STYV: Ch 6

Grandma Su didn’t care about whether Jin Qishan was good or not, whether she liked it or not.
  Grandma Su said angrily: “

  Xiaoxiao , come over to eat.” Su Xiaoxiao poured another cup of hot water for Jin Qishan, and said, “Would you like to come over and eat together? My grandma cooks very fragrantly.”

  Actually, Su Xiaoxiao doesn’t. Said that Jin Qishan also knew that Grandma Su was very good at cooking.
  Who can’t smell the whole building?
  Before Su Xiaoxiao came, everyone didn’t feel it.
  After Su Xiaoxiao came back, everyone was guessing what kind of dishes Grandma Su made today?

  Seeing that Jin Qishan was unmoved, Su Xiaoxiao stopped persuading him, so he went to dinner by himself.

  Suddenly, the sound of the key opening the door came from the door.

  Grandma Su saw that it was Dong Xiaohong who was back.

  Grandma Su hurriedly shouted with a candle, “Xiaohong, are you back? Your

  Xiaoshan is in our house.” As she said, Jin Qishan abruptly got up, picked up her schoolbag and came out.

  ”Auntie Tian, ​​it’s really troublesome for you, why did Xiaoshan go to your house?” Dong Xiaohong smiled, but there was no temperature in his eyes.

  Grandma Su is a real person, she doesn’t care much, and she doesn’t see so many twists and turns.
  She began to complain: “He may have forgotten to bring the key again and he is squatting at the door. There was a power outage today, and the corridor was dark and winter. He was shocked by Xiao Li.”
  ”Later I saw that the child’s clothes were wet. It’s so good, and he still has a fever. Just lift him up with your uncle, and change it for him. He will not do it.”
  ”You said this kid, and I don’t know his character. What can you say to him? He ignored him…”

  Dong Xiaohong glanced at Jin Qishan appreciatively, and then complimented Grandma Su: “Auntie Tian, ​​you are so kind, I really trouble you today. If it weren’t for you, what would Xiaoshan do? Today, there was a kid in kindergarten who has been unavailable, so I will stay with him until now.”

  ”Your teacher is too dedicated.” Grandma Su said cheerfully, “Your clothes are also wet, go back and change your clothes.”

  Suddenly, Grandma Su remembered to tell Dong Xiaohong: “By the way, Xiaoshan is in our house. His temperature is 38.9 degrees. I have already given him anti-fever medicine. Please pay more attention when you go home. If you have a severe fever, take it to the hospital as

  soon as possible .” “Okay, thank Aunt Tian.” Dong Xiaohong took a picture of Jin Qishan. Head, smiled and said, “Quickly say goodbye to grandma.”

  Jin Qishan didn’t speak, Dong Xiaohong smiled apologetically to Grandma Su, opened the door and went in.

  Su Xiaoxiao knew that Dong Xiaohong was not a good person and was not good to Jin Qishan, so she would not care whether Jin Qishan had a fever.

  When the opposite door was closed, Grandma Su remembered that there might not be candles in Jin’s house.
  So she hurriedly lit two candles and asked Su Xiaoxiao to send them there.   Dududu

  … After

knocking on the door three times, Jin Qishan opened the door. At this time, he has changed into a short-sleeved T-shirt.


  Xiaoshu : “Grandma asked me to give you two candles.” Jin Qishan did not answer.

  Dong Xiaohong just came out, took a look and said, “Thank you Aunt Tian and Xiaoxiao, Xiaoshan, take it.”

  At this time, Jin Qishan reached out and took the candle.

  The flash of candlelight illuminates his wrist, and the bruises of blue and purple are clearly visible.

  Su Xiaoxiao was taken aback. Before he recovered, Jin Qishan slammed the door shut.

  Scars, scars…no

  wonder, Jin Qishan wears long sleeves in summer.

  This is the story she wrote, why did she forget it?
  Dong Xiaohong not only refused to let Jin Qishan in, not let him eat, beating and scolding was more commonplace.
  Physical torture and spiritual humiliation finally made Jin Qishan embark on a perverted path.

  It’s not a good feeling for Su Xiao to be careful. In order to increase the twists and turns of the story, she wrote Jin Qishan’s teenage years as tragic.
  Writing is one thing, seeing it with your own eyes is another.
  She was wrong…
  What Jin Qishan has encountered now is her responsibility.


  Jin Qishan had a fever, which took two or three days off and on.
  When Su Xiaoxiao saw him again, it was already Monday.

  Perhaps it was because Jin Qishan had just finished sick, and Jin Qishan’s face was pale, and the whole person was even less energetic.

  At the end of the first class, Su Xiaoxiao Yu Guang glanced towards the corner of the position behind him.
  ”Jiwotou” Jin Qishan was lying on his desk and fell asleep.

  Feng Zihao, the tall and fat boy in the last row, rubbed a ball of paper and threw it into the corner.
  Not knowing whether it was intentional or unintentional, the paper ball drew a beautiful arc and fell on Jin Qishan’s head.

  ”Feng Zihao what are you doing?” Jin Qishan rubbed his head and locked the suspect at a glance.

  Feng Zihao seems to be honest and honest, but in fact he has a lot of mind and is good at watching people play discs.
  He smiled slyly: “Hey, throwing garbage.”

  ”Throwing garbage, why are you throwing it on my head?” Jin Qishan was furious and walked to Feng Zihao a few steps with his fist clenched.

  Jin Qishan is short and thin, not worth mentioning in front of the tall and strong Feng Zihao.
  Feng Zihao looked at Jin Qishan who was half a head shorter than himself, and smiled: “Who told you to sit there? I will throw it on your head when I throw it.”

  ”You apologize to me.” Jin Qishan’s eyes were fierce. , Clenched his fists, and looked at the hippie smiling Feng Zihao, who was on the verge of exploding.

  Feng Zihao looked indifferent: “It’s not to blame me, who made you sit there.” While the

  back row was in a mess, Wang Xiaoxia poke Su Xiaoxiao’s back with a pencil, preparing to introduce Su Xiaoxiao to Su Xiaoxiao. “Celebrities” in the class.

  Su Xiaoxiao turned around.

  Wang Xiaoxia pointed at Jin Qishan with a pen, and then said to Su Xiaoshu: “That person is called Jin Qishan. Keep away from him in the future. No one in our class plays with him. He always takes the last place in the exam, my mother said. If we play with him, we will be the last in the exam.”

  Wang Xiaoxia’s tablemate Dai Lainan also said, “Yes. Xiaoxiao, don’t play with Jin Qishan. He is broken and he likes to beat people. Say he is a wild child.”

  Others also agreed, and you said ill of Jin Qishan every word.

  Su Xiaoxiao glanced at Jin Qishan, who was half a head shorter than Feng Zihao, but did not lose at all. He thought that Jin Qishan had become black soon?

  According to the original text, Jin Qishan really fought back when his grandmother who loved him the most passed away in the third year of junior high.
  The teacher refused to let him take a leave of absence to go home to keep his filial piety on the grounds that he was about to take the high school entrance examination. Dong Xiaohong threw away the relic left to him by his grandmother
  Before that, he was just a paper tiger.
  Since then, he has become a real demon.

  Su Xiaoxiao asked Dai Lainan: “Has Jin Qishan ever beaten anyone?”

  Dai Lainan was asked, and his face turned red after holding back for a long time: “He, he, he has beaten…”

  ”Yes, you You don’t even know who he has beaten.” Su Xiaoxiao smiled, “Perhaps he can’t beat people at all?” Although it

  was rebutted, Dai Lainan didn’t feel any embarrassment or discomfort.
  She only felt that Su Xiaoxiao laughed so sweetly, like a little fairy.
  Dai Lainan said: “I also listened to others…”

  Su Xiaoxiao continued to smile and said: “Hearing is false, seeing is believing. No, seeing is not necessarily believing. We must have our own judgment.”

  Everyone is just eight or nine-year-old children, and they can’t understand what Su Xiaoxiao just said.
  However, they found that this new classmate was amazing and knew something they didn’t understand.
  So everyone looked at Su Xiaoxiao with admiration.

  Su Xiaoxiao looked at them dumbfounded, they were ignorant and dazed yet still admiring themselves.
  She turned her head and sighed deeply, feeling that her future path was too difficult.
  You can’t be crazy to be with these kids every day.

  ”Dingling bell,

  Jingling bell…” The class bell rang, and all the students sat down in an instant. Only Jin Qishan was standing in front of Feng Zihao waiting for an apology.

  Yao Yulian came in under the bell.
  She glanced at the back row and threw the Chinese textbook onto the podium: “Jin Qishan, you don’t sit in your seat in class. What do you stand there for? Go back and sit down for me.” At

  this time, the whole class’s attention was lost. Focus on Jin Qishan’s body.
  However, Jin Qishan remained unmoved and just stared at Feng Zihao stubbornly.

  Yao Yulian didn’t like Jin Qishan in the first place.
  No teacher would like a child with poor grades and disobedient.
  Now, he still challenges her authority as a teacher, and she doesn’t like him even more.

  Yao Yulian said angrily: “Jin Qishan is not going to go back to her seat soon. If you like to stand so much, you can stand up for this class.”
  Then, she walked to the last row, carried Jin Qishan by the collar, and lifted him up. Go to the root of the wall: “You stand up for me, I won’t let you go back to your seat, you are not allowed to go back today.”

  Su Xiaoxiao looked at Jin Qishan
  with a dissatisfied expression on his face, and glared at Feng Zihao. But Feng Zihao looked smug and turned his head provocatively.

  Su Xiaoxiao looked at the other people in the class, and most of them were gloating.
  Obviously Jin Qishan was bullied first, but in the end he was only punished by himself. No one thinks there is any problem with such punishment, because no one cares about him.
  The teacher did not ask the cause and effect, and no one of his classmates defended him.

  At this moment, Yao Yulian stepped onto the podium and knocked on the blackboard to calm everyone down.
  She said: “Everyone is looking at the blackboard. Feng Zihao, what do you look back at? If you look back, stand with Jin Qishan.”

  Feng Zihao pinched his nose and said slyly, “I don’t want him. He

  smells bad.” Feng Zihao is funny. The appearance made everyone laugh.

  Jin Qishan watched everyone laugh unscrupulously, and was angry and hated in his heart.
  The happier they laughed, the more hate Jin Qishan felt.

  Why do everyone treat him this way?
  Why is the wrong person always him?
  Did not listen to his explanation, and no one believed his words.
  why why?
  What did he do wrong?

  He looked at these people roaring with laughter, one by one, he must carefully remember the faces of these people now.
  But when I saw Su Xiaoxiao and Jin Qishan, I was stunned. That little face was different from before, and she neither laughed at him nor despised him. The expression was so complicated that he couldn’t understand it.

  After the two looked at each other, Su Xiaoxiao raised his hand and stood up, and asked innocently: “Teacher, do you need to apologize for the wrongdoer?”

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