STYV Ch 13

When school was over, Su Xiaoxiao, Dai Lainan, and Wang Xiaoxia left the classroom together, still joking on the way. When we arrived at the school gate, because Dai Lainan’s mother would come to pick her up every day, Su Xiaoxiao separated from them automatically, looking unfamiliar.

  Dai Lainan saw her mother and ran to her mother’s arms.

  Mother Dai asked, “Is Su Xiaoxiao coming out? What does it look like? Show me.”

  Dai Lainan pointed in Su Xiaoxiao’s direction: “The one with the pink schoolbag.”

  Mother Dai glanced. The little girl is so pretty. The thick bangs, big eyes, white face, and delicate clothes, instantly stand out among a group of dark and sloppy children.
  Dai mother whisper the sentence:. “Quite nice, not like bad students ah”

  Dai Lai Nan heard, quickly said: “It’s, ah, little can be powerful, to know everything.”

  ”Results also know everything Could it be OK? The transfer student you mentioned before is her. She has been on the plane and her clothes look good?” Mother Dai glared at Dai Lainan: “This shows that the mind is not used for study, it may be used for Eat and put it on. Let you stop playing with her, don’t play with her, what teacher Yao said can be fake?”

  Dai Lainan lowered his head, and reluctantly let out an “um”.

  Mother Dai: “Did you not play with her today?”

  Dai Lainan lowered his head with a guilty conscience.

  Mother Dai rode a big bicycle with bars, and Dai Lainan sat on the bar, actually envy Su Xiaoxiao in her heart.
  What if Su Xiaoxiao’s grades are not good? Her parents, grandparents, and grandparents treat her well. They not only bought her beautiful school tools and beautiful clothes, but also dressed her beautifully and gave her pocket money. As for her, her mother hoped that she
  could be as good as possible… Su Xiaoxiao was sitting on the tricycle with his back straight, proudly like a princess sitting on a carriage. And she can only nest on the big bar, and she doesn’t even have the right to sit behind…

  When Jin Qishan saw Su Xiaoxiao and Dai Lainan leave pretendingly, he couldn’t understand why Su Xiaoxiao did this. Who is this acting for?

  Su Xiaoxiao also noticed Jin Qishan and waved to him happily.

  Jin Qichang turned his face to the side, and when he turned around again, Grandma Su’s car was already far away.

  Su Xiaoxiao, who was sitting in the car, began to think that she wanted to change Jin Qishan’s destiny. The most important thing was to solve the main factor of his blackening.
  There are three main factors:
  first, Dong Xiaohong’s abuse;
  second, campus bullying among classmates;
  third, teacher’s indifference or contempt.

  Generally, the targets of campus bullying are students who are thin, short, introverted, taciturn, with average interpersonal relationships, average learning, and parents who don’t care much about them.
  These, Jin Qishan are perfectly in line.
  However, for Su Xiaoxiao, this is a good solution. Children of this age are still young, and Su Xiaoxiao can still be bluffed. It’s okay for Grandma Su to come forward. Grandma Su loves to take care of this kind of thing.

  The teacher’s indifference or contempt is still a good solution. Yao Yulian loves reputation most, and most likes students with good grades.
  If Jin Qishan can improve his grades to medium, Yao Yulian should not target Jin Qishan again. However, Su Xiaoxiao can help with Jin Qishan’s grades, but I don’t know whether Jin Qishan is willing or not.

  Dong Xiaohong’s abuse is a little bit difficult, after all, it is impossible for Su Xiaoxiao to stare at his house all the time when he comes from home behind closed doors. Is it necessary to drive Dong Xiaohong away?
  It is not appropriate for her to drive away other people’s wives, so why not expose her true colors in public.
  Then, how to expose it?

  After returning home, Su Xiaoxiao was still thinking about exposing Dong Xiaohong’s true combat plan.
  Not long after, she heard the door opening outside, so she hurriedly leaked a stitch and took a look. It turned out to be Jin Qishan.
  She immediately jumped out and said with a smile: “Xiaoshan, you are walking so slowly. Come to eat? Grandma made braised crucian carp today, cold kelp shreds, sauced beef, steamed egg…”

  Jin Qishan opened the door and turned his back to Su Xiaoxiao: “Don’t go.”

  Su Xiaoxiao: “But you promised me yesterday.”

  Jin Qishan said gently: “I don’t remember.”
  Then he walked in and closed the door.

  This kid is a bit tugged…
  Su Xiaoxiao pretended to slap twice in the air.

  Suddenly, the door in front of him opened, and a hand was stretched out from inside: “It’s not good, here you are.”
  Then, the door closed again with a bang.

  Su Xiaoxiao looked at Jianlibao in his arms, really angry and funny.
  Su Xiaoxiao comforted herself, can’t be angry, can’t be angry, who makes him a kid!
  Be tolerant, be generous!

  When Su Xiaoxiao came home, Grandma Su saw that she had an extra bottle of Jianlibao in her hand, and asked: “Why go out and have an extra bottle of drink in her hand?”

  Su Xiaoxiao: “Xiaoshan gave it.”

  Grandma Su said something. I can’t believe it, that kid doesn’t care about anyone on weekdays.

  Su: “

  Xiaoshan gave it?” Su Xiaoxiao: “Yeah.” “Yeah , this kid is really good.” Grandma Su smiled, and she couldn’t help but feel a little more fond of Jin Qishan. Grandma Su’s affection is fair. If she likes her granddaughter who is kind to her granddaughter, she will also like him to be kind to him.

  In the evening, there was a knock on the door of the Jin family. Grandma Su was watching TV in the living room, and she wondered who was visiting Dong Xiaohong’s house this evening.

  ”Boom boom boom…” The knock on the door was quick and powerful.

  Jin Qishan was washing the dishes, hearing the knock on the door, his ears were pricked up nervously. Dong Xiaohong was at home, and he did not dare to open the door without authorization.

  Dong Xiaohong heard it too, she thought it was Su Xiaoxiao again, so she deliberately didn’t open the door.

  There was a knock on the door a few times, but there was no movement.

  After a while, just when Dong Xiaohong thought that Su Xiaoxiao was back, the knock on the door rang louder than ever.

  Dong Xiaohong wanted to teach Su Xiaoxiao, so she couldn’t open the door calmly.
  Unexpectedly, Grandma Su did not calm down and opened the door curiously. As soon as I opened the door and saw the person coming, Grandma Su couldn’t help but exclaimed: “Oh my god, you are back.”

  The person put his hand on his lips and whispered, “Well, why? No one in the house?”

  Grandma Su hurriedly said. He also whispered: “There are some people, they are all coming back, they are all at home. I guess they are busy and haven’t heard, why don’t you shout.”

  The man laughed and said, “I was going to surprise Xiaoshan.”

  ”Oh.” Grandma Su smiled, “Then you knock again.”

  ”Yeah. Then you go back, Aunt Tian.”

  ”Good, good.” Grandma Su closed the door.

  When Dong Xiaohong was in the room, she heard Grandma Su shouting, “Oh my god, you come back”, and nothing else was heard.
  She couldn’t help wondering who was knocking on the door.

  ”Boom boom boom”, the knock on the door rang again.

  As soon as Dong Xiaohong opened the door, a tall black figure rushed in and hugged her.
  ”Ah.” Dong Xiaohong screamed.

  ”It’s me, don’t be afraid.”

  ”Ah, Yongzhong, you are back.” When Dong Xiaohong saw that the person was Jin Yongzhong, his mouth was flat, and tears came just as he said it.

  Jin Yongzhong liked this set very much, and gently hugged Dong Xiaohong in his arms and coaxed softly.

  Standing in the kitchen, Jin Qishan watched this scene, the dishwashing water in his hand dripped on the ground smoothly.

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