STYV Ch 15

Su Xiaoxiao seemed to have just seen Jin Qishan: “Wow, Jin Qishan, you have cut your hair.”
  Then, Su Xiaoxiao said to Jin Yongzhong in a somewhat distressed tone: “Uncle, because Jin Qishan’s hair is too long, the teacher has criticized it several times. , I was squeezed out by my classmates and was nicknamed’Little

  Sloppy ‘.” When Jin Yongzhong didn’t react, Su Xiaoxiao suddenly said to Dong Xiaohong: “Auntie, you don’t want Jin Qishan to cut your hair because you can’t bear the money. Is it?”

  Dong Xiaohong was stunned, then smiled a little awkwardly, and quickly explained: “No, it’s because I can’t bear the money, it’s not…”

  Before Dong Xiaohong finished speaking, Su Xiaoxiao began to pull Jin Yongzhong’s clothes again. sleeves, said: “uncle, every time we buy food, Jin Qishan can only be looking but, Jin Qishan are not good pencil point, all pencil, notebook, scrape still use …….”

  this child I’m here to sue!
  Dong Xiaohong was so pissed off by Su Xiao, “You kid, why are you talking nonsense like this? I gave Xiaoshan pocket money…”

  Su Xiaoxiao suddenly changed a smile: “Then a little bit more, it means it’s not enough. “

  Jin Yongzhong was visibly stunned, and then said: “Well, yes, let

  me give you more.” Dong Xiaohong was anxious: “What if

  Xiaoshan messed up?” Jin Yongzhong: “Xiaoshan is not such a kid. If you don’t have enough money, you don’t even open your mouth to find the child you want. How can you spend money

  indiscriminately ?” Dong Xiaohong heard Jin Yongzhong’s tone a little serious, and did not dare to say more, just stared at Su Xiaoxiao and prayed that she would leave quickly.

  Su Xiaoxiao pouted and said pitifully, “Uncle, Jin Qishan is so pitiful. I don’t know if the aunt is too busy to give him the key. He often squats at the door and can’t go home and has no food to let him. He didn’t come when he came to our house…”

  Dong Xiao’s ruddy face turned pale for a moment, a little panicked: “I, I was just busy in school during that time…”

  Dong Xiaohong never expected that someone could talk about it in front of Jin Yongzhong. In the past, when Jin Yongzhong came back, neighbors would only say how she cared about Jin Qishan.

  ”Okay, uncle knows it all, thank you.” Jin Yongzhong touched Su Xiaoxiao’s head, “However, uncle has a favor and hope you can help. Xiaoshan is usually not talkative and has a relatively introverted personality. Maybe you can’t make friends at school, and I hope you can take care of him. If someone bullies him, you must tell your uncle.”

  Su Xiaoxiao saluted and promised: “Uncle, don’t worry, no problem! “The

  reason why Su Xiaoxiao dared to tell Dong Xiaohong so half-truth was because she knew that Jin Yongzhong actually loved Jin Qishan very much, but he felt that the education of little boys needs to be tougher, and he can’t teach his mother. Jin Qishan himself was not good at words, and Dong Xiaohong played too, so everyone believed what Dong Xiaohong said.

  Jin Qishan was surprised when he heard Jin Yongzhong’s request to Su Xiaoxiao. He looked at Jin Yongzhong abruptly and found that Jin Yongzhong was also looking at him, his eyes softer than ever.

  Su Xiaoxiao was done talking, and quickly patted his head: “Oh, grandma is still waiting for me to buy steamed buns and go back!”
  Su Xiaoxiao carried the steamed buns and ran off quickly, yelling, “Bye bye, uncle~ “After  
  running away, Su Xiaoxiao immediately stopped and stomped angrily, feeling that the appearance of just pretending to be a child was good.
  I want to die…

  Looking at Su Xiaoxiao’s back and forth, Jin Yongzhong said with emotion: “This little girl is so cute.”

  Dong Xiaohong’s pouting Lao Gao: “You can speak well.”

  Jin Yongzhong patted Jin Qishan on the shoulder. , Then walked in front of

  herself , and said softly: “Smart.” Dong Xiaohong caught up and took Jin Yongzhong’s arms actively: “This little mouth, all day long, Barabara, so she can talk. The same.”

  Jin Yongzhong: “I think it’s good, Xiaoshan can have half of her, and I’m relieved.”

  Dong Xiaohong snorted and deliberately joked: “You think it’s good, let Xiaoshan marry you back. Be a daughter-in-law.”

  Jin Yongzhong smiled and said, “That also depends on

  Shang Xiaoshan, who is not seen by others.” Dong Xiaohong thought to himself, if he really got married, wouldn’t he be disgusting, so he interrupted and opened up.

  At this time, neither of them looked back, otherwise they must have seen Jin Qishan’s face blushing abnormally.

  After returning home, Jin Yongzhong asked Jin Qishan to give him his schoolbag. Dong Xiaohong’s heart trembled, knowing that Jin Yongzhong had listened to Su Xiaoxiao’s words.

  Jin Qishan took the schoolbag, and Jin Yongzhong took it. The heavy schoolbag was as heavy as he is now.
  The outer leather of the gray schoolbag was worn away, the zipper was broken, and the backpack strap was stitched crookedly with black thread.
  Jin Yongzhong’s voice was hoarse: “Did you sew this yourself?”

  Jin Qishan nodded.

  Jin Yongzhong unzipped the schoolbag, took out the pencil case and opened it. As a result, as soon as Jin Yongzhong applied force, the pencil case was torn apart, and a group of pencil butts rolled to the ground.
  Jin Yongzhong squatted on the ground, picking up one by one, and the longest one was not on his finger.

  Jin Yongzhong is already a little shaken. Do you want to keep watching, but he is lucky enough, what if it’s just a coincidence that he just arrived?
  The weather-beaten homework book can no longer withstand such rough hands as Jin Yongzhong. The first page that was just turned was split in half in his hands.
  On the homework, there are either holes that are wiped out, or marks that are not wiped clean, and not a single page is good.
  No matter how strong the heart is, it can’t match the shock in front of him.
  The reason why Jin Yongzhong stayed in the barracks without hesitation was that he thought he had created a good environment for Jin Qishan, a mother who loved him, and a family who had no worries about food and clothes.

  Dong Xiaohong was afraid that Jin Yongzhong would be angry, so she covered her face with her hands and looked at Jin Qishan in disbelief. In less than three seconds, her eyes were red and her voice trembled slightly: “
  Xiaoshan , why don’t you tell your mother? I’m sorry, but my mother was not careful enough to find out…” Dong Xiaohong said, kneeling beside Jin Qishan, thinking To hug him.

  Jin Qishan avoided and watched her perform with cold eyes. This is not the first time that such a scene has happened.

  Jin Yongzhong stood up, took Jin Qishan’s hand, and said to Dong Xiaohong in a negotiating tone: “Xiaohong, I will give

  Xiaoshan 500 yuan from my salary every month. What do you think?” Jin Qishan listened. Suddenly raised his head, his face was in disbelief. 500 yuan is an astronomical figure for him. Many of his classmates don’t even have 30 yuan in pocket money a month.

  Dong Xiaohong forgot to cry for a while, and she couldn’t believe her ears in shock. However, although Jin Yongzhong was discussing, his expression could not be rejected.
  She frowned slightly: “He is a child, would 500 yuan be too much?”

  ”Not much, this money is too much. He can use it to buy snacks, buy stationery, buy clothes or cut his hair. You When not at home, he can still go out to buy food.” Jin Yongzhong smiled, “And Xiaoshan is not too young anymore. Even if he is a boy who needs money, he definitely doesn’t want to ask you for it. I will let him take it.

  Every money used is recorded to ensure that it will not be misused .” Dong Xiaohong was very unhappy, because Jin Yongzhong was given her monthly salary, and now she gave Jin Qishan 500 yuan, so she would lose 500 yuan. Bucks.

  ”Okay, you can go to work.” Jin Yongzhong said, “I and Xiaoshan will go back to the house and talk for a while.”

  Dong Xiaohong is a little panicked, what needs to be said in the house? What can’t you say in front of her?
  Dong Xiaohong nodded and stood up. Even if you feel uneasy, you have to pretend to be calm.

  Jin Yongzhong took Jin Qishan into the house and closed the door.
  Jin Yongzhong asked: “Xiaoshan, tell dad, what else do you need besides money?”

  Jin Qishan lowered his head and said his inner desire: “Mom.”

  Jin Yongzhong froze, shaking Jin Qishan into his arms. , He said in his mouth: “

  Xiaoshan , I’m sorry.” At night, Jin Yongzhong tossed and couldn’t sleep. For the first time, he truly felt that he owed Jin Qishan too much.

  Dong Xiaohong didn’t know her heart, and asked with a cry: “Yongzhong, are you

  blaming me?” Jin Yongzhong sighed and said, “No.”
  What qualifications does he have to blame Dong Xiaohong? Xiaohong has lost her child for the sake of Xiaoshan.

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