  Su Xiaoxiao got the first place in the grade. Grandma Su was very happy, and the whole community knew about it that night. Grandma Su, can’t wait to use a big loudspeaker to promote her everywhere.

  When returning home from school, Grandma Su rode by the canteen in the community. Grandma Su stopped the car and said, “Little, you sit down. Grandma goes in and buys things.”

  Grandma from the canteen: “Oh, little grandma is here, what do you want to buy?”

  Grandma Su: “I’ll take a look first.”

  After watching for a while, Grandma Su said: “Just now Xiaoxiao’s head teacher told me that Xiaoxiao got the first grade in this monthly exam.” The

  grandma of the commissary: ​​”Huh? Xiaoxiao got the first grade this time?”

  Grandma Su The waist is straight: “Isn’t it, this kid didn’t let me worry about it.” The

  grandma of the commissary was extremely envious: “How did you teach this kid? How can you teach so well?”

  Grandma Su smiled. : “Where to teach, I never care about her learning. If you like to learn, you can learn if you don’t. If you say it, it’s better to have a good brain.”

  ”The brain is good?” The grandma of the commissary suddenly said, “That Xiaoxiao

  What good things do you usually eat?” Grandma Su waved her hand: “Oh, my granddaughter doesn’t like to eat those good things. She

  just eats ordinary food every day.” The grandma of the commissary asked thoughtfully, “Little doesn’t like eating. Snacks, right.”

  Grandma Su said: “Yes, this child can save trouble. Except for eating fruits and snacks, she never eats anything.”

  Grandma of the canteen nodded solemnly: “Yeah.”
  Then, she pushed down hard with her hands. The head of the little girl who is eating ham next to it: “You are not allowed to eat ham anymore. If you eat it, you will sew your mouth. You pig brains are blocked by eating ham.” The

  little girl muttered. Mouth, sophistry said: “I was born.”

  After a while, Su Xiaoxiao saw Grandma Su coming out empty-handed and asked: “Grandma, what are you buying?”

  Grandma Su smiled and rubbed her hands: “Don’t buy. Now, buy it next time.”


  Soon, the weather turned cold, and Jin Yongzhong’s vacation was about to end.

  The day before returning to the army, Jin Yongzhong met Su Xiaoxiao again.  
  He took the initiative to call Su Xiaoxiao: “Xiaoxiao.”

  Su Xiaoxiao: “Uncle Jin, what’s the matter?”

  ”Nothing. Uncle just wanted to thank you for taking care of Xiaoshan.” Jin Yongzhong touched Su Xiaoxiao’s head and said meaningfully, “Thank you too, let me make up my mind.”

  Su Xiaoxiao: “Huh?”

  Jin Yongzhong smiled: “You are still young and don’t understand. In short, thank you, uncle.”

  Two months later, Su Xiaoxiao knew what was Jin Yongzhong’s determination.

  Originally coming back this time, Jin Yongzhong wanted to tell everyone that he would choose to stay on the team this year. However, Su Xiaoxiao’s appearance made him change his attention.

  Jin Yongzhong has been a soldier for twelve years, and every time he retires, he hesitates between staying and retiring.
  Especially after he got married with Xiaoshan, he wanted to fulfill the responsibilities of husband and father, but he was reluctant to protect his family and defend the country. When he hesitated most, it was Dong Xiaohong who supported his ideals and took care of Xiaoshan for him.
  Jin Yongzhong thought that with Dong Xiaohong’s support, there would be no worries for the future. However, Su Xiaoxiao let him know that Jin Qishan’s growth cannot be done without his participation. He is Xiaoshan’s father, and he is the closest person to Xiaoshan.

  Su Xiaoxiao never thought that her actions would really change the trajectory of Jin Qishan’s life.

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