STYV Ch 16

 Because Jin Yongzhong was at home, and Su Xiaoxiao had just participated in a book, Dong Xiaohong was a lot safer.

  Su Xiaoxiao originally wanted to continue engaging Dong Xiaohong, but as a result, there was no suitable time, so the plan was temporarily shelved.
  The crisis at home was temporarily resolved, and now it’s time to resolve the school.

  Soon it was time for the monthly exam, and Su Xiaoxiao had already geared up and was eager to try.
  She wants to become famous! She wants to prove herself with her grades!

  Because it is a monthly exam organized by the school itself, and they are elementary schools, the format is not very formal. Even the class has no points, and everyone sits in their own seats to take the test.

  The first exam is Chinese, and the invigilator is Yao Yulian.

  Before Yao Yulian entered the classroom, she heard the sound of reading aloud. She smiled with satisfaction. Although it’s not advisable to hold the Buddha’s feet temporarily, if you don’t even want to hold the Buddha’s feet, then there is absolutely no salvation.

  As a result, as soon as she entered the classroom, the first thing Yao Yulian saw was Su Xiaoxiao who was unsaved. Su Xiaoxiao is coloring the pictures in the Chinese textbook, and there are a row of colored pens on the table.

  Yao Yulian frowned and put the exam paper on the podium, raising a layer of chalk dust: “Some students, don’t blame me for not reminding me. The exam results this time are closely related to everyone’s seats. Don’t fail the exam again. Crying and begging me to queue you up to the front. A girl, if you sit in the last row, you will be shameless when I see you. Okay, now everyone puts the relevant books and materials behind, right away I

  ’ve taken the exam.” “Cough, cough, cough.” Su Xiaoxiao dusted it in front of him with his hands. Sitting here during this time, she has eaten enough chalk gray. Especially for Yao Yulian’s class, the textbooks were thrown this time, and chalk dust was flying everywhere.

  After the test paper was issued, Su Xiaoxiao glanced at the paper, it was so easy. It’s almost like the one with all the answers after a glance.
  After the calculation, it was more than ten minutes and Su Xiaoxiao even wrote a small composition that looked at pictures and talked. 
  After finishing, Su Xiaoxiao raised his hand.

  Yao Yulian saw it and thought about what trick Su Xiaoxiao played.
  Yao Yulian: “What’s wrong?”

  Su Xiaoxiao: ” Hand in paper.”

  Hand in paper?
  Su Xiaoxiao doesn’t know how to write, so he is ready to hand in a blank paper?
  Yao Yulian felt that she was going to pass out of anger, teaching for more than ten years, the first time she met such an arrogant student, still a female student!

  Yao Yulian suppressed the anger, using the tone as calm as possible: “Write as much as possible if you can’t write, don’t be empty, you can write more, this is just the beginning of the test, and it is still too early before the end of the test.”

  Su Xiao Novel: “I have finished writing. .”

  How could it be finished so soon? Is it scribbled? Yao Yulian frowned: “Is it really finished?”

  Su Xiaoxiao nodded: “Yeah.”

  Yao Yulian walked over and took a look. The densely packed words on the test paper seemed to be really finished.
  After teaching for so many years, I have never encountered anyone who writes so quickly. I just don’t know the correct rate.

  ”Some classmates, don’t think that you are right after writing. You should check and check more.” Yao Yulian took the paper and stared at Su Xiao’s novel. Why? Isn’t it because of not being careful? When I saw my plenum, I was wrong, and I was talking about this kind of classmate.”

  Su Xiaoxiao snorted, thinking that Teacher Yao, you still feel like reading the test paper, can’t wait to think about it. Hit you in the face.

  Seeing Su Xiaoxiao not caring, Yao Yulian was angry. She took a shot of the test paper on the podium, then pulled out the red pen from her bag, and immediately corrected the test paper.
  She will use her score to hit Su Xiaoxiao’s face fiercely, writing so fast, how many questions can she answer? ?
  She wanted to punish Su Xiaopiao for the wrong question, copy it a hundred times, and copy her to death.

  Yao Yulian just corrected a few questions and was a little surprised to find that Su Xiaoxiao did everything right. As a result, the more I changed it, the more surprised I was, almost staring out.
  Su Xiaoxiao actually took such a short time to make all the test papers, and it was full marks!
  This small composition is more than 200 words short, the words are used accurately, and the writing is quite standard, which shows that the usual literary literacy is good.

  Is this a genius?
  Su Xiaoxiao is simply a genius!
  A genius in their class! ! !

  Yao Yulian seemed to have seen how many years later, when Su Xiaoxiao was scrambling for admission by Q and B, she said to everyone: “Mr. Yao is my mentor…”
  Yao Yulian seemed to have seen it too, and Su Xiaoxiao repeatedly In the exam, I won honors for her and the class.

  Yao Yulian held the test paper excitedly, stood up for a while and sat down again. She looked at Su Xiaoxiao, her mouth couldn’t close with a smile.
  Finally, she said: “Students take the exam, don’t look up.”
  After finishing speaking, she said to Su Xiao’s

  novel very gently: “Little, you and I will come out.” On the corridor, Yao Yulian was even more excited, and she let the next door The class teacher helped her look at the examination room, and she took Su Xiaoxiao to the grade group leader’s office.

  Wang Changgui, the leader of the grade group, is also a famous Chinese veteran, and he teaches Class Three (6).

  Yao Yulian put the test paper on Wang Changgui’s desk: “Team leader, you see this is the test paper made by our class.”

  Wang Changgui was a little surprised. It only took more than 20 minutes for the test. Why did Yao Yulian bring the students to find him? Have all the test papers been written? Nonsense? Make Teacher Yao angry, and bring him to settle the account?

  Wang Changgui took the test paper suspiciously, and saw that “100” was written on the test paper impressively.
  He asked: “Who made this change?”

  ”I changed it.” Yao Yulian explained, “I think she wrote so fast, I wanted to see how much she could get and changed the test paper on the spot, and the result was full score!”
  Yao Yulian I didn’t say that she originally wanted to teach Su Xiaoxiao in public, but she was beaten in the face.

  Wang Changgui didn’t believe in such a genius. He asked Su Xiaoxiao to sit down first, and he and Yao Yulian went to find a teacher to invigilate Yao Yulian.

  Out of the office, Wang Changgui put his hands behind him, and said solemnly: “Mr. Yao, are our test papers

  leaked ?” Yao Yulian was confused by Wang Changgui’s question, but she changed her mind. What about composition?
  The vocabulary and skills used in Su Xiao’s lower-case composition have far exceeded the level of elementary school students.
  Yao Yulian believed that this was Su Xiaoxiao’s own strength.

  Yao Yulian: “Team leader,

  did you read the little composition?” Wang Changgui: “I didn’t read it, what’s the matter?”

  Yao Yulian: “I suggest you read it .”

  Wang Changgui asked the physical education teacher to invigorate the exam in Class 3 (2), and he and Yao Yulian went to the fourth, fifth, and sixth grades and borrowed a test paper each.
  After returning, Wang Changgui asked Su Xiaoxiao to write the fourth grade test paper first, without writing an essay.

  Su Xiaoxiao didn’t need to review the questions first, just lift the pen and do it. In the end, it took a few minutes less than the last test paper.

  Wang Changgui couldn’t believe it. He took Su Xiaoxiao’s test paper and read it from the beginning. Su Xiaoxiao was really right again!

  Wang Changgui handed the fifth grade test paper to Su Xiaoxiao, and Su Xiaoxiao quickly finished it again.
  Wang Changgui looked at Su Xiaoxiao’s test paper with a look of excitement, and he wanted to give Su Xiaoxiao the sixth grade test paper.

  Su Xiaoxiao tilted his head with a look of unwillingness: “Teacher, I don’t want to do it.”

  Some geniuses have a normal temperament. Wang Changgui smiled lovingly: “Well, if you don’t do it, you can’t do it.”
  He said excitedly. A little trembling, the grade group he led unexpectedly showed a Chinese genius.

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