STYV: Ch 7

Yao Yulian was at a loss for Su Xiaoxiao’s words. She didn’t know who Su Xiaoxiao was referring to.
  However, Yao Yulian likes to tell everyone the truth in class.
  So, she smiled and explained softly: “Of course those who did something wrong need to apologize, everyone should be good students.”

  Su Xiaoxiao turned her head and pointed at Feng Zihao with her white tender little finger. She tilted her head, tried to pretend to be ignorant and ignorant, and said in a

  whining voice, “Then why, he didn’t need to apologize for doing something wrong?” Yao Yulian was stunned, and she asked, “Feng Zihao, you did something wrong. What?”

  Feng Zihao immediately stood up blushing when he heard that, arguing with his neck: “I, I did nothing, I did nothing wrong.”

  ”But, you threw the paper ball on Jin Qishan’s head. That’s it.” Su Xiaoxiao turned around and asked Yao Yulian, “Teacher, if you accidentally hit someone with a paper, don’t you need to apologize?”

  Su Xiaoxiao spoke milkily, but threw loudly .
  After she finished speaking, the class was quiet.
  Because everyone knows that if you hit someone on purpose or not, you need to apologize. However, the person who was smashed was Jin Qishan, and everyone felt that this apology could not be broken.
  Very contradictory, but very realistic.
  Apologize to Jin Qishan?
  Jin Qishan is so annoying, do you need someone to apologize to him?

  Yao Yulian was stunned for a few seconds. Although she didn’t like Jin Qishan, she had to instill correct concepts in the children to teach and educate others.
  So she inculcate: “Ping Zaihao, you first Zazhuo others, though you do not you are not intentional, but still have to apologize, courtesy, etc. After the class, you apologize to Jin Qishan Road…”

  But , Yao Yulian couldn’t suppress the hatred of Jin Qishan from the bottom of her heart.
  After that, she changed the subject again and said rather sternly: “Jin Qishan, you disrespect the teacher, disrupt classroom discipline, and stop for one class.”

  The classroom was silent, and Su Xiaoxiao was dumbfounded. Why did Teacher Yao understate Feng Zihao so lightly when he said that Jin Qishan was heinous when he said Jin Qishan?

  Before Su Xiaoxiao could react, Yao Yulian said: “Okay, this is over. Su Xiaoxiao, Feng Zihao, sit down, we have class now.”
  So Yao Yulian opened the book and started the class. NS.

  Su Xiaoxiao was not satisfied with the result. She looked back at Jin Qishan. Jin Qishan lowered her head, her messy long hair covered her face, and she couldn’t see her expression clearly.

  The content of the third grade is too simple and boring for Su Xiaoxiao, and because of Jin Qishan’s affairs, she is a little absent-minded.
  She stared at the textbook unconsciously, turning the pencil in her hand.

  Yao Yulian saw Su Xiao’s small movements in her eyes, and she also had a trace of disgust in her heart.

  Yao Yulian tapped on the blackboard three times in a row, and looked at Su Xiaoxiao with Yu Guang, and said, “This new word is the focus of the exam. It is very easy to make mistakes. Everyone will write it down for me.”

  In this way, the pen in Su Xiaoxiao’s hand did not move. Next, Yao Yulian felt that her lungs were going to explode.
  I thought, this little girl, looking beautiful and quiet, not only loves to look for things, but is also so careless in class. No wonder she helped Jin Qishan speak, it turned out to be a kind of person.
  So Yao Yulian labelled Su Xiaoxiao as a “bad student” in her heart.

  Su Xiaoxiao didn’t know, she only had to say a few words to make Yao Yulian hate her.

  Some people are so superficial, they are quick to like someone, and they are quick to dislike someone. It all depends on the surface.

  After class, Jin Qishan dragged his exhausted body back to his seat, and as soon as he got down, Feng Zihao came over.

  Feng Zihao squeezed his nose and shouted: “Oh my god, the trash can

  smells so bad . Didn’t today’s duty student disturb the hygiene?” Today, Wang Xiaoxia was on duty. She heard someone question her that she did not disturb hygiene, and hurriedly ran over aggressively. : “What are you talking nonsense, why didn’t I bother?”
  Wang Xiaoxia raised the empty trash can in front of Feng Zihao: “I see it, the trash can is empty, you can smell it for me.”

  Feng Zihao craned her neck, sniffed it hard, and then said with a smile: It
  smells , the trash bin doesn’t smell, what’s that smelly?” Feng Zihao said as he fanned his nose in front of his nose.

  ”How do I know? Anyway, my sanitation is very clean.” Suddenly, she said suddenly, “Is Jin Qishan smelly?”
  In fact, Wang Xiaoxia didn’t ask about the smell, but she thought about the class when Feng Zihao said. Jin Qishan stinks.

  Feng Zihao got everyone he wanted, and immediately shouted and exaggerated: “What? Wang Xiaoxia, do you think this is the smell of Jin Qishan? Oh, it’s not the smell of the trash can, it’s Jin Qishan, and Jin Qishan is worse than the trash can. Dirty.” After

  Feng Zihao finished speaking, bursts of laughter broke out in the class.

  Jin Qishan buried his head in his arms. He hadn’t fallen asleep yet, he had heard it all.
  Their laughter and ridicule, like a sharp knife, pierced his heart.
  Jin Qishan clenched his fists to resist, but he didn’t know where to resist. Can he resist the whole world?
  Jin Qishan was shaking all over.

  Although Wang Xiaoxia would speak ill of Jin Qishan in private, she still couldn’t do it in person.
  Therefore, she didn’t mean to make fun of Jin Qishan at first.
  Seeing everyone laughing at Jin Qishan, she anxiously explained: “No, no, I didn’t mean…”
  However, Wang Xiaoxia’s voice was too low to hear what she was saying.

  Suddenly, with a “pop”, Su Xiaoxiao fell off the table with his book, and everyone jumped, and the whole class fell silent.
  Su Xiaoxiao’s novel: “My nose is so good, I’ll help you smell it.”

  Su Xiaoxiao ran to the end, and first sniffed at the trash can: “It doesn’t smell.” The

  classmates were amused by Su Xiaoxiao’s funny appearance. NS.

  Then, Su Xiaoxiao lowered his head and cautiously approached Jin Qishan.

  Jin Qishan felt Su Xiaoxiao approaching, his long eyelashes trembled slightly, and his heart beat fast.

  Su Xiaoxiao sniffed vigorously, then raised his head and said loudly, “Well, it doesn’t smell.” For

  a while, everyone didn’t react.

  Doesn’t it smell?

  Jin Qishan’s dirty look, shouldn’t it be smelly?

  Before everyone reacted, Su Xiaoxiao approached Feng Zihao and smelled it.
  Then she pinched her nose and ran away like a gust of wind.

  When everyone was caught off guard, Su Xiaoxiao ran and said: “Oh, Feng Zihao turned out to be the smelly.”

  ”Ah, it turns out that it was you.”
  Wang Xiaoxia saw Su Xiaoxiao running away, thinking how smelly Feng Zihao was. , And ran away as well.

  It was so funny seeing Su Xiaoxiao and Wang Xiaoxia running away, they all laughed.
  As a result, many students began to laugh at Feng Zihao. 
  ”Su Xiaoxiao and Wang Xiaoxia both ran away, Feng Zihao smells so much!” 
  ”Feng Zihao almost makes himself stinky.”
  ”After that, Feng Zihao is the first stinky in our class!”

  ”I, I don’t stink.” Feng Zihao smelled his clothes, “It’s not me that smells bad.” The

  classmates laughed loudly, no one cared whether Feng Zihao smelled or not.

  Luo Zhi asked loudly, “Feng Zihao, did you take a bath yesterday?” The

  students laughed happily .

  Feng Zi arrogantly wanted to beat Luo Zhi: “You didn’t take a shower, I’ll kill you.”

  Luo Zhi smiled and ran away.

  Luo Zhi ran, Feng Zihao chased him, and the two ran a few laps around the classroom.

  Wang Xiaoxia looked confused about the fact that she didn’t smell the smell: “Little, is Feng Zihao really smelly?”

  Su Xiaoxiao turned her head and smiled slightly: “No, I was playing around.”

  ” Okay .” No matter whether he smells or not, let’s go to the bathroom together.” Dai Lainan tore a few pages of the workbook, “I want to shit.”

  Su Xiaoxiao couldn’t laugh or cry: “Student Lainan, please speak more gracefully.

  ” Huh?” Dai Lainan looked blank, “What is elegant? What is excellent?”

  Su Xiaoxiao helplessly: “Forget it, you go.”

  After the farce, they should go out to play, go to the toilet, no one Remember this again.
  Only the moment Jin Qishan seemed to be riding a roller coaster and landed smoothly, he thought he would never forget it for the rest of his life.
  He didn’t see Su Xiaoxiao’s expression and movements, but he smelled the fragrance.
  If you take Su Xiaoxiao as the standard, then he is really smelly.

  But why did Su Xiaoxiao help him?
  Jin Qishan thought that the old lady of the Su family and Dong Xiaohong were on the same side, so Su Xiaoxiao could not believe it.
  All he can believe is himself.


  school stipulates that all students are not allowed to leave school at noon, and lunch must be eaten in the cafeteria.

  At 11:30, everyone rushed to the cafeteria.

  Su Xiaoxiao was not interested in arguing with children for food.
  However, Wang Xiaoxia and Dai Lainan were afraid that she would not get it, so they insisted on running with her.

  Today, the meat in Set A is chicken drumsticks, and the meat in Set B is braised pork. Most of the students have arranged for Set A.
  Su Xiaoxiao and the others came early, and when they finished their meal, the team of set A lined up at the door.

  Jin Qishan was late, and the chicken drumsticks he arranged first just happened to be gone.
  He went to row the braised pork again, just when he was rowed out of braised pork.

  The aunt gave him two boxes of yogurt and said, “Classmate, the meat is gone. Let me give you two boxes of yogurt. Come early next time.”

  As soon as Jin Qishan entered the canteen, Su Xiaoxiao noticed him and looked at his chicken legs. On the row, the braised pork is not on the row either. Su Xiaoxiao couldn’t help feeling, miserable, really miserable.

  It happened that Jin Qishan was sitting in a row in front of Su Xiaoxiao.

  Su Xiaoxiao looked at the uneaten chicken drumsticks in the bowl, thinking that she would carry her pot.
  Starting today, she will work hard to change Jin Qishan’s tragic fate.

  Su Xiaoxiao put the drumsticks to Jin Qishan’s face, and Jin Qishan raised his head and looked at her in astonishment.

  Su Xiaoxiao generously put the chicken drumsticks on Jin Qishan’s dinner plate: “I don’t like chicken drumsticks, you can eat it.”

  Jin Qishan was suspicious and sensitive. His first reaction turned out to be why she didn’t eat chicken drumsticks?
  Could it be that the drumstick fell on the ground, and Su Xiaoxiao deliberately trimmed him?

  Before Jin Qishan could react, Su Xiaoxiao hummed a song happily and went back.

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