STYV: Ch 5

In the afternoon, the originally clear sky suddenly became densely covered with clouds.

  Su Xiaoxiao looked out the window, wondering if it was going to rain heavily.

  Sure enough, it didn’t take long before the sky was dark and the pouring rain poured down.

  As school approached, the door of the classroom was gradually crowded with parents who came to pick up their children.

  Su Xiao looked around, but didn’t see Grandma Su, and was a little worried.
  The rain is so heavy, the sky is so dark, Grandma Su is too old, still riding a tricycle, will there be any accidents on the road?

  After school, Su Xiaoxiao was the first to rush out of the classroom and watched in the corridor for a while before he recognized Grandma Zhou who was standing at the back door wearing a raincoat.

  Although Grandma Zhou was wearing a raincoat, the rain was too heavy and her clothes and hair were still wet.

  Seeing that Su Xiaoxiao had come out, Grandma Zhou quickly handed her the raincoat and rain boots for her to wear.

  The rain was heavy and urgent, and the ground had gathered into a stream.

  As soon as she left the education building, Grandma Su squatted down and said, “Come up, grandma is carrying you.”

  Su Xiaoxiao is embarrassed: “No, I will go by myself.”
  She is young and vigorous. How can she let the old grandma carry her back? It’s the old grandma.
  At this time, she completely forgot that her body was just an eight or nine-year-old child.

  Grandma Su was so strong, she grabbed Su Xiao’s arm and forced her up on her back.

  Su Xiaoxiao lay on Grandma Su’s back, and put her arms around Grandma Su’s neck.
  Even in the violent storm, Su Xiaoxiaoli was extremely peaceful.

  Grandma Su put Su Xiaoxiao on the tricycle, took out the plastic bag and spread it on the place where she was sitting, and let Su Xiaoxiao sit on it.

  Jin Qishan who followed saw this scene and was a little envious of Su Xiaoxiao.
  Although he usually hates Grandma Su very much, because this old woman is nosy and still speaks awkwardly. However, she was really good to Su Xiaoxiao.
  It would be nice if someone treated him like this.

  The students were picked up by their parents one after another, but Jin Qishan was the only one who walked alone in the rain.
  The stagnant water overflowed Jin Qishan’s calf, making it particularly difficult for him to take every step.
  Everyone is worried and worried, but he is the only one who cares.

  Jin Qishan thought, if he were in his hometown, his grandmother would definitely be like Su Xiaoxiao’s grandmother, and couldn’t bear to let him soak in the rain.
  On his grandma’s back, he is also a baby who is loved and hurt by someone.

  Thinking back to the past, tears mixed with rainwater fell from Jin Qishan’s face.
  The rain is too heavy, not that he is sad.
  Jin Qishan wiped his face to make his vision clearer.

  Suddenly, a harsh brake sound rang on his side.
  A motorcycle jumped out of the rain curtain and almost knocked Jin Qishan to the ground.
  The man on the motorcycle scolded fiercely: “You’re looking for death, you want to

  stay away, I ‘m pissed off, I ‘m unhappy .” Jin Qishan froze in place, he walked on the road well, how could he become him looking for death?
  What did he do wrong?
  Why should everyone treat him this way?
  He is always the one who did nothing wrong?

  Jin Qishan thought, it’s better to die, maybe you will be relieved if you die.
  I don’t know if he died, grandpa, grandma, and dad will regret that they didn’t listen to him.
  However, if he really died, grandma would be very sad, and he couldn’t bear to be sad.

  A child’s world is very simple. To love someone is to love you wholeheartedly, and to love you you is his world.
  And Jin Qishan’s grandma is his world.

  In the 1990s, the voltage was not stable enough, and power was often cut off after heavy rains.
  This time, it was the same.
  Fortunately, Grandma Su was at home and prepared a few candles.

  Grandma Su lit a candle in the kitchen and a candle on the dining table. Then, Grandma Su went into the kitchen to cook, Grandpa Su read the newspaper at the dining table, and Su Xiaoxiao lay down on the dining table to do his homework.

  When the meal was finished, Grandma Su shouted: “Old man, the table is tidy up for dinner.”

  Su Xiaoxiao quickly put the textbooks and homework into her schoolbag, and then washed her hands and went to the kitchen to help with the meal.

  As usual, Grandma Su spoke to Su Xiaoxiao with a loud voice: “You go out, you don’t need to work.”
  Grandma Su has a very loud voice when she speaks, so in general, Grandma Su does what she says, and Su Xiaoxiao doesn’t want to talk to him. Grandma Su argued. Otherwise, it’s like quarreling, she doesn’t like it.
  If it were the past, Su Xiaoxiao would definitely go out. But today, she especially wanted to help.

  ”You child, if you let you go out, you will go out, and you have to wash your clothes when they get dirty.” Grandma Su brushed her hand on her apron twice, rushing Su Xiaoxiao, “Go out for me, go out. “

  Su Xiaoxiao took out 6 bowls from the cabinet and handed 3 bowls to Grandma Su: “Grandma, you can serve the soup, I will serve the rice.”

  Grandma Su was stunned for two seconds when she heard this “Grandma”. Passing the bowl: “Oh oh”

  Su Xiaoxiao turned on the rice cooker, and by the faint light of the candle, he saw that there seemed to be black round grains on the white rice.
  Su Xiaoxiao’s novel: “There seems to be something on the rice.”

  Grandma Su smiled, thinking Su Xiaoxiao didn’t know Qingdou.
  She said, “It was made for your grandpa. You put it in your grandpa’s bowl.”

  ”Yeah.” Su Xiaojiang put all the green beans on the rice into Grandpa Su’s bowl, and filled two spoons of rice, “Grandpa loves it.” Eat green beans?”

  Grandma Su said: “He doesn’t like pure rice, green beans are good for his high blood pressure, so I will add some green beans to him.”

  ”Oh.” Su Xiaoxiao asked, “I did it before?”

  ”Yes, every meal has it. Either green beans or red beans, occasionally this adds something else.” Grandma Su saw Su Xiaoxiao curiously, “If you don’t like to eat me, I just I didn’t put it in your bowl, so I don’t know.”

  Su Xiaoxiao was shocked after listening.
  Grandma Su is usually a bit domineering, she always scolds Grandpa Su at home, but she did not expect to take care of Grandpa Su in the details of her life.
  To be precise, Grandma Su has taken care of everyone.
  Su Xiaoxiao doesn’t like to drink corn paste, but Grandpa Su likes Grandma Su. Therefore, Su’s porridge will always be two kinds, and no one needs to accommodate anyone.

  When the food was served, Grandma Su pulled out the candle in the kitchen and was about to take it to the dining room.

  Suddenly, there was a scream from the corridor outside the door: “Ah!”

  Grandma Su rushed out, holding the candle.

  Upon seeing this, Su Xiaoxiao also hurriedly followed.

  Candlelight illuminates the corridor.

  Grandma Su saw Li Yue on the fourth floor standing at the door of Su’s house, and asked: “Xiao Li, what’s the matter with you?”

  Li Yue clutched her chest, and the rain from her forehead stayed along her cheeks: “Scared me. I didn’t just get off work. Come back, Jin Qishan squatted on the stairs and scared me to death.”
  Li Yue continued: “You said this dark and numb, suddenly squatting, is it scary?”

  Grandma Su blinked quickly and said, ” Yeah, yeah. Don’t bother with the kids. Go back to eat.”

  “Auntie Tian, ​​then I’m going back, and you guys will go home too.” Li Yue looked back at Jin Qishan and rolled her eyes. Go upstairs.

  Su Xiaoxiao poked her head out from behind Grandma Su, and saw Jin Qishan sitting at the door of his house with his arms around his knees and his head buried in his knees.
  As if everyone was not discussing him, they didn’t look up from beginning to end.

  Grandma Su pushed Jin Qishan with her hand: “Why are you sitting here again? Didn’t bring the key?”
  This was a push, Grandma Su found that Jin Qishan was hot.

  ”Xiaoxiao, hold the candle.” Grandma Su handed the candle to Su Xiaoxiao and helped Jin Qishan up herself.
  Jin Qishan’s whole body was limp, and his head was drooping, but Grandma Su was confused.
  She quickly said, “Little, call out your grandpa.”

  Regardless of Jin Qishan’s soaking body, Grandma Su told him to lean on her. Then, together with Grandpa Su, they carried Jin Qishan onto the sofa.

  Grandma Su touched Jin Qishan’s forehead and said to Grandpa Su: “You touch this child, you are so hot, you have a fever.”

  Grandpa Su touched it and hurried to get a thermometer.

  Grandma Su stuffed the thermometer into Jin Qishan’s armpits: “This child’s clothes are soaked, I’ll get the blanket, you take off his clothes.”

  Grandpa Su was about to unbutton Jin Qishan’s shirt, and Jin Qishan suddenly opened his eyes. , Staring at Grandpa Su alertly.

  Grandpa Su saw that he was awake: “Your clothes are wet, so quickly take them off and change them.”

  Jin Qishan pulled up the collar and lowered his head: “No.”

  Grandma Su came out: “Why not? Your clothes are soaked. You. This kid is really disobedient. What did the adult tell you to do? You

  must not do it. Is it fun to wait until you have a fever?” Jin Qishan lowered his head and said nothing.

  Grandma Su stretched out her hand to take him off, but Jin Qishan held her clothes and refused to take it off.

  Grandma Su threw the blanket on Jin Qishan angrily, too lazy to care about him, she was not her own child.

  Three or four minutes later, Grandpa Su took out the thermometer.
  The candle light flickered, and Grandpa Su couldn’t see the degree, so Su Xiao looked down upon it.

  Su Xiaoxiao: “It’s already 38.9 degrees.”

  Grandma Su hurried over after hearing this: “It’s all this high? Do you have any anti-fever medicine at home? Bring it to him quickly.”

  Grandpa Su went to get the anti-fever medicine, and Grandma Su went to pour water. Then, the supervisor took Jin Qishan and took the anti-fever medicine.

  Afraid that Dong Xiaohong could not find Jin Qishan when he came back, Su’s house was left open.

  Grandma Su looked at the right door: “Your mother hasn’t come back yet?”

  Jin Qishan didn’t say a word.

  Grandma Su: “Why don’t you have something to eat at our house, the food is ready.”

  Jin Qishan remained the same, lowered his head and said nothing.

  Grandma Su was unhappy, she squashed her mouth, and began to swear: “Grandma is a leg, talking to this kid can be maddening. If it is our child, I will have to beat him at least twice a day.”

  Grandpa Su: “In front of the child, you talk less.”

  ”I’ll say in front of him, what’s the matter?” Grandma Su looked at Jin Qishan with her arms akimbo, “I can’t teach the child yet? Now the child is really spoiled. Lawless, no manners at all.”

  Grandma Su: “I am an old lady who has never gone to school, knows that others are talking to you, you have to go back. How about paying back a student? I don’t think shit is as good. You see Dong Xiaohong, right. He’s so good that I don’t want any children for his sake. What about him? Do you treat Dong Xiaohong as a mother? Just a white-eyed wolf.”

  Su Xiaoxiao looked at Grandma Su and was angry, and explained: “Grandma, Jin Qishan just doesn’t like to talk. Okay.”

  Jin Qishan shook his body slightly, but still lowered his head.

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