STYV: Ch 8

Su Xiaoxiao just sit down, Wang Xiaoxia asked: “little, you give him a chicken doing?”

  Su Xiaoxiao:. “I do not like chicken, just did not hit him, give him the”

  Wang Xiaoxia some do not Happy: “Why didn’t you give it to me?”

  Dai Lainan also said, “Yes, you didn’t give it to me either?”

  Su Xiaoxiao was surprised: “You all like chicken legs?”

  Wang Xiaoxia and Dai Lainan nodded together “

  Yeah .” Wang Xiaoxia pouted: “We are good friends. You didn’t give it to me, but you gave it to others.”

  Su Xiaoxiao couldn’t help but smile: “Everyone is a friend. We will have chicken drumsticks next time .” , I’ll give it to you.”

  Jin Qishan was shocked when he heard Su Xiaoxiao’s words.
  She treated him as a friend, so she gave him the drumstick?
  No, they are not friends.
  He has no friends and does not need friends.

  After Su Xiaoxiao and the others had finished eating, they left first.

  When Jin Qishan was hesitating whether to eat this chicken drumstick, Feng Zihao and Luo Zhi passed by him with their dinner plates.

  Feng Zihao has always held a grudge for Jin Qishan’s embarrassment in the class. Seeing Jin Qishan holding the chicken drumstick, he immediately snatched it over, took a big bite, and said braggingly: “Chicken drumsticks are so fragrant, I will help you if you don’t like it.”

  Jin Qishan looked at the incomplete chicken drumstick. Feng Zihao used to snatch it. Scenes of his flesh appeared in his mind scene by scene, and finally he remembered Su Xiaoxiao’s words “Are all of you friends?”

  Jin Qishan’s anger was instantly ignited, and he slammed Feng Zihao’s face with his fist.
  Feng Zihao was taller and stronger than him, and easily blocked his fist: “Still angry?”

  Jin Qishan refused to admit defeat, and his fist fell like raindrops. Feng Zihao was not the one to be beaten obediently, and the war was on the verge of breaking out.
  Luo Zhi hurriedly stepped forward to help, getting more and more chaotic.
  Plates, bowls, chopsticks, leftovers are flying everywhere, and the cafeteria is in a mess.

  It happened that the teacher on duty was Yao Yulian, who also caught up with the vice principal who came to the cafeteria for inspection.

  The vice-principal and Yao Yulian were chatting, and when they heard noise coming out, they looked over there, and there were two students fighting together.
  Yao Yulian quickly recognized two people, one is Jin Qishan and the other is Feng Zihao.
  Yao Yulian originally had high blood pressure. This was unbelievable. Her blood pressure almost rose to 200, and she was dizzy.

  The vice principal hurried forward and pulled Jin Qishan and Feng Zihao away, and said angrily: “What’s your name? Which class? Who is the head teacher? Call me to the head teacher!”

  Jin Qishan and Feng Zihao saw the vice principal behind him. Yao Yulian, both of them bowed their heads, and did not dare to breathe.

  Yao Yulian smiled bitterly at the vice principal: “The two of them belong to my class and two

  troublemakers .” Yao Yulian has been teaching for more than ten years and is also a key teacher. Face is still to be given.
  After the vice principal gave Jin Qishan and Feng Zihao a few sentences, he asked Yao Yulian to discipline them.

  After the vice-principal left, Yao Yulian called Jin Qishan, Feng Zihao, and Luo Zhi to the office, patted the table and asked: “What’s the matter? What’s the matter with you? You can fight after eating?”
  ”Who can tell me why?

  Fighting ?” Feng Zihao rolled his eyes, then quickly raised his hand and said, “Jin Qishan is late today. If he didn’t get a drumstick, he would grab my drumstick to eat.”

  Yao Yulian heard it and felt her brain hurt.
  She rubbed her head: “Jin Qishan, what do I say to you? Can you make me less trouble every day?”

  Jin Qishan argued: “No, I don’t…”

  ”Still sophistry?” Yao Yulian snapped angrily. At the table, “Is it possible that Feng Zihao won’t steal your chicken legs? Feng Zihao runs a supermarket. Do you need to steal your chicken legs?”
  Before Jin Qishan could speak, Yao Yulian said: “Luo Zhi, who are you robbing the chicken leg?”

  Feng Zihao stared at Luo Zhi nervously, and kept giving him hints, hoping that Luo Zhi would speak to him.
  Luo Zhi thought he would have to eat Feng Zihao’s spicy strips and lollipops, so he quickly said: “Jin Qishan grabbed Feng Zihao…”

  Yao Yulian: “Who beat

  someone first?” Luo Zhi and Feng Zihao said at the same time. : “Jin Qishan did it first.”

  Yao Yulian said in a deep voice, “Jin Qishan, did you do it first?”

  Jin Qishan lowered his head and acquiesced.

  ”Okay, Luo Zhi, Feng Zihao, let’s go back for lunch first.” Yao Yulian waved her hand to let Luo Zhi and Feng Zihao go back first.

  After Feng Zihao and Luo Zhi left, Yao Yulian took a sip and said, “Jin Qishan, the teacher knows about your family situation. Your biological mother has passed away and your father has not been around all the year round, but this is not the reason for you to beat and lie.”
  ”The teacher is very sympathetic to your encounter, and I hope you don’t give up on yourself. The classmates and the teachers have taken care of you very much. I hope you can get along with your classmates and study hard in the future.”
  ”The place where you just got dirty, I have asked Auntie to keep it for you to disturb. You should clean it first, and then go back to rest. Okay, you can go out and close the door when you go out.”

  Jin Qishan cursed in a low voice when he went out. Fart.”

  Coming out of the office, there was a striking red bicycle parked in front of the office building. It was a new mount that Teacher Yao bought.

  The fight between Jin Qishan and Feng Zihao quickly spread through the class.
  Feng Zihao only mentioned that Jin Qishan beat him first, but did not mention that he grabbed the chicken legs.

  Jin Qishan’s fight just confirmed the rumors that “Jin Qishan loves to beat people”.

  Dai Lainan immediately told Su Xiao’s novel: “Look, I’ll just say it, Jin Qishan loves to beat people.”

  Su Xiaoxiao couldn’t understand why Jin Qishan suddenly beat people.
  According to the original text, Jin Qishan started beating people when he couldn’t bear it in the third grade. Jin Qishan hit people quickly and accurately, and soon became a school bully. People who had bullied him later became his bullying targets.
  Before that, although Jin Qishan thought deeply, he always retained goodwill and sincerity, and never dared to hurt others.
  Could it be that the rebellion blackened earlier?


  After school, Su Xiaoxiao was sitting on Grandma Su’s tricycle and saw Jin Qishan walking alone on the trail.
  Jin Qishan carried an oversized schoolbag on his back, so that his back was arched.

  Su Xiaoxiao shouted loudly: “Jin Qishan.”

  Jin Qishan tilted his head and saw Su Xiaoxiao and Grandma Su.

  Su Xiaoxiao smiled so that his teeth were bared: “Jin Qishan, come and take the car together.”

  Jin Qishan glanced again, and Grandma Su was also smiling. He opened his mouth, and in the end he didn’t speak, and he lowered his head and looked at his toes as he walked.

  Grandma Su’s mouth was pulled down: “Little, you are not allowed to talk to the dead child anymore. He ignores you, what are you doing with him?”

  Su Xiaoxiao smiled and said, “He didn’t ignore us. He’s just shy. Didn’t he still look at us just now?”

  Grandma Su: …

  Su Xiaoxiao waved her hands happily and said loudly, “Jin Qishan, let’s go first, bye!”

  There is an arched bridge in front of the school. When going uphill, Grandma Su rode a little hard.

  Su Xiaoxiao was a little distressed: “Grandma, stop, I’ll get off the cart.”

  Grandma said sternly: “Don’t don’t, you sit down for me, don’t wait for a while and fall off.”

  Su Xiaoxiao watched. Grandma Su pedaled so hard, she was a little restless.
  No matter how Grandma Su stopped, she still jumped out of the car.

  After Su Xiaoxiao got off the car, the weight was reduced a lot, and the tricycle ran a lot faster all at once.

  Su Xiaoxiao was scolded on Su Xiaoxiao’s pacifier, saying what to do if she fell disobediently, but because Su Xiaoxiao was sympathetic and happy in her heart, she blossomed.

  On the bridge, Su Xiaoxiao saw Yao Yulian as if wearing a mask of pain, pushing the bicycle with difficulty. 

  Although it is beginning of autumn, the weather is still very hot and sultry.

  Yao Yulian pushed the car with difficulty. She was already fat and sweaty.
  Yao Yulian bought this bicycle when school started. Yao Yulian feels distressed now that the car wheel is out of breath. She thought it was because she accidentally bumped into something and punctured the tire when she was riding the bike.

  Su Xiaoxiao took a closer look at Yao Yulian’s bicycle, and found that the rear wheels of the bicycle were all out of breath, and they were rubbing dry on the ground.

  The first thing Su Xiaoxiao thought of was Jin Qishan. Su Xiaoxiao couldn’t help but smile when he thought of Jin Qishan and evil pulling off his gas mouth cap.
  The little devil stretched out his minions, and some people deserve it.

  Just when Yao Yulian turned her head, she looked up with Su Xiaoxiao, and Su Xiaoxiao’s happy look was seen in full view by her.
  Yao Yulian’s face sank, thinking that Su Xiaoxiao was actually watching her jokes and smiling so happily.
  Yao Yulian originally suspected that it was Jin Qishan’s anger, but now she also suspects that it was Su Xiaoxiao who was

  while Jin Qishan looked at Yao Yulian from a distance, with a smile on her mouth.
  He felt the pleasure of revenge.


  evening, Su Xiaoxiao in the living room watching TV, I heard Grandma Sue whispered: “.. So late, Xiaohong not come back ah good little boy was still sitting in front of it, certainly did not eat at night,”

  Sue Grandpa: “Then you call him in and let him eat at our house.”

  Grandma Su: “I don’t call that little bunny. I want to call you. Asking him to eat is the same as owing him money…”

  ”I Go call, I’ll call…” Su Xiaoxiao got up from the sofa and quickly put on his shoes.

  ”You are still afraid that the meal will not be finished…” Grandma Su glanced at Grandpa Su, and had another dinner.

  Smelling the rich aroma of rice in the corridor, Jin Qishan clutched his grunting belly, and began to think about how to retaliate against Dong Xiaohong.

  Suddenly, the opposite door opened, and Su Xiaoxiao showed his head and smiled at him.


  Xiaoshu : “My family made braised pork ribs, can’t you come?” Jin Qishan turned his head and didn’t want to care about her. Today, if it weren’t for her chicken legs, he wouldn’t be able to fight Feng Zihao.
  Had it not been for the fight with Feng Zihao, it would have been impossible for him to clean in the cafeteria, cleaning for forty to fifty minutes.
  Originally, he hadn’t gotten well when he was ill, but that day was a penalty station, he hadn’t eaten enough, and he had to clean the canteen. Now he can’t lift his tired arms.

  Seeing that Jin Qishan not only ignored her, Su Xiaoxiao turned her head angrily.
  She sighed, carried Jin Qishan by the collar, and said, “Come in, I will be responsible for you in the future.”

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