STYV: Ch 10

 Dong Xiaohong had a dinner with colleagues outside, and came back almost nine o’clock after the meal. When she didn’t see Jin Qishan at the door, she was still a little surprised. However, she was surprised for three seconds, and then she took out the key to open the door, thinking that she would die outside if she died outside.

  But when the day failed, Grandma Su heard Dong Xiaohong opening the door and immediately opened the door: “Xiaohong, why did you come back so late? Xiaoshan is at my house. She has finished eating and is doing homework with Xiaoxiao.

  Yeah .” Dong Xiaohong’s face was not good, and she disliked Grandma Su’s meddling. But in order to maintain her image, she had to barely squeeze a smile.

  Grandma Su never looked at other people’s faces, and she still said, “Oh, you also buy some decent notebooks and pens for Xiaoshan. I think his pen boxes are full of pencil points, so it hurts people to look at them. I don’t know how many times I’ve used it, and it’s all scratched. You said that everyone’s conditions are good now, and the children will compare with each other…”

  Dong Xiaohong’s smile could no longer be maintained, and he stood at the door of Su’s house and shouted inside: “Little Shan will come out soon and go home.” When

  Jin Qishan heard Grandma Su talking, he began to collect his schoolbags. When Dong Xiaohong called him, he had already come out.
  Jin Qishan lowered his head, and his mood sank to the bottom again.

  Home was originally a warm harbor.
  But here, it is more like a cold cage, trapping his body and his heart.

  Su Xiaoxiao, afraid that Jin Qishan would be tortured by Dong Xiaohong, also followed. She wanted to say something to Jin Qishan, but she is still a child now, Dong Xiaohong certainly doesn’t take her to heart.

  Su Xiaoxiao tugged at Grandma Su, her mouth saying “key”.

  Grandma Su understood, and quickly said, “Xiaohong, you also gave Jin Qishan a key. It’s not a way to get in the door every day. Look at you, things are going on in the past three days.”

  Dong Xiaohong explained: “Xiaoshan has the key. Yes, maybe I forgot to bring it again today.”

  ”This child is really lost.” Grandma Su blamed Jin Qishan, and then said, “You get a string to put on the key and hang the child around the neck. If it doesn’t work, you want you to rest assured about your Auntie Tian, ​​you give it to Give me the key, and I will help

  Xiaoshan keep it .” Dong Xiaohong’s smile could hardly be maintained: “I know, tomorrow I will hang the key on Xiaoshan’s neck.”

  ”That’s fine, she will help you read the short novel. For Xiaoshan, if you lose the key, you count as this girl.” Su Xiaoxiao touched Su Xiaoxiao’s head and said proudly, “My little girl is sensible.”

  Dong Xiaohong grinned perfunctorily, Jin Qishan pushed in, then closed the door heavily.
  As soon as he closed the door, Dong Xiaohong stretched out his hand, and Jin Qishan closed his eyes and squeezed the schoolbag tightly for fear of humming.

  Boom boom boom.

  Dong Xiaohong took a breath, changed a smile and opened the door. As soon as he opened the door, Su Xiaoxiao’s head stuck out.

  Su Xiaoxiao: “Jin Qishan, why doesn’t your house turn on the light? My grandma asked me to give you a pencil.”

  Dong Xiaohong turned on the light and smiled and took the pencil: “Thank you,

  Xiaoxiao .” Su Xiaoxiao ignored Dong Xiaohong , Closed the door with a “pop”.

  Dong Xiao’s red face turned black.
  Does this little girl still see her? I really wanted to choke this little girl to death,

  when the knock on the door rang again.

  Dong Dong Dong…

  Dong Xiaohong managed to smile and open the door.

  Su Xiaoxiao: “Jin Qishan, my grandma asked me to give you a notebook.”
  Su Xiao wrote novels, threw the notebook into the living room, and slid under Jin Qishan’s feet.
  During the whole process, Dong Xiaohong was completely ignored.

  Dong Xiaohong’s face turned black and black, green and blue, angrily trying to break the pencil with his hand. The palm of his breaking hand was red, and he didn’t shake the pencil at all.
  Dong Xiaohong took a kitchen knife from the kitchen in a desperate way, and with all his strength, he chopped a few knives and chopped the pencil into two sections.
  Dong Xiaohong sighed, feeling more comfortable, and threw the pencil into the trash can.

  In less than a minute, someone knocked on the door again.

  Dong Xiaohong opened the door and knew that it must be Su Xiaoxiao without even looking.

  Su Xiaoxiao still stuck his head out: “Jin Qishan, go to school tomorrow morning, you remember to wear the key.” After

  Su Xiaoxiao finished his novel, he closed the door without waiting for them to respond.

  Dong Xiaohong smiled back with anger, clenched his hips and gritted his teeth, standing at the door to see if Su Xiaoxiao was still coming.

  After three or four minutes, Dong Xiaohong just breathed out, and Su Xiaoxiao came again.

  Boom, boom, boom… When

  he heard the knock on the door again, Jin Qishan’s hollow eyes finally gained a little more expression.

  But Dong Xiaohong deliberately didn’t open the door. The longer Su Xiaoxiao knocked, the happier she was.

  Then Su Xiaoxiao knocked for a while, no one opened the door and went back by himself.

  Su Xiaoxiao knocked on the door for a while, interrupting Dong Xiaohong’s original plan.
  Dong Xiaohong can’t wait to strangle Su Xiaoxiao, how can Jin Qishan care about it?

  Dong Xiaohong then tore the notebook that Su Xiaoxiao sent, and threw it on the ground.
  She said to Jin Qishan: “If I ask you, what about pencils and notebooks? You say you are not rare, and you threw them away, do you know?”

  Jin Qishan pursed his lips and nodded slightly.

  Dong Xiaohong dusted his clothes: “You clean up here, I’m going to bed.” After

  Jin Qishan waited for Dong Xiaohong to go back to the room to sleep, he picked up all the pieces of paper on the floor, dusted it carefully, and used a plastic bag. It was installed and stuffed into the innermost part of his closet.
  Then, he took out the pencil from the trash can and carefully cleaned the stains on it. After cutting, put it in the pen box.
  His pencil case was bought by grandma and has two layers. Originally, he put the two broken pencils on the first layer, together with the other pencils. However, after thinking about it, he put these two roots on the empty second layer again, and put them away carefully.

  After cleaning the sanitation, Jin Qishan collapsed on the bed tired. He originally wanted to sleep like this, but closed his eyes and thought of the day.

  So he packed the towels and the change of clothes and went to take a bath.
  Afraid of making Dong Xiaohong noise, he did not dare to use the shower. Turn on the faucet, turn on the faucet to a small amount, and use the washbasin to receive a basin of warm water.
  After washing his hair, he hesitated again and again, but he stepped on the stool to get the soap that he never used normally.

  The next day, Dong Xiaohong, who was awake after sleeping, felt that she was impulsive only yesterday, and almost destroyed her image as a good wife and mother who worked so hard to do so.
  The child of the Su family is definitely her nemesis. Since she came, Grandma Su hasn’t turned towards her as much as before, and she has doubted her anymore.

  In order to maintain his image, Dong Xiaohong found a rope and put the key in it, and hung it around Jin Qishan’s neck: “Put the key outside of the clothes, and go to the community for a few more laps later, so that others don’t think I will give you. The key.”
  After that, Dong Xiaohong hit Jin Qishan on the back of the head hard.

  At this

  moment , Grandma Su came and knocked on the door: “Xiaohong, open the door.” Dong Xiaohong opened the door quickly, with a smile on

  her face: “Auntie Tian.” Let’s go to school with our family. I’ll ride them.”

  Dong Xiaohong glanced at Jin Qishan helplessly: “I really can’t be a home for this. I ask

  Xiaoshan ’s opinion.” Jin Qishan shook his head.
  Because he knows that there are some things that he can only admire, but not what he should have.

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