STYV: Ch 2

Because private high schools focus on training foreign students, and Shen does not want to go abroad. Therefore, in order to cope with the domestic college entrance examination, Shen also transferred to the best public high school in s county-the first middle school of s county, referred to as the first middle school.

It was here that Shen Yi met Shen Hua again.

However, the two were still young when they separated, and after so many years, they had forgotten each other.

It’s just that when they met again, they both had a feeling of deja vu. In the future getting along, the two have a tacit understanding of each other.

Do you think the two are together like this?

No, of course it cannot be that simple.

In order to increase the storytelling of the novel, Su Xiaoxiao created a cruel villain and resorted to various tricks to misunderstand the hero and heroine and prevent them from being together.

And now, the Jin Qishan who lives at the door of Su’s house is the most cruel, cold-blooded villain in this article. Because of my misfortune, I devote myself to creating misfortune for others.

Thinking of this, Su Xiaoxiao shed tears of regret.

Su Xiaoxiao remembered again that the reason why Jin Qishan was sitting at the door just now was because Dong Xiaohong deliberately went out to buy things after tricking him into throwing trash and shut him out.

Jin Qishan didn’t have the key to enter the door, so he could only stand at the door and wait for Dong Xiaohong to return.

He had a fever because of the rain last night, and he was originally uncomfortable. In addition, he didn’t eat breakfast, and he collapsed to the ground not long after standing.

Fortunately, Jin Qishan is still young now. Otherwise, based on the words Jin Qishan just said by Grandma Su, maybe their family can’t see the sun tomorrow.

Thinking of this, Su Xiaoxiao was sweating coldly.

With this script, I really want to hit the wall, I really want to go home…

But how can I wear it back?

In the following days, Su Xiaoxiao was looking for a way back every day.

She tried suicide, it hurts too much, besides, she can’t do it by someone who loves her life.

She also tried her sleep wear. She once slept for one day and one night in a row. This broke Grandpa Su and Grandma Su, and almost called Su Junhua and Wu Xinyu back. Fortunately, Su Xiaoxiao couldn’t take it anymore, and got up again after sleeping with a headache.

She also tried to get out of the rain when thunder, and wanted a thunder to knock herself back. As a result, when she was in the rain, she ran into another person who was in the rain—Jin Qishan, who looked at her like a fool…

After tossing for half a month, Su Xiaoxiao almost gave up and went back.

If it comes, let it rest.

Su Xiaoxiao believes in cause and effect, let her come into this world, there is always a reason for her to come into this world.


Soon the summer vacation passed, and Su Junhua also handled the transfer formalities for Su Xiaoxiao.

When the school started, Yao Yulian, the head teacher, brought Su Xiaoxiao to the three-year (2) class and introduced the new classmate to everyone.

Su Xiaoxiao stood on the podium and said with a smile, “Hello everyone, my name is Su Xiaoxiao, and I am your new classmate. I hope I can learn from each other and make progress together in the future. Thank you everyone.”

Su Xiaoxiao has white skin, round face, big eyes, and a pink dress. She looks cute and pink.

Especially after a summer vacation, the situation of the whole class being tanned, Su Xiaoxiao is even more prominent.

Teachers and classmates like this cute, beautiful new classmate who has two dimples when he laughs.

Except sitting in the corner, Jin Qishan, with messy hair and dirty clothes.

At the same time that Jin Qishan noticed Su Xiaoxiao, Su Xiaoxiao also noticed Jin Qishan. Jin Qishan sat alone in the corner of the classroom, next to the trash can.

It turned out that the villain was so small that he was squeezed out in school.

When arranging Su Xiaoxiao’s seat, Yao Yulian started to have a headache.

Because Su Xiaoxiao reported a few hours later than others, everyone was seated, and only Jin Qishan had a seat next to him.

However, Jin Qishan…

Yao Yulian couldn’t bear to arrange Su Xiaoxiao, who was soft and cute, to sit next to Jin Qishan, but no one else wanted to sit with Jin Qishan.

Jin Qishan seemed to see Yao Yulian’s thoughts and stared at Su Xiaoxiao fiercely, as if to blame Su Xiaoxiao for causing him trouble.

Suddenly, Yao Yulian laughed and directed a tall boy behind: “Feng Zihao, you move the table next to Jin Qishan to the podium, Su Xiaoxiao, sit there.”

Yao Yulian was afraid that Su Xiaoxiao would not sit next to the podium, and comforted her: “Sit like this first. After two days, the teacher will rearrange the seats according to the test results.”

“Okay, thank you teacher.” Su Xiaoxiao said with a smile.

Compared to sitting next to Jin Qishan, Su Xiaoxiao was indeed more willing to sit at the podium.

What if she offends Jin Qishan by accident?

The villain is a character that Jacques must repay.

Su Xiaoxiao didn’t know, she was so excited that she was completely caught in Jin Qishan’s eyes.

Therefore, Jin Qishan looked at Su Xiaoxiao’s eyes, colder.

Everyone was very interested in the new classmates. As soon as get out of class was over, many people gathered around Su Xiaoxiao and asked questions.

Wang Xiaoxia, who was sitting behind Su Xiaoxiao, asked, “Xiaoxiao, where are you from? How did you transfer to our school?”

Su Xiaoxiao said simply: “N City, because my hometown is here, I came back to study.”

Dai Lainan, Wang Xiaoxia’s deskmate, opened her mouth wide: “Wow, Xiaoxiao is from City N! I have watched City N on TV. It is very big and very good.”

Others also began to say: “Little is so powerful, I have never been out of county s, what does a big city look like? Are there many buildings?”

Su Xiaoxiao saw that they didn’t understand anything and thought it was very interesting, so he popularized them with office buildings, shopping malls, trains, airplanes, museums…

When Su Xiaoshu arrived on the plane, almost the entire class crowded around.

Dai Lainan looked incredible: “Then have you ever been on a plane? Is the plane big?”

“I have taken a few times, the plane is very big.” Su Xiaoxiao looked at the classroom and said, “There are almost two classrooms the size of which can hold a lot of people.”

Everyone was surprised: “Wow.”

A boy yelled, “You brag, the plane is not that big, I’ve been in it.”

Wang Xiaoxia didn’t believe it: “Luo Zhi, when have you ever been on a plane?”

Luo Zhi looked smug: “Why haven’t I taken a ride? During the summer vacation, my mother took me to the Martyrs Cemetery in City B. I was flying there.”

Su Xiaoxiao smiled: “The one you are talking about is a fighter jet. I’m talking about a passenger plane, a passenger plane dedicated to manning people. The two are different.”

Luo Zhi didn’t quite understand the difference between fighter jets and passenger planes, and didn’t know how to refute Su Xiaoxiao, his face flushed in anxious manner.

Upon seeing this, the students admired Su Xiaoxiao even more.

Su Xiaoxiao also became famous because of flying in the First World War. The whole grade knew that there was a girl from a big city, who had been flying several times, and she looked like a princess. She transferred to Class 3 (Class 2).

There will always be a few other classmates who will gather around the door of class three (2) to watch the legendary transfer student.

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