STYV Ch 14

Seeing Grandma Su came back, Grandpa Su asked: “Who is outside?”

  Grandma Su: “Oh, it’s Yongzhong who is back.”

  Grandpa Su: “Well? Didn’t I listen to you before, and Yongzhong called back and said that I have temporary tasks.

  Are you not coming back?” Grandma Su groaned: “That was what Yongzhong said deliberately, just to give Xiaoshan a surprise.”

  Grandpa Su followed and smiled.

  ”Grandma, who is Yongzhong?” Su Xiaoxiao asked deliberately, “What’s the relationship

  with Xiaoshan ?” Grandma Su was amused by Su Xiaoxiao’s question and laughed: “Yongzhong is Xiaoshan’s father, you have to call Uncle Jin . “

  Su Xiaoxiao deliberately frowning asked:” then I saw Jin Shushu it? ” “

  does not seem right, Jin Shushu every time you come back when you go to school in the city of N it. “Su asked Grandma thought Grandpa Su, “Is that right, old man?”

  Grandpa Su nodded.

  ”Oh.” Su Xiaoxiao nodded, thinking that since I haven’t seen it, it would be easier to see Jin Yongzhong next time.

  Grandma Su glanced at the time, it was almost nine o’clock, and hurriedly urged Su Xiaoxiao: “Little, go to bed as soon as you finish your homework.”

  ”Well, soon.” In fact, Su Xiaoxiao’s homework was finished a long time ago. In order to rub the TV for a while, I was lying on the dining table with a pen and peeping at the TV.

  Grandma Su smacked her lips: “We are studying too hard at a young age. We are still doing homework so late. We won’t be a champion in the future.”

  ”Hehe, isn’t it!” Grandpa Su said with a smile, “I think it’s better than her dad. At that time, I worked a lot.”

  Grandma Su couldn’t help but laughed: “At that time Junhua didn’t like to study, she skipped school to go fishing, and she was hung up and pulled with a belt when she went home. That kid, when she was a kid, I didn’t expect to be able to take the exam later.   I’m in college.”

  Grandpa Su said, “The kids are all scouting, so girls save trouble.”

Grandma Su: “Isn’t it, Xiao Xiao and Xiao Shan are in the same year. I see, Xiao Xiao is much easier than Xiao Shan.”

  As for the Su family mentioned, at this time, Jin Yongzhong and Dong Xiaohong lingered for a while, and finally remembered that he still has a son.

  Jin Yongzhong asked: “Where is Xiaoshan?”

  ”Cook, where is the kitchen.” Dong Xiaohong replied with a hint of confusion, for fear that Jin Yongzhong would blame her for letting Jin Qishan do the housework.

  Jin Yongzhong looked into the kitchen, and he saw Jin Qishan standing at the door with his head bowed.

  ”Why did you see Dad hiding there? Why don’t you come here soon? Waiting for Dad to invite you?” Jin Yongzhong teased, “Why do you grow up with Dad more and more?”

  Jin Qishan walked over, and he yearned for Jin Yongzhong. Can hold him like Dong Xiaohong.
  However, in the end, Jin Yongzhong just looked at him up and down several times and said, “Xiaoshan has grown up and looks like a man. You must protect your mother if your father is not at home in the future.”

  Dong Xiaohong, she is not worthy of this word.
  Jin Qishan clenched his fists and nailed them into the flesh, his eyes were astringent, and he gritted his teeth to prevent himself from crying.

  Dong Xiaohong smiled softly, which made Jin Qishan really naive. Jin Yongzhong patted Jin Qishan on the head and taught him: “Mom takes care of you so hard every day at home. Why do you still not know how to be grateful after so many years? It’s really hard to be a man.”

  ”It’s alright, alright. Xiaoshan is still young.” Dong Xiaohong took off Jin Yongzhong’s backpack and blamed, “Why don’t you say anything when you come back? It really scared me to death just now.”

  ”Isn’t this trying to surprise your family!” Jin Yongzhongda Laughing, “Who knows you are so courageous.”

  Dong Xiaohong helped Jin Yongzhong take off his military uniform: “I’m tired after sitting on the train for so long. Let’s go take a shower.”

  ”Yeah.” Jin Yongzhong opened his backpack and took out one. The box was given to Jin Qishan, “A gift for you.”

  Jin Qishan took it and opened it. It was all bullet cases. Jin Qishan was stunned, and for a moment he felt that Jin Yongzhong still loved him and could still think of him.

  Jin Yongzhong stood up and said to Dong Xiaohong: “Your gift is not in a hurry. I will show it to you at night.”

  Dong Xiaohong smiled heartily: “Hurry up and take a bath.”

  Jin Yongzhong took out his change of clothes and smiled: “Okay, let’s go. By the way,

  Xiaoshan’s hair is too long. I will cut it tomorrow.” Dong Xiaohong quickly agreed. “You know, you know, don’t you know who I am?”

  ”I just know too much , I’m afraid you will spoil the child too much.” Jin Yongzhong frowned, pretending to be angry, “Mr. Dong is too good-tempered and will spoil the child. A man. You have to practice your drill.”

  ”Xiaoshan is so small, he has a delicate skin and tender flesh, and he doesn’t look like you.” Dong Xiaohong pushed Jin Yongzhong to take a shower, “It’s not like you, smelly.”

  Jin Qishan Listening to the dialogue between Jin Yongzhong and Dong Xiaohong, the only touch in my heart disappeared. His father didn’t believe him, but he believed in a bad woman who didn’t see him a few times a year.
  Jin Qishan returned to the room and put the box that Jin Yongzhong gave him on the desk casually.

  The next night, Jin Yongzhong and Dong Xiaohong took Jin Qishan to the barbershop at the gate of the community to cut their hair.

  After the cut, Jin Yongzhong looked more satisfied and said to Dong Xiaohong, “You shouldn’t indulge Xiaoshan with such long hair anymore. This is so beautiful, the little boy has to be like this.”

  Dong Xiaohong smiled and nodded.

  When Su Xiaoxiao came out to buy steamed buns, he ran into Jin Qishan’s family.

  Su Xiaoxiao hurried over and greeted him with enthusiasm.
  She learned the expression of the little girl in the TV series “Old Things in the South”, tilted her head, and said slowly, “Uncle Jin is good.”
  After she finished speaking, she blinked.

  Suddenly a cute little girl, with a soft and cute little milky voice, felt “Uncle Jin”, which made Jin Yongzhong cute.
  He couldn’t help but squatted down, smiling, his voice soft: “Hello, which kid are you from, do you know me?”

  ”I’m Grandma Su’s granddaughter, Su Xiaoxiao. I’m still Jin Qishan’s classmate now. Although I haven’t seen you, but when Jin Qishan looks so much like you, I know you are Jin Qishan’s father.” Su Xiao Every word in the novel has a long tone, and the mouth opens wide.

  Jin Yongzhong smiled, thinking that this child is really cute and likable in ancient times.

  Then, Su Xiaoxiao approached Jin Yongzhong’s ears again, covering his mouth with his hands, but his voice did not decrease: “However, uncle, Jin Qishan is not as handsome as you, you are the most handsome person I have ever seen.”

  These words boasted. Jin Yongzhong couldn’t help laughing. He knew he was pretty good, but Su Xiaoxiao was the first to praise him so bluntly.

  Jin Yongzhong is indeed very handsome, with a tough face, an upright posture, plus many years of serving as a soldier, and a good appearance.
  Otherwise, Dong Xiaohong would not fall in love at first sight.

  Dong Xiaohong frowned ever since she saw Su Xiaoxiao, because she and Su Xiaoxiao really didn’t deal with it, and she couldn’t help getting angry when she saw her. Seeing Su Xiaoxiao pretending so well in front of Yongzhong, she couldn’t help but worry about what medicine this dead girl sold in the gourd.

  Jin Qishan also kept frowning, because Su Xiaoxiao’s weird talk made him get goosebumps.

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