STYV Ch 17

When taking the math test in the afternoon, Su Xiaoxiao kept a hand, did not write as quickly, and deliberately miswritten an oral arithmetic question.

  The mathematics group leader had also borrowed the test papers of other grades, but found that Su Xiaoxiao’s mathematics qualifications were mediocre, which was useless.

  A few years later, whenever the mathematics team leader remembered his evaluation of Su Xiaoxiao’s “average aptitude”, his intestines would regret it.

  Since the exam, Yao Yulian looked at Su Xiaoxiao’s eyes full of love and affection. Even when he was in class, he would look at Su Xiaoxiao with a smile, and ask, “Xiaoxiao, what do you think?”

  Su Xiaoxiao felt that Yao Yulian’s attitude had changed too quickly. Two days ago, she felt that she had paid a pen. It’s not worth it, now it seems that she is invaluable again.
  Oh, doesn’t your face hurt?

  The monthly test scores came out. Su Xiaoxiao scored 100 in Chinese and 99.5 in mathematics, ranking first in the whole year.

  Yao Yulian was very happy, and this was the first one among so many students she brought to get the first place in the whole year. Moreover, Yao Yulian is firm, this is not the reason for luck, this is Su Xiaoxiao’s strength.

  Wang Xiaoxia and Dai Lainan looked at Su Xiaoxiao in their eyes full of admiration.
  Wang Xiaoxia: “Little, your grades are so good? How did you learn? I haven’t seen how seriously you listened in class.”

  Su Xiaoxiao smiled and said, “Maybe, I secretly studied when you didn’t see it. Come on.”

  ”What? Did you study secretly? Why do you still secretly study?” Dai Lainan didn’t understand.

  Wang Xiaoxia suddenly remembered, and said: “Why did Teacher Yao say that your grades were not good before? I think it’s good, it’s really good.”

  ”Because of prejudice.” Su Xiaoxiao smiled, “We can only let go of prejudice. See the truest side of things.”

  Wang Xiaoxia and Dai Lainan shook their heads and nodded at the same time, expressing that they didn’t quite understand, but they felt very reasonable.

  Yao Yulian took the ranking list and called Su Xiaoxiao outside the door before arranging her seats.
  ”Little, you will choose to sit with Cai Meng when you are in the lower row, okay?”

  Cai Meng is Yao Yulian’s favorite girl in the class. She is good-looking and has good grades. She often takes first place in her Chinese exams. Moreover, Cai Meng’s parents are both intellectuals and both work within the system. Such a family is considered very good in S County.

  Su Xiaoxiao shook her head: “No.”

  Yao Yulian still said softly: “Then who do you want to sit with?”

  Su Xiaoxiao: “I didn’t think about it.”
  Before coming, Wang Xiaoxia and Dai Lainan held her alone. Sit with her with one arm.
  Even a few classmates who hadn’t talked much before, all ran over and said that they hoped to sit at the same table with her.
  It’s too popular, and it’s also very difficult.

  Yao Yulian: “Okay. Take a look at Cai Meng, Zang Xiaohui, Xu Min, who do you want to sit with, these are very good. Or choose any one at first, and then ask Teacher Yao to adjust you later if you are not satisfied. “After

  Su Xiaoxiao returned to the classroom, Yao Yulian began to read the grades. After reading the grades, everyone went to the door and queued according to the grades.

  Su Xiaoxiao came first, Cai Meng came behind Su Xiaoxiao, and then Zang Xiaohui and Xu Min.

  After everyone lined up, Yao Yulian began to let Su Xiaoxiao choose the first place.
  Su Xiaoxiao chose the innermost position of the fourth row, next to the window.

  Yao Yulian: “Then who do you want to sit at the same table with?”

  Su Xiaoxiao looked at the classmates outside the window, each of them looked at her with hope, as if it was written on her face, choose me.
  Suddenly, her sight fell on Jin Qishan, who was the least conspicuous in the crowd. When his eyes met, Jin Qishan quickly lowered his head.

  Su Xiaoxiao knew everything. Has Jin Qishan experienced this choice many times? The one who was given up without hesitation every time?

  Su Xiao moved slightly and pointed at Jin Qishan: “I want to sit with Jin Qishan.”

  Jin Qishan raised his head abruptly, staring straight at Su Xiaoxiao, with an unbelievable expression on his face.

  Yao Yulian also didn’t believe her ears: “Who?”

  Su Xiaoxiao: “Jin Qishan.”

  Yao Yulian smiled reluctantly, but in front of other students, she couldn’t break the rules she had set. I can only say: “Who? Are you ready?”

  Su Xiaoxiao said firmly: “I want to sit at the same table with Jin Qishan.”

  ”Teacher emphasizes again that choosing the same table must be approved by the other party. “Yao Yulian saw that Su Xiaoxiao was resolute, so she wanted to put pressure on Jin Qishan, hoping that he would give up and not sit with Su Xiaoxiao.
  So Yao Yulian asked, “Would you like to sit with Su Xiaoxiao?”

  Jin Qishan was very clever. He understood Yao Yulian’s eyes, and she wanted him to say “no”.
  However, he is not.

  Jin Qishan said loudly: “I do.”

  Yao Yulian felt unwilling, but there was no way to stop it, so she had to let them sit like this first, hoping to wait for an opportunity to move the two away.
  Then, after Su Xiaoxiao and Jin Qishan sat down, Yao Yulian said in a low voice to Cai Meng: “Then you sit in the third row, in front of Xiao Xiao, and ask Xiao Xiao if you have any questions in your studies.”

  Cai Meng nodded obediently . .

  Zang Xiaohui saw that Su Xiaoxiao had chosen the fourth row, she also wanted to sit in the fourth row, as if Su Xiaoxiao had chosen all the treasures of geomantic omen.

  Wang Xiaoxia and Dai Lainan sat at the same table again, and due to height considerations, they still sat in the first row in front of Su Xiaoxiao.

  Luo Zhi’s test was also pretty good this time, with 14 students in the class. Soon, it was his turn to choose a seat.

  Feng Zihao beckoned: “Luo Zhi, let’s sit down.”

  Luo Zhi nodded quickly thinking of Feng Zihao’s snacks in a schoolbag, “OK, let’s sit in the last row?”
  Luo Zhi and Feng Zihao are both tall, and they have been sitting all the time. In the back row.

  Feng Zihao shook his head and looked at the position behind Su Xiaoxiao: “I want to sit there.”

  ”Where?” Luo Zhi suspected that he was wrong.

  Feng Zihao said to Luo Zhi’s ear: “When you choose a seat, you sit behind Jin Qishan, and I sit behind Su Xiaoxiao.”

  Luo Zhi was a little unwilling. He felt that the fifth row was too far forward. He still liked to sit in the back.

  Seeing Luo Zhi’s refusal to agree, Feng Zihao was anxious: “It’s done, go to my house after school, whatever you want to eat.”

  ”Really?” Luo Zhi’s eyes lit up, and he happily agreed.

  While everyone was still packing their seats, Su Xiaoxiao and Jin Qishan sighed with emotion: “You know, if it weren’t for this test, I’m afraid I wouldn’t even have friends.”

  Jin Qishan ignored Su Xiaoxiao, because if you say Su If all the quizzes are okay, then what are the others? Jin Qishan didn’t know whether Su Xiaoxiao was showing off on purpose.

  Su Xiaoxiao continued: “Later, I think it’s okay for others to look down on us. We can’t look down on ourselves. So, I study until eleven or two every night in order to have such a day and speak with strength.”

  Su After the short novel, he looked at Jin Qishan expectantly, waiting for his praise.
  In the end, Jin Qishan just glanced at her lightly, his eyes were still a bit complicated… What

  Su Xiaoxiao didn’t know was that Jin Yongzhong recently thought that Jin Qishan was too thin and took him to run downstairs every morning and evening.
  The look in Jin Qishan’s eyes would float towards Su Xiaoxiao’s window intentionally or unintentionally.
  After a long time, Jin Qishan also summed up the rules. Su Xiaoxiao turned off the light to go to bed at less than 9:30 every day, and never saw the light turned on in the morning.

  Jin Qishan: I suspect she is showing off, but there is no evidence…

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