STYV: Ch 4

On the other side of the Su’s family, dinner is beef stew with potatoes, boiled shrimp, braised crucian carp, an infamous cold dish, and a seaweed egg soup.
  I have to say that every meal in Su’s family is very hearty, and Grandma Su’s cooking is also very delicious.
  According to Grandma Su herself, she used to be a chef in the commune.

  After eating, Grandpa Su cleaned the table, Grandma Su washed the dishes, and Su Xiaoxiao was arranged to sit on the sofa and watch cartoons.

  Su Xiaoxiao hasn’t watched a cartoon for many years, and now it’s interesting to see it.

  Before long, the phone rang remembered.
  The phone was on the small coffee table next to the sofa, and Su Xiaoxiao answered the phone: “Hey.” The

  call was from Wu Xinyu. 
  Wu Xinyu: “Hey,   Xiaoxiao , I am my mother.”
  Wu Xinyu: “School

starts today, how is the new school?” Su Xiaoxiao dragged the phone cord around, a little embarrassed: “It’s okay.”

  Wu Xinyu: ” Have you made new friends? How do teachers and classmates treat you?”

  Su Xiaoxiao continued to be embarrassed: “It’s okay.”

  Wu Xinyu felt Su Xiaoxiao’s indifference, and asked: “Why doesn’t Xiaoxiao talk? Is your mother already?”

  To Su Xiaoxiao, Wu Xinyu is a stranger, she really doesn’t know what to say, she is not such a familiar person in the first place.
  Moreover, if she was asked to call a stranger “Mom”, she couldn’t say so.

  Just as Grandma Su heard the phone ringing and came over, Su Xiaoxiao quickly handed the phone to Grandma Su.
  Su Xiaoxiao: “Come on, I’m going to watch a cartoon.”
  After that, Su Xiaoxiao went back to the sofa and watched TV.

  Su grandmother answered the phone, I heard there new language Wu cried and said: “??? Mom, is not a nice little unhappy at school ah make friends at school have no teacher like her do”
  talking, Wu language I couldn’t cry over there, “Why didn’t

  Xiaoxiao become talkative? She stopped calling my mother, does she hate us for sending her back to her hometown?” Grandma Su comforted Wu Xinyu while observing Su Xiaoxiao. Su Xiaoxiao was watching cartoons blankly.
  Isn’t the cartoon ugly? She used to watch cartoons with great enthusiasm, always laughing forward and backward.

  Grandma Su thought about it, and it seemed that Xiaoxiao had indeed changed a lot.
  Not only did she not like “mother” to scream, “grandma” didn’t seem to have heard her scream.

  In the past, Su Xiaoxiao’s personality was quite cheerful.
  Now, is it because there are no children to play with and staying with the two elderly people every day, so you have become old-fashioned?

  Children from someone like Su Xiaoxiao don’t like snacks, toys, and go out to play.
  Su Xiaoxiao had been back for so many days, and it seemed that he had never laughed.
  Thinking of this, Grandma Su’s heart also trembled, and she couldn’t help but worry.
  Is it time to find a playmate for Xiao Xiao?
  The figure of “Jin Qishan” flashed in Grandma Su’s mind, Grandma Su shook her head quickly, no, no, no, no.

  During this period of time, Su Xiaoxiao could not say that he was unhappy, only that he was too boring.
  No relatives, no friends, no things to love.
  Living without any goal, like a walking dead.
  Now, her only belief in living is to wait to go back to the real world. 

  At night, Su Xiaoxiao dreamed that she didn’t find the reason for coming to this world, so that she was trapped in the book and couldn’t go back, so she almost cried out in a hurry.

  At the same time, Jin Qishan also had a dream.
  The dream went back to the year Dong Xiaohong first arrived at his home.

  At that time, he was still living at his grandmother’s house in the country.
  The matchmaker brought Dong Xiaohong into the house, and his grandma asked him to call his aunt, but he just kept his mouth shut. Because he heard others say that this woman will be his new mother in the future.
  He doesn’t want a new mother, he wants his own mother.

  Grandma was angry and reached out to hit him.
  Later, Dong Xiaohong came out and said: “The child is still young
  and ignorant , it’s okay.” After Dong Xiaohong left, grandma touched his head, let him listen to his aunt and go to live in the city with aunt, and the aunt will be well. Take care of him.

  It didn’t take long before my father came back from the army, bought a suite in the city, and married Dong Xiaohong.
  Jin Qishan still did not call Dong Xiaohong “mother” or talk to her.
  Grandma always sighed helplessly.

  Later, when Jin Qishan entered the first grade, Dong Xiaohong brought him to the city and said that the school in the city is good.
  The people in Murakami praised the Jin family for marrying a good daughter-in-law. She is beautiful and gentle, and works well. She is a kindergarten teacher. The point is, it’s okay for Jin Qishan.

  Only Jin Qishan knew that Dong Xiaohong always beat and scolded him, refused to feed him, and let him work.
  At first, when he returned to his hometown, he would complain to his grandma.
  But at this time, Dong Xiaohong cried and said: “Mom, I know Xiaoshan doesn’t like me, but I didn’t expect him to be able to compose these words at a young age.” In the

  night, grandma secretly checked Jin Qishan’s body, and nothing happened. Scars.
  However, children who are brought up on their own understand it for themselves. Although Jin Qishan is sometimes naughty, he is by no means the kind of kid who tells lies.
  The grandmother was half-believing, she kept her eyes on Dong Xiaohong and observed more.

  Until Dong Xiaohong became pregnant.
  But it was not three months before the child fell out again.

  Dad came back from the army, and my grandparents also came from the country.
  This time, Dong Xiaohong cried and said to everyone: “Don’t blame Xiaoshan, this time don’t blame Xiaoshan. He is also afraid that I have a child and you will not want him. It is not Xiaoshan’s fault, it is my fault, I will No more children, as long as
  Xiaoshan .” Dong Xiaohong was crying no matter how his father comforted him, saying that it was all her fault.

  Standing in the corner of the wall, Nono said: “I didn’t push her, I did not do anything wrong, she fell by herself.”

  However, no one believed his words, and no one believed his words anymore.


  Early the next morning, when Su Xiaoxiao and Grandma Su went out, they happened to ran into Jin Qishan who was also going to school.

  Grandma Su: “

  Qishan is going to school, do you want grandma to ride a bike with you?” Jin Qishan glanced at Grandma Su, lowered his head and passed by Su Xiaoxiao and Grandma Su.

  Grandma Su carried Su Xiao’s schoolbag and cursed in Jin Qishan’s direction: “This dead boy is really a weird temper.”

  Looking at Jin Qishan’s thin back, Su Xiaoxiao thought about his bad temper, whether in school or The society will suffer.
  However, the general villain still has this character…

  When it comes to school, it is still early, and the small shop in front of the school is full of students.

  Grandma Su took a look and took out a wad of money from her pocket.
  Then, with a “bah”, he spit on his hand and started looking for money.

  Su Zhang grandmother smoked a dollar out, thought and replaced five dollars, into the hands of Su Xiaoxiao: “I want to buy what to buy, not enough money, then go home and try and grandma said.”

  Su Xiao Xiao returned the money: “No, I don’t spend any money.”

  ”You kid, just take it for you.” Grandma Su forced the money into Su Xiaoxiao’s hand, and then walked away on the tricycle.

  In the real world, Su Xiaoxiao’s grandparents died when her father was a child.
  And grandpa and grandma are far away, and only met once in a few years.
  Therefore, she is very strange to this kind of affection.

  Looking at Grandma Su’s back, her heart moved slightly, and the first reaction was that this old grandma was really stubborn.

  Su Xiaoxiao stuffed the money into the schoolbag mezzanine, and then carried the schoolbag on one shoulder.

  The teacher who checked at the school gate happened to be Yao Yulian. When Yao Yulian saw Su Xiaoxiao’s sloppy behavior, she immediately shouted: “Su Xiaoxiao’s schoolbag is on your back. Don’t hang the schoolbag on your shoulders.”

  … The
  23-year-old man actually needs to be taken away. Others were in
  charge of how to carry the schoolbag … Su Xiaoxiao had no choice but to carry the schoolbag on his back properly.

  Yao Yulian stopped Jin Qishan at the door because he didn’t wear a red scarf. He didn’t let in until the class bell rang.
  It happened that the first class was a Chinese class, and Yao Yulian punished Jin Qishan for being late and punished him to continue standing behind to listen to the class.

  Su Xiaoxiao didn’t know that Jin Qishan had already been punished for standing at the school gate because he did not wear a red scarf.
  So she was a little surprised to see Jin Qishan being late, after all, they went out together.
  Although Su Xiaoxiao came here by tricycle and Jin Qishan came here, it would not be half an hour away.

  Yao Yulian enthusiastically took Jin Qishan as an example from the podium, teaching everyone to abide by the campus rules and regulations, and not to be late and leave early for no reason…

  Su Xiaoxiao’s eye follower Jin Qishan saw him drooping his head, with no energy at all.
  He walked slowly to the back of the classroom, put his schoolbag on the floor, took out the crumpled Chinese textbook, and stood against the wall.
  His messy hair covered his eyes, and his expression was a little numb.

  During class, Su Xiaoxiao lay down on the corridor, watching the primary school students downstairs play happily.
  The boys cockfight and play card games.
  The girl jumped on the rubber band and turned the wool.

  At this time, Wang Xiaoxia pulled Su Xiaoxiao with her eyes full of expectation: “Wait, let’s jump the rubber band together, I brought a rubber band.”

  For the 23-year-old Su Xiaoxiao, these games are too naive.
  She refused: “Thank you, but I don’t like to play this.”

  Wang Xiaoxia likes Su Xiaoxiao very much. She feels that she has a special temperament and is different from other classmates.
  Wang Xiaoxia: “Then what do you like? I will play with you.”

  Su Xiaoxiao smiled, this kid is a little cute.
  She said: “I like to lie down here to blow the air.” As
  she was talking, a gust of wind blew Su Xiaoxiao’s hair gently.

  For the first time, Wang Xiaoxia knew that girls can be so beautiful, and she also imagined that Su Xiaoxiao was like this.
  So she followed the example of Su Xiaoxiao and also lay down on the corridor.

  At this time, Dai Lainan yelled from downstairs: “Xiaxia, there is no one for jumping rubber bands, so I can’t come.”

  Wang Xiaoxia immediately said: “Come on.”
  Then, she ran away.

  Su Xiaoxiao smiled. These little children are so energetic. When they arrive in the classroom, there is no one in the classroom, and they all go out to play.
  After lying in the corridor for a few minutes, she turned back to the classroom, only to find that there was another person in the classroom—Jin Qishan.
  Jin Qishan was sleeping on his seat.

  The reason Jin Qishan slept on his seat was that he was a little tired after a class, and no one played with him.

  Yes, no one wants to play with him. Su Xiaoxiao knows this best.
  Because she set it up.
  The villain, there is no good fate.

  The second class is math class.
  The math teacher is a middle-aged man named Jia Zhe.
  The difference from Yao Yulian is that Yao Yulian likes students who are well-behaved and have excellent grades, while Jia Zhe likes students who are flexible and clever and have many ideas.
  By the way, Jin Qishan didn’t account for it either.

  Jia Zhe slept because Jin Qishan was in class, and punished him to stand for another class.

  Seeing Jin Qishan who had been standing for two consecutive classes, Su Xiaoxiao suddenly felt that this young villain was really a bit miserable.

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