STYV: Ch 3

The first day of school passed smoothly.

  After school, Grandma Su asked Su Xiaoxiao how she felt on the first day of school.
  Su Xiao’s novel: “It’s okay.”
  Grandma Su was relieved. She was afraid that Su Xiaoxiao would not be used to the transfer, but she didn’t expect Xiaoxiao to adapt well.

  Grandma Su doesn’t know how to ride a bicycle. In order to take Su Xiaoxiao to and from school, she bought a tricycle.

  Su Xiaoxiao sat blankly behind the tricycle, looking at the students pouring out from the school gate, everyone was smiling, but she could not feel happy at all.
  For her, school and school are the same, and they are all equally boring.
  There are no smart phones in this era, and there is no computer in Grandma Su’s house.
  It’s really boring to live this day…

  Passing by the small shop in the community, Grandma Su stopped and asked, “Little, do you want to eat lollipops?”

  Su Xiaoxiao didn’t eat this kind of children’s food.
  Su Xiaoxiao: “No.”

  Grandma Su: “What about bubble gum?”
  Su Xiaoxiao: “No.”

  Grandma Su: “Then what do you want to eat?”
  Su Xiaoxiao: “I don’t want to eat anything.

  ” Hey, why don’t you eat anything?” Grandma Su sighed and turned to ask the grandma of the canteen, “Grandma Xiaoxue, what kind of kids in your family like to eat? Pack me a bag.”

  “You granddaughter, be good. I don’t like snacks.” The grandma of the canteen filled a bag with a smile.

  ”City people, it’s hard to wait.” Su Nai’s pacifier was disgusted, and her heart smiled, “I don’t know what she likes.”

  ”You are beautiful, look at our Xiaoxue, this mouth has never stopped every day. Today, I cleaned up the shelves and found that the gaps in the shelves were full of ham and spicy strips.” The grandma of the commissary clicked and watched TV next to it. The head of the little girl said, “How come you can eat so much, you can’t learn from your little sister.” The

  little girl stared at the TV and shook her head impatiently: “Grandma, watching TV.”

  Grandma Su He smiled: “Hahahaha, how strong Xiaoxue is. Hey, look at

  Xiaoxiao again, like a thin stick.” Grandma Su and Grandma at the canteen chatted again, until Su Xiaoxiao who was sitting on the tricycle reminded me. Get up before leaving.

  After arriving home, Grandma Su parked the tricycle to the basement first, and then she carried snacks in one hand, and reached out to pick up Su Xiaoxiao’s schoolbag with the other hand.

  I’m embarrassed to ask the elderly to help her carry the schoolbag, she is so young.
  Su Xiaoxiao avoided: “I

  ’ll carry it on my own.” “I’ll carry it, I’ll carry it. What do you do if you crush your small arms and legs.” Grandma Su overturned her schoolbag, “This schoolbag is for stuffing.” It’s a stone egg, it’s still loaded with books? Why is it so heavy?”

  Grandma Su said as she walked: “Now that the child is tired from school, the schoolbags are not long enough for you…” The

  Su family is on the second floor, and walks up the stairs. Just two turns.

  As soon as he turned the corner, Su Xiaoxiao saw Jin Qishan sitting at the door holding his schoolbag.

  Hearing the footsteps, Jin Qishan raised his head and lowered his hair again when he saw them.

  Grandma Su frowned, resenting Jin Qishan’s impoliteness. She has a sharp voice: “You child, have you lost the key again? You should sit inside too, don’t block the stairs.”

  Jin Qishan didn’t bother to lift his eyelids. This old woman was nosy, her mouth was broken, and she was self-righteous.
  It’s really a good time and a free time.

  Grandma Su suddenly thought that Jin Qishan was also in the experimental elementary school, which seemed to be the third grade.
  She asked: “Oh, Xiaoshan, what grade are you in?”

  Jin Qishan seemed unheard of.

  Grandma Su took a look at Jin Qishan, thinking that this dead child, like a wooden bump, is really unpleasant.

  Su Xiaoxiao was afraid that Grandma Su would ask a few more questions, which annoyed Jin Qishan, and quickly said: “He is with me.”

  ”With you?”
  Grandma Su was a little surprised, and she wanted to say something.

  Su Xiaoxiao was afraid that Grandma Su was nagging too much, making Jin Qishan unhappy, and remembering to hate them, and quickly said: “I’m hungry, let’s go home for dinner.” As

  he said, Dong Xiaohong came back.
  Seeing that Grandma Su was talking to Jin Qishan, she hurried up and said nervously, “Xiaoshan is back. Did you forget to bring the key? Oh, Aunt Tian and Xiaoxiao have just returned. What are you talking about?”

  Grandma Su Seeing Dong Xiaohong coming back, she smiled and said politely: “Your Xiaoshan and our

  Xiaoxiao are in the same class. We will take care of each other in the future.” A hint of surprise flashed across Dong Xiaohong’s face, and her expression was a little flustered: “What a coincidence?”

  Grandma Su: “Isn’t it?”

  Dong Xiaohong smiled unnaturally, and said: “That’s a fate. Aunt Tian, ​​we went in first.”

  After that, Dong Xiaohong touched her arm, and Jin Qishan immediately trembled.
  Dong Xiaohong was very satisfied with Jin Qishan’s reaction. She smiled and opened the door and said softly: “

  Xiaoshan, don’t forget to bring the key next time. Come in.” Jin Qishan lowered her head and held the shoulder strap of her schoolbag with both hands. Entered the door silently.

  Grandma Su couldn’t see it, and taught Jin Qishan, “Your mother talks to you, you have to answer. If you don’t say a word, it’s the same as who owes you…”

  Dong Xiaohong quickly persuaded, “It’s okay, it’s okay, it doesn’t matter what I do. “

  Here, as soon as Dong Xiaohong closed the door, she slapped Jin Qishan.
  Then, she pinched his arm and asked in a low voice, “What did you say to the other door?”

  Jin Qishan gritted his teeth in pain: “I didn’t say anything.”

  Dong Xiaohong’s hand twisted around Jin Qishan’s arm: “If you want to let me know what you said, you will be dead. You and Su Xiaoxiao are in the same class. ? “

  Jin Qishan nodded:” ah. “

  Dong Xiaohong:” you have spoken to you “?

  Jin Qishan:” I did not. “

  Dong Xiaohong:” What do you want to talk to her yet? “

  Jin Qishan:.” do not want “

  Dong Xiaohong very satisfied, with a smile: “It’s best to be like this. I will know your every move.

  Okay, let’s go cook.” Jin Qishan put down his schoolbag, washed his hands, and went to wash the rice.

  Dong Xiaohong leaned on the door frame of the kitchen and supervised Jin Qishan’s work.

  Jin Qishan has been busy for a long time, fried a potato shreds, a cauliflower, and a tomato egg soup.

  Dong Xiaohong took a few bites of potato shreds and found it too salty, and angrily put the potato shreds on Jin Qishan’s head.

  Jin Qishan knew what he was about to face, and shrank back in fear.

  ”Come here, don’t let me count.” Dong Xiaohong sullenly beckoned to Jin Qishan.

  ”Counting” was simply Jin Qishan’s nightmare. For a long time, he would tremble physiologically when he heard “1, 2, 3”.
  He dared not defy Dong Xiaohong, and walked forward obediently. It is not that he has never resisted, and resisting will only usher in more serious beatings and scolding.
  It was okay during school, Dong Xiaohong didn’t dare to hit too hard, and didn’t easily slap her face. If it were winter and summer vacations, then he would be finished, and it was not that he had not lie down for more than a month.

  ”Is this human? Is it human? You want to kill me.” Dong Xiaohong said as she pinched Jin Qishan’s arms and legs, “Because you are such a dead child, I can’t even have a child. , You might as well die, just die like your dead mother.”

  Jin Qishan clenched his fists and gritted his teeth, cursing him is okay, cursing his mother is absolutely not, one day he will double the pain and give back to this bitch.

  Dong Xiaohong beat and scolded again, and finally relieved her anger.
  After she finished eating, she dumped the leftover vegetables and soup into the trash can, then pointed to the residue on the floor and said: “You are finished, clean up, and I will check

  it later .” After Dong Xiaohong left, Jin Qishan wiped it with a rag. Cleanly. Then I filled a bowl of rice, poured some cold water, and ate it.

  After eating, Jin Qishan started to wash the dishes again. While washing the dishes, he thought of his grandmother in the country.
  At that time, he had never been beaten, scolded, and had never done housework.
  In the small kitchen, grandma was washing the dishes, so he moved a bench to sit by and watched.
  Thinking of grandma, tears flowed down unconvincingly.

  Jin Qishan sniffed, thinking that his father would be back in a few days.
  Dong Xiaohong said that as long as he behaves well in front of his father, he will be sent back to grandma’s house for two days on weekends.

  ”Why do you wash the dishes for so long?”
  Dong Xiaohong didn’t know when he appeared in the kitchen, and Jin Qishan was shocked.

  Dong Xiaohong saw that Jin Qishan’s dishes were almost washed, and said, “Come and take a bath after washing.”

  Jin Qishan trembled again when he heard “bath”.

  If Dong Xiaohong doesn’t beat you, there are ways to torture you.
  Bathe with hot water in summer and cool water in winter.
  It won’t burn you or freeze to death, but it won’t make you feel better.
  Moreover, when taking a bath, Dong Xiaohong would always stare at him with gloomy eyes, either pouring two basins of water on top of his head, or pulling him down in disgust.
  Fortunately, Dong Xiaohong only allowed him to take a bath once in two or three days in summer, and only once a week in winter.

  Sure enough, Dong Xiaohong moved a chair and swaggered to sit at the door of the bathroom to supervise his washing.

  Jin Qishan put his hands on his waist and couldn’t take off his clothes.
  He grew up and knew that he was ashamed.
  This kind of confession embarrassed him more than hitting him or scolding him.

  ”It’s hard to undress and take off.” Dong Xiaohong took off the slippers and smashed them on Jin Qishan’s head.

  Suddenly in pain, Jin Qishan just gritted his teeth without groaning.

  Dong Xiaohong was angry at Jin Qishan’s stubborn appearance, just like a cow.
  Because the bathroom facing the stairs, she was afraid of being heard, then whispered curse: “?? You’re not dead yet clothes off, if not speak, waiting for me to give you a bath,”

  she says, ruthless Tugged him hard.

  The severe pain caused Jin Qishan to arch his body, clamp his legs, and tears in his eye sockets.

  Dong Xiaohong stood up angrily, turned on the shower, and rushed to Jin Qishan with hot water.
  Seeing that Jin Qishan’s skin turned red soon, her anger subsided a little, and then she smashed the shower on Jin Qishan’s chest: “Wash it yourself.”

  After Dong Xiaohong left, Jin Qishan picked up the shower and rushed twice.
  He knew that if he obeyed, he would suffer less.

  However, he just can’t learn to bow his head.

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