STYV Ch 11

Su Xiaoxiao thought that Jin Qishan had eaten at her house and regarded her as a friend, but he did not expect that he was still very cold towards her.
  After Su Xiaoxiao saw the key hanging from Jin Qishan’s neck from the crack of the door, she stopped reluctantly, and took Grandma Su away.

  After Grandma Su and the others left, Dong Xiaohong took Jin Qishan for a stroll around the community.
  First, I bought a bottle of Jianlibao from Grandma Xiaoxue’s canteen and brought Jin Qishan to school to drink. I bought two meat buns from Aunt Zhang’s bun shop and brought them to school for Jin Qishan.

  Dong Xiaohong was in a particularly good mood today, even riding her lady’s bicycle to send Jin Qishan to school.
  At the gate of the school, Dong Xiaohong and Jin Qishan waved goodbye, showing a kind mother and son filial piety.

  Feng Zihao saw Jin Qishan at a glance. Today’s Jin Qishan is a little different in peacetime. Jin Qishan’s hair is extraordinarily neat, without any pimple, unlike the mess it used to be.

  Feng Zihao bumped Luo Zhi with his shoulder and said, “Do you think that is Jin Qishan?”

  ”Yeah.” Luo Zhi bit his bun and nodded.

  Feng Zihao: “What do you think is different?”

  Luo Zhi took a closer look: “It’s not as dirty as before.”

  ”Yeah.” Feng Zihao smiled, “It looks like I took a bath yesterday and washed my hair.”

  Luo Zhi Thinking of the smelly thing about Feng Zihao in Su Xiao’s novel yesterday, he whispered, “Then you took a bath yesterday?”

  Feng Zihao was a little angry: “I won’t take a bath any day?” By

  coincidence, Jin Qishan came over. Feng Zihao thought that it was because of Jin Qishan that he was called stinky by others.

  Therefore, Feng Zihao pulled Jin Qishan’s schoolbag: “Yeah, Sloppy took a bath?”

  Jin Qishan didn’t want to pay attention to Feng Zihao, because the more people like this, the more eager he would be. Jin Qishan wanted to leave, but Feng Zihao grabbed his schoolbag and couldn’t leave.

  Su Xiaoxiao bought chicken drumsticks for Wang Xiaoxia and Dai Lainan in the small shop at the entrance of the school, because she promised to give them chicken drumsticks yesterday. After buying it, it happened to see Jin Qishan being bullied by Feng Zihao.

  This group of children is really lawless, and they have known bullying since they were young. The bear child owes a period of irritability. It is a pity that he is single and weak, otherwise he must teach them an unforgettable lesson…  
  Su Xiaoxiao clasped his arms fiercely and shouted: “Feng Zihao, what are you doing?”

  Feng Zihao saw that it was Su Xiaoxiao, and quickly let go. In front of beautiful girls, Feng Zihao is still willing to be a cute and honest little boy.
  He grinned to please Su Xiaoxiao: “I’m having fun with Jin Qishan. Have you had breakfast? I will give you ham sausage?”

  Su Xiaoxiao: “Don’t eat, thank you.” As

  he said, Jin Qishan left. Su Xiaoxiao didn’t even look at Feng Zihao, so he hurried to catch up.

  ”What about crunchy noodles, spicy strips? I still have Tang Seng meat and goat shit eggs…” Feng Zihao chased him, opening his schoolbag to look through what else was there.

  Luo Zhi’s saliva was almost coming out: “I eat and I eat.”

  ”Boiling.” Feng Zihao pushed Luo Zhi away impatiently.

  Su Xiaojun stuffed the drumsticks he just bought into Jin Qishan’s hands, and Jin Qishan didn’t want to return it to her. Then, Su Xiaoxiao stuffed the drumsticks into Jin Qishan’s schoolbag and ran away quickly.

  Watching the interaction between Su Xiaoxiao and Jin Qishan, Feng Zihao crushed the instant noodles with anger, then grabbed a handful of them and stuffed them.

  Luo Zhi also smiled and stretched his hand in, grabbing a large handful…
  and then stuffing it into his mouth.

  Feng Zihao looked at Luo Zhi slantingly, and suddenly thought of an idea: “I will give you all the food in my bag, you go…” When

  Su Xiaoxiao arrived in the classroom, Yao Yulian was already standing at the door.

  Seeing Su Xiaoxiao and Jin Qishan entering the classroom one after another, Yao Yulian glanced at them contemptuously.
  Sure enough, bad kids can play with bad kids. It was a pity that they didn’t let them sit together.
  Yao Yulian didn’t want to investigate who vented her tires, because whether it was Jin Qishan or Su Xiaoxiao, it was the same to her, they were all people she didn’t like.

  Su Xiaoxiao looked back and saw that Wang Xiaoxia and Dai Lainan were studying seriously, and because Yao Yulian was at the door, the big drumsticks in the bag were not taken out.

  The first class is the Chinese class, Yao Yulian rushed to check the extracurricular homework that was assigned yesterday.
  ”The team leader accepts the homework, and I am finished in the afternoon and then send it to everyone.” The

  originally silent class suddenly wailed.

  Yao Yulian patted the podium: “What is your name, stand up for me if you don’t write it down.”

  Yao Yulian looked at the people who bowed their heads and stood up. They were all expected.
  When she saw Jin Qishan sitting, Yao Yulian threw a chalk head over and smashed it on Jin Qishan’s desk: “Let those who didn’t do their homework stand up, didn’t you hear?”

  Jin Qishan stood up, his face a little reddish: “I I wrote it.” At

  this time, the team leader happened to come to Jin Qishan to collect the homework, opened the workbook and looked at it, and then returned to Yao Yulian: “Teacher, Jin Qishan has finished his homework.”

  Yao Yulian said impatiently, “Sit down when you finish writing.”


  class, Wang Xiaoxia and Dai Lainan ran out as soon as the class bell was ringing.
  Su Xiaoxiao looked at their violent backs, and was a little curious about what they were doing in such a hurry.
  Is it a collective urgency?
  They didn’t come back until the bell rang in class, and Su Xiaoxiao didn’t have time to ask.

  This is still the case between the second class.

  During the third class, before Wang Xiaoxia and Dai Lainan could stand up, Su Xiaoxiao said: “Xiaoxia,

  Lainan go to the bathroom ?” Wang Xiaoxia and Dai Lainan looked at each other, their expressions were a little strange. Shook his head.

  Su Xiaoxiao didn’t think so much, thinking that they simply didn’t want to go to the toilet.

  As a result, when it was time for lunch, Wang Xiaoxia and Dai Lainan ran away as soon as the bell was ringing.
  I knew it was Wang Xiaoxia and Dai Lainan who took Su Xiaoxiao to the cafeteria.
  At this time, Su Xiaoxiao reacted, these two children were avoiding her.

  Su Xiaoxiao took out 9 bags of chicken drumsticks from his schoolbag, feeling a bit complicated.
  She originally bought 10 of them, and wanted to give 5 to Wang Xiaoxia and Dai Lainan. Later, I met Jin Qishan in the morning and gave him another one. 
  A chicken drumstick costs 3 yuan, and 10 chicken drumsticks cost her 30 yuan.
  Don’t underestimate the 30 yuan. You have to know that Grandpa Su is a retired doctor, and his monthly retirement salary is more than 2,000.
  When she was in school, Grandma Su gave Su Xiaoxiao 5 yuan in pocket money every day. She saved this 30 yuan for more than a week.

  Don’t know why these two children are avoiding her?
  What did she do wrong to offend both of them?  
  Su Xiaoxiao thought about it carefully. When school was over last night, the three of them were talking and laughing together to the school gate. Why did both of them ignore her so tacitly when they went home and slept?

  Although Wang Xiaoxia and Dai Lainan deliberately avoided her and ignored her, she was a big sister (old aunt) and couldn’t see her as a child.
  She packed all the chicken legs into her handbag and carried them to the cafeteria.

  There were many people on the way to the cafeteria, and everyone was talking and laughing in groups.
  Su Xiaoxiao was alone, feeling a bit lonely.

  Although Su Xiaoxiao usually thinks that the topics Wang Xiaoxia and Dai Lainan discuss are too naive, such as whose pencil looks good, whose eraser is bigger, who bought a new book…
  But it is better to be accompanied by someone than no one.

  Jin Qishan saw Su Xiaoxiao walking alone in despair, and wanted to step forward and ask her what’s wrong?
  But, after all, I wanted to…In the
  end, he still silently and slowly followed Su Xiaoxiao behind.

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