STYV: Ch 9

  What is responsible?
  What is the responsibility?
  Jin Qishan felt that Su Xiaoxiao must be crazy, and said nonsense that he didn’t understand.

  Su Xiaoxiao: “I haven’t eaten yet, aren’t you hungry? Come in and eat.”

  Why has the Su family been so abnormal these past few days?
  Why is Su Xiaoxiao so kind to him suddenly?
  Jin Qishan didn’t dare to think too much, because he was afraid it was another temptation and a joke.

  Jin Qishan was unwilling to talk to Su Xiaoxiao, and resolutely refused to eat Su’s one-bite meal.
  As a result, Su Xiaoxiao desperately pulled him by the collar, trying to pull him up?

  Jin Qishan turned his head, looked at Su Xiaoxiao, spoke slowly, and said the first words between him and Su Xiaoxiao.

  ”Get off.”

  Su Xiaojian pulled Jin Qishan vigorously. He didn’t expect him to look thin and small, but he was quite heavy, and he couldn’t drag him.

  Su Xiaoxiao jumped with a sudden “roll”, but he didn’t react for a few seconds.

  Because of Jin Qishan’s roar, the sensor light in the corridor suddenly turned on, making Su Xiaoxiao’s face pale.

  Jin Qishan was a little flustered, a little regretful, reflecting on whether he had done too much.
  Perhaps Su Xiaoxiao is really good to him?
  He scolded a girl for “getting out”. Isn’t it too fierce and hurt her heart?

  Su Xiaoxiao found that Jin Qishan’s vigilant expression relaxed, even softer.
  She immediately realized that, frowning, biting her lip, holding her chest, tears in her eyes, and said pitifully: “I know you don’t like me and our house. But you don’t need to be so fierce to me. I just want to call you to come to my house for dinner.” After

  Su Xiao’s novel, he hurriedly covered his face and ran back home.
  After entering the door, he also deliberately opened the door.

  When Jin Qishan saw Su Xiaoxiao crying and left, his heart was uneasy, and his heart was as uncomfortable as being stranded by something.
  He looked at the open door, and the light that showed through, as if magic was being exchanged for him.

  Jin Qishan squeezed his schoolbag tightly and hesitated for a long while.
  In the end, he was heartbroken, thinking that after taking this step, no matter what punishment Dong Xiaohong received, he would recognize it.
  So Jin Qishan carried the old schoolbag and entered the Su’s house.

  Now Jin Qishan doesn’t know that his decision is about to change the trajectory of his entire life.
  The door to the new world is opening for him.

  The quarrel between Su Xiaoxiao and Jin Qishan outside the door, Grandma Su and Grandpa Su heard clearly.
  With Grandma Su’s character, she can’t wait to knock Jin Qishan on the head with a spatula. He actually dared to let her baby granddaughter go away, really ignorant of what is good or bad, he is very awkward…

  Grandpa Su stopped Grandma Su: “It is normal for children to quarrel with each other. It’s the same. Others will only say that you are as knowledgeable as children. Then who would dare to play

  with Xiaoxiao ?” Grandma Su waved her spatula: “Are they friends? How can there be such friends? No one plays, just No one is playing, it’s a big deal, Xiaoxiao is playing at home…”

  ”Don’t be angry.” Grandpa Su comforted, “Do you think Xiaoxiao has become more cheerful recently? What a great thing to make friends here. Besides, she and Xiaoshan are classmates, so I think it’s pretty good.”

  Grandma Su put the spatula back after she thought about it, and then turned her head to see Su Xiaoxiao coming back crying?

  ”What’s the matter? Jin Qishan hit you?” Grandma Su asked quickly, “Where did I hit you?”

  Su Xiaoxiao took away the hand covering her eyes, showing a smile, and whispered: “I am teasing him. He will come in right away.”

  Grandpa Su smiled and said in a low voice: “I’ll just say it, it’s all a joke between good friends.” As

  he said, Jin Qishan came in, and Su Xiaoxiao played again. Lying on the table and crying “uuuuu”.

  Jin Qishan pursed his lips and stood beside Su Xiaoxiao, a little nervous, not knowing what to say.
  In fact, he is not a taciturn person, but he has become more silent over the past few years.

  Upon seeing this, Grandpa Su quickly took Jin Qishan’s schoolbag and put it on the sofa. Grandpa Su took out the chair next to Su Xiaoxiao, and let Jin Qishan sit next to Su Xiaoxiao.

  Su Xiaoxiao lay on the dining table, sobbing twice from time to time.

  Jin Qishan spoke up, his voice so low that only Su Xiaoxiao could hear it.
  Jin Qishan said: “I’m sorry.”

  Su Xiaoxiao: “hum hum, you today in our house for dinner, ooo, ooo ……”

  Jin Qishan: “ah.”

  Su Xiaoxiao: “ooo, ooo, you are the future Eat at our house.”

  Jin Qishan: “Yeah.”

  Su Xiao’s little purpose was achieved, and he stopped “whooping”. He raised his head and pretended to wipe tears with his hands.
  Then, Su Xiaoxiao took a piece of spare ribs and put it in Jin Qishan’s bowl, with a soft voice.
  ”Then you eat a piece of ribs.”

  Jin Qishan saw that there was no sign of crying on Su Xiaoxiao’s face, and guessed that he had been cheated.
  However, such deception did not embarrass him.

  Grandpa Su smiled and said to Grandma Su: “You see, we are so smart, we act like the real thing.”

  Grandma Su said impatiently : “Go on , it makes me feel angry.”

  Grandpa Su is happy. He picked up an order for Jin Qishan and said, “Xiaoshan, eat more, you think you’re thinner. Come on, drink some soup, drink some soup to grow taller. Come on, eat some meat, it takes more to grow your body. Eat meat…”

  Jin Qishan looked at the pile of vegetables in the bowl and thought of the grandmother at home, his eyes clouded with mist.
  Only the grandmother remembered that he was just a few years old, and he was still growing.

  ”Oh, Xiaoshan, where’s your key? Forgot to bring it again? Or lost it?” Grandma Su suddenly remembered the key point, “Why do you always lose everything?”

  ”Grandma.” Su Xiaoxiao increased her tone, “Why? what they say, what do you believe? she said Jin Qishan lost the key is lost? said Jin Qishan not having a key that did not bring? I have never seen Jin Qishan has the key. ” “

  Yo Yo Yo, or are we a little smart, but also know not Believe others easily.” Grandma Su said happily, “Come here, eat a piece of ribs, and eat ribs to grow taller.”

  Su Xiaoxiao helplessly, Grandma Su still suffers from a loss of literacy, and she can’t tell what other people are saying. .

  Grandma Su asked Jin Qishan again: “Why is your mother coming back late? How did you eat when she came back so late? Is there so many things in kindergarten?”

  ”Grandma, you have so many questions, and Jin Qishan doesn’t know how to answer. Ah.” Su Xiaoxiao turned his eyes and said with a smile, “It’s better to wait for Dong Xiaohong to come back and ask her. Did you ask her again if she gave Jin Qishan the key? If she gave Jin Qishan the key, I will help. If you lose it, count me.”

  Grandma Su looked at Su Xiaoxiao, her eyes full of affection: “You have a lot of skills, is Dong Xiaohong your name? You have to call me aunt.”

  Su Xiaoxiao shook her head, just like me. A look of disobedience.

  The Su family has a very harmonious atmosphere.

  The floor fan shook his head and blew hula hula. Jin Qishan’s hair was blowing in front of him, and he finally had the opportunity to rub his eyes.
  He took a bite of the ribs, it was fragrant, really fragrant.

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