STYV Ch 12

After finishing the meal, Su Xiaoxiao looked for a seat in the Wuyangyang canteen with his dinner plate, but turned his head and met Wang Xiaoxia’s eyes.

  Wang Xiaoxia didn’t react for a moment, she was stunned for two seconds, and then quickly lowered her head with dodging eyes.
  After all, he is still a child, and the emotion on his face will not be concealed. She buried her face in the rice bowl awkwardly, begging Su Xiaoxiao not to see her.

  However, Wang Xiaoxia’s reaction also made Su Xiaoxiao see clearly that the look was not annoying, but nervous and flustered.  
  So, what happened last night?

  Su Xiaoxiao walked over, filled with doubts, and placed a large bag of chicken drumsticks in front of Wang Xiaoxia and Dai Lainan: “It was promised to you at noon yesterday.”
  After that, Su Xiaoxiao pretended to be chic and went to sit somewhere else. .

  Wang Xiaoxia untied the bag and saw that it was all chicken drumsticks. Her eyes brightened: “Mom, there are so many chicken drumsticks!” When

  Dai Lainan looked at it, she couldn’t close her mouth with a smile: “Wow, that’s true, Xiaoxiao treats us really. OK!”

  Wang Xiaoxia was a little tangled: “But, we are not friends anymore, can we still eat her chicken drumsticks?”

  Dai Lainan also tangled: “Yes.”

  Both of them slid their hands on the chicken drumsticks, after all Still bowed his head to gourmet food.

  ”It should be edible…”

  ”Xiao Xiao gave it to us…”

  Suddenly, Wang Xiaoxia’s inspiration flashed: “Or, let’s be friends for another day today.”

  Dai Lainan agreed very much, “Yeah, I I think it’s okay.”

  Then, Wang Xiaoxia and Dai Lainan took out a chicken leg, tore open the package, smiled happily, and then took a big bite.

  The two girls sitting next to Wang Xiaoxia and Dai Lainan are classmates of class (1) next door.
  They stared at the big drumsticks in the hands of Wang Xiaoxia and Dai Lainan, showing enviable gazes, which were much larger than those in the cafeteria…
  I really want to be friends with Su Xiaoxiao, that’s great! There are so many chicken drumsticks!

  When Jin Qishan saw that Su Xiaoxiao was not sitting with Wang Xiaoxia and the others, he sensitively guessed that Su Xiaoxiao was squeezed out by them in disguise.
  Is it because of him?
  Is it because Su Xiaoxiao helped him yesterday?

  Jin Qishan pressed his lips tightly, his heart was full of emotions.
  Su Xiaoxiao is really an idiot, others ignored her, and she bought chicken drumsticks for others.

  In a bad mood, Su Xiaoxiao casually ate a few bites of rice, and returned to the classroom after filling his stomach.

  When Wang Xiaoxia and Dai Lainan came back, Su Xiaoxiao was already asleep on the table. The two looked at each other, feeling very guilty in their hearts.  
  Take the hand short, eat the mouth softly.
  The more Wang Xiaoxia thought about it, the more she felt that she had done something wrong, so she wrote a piece and put it on Su Xiaoxiao’s table.

  After the nap, Su Xiaoxiao saw the note, and when she turned around, she saw Wang Xiaoxia and Dai Lainan looking at her with blank eyes, as if they were begging for her forgiveness.
  Su Xiaoxiao smiled: “What do you two want to tell me?”

  Wang Xiaoxia excitedly shook Su Xiaoxiao’s hand: “Little, I didn’t mean to ignore you.”

  Su Xiaoxiao: “Why is that?” “

  Wang Xiaoxia covered her mouth: “My mother won’t let me say it.”

  Within three seconds, Wang Xiaoxia couldn’t help but tell Su Xiaoshu: “My mother told me not to play with you, saying that Teacher Yao called my house last night.” , Teacher Yao said that you and Jin Qishan are both bad boys in our class. My mother said that she was afraid that you would ruin me, let me stay away from you.”

  ”My mother also said, let me not play with you.” Dai Lainan hesitated, “Ms. Yao said that your grades are not good. If you play with you, your grades will drop. If my grades drop, my mother will beat me.”

  Wang Xiaoxia: “Yes, my mother hurts people to beat me.” “

  Dai Lainan looked sad: “I think it hurts more for my mother to hit someone.”

  Su Xiao smiled stingly, and didn’t understand what she had done, so she was beaten to death and turned into a bad boy?
  Also, what’s wrong with her grades? I think she was also a well-known 985 in the country when she took the college entrance examination. Regarding the content of the third grade of elementary school, she can get 100 points with her eyes closed.

  Su Xiaoxiao asked, “Do you think I am a bad boy? Is it a bad student?”

  Wang Xiaoxia and Dai Lainan shook their heads. They both thought that Su Xiaoxiao was very good, knowing a lot and generous. However, Teacher Yao again said that Su Xiaoxiao was a bad boy, and they had to listen to what the teacher said…

  Su Xiaoxiao was very satisfied with the reactions of Wang Xiaoxia and Dai Lainan, which was almost the same.
  She smiled, and then said solemnly: “Then you still don’t talk to me for the time being, lest Teacher Yao sees it and complain to your mother again.”

  Wang Xiaoxia: “Then let’s talk secretly, how about passing the note? I didn’t talk to you all morning. I was suffocated.”

  Su Xiaoxiao: “

  Okay .” Wang Xiaoxia smiled happily: “Little, chicken drumsticks are delicious, I ate 2 at noon.”

  Dai Lainan also hurriedly Said: “I also ate two.”

  Su Xiaoxiao smiled and said, “You like it.”

  Jin Qishan saw Su Xiaoxiao talking to Wang Xiaoxia and others again, and he was talking and laughing. He was a little strange, it was only one noon, and they were reconciled again?
  These girls are really fickle and don’t understand.

  In the afternoon, there is a Chinese class.
  Yao Yulian came in with a stack of homework books, and stood on the podium to praise the students who did well.

  ”Su Xiaoxiao, the writing is very beautiful, but it’s a little scribbled, next time you have a more correct attitude.” Yao Yulian smiled amiably as if nothing had happened.

  Su Xiaoxiao took the workbook and stared at Yao Yulian firmly, holding the pen tightly in his hand, and poking hard on the notebook a few times.  
  It’s no wonder that Jin Qishan let Yao Yulian off her bicycle, she wanted to let it go.
  Actually thought she had bad grades? Before, she was afraid that she would be too outstanding, so she kept a hand when doing homework.
  Now it seems that she can no longer hide her true strength, otherwise she can’t protect Jin Qishan at all, I am afraid that she will not be able to protect herself.
  If even the teacher takes the lead in crowding out and isolating a student, then who can hide?

  After sending out the homework, Yao Yulian said, “There will be a monthly exam next Thursday, and everyone is ready. After the monthly exam is over, we will re-arrange homework based on the monthly exam results. The top ten students in the exam can choose by themselves. At the same table.”

  Suddenly, the classroom was as if the pot had exploded, and everyone began to whisper.

  ”Stop talking, I haven’t finished talking yet.” Yao Yulian continued, “The classmates who don’t get good grades will all sit in the back. The ugly words are at the front. I don’t care if you are tall, short, fat or thin. Look at the results, if you don’t want to, let your parents go to the director to transfer the class.” At
  this point, Yao Yulian glanced at Su Xiaoxiao, and then asked loudly, “Does everyone understand?” The

  classmates shouted, “I understand. “

  Su Xiaoxiao turned his head and snorted coldly, underestimating me? Slap you in the face with grades at that time!

  Seeing Su Xiaoxiao’s unconvinced expression, Yao Yulian curled the corner of her lips and wanted to take a look.

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