STYV: Ch 1

MTL/N: Chapter completely translated

“W-why do you do this to me?”

“What did I do wrong?”

In the mist, a thin boy knelt on the ground and shouted desperately: “Why, why…”

With a “boom”, Su Xiaoxiao was awakened from her dream by thunder.

Panting heavily, she hurriedly touched the switch on the bedside table and turned on the lamp.

The warm white light illuminates the entire room, but the boy was not there.

Oh, it’s this nightmare again.

Su Xiaoxiao gradually calmed down, turned on her phone and checked the time – only two o’clock in the morning.

She had to go to work tomorrow, so she turned off the lights again to go to sleep. Covered with the quilt, she still couldn’t sleep.

Who is that boy? Why does he appear frequently in her dreams?

Su Xiaoxiao tossed and turned, but couldn’t figure it out.

A bolt of lightning pierced the night sky, followed by another thunder resounding through the clouds.

Su Xiao thought carefully, forget it, anyway, I can’t sleep anymore, it’s better to think about where I saw this little boy.

Why do I frequently dream of him?

What does he want to tell her?

Or does he hope, she can do something for him?

As the rain faded, Su Xiaoxiao thought in a daze, but fell asleep again.

When Su Xiaoxiao opened her eyes again, the whole world had changed.

She looked at the strange furnishings around her. Before she knew what was going on, she was scared to death by the pair of strange little hands on the quilt in front of her.


She shrank back in fright and threw away the quilt abruptly, only to realize that this little hand belonged to her…

As a person who read novels all year round, Su Xiaoxiao quickly realized that she might have crossed, and that she had transmigrated into a little girl.

She got up and put on slippers, picked up the quilt from the ground and put it on the bed, then carefully looked around.

The room is not big, but it is warm and tidy.

A white desk was placed at the end of the bed against the wall. On the desk stood a small round mirror and a pink schoolbag.

Su Xiaoxiao picked up the small round mirror and saw the little girl’s reflection, who looked exactly like her when she was a child.

She has a round face, round eyes, and thick bangs on her head.

For a while, Su Xiaoxiao didn’t know whether she had returned to childhood, or if her soul transmigrated to a little girl who looked exactly like her.

She opened her schoolbag and took out a book at random.

The writing neatly reads: Su Xiaoxiao.

The name of this little girl is exactly the same as her, and the handwriting is also…

When I was about to see if there was any other useful information, there was a sound outside the door.

“Xiaoxiao, get up and eat soon.”

Before Su Xiaoxiao could agree, the door was opened from the outside.

The grandma’s voice is very loud: “You’re already awake, come and eat when the meal is ready.”

This should be her grandma.

“Yeah.” Su Xiaoxiao nodded and followed Grandma Su.

Grandma Su returned to the kitchen and found that Su Xiaoxiao was still behind her, frowning, she said: “Kid, why are you following me, hurry up and brush your teeth and wash your face, it’s really dirty.”

The house is small, and the most common type is three bedrooms, two living rooms and one bathroom. Su Xiaoxiao glanced around and knew where the bathroom was.

After washing, besides Grandma Su, there is an elderly man on the table. Not surprisingly, it should be Grandpa Su.

Su Xiaojing was surprised: Why didn’t she see her parents?

She sat down at the dining table. On the table, there was a bowl of cornmeal porridge, an egg, steamed buns, and flatbreads in a rattan basket. The dishes are stir-fried vegetables, tomato scrambled eggs, and two plates of pickles that Su Xiaoxiao can’t recognize.

A lot, very rich.

Su Xiaoxiao, who is accustomed to the fast pace in her own world, hasn’t had such a rich breakfast for a long time. When she goes to work, she usually has a bowl of rice porridge or oatmeal in the morning, or sometimes just corn.

Let’s have a porridge first.

Su Xiaoxiao took a sip of cornmeal porridge. The finely crushed corn dregs stuck inside her throat, and she coughed uncomfortably.

“Oh, look at my memory.” Grandma Su laughed loudly and said to Grandpa Su, “The people from the small town are not used to our cornmeal porridge.”

Grandpa Su looked at Su Xiaoxiao kindly, and said dotingly: “You can have whatever you like to eat.”

Su Xiaoxiao kept her head down to eat, thinking, if I say more and do more things wrong, it’s better for her to wait and see what happens.

Seeing Su Xiaoxiao’s head down, Grandma Su thought she was reluctant to part with her parents, and said distressedly: “Grandma will take you to the zoo today, okay? There is a lot of fun things to see in this county, and when you go to school here in the future, Grandma will take you out every weekend.”

Grandma Su said again: “It’s not that your parents don’t want you anymore, but they are really busy with work now, and can’t take care of you. After you finish primary school here, your parents can take you back.”

Su Xiaoxiao nodded silently.

Grandpa Su and Grandma Su looked at each other, thinking that their words made Su Xiaoxiao sad again.

During this meal, Su Xiaoxiao heard a lot of useful information.

Su Xiaoxiao’s parents are doctors and they are usually busy at work. When two people are working, they can barely care after children together.

However, now her father has been admitted to a foreign postgraduate, and he has to go to another place to study when school starts in September. Sometimes her mother needs to go to the hospital to be on duty at night. Su Xiaoxiao is only eight years old, and it is really not safe to be at home alone.

Therefore, her parents Su Junhua and Wu Xinyu discussed sending Su Xiaoxiao back to her hometown to study first, and then will take her back when she is in junior high school.

Su Xiaoxiao was sent back yesterday. Su Junhua and Wu Xinyu were too busy at work, and they went back to the city without staying overnight after dinner. After Su Xiaoxiao knew that she would go to elementary school in S county, she cried intermittently all night, shattering the hearts of Grandpa Su and Grandma Su.

After eating, Grandma Su stretched and looked out the window, seeing the weather outside: “It’s not raining anymore. Old man, shall we go together?”

“Alright, I will play chess later.” Grandpa Su changed his clothes and put on a hat. Standing in the hallway, he changed shoes and prepared to go out.

Grandma Su told Su Xiaoxiao to go back to the house to change clothes first, and she washed the dishes and chopsticks.

In fact, Su Xiaoxiao didn’t want to go to the zoo at all. The weather is so hot, it’s better to blow an electric fan at home.

However, she had to go because she had to act like a child.

Su Xiaoxiao opened the closet to pick out clothes to wear. The pink dresses in the closet looked the same to Su Xiaoxiao, so she picked one at random.

After getting dressed, Su Xiaoxiao took a glance in front of the mirror, feeling that the child’s skin is good.

Especially this Su Xiaoxiao, she shouldn’t go out very often, her skin is really too fair.

Grandma Su opened the door: “Xiaoxiao, are you ready?”

Su Xiaoxiao quickly found a sun hat and put it on her head, and said, “Okay.”

Su Xiaoxiao found that Grandma Su had no habit of knocking at the door, and her voice was particularly loud.

“Hurry up when you pack up, there will be more people later.” Grandma Su said as she came over to pull Su’s little hand.

Su Xiaoxiao didn’t like being dragged by strangers, and cleverly avoided.

Grandma Su didn’t notice the abnormality, she opened the door while putting on her shoes.

Then, as soon as they left the house, they were startled by the person at the door. A boy, sitting on the ground leaning against the door, closed his eyes as if sleeping, his legs almost reaching the door of Su’s house.

“Oh, it’s really scary.” Grandma Su stepped over the boy impatiently, “This child is really worrisome. He doesn’t come home. He runs to sleep at the door. You can’t learn from him, really. It’s so sad.”

Su Xiao nodded cautiously and stepped over to the boy, but she was very curious about the boy in his heart.

Who are you?

Why would you lie here?

“Yongzhong and Xiaohong are really unlucky for eight lifetimes. It’s better to have another one if you have such a child.” Grandma Su still said, “But there is nothing I can say about it.”

Yongzhong and Xiaohong should be the boy’s parents…

Su Xiaoxiao turned her head and took another look, and found that the little boy’s eyes were half-opened, staring at them gloomily.

Su Xiaoxiao shuddered in fright, and quickly lowered her head to avoid his sight.

What was that look in the eyes of a child?

Grandma Su grabbed Su Xiaoxiao’s wrist: “Hurry up, there are too many people in the zoo when it’s late.”

Su Xiaoxiao didn’t dare to look back, and followed Granny Su downstairs.

Su Xiaoxiao didn’t know that after they left, the boy braced his upper body with difficulty, his eyes seemed to scream in their direction.

When she got downstairs, Grandma Su met a young woman.

When Grandma Su saw her, she quickly said: “You came back now, your kid is sleeping at the door of your house again, you have to hurry up and take care of him, what’s this like?”

“He slept at the door?” Dong Xiaohong said dissatisfied, “I really don’t know if he did it on purpose. He wants people to think I abused him. I happened to buy steamed buns, if they didn’t know, people would think I abused him. He was deliberately forbidden to enter the door. I don’t know if he wants to wait for his dad to come back and scold me.”

Suddenly, Dong Xiaohong suddenly realized: “He didn’t just get this idea, no wonder he always got injured in the fall, and sometimes sits at the door and doesn’t go home, just to let people see it, thinking it was me who did it. Unexpectedly, this child is so cunning.”

Grandma Su was a little surprised: “Yongzhong is coming back?”

Dong Xiaohong smiled: “Well, just next month.”

“Don’t worry, when Yongzhong is back, I’ll testify for you. You didn’t abuse his son.” Grandma Su glanced at Su Xiaoxiao, and then whispered to Dong Xiaohong, “You have to think about yourself, not for others all the time. Raise a child. If it’s a worry-free one…”

Su Xiaoxiao stepped boringly on the puddle on the side of the road. Although Grandma Su deliberately lowered her voice, Su Xiaoxiao still heard it.

She didn’t like Grandma Su mixing up other people’s nostalgia, and she told Grandma Su to hurry up when she talked about these kind of things in her parents’ house.

Su Xiao’s novel: “Grandma, let’s go, go to the zoo.”

Dong Xiaohong seemed to have just seen Su Xiaoxiao, her eyes widened exaggeratedly, her mouth opened wide, and she stomped her feet and clapped her hands and said, “Oh, Xiaoxiao is back! She has become beautiful again, it’s really lovely. “

With that said, Dong Xiaohong reached out to touch Su Xiaoxiao’s head.

Su Xiaoxiao’s head tilted, and the whole person hid behind Grandma Su.

Then she rolled her eyes silently.

Ha ha, what a fake woman.

Dong Xiaohong didn’t mind Su Xiaoxiao’s rejection, and praised Su Xiaoxiao again.

Su Xiaoxiao inexplicably didn’t like this Dong Xiaohong. She felt that she was too artificial, and her expression was very unnatural.

Seeing that Su Xiaoxiao was so rude, Grandma Su patted Su Xiaoxiao on the shoulder: “Xiaoxiao, call Auntie and say hello.”

Su Xiaoxiao, 23 years old, was forced to call. She pretended to be shy and hid behind Grandma Su, holding Grandma Su’s clothes, and whispered, “Hello, Auntie.”

“Wow, Xiaoxiao is so good, so polite.” Dong Xiaohong said sadly, “It would be great if I had such a good daughter.”

“If you give birth to a daughter, she will definitely be like you, beautiful and obedient.” Grandma Su said vowedly, “I have to persuade Yongzhong to come back and hurry up to have another…”

“Let’s go.” Su Xiaoxiao pulled Grandma Su’s clothes, not wanting her to continue nagging.

“Then I’m leaving.” Grandma Su touched Su Xiao’s head and said to Dong Xiaohong, “Go back and take care of the child Jin Qishan, otherwise he will be more lawless when he grows up.”

Oh, it turns out that the boy is called Jin Qishan.

Jin Qishan, Jin Qishan…


The boy’s name is Jin Qishan, his father’s name is Jin Yongzhong, his stepmother is Dong Xiaohong, and her name is Su Xiaoxiao, who lives next to the door of Jin Qishan’s house…

Su Xiaoxiao was suddenly excited. Isn’t this exactly what she wrote a long time ago in the novel “The CEO and His Childhood Friend”?

Could it be that she had transmigrated into a book?

Soon, Su Xiaoxiao confirmed whether she transmigrated, or she was in her own abandoned article she didn’t finish writing, a passerby with the same name.

Because outside the community, you can see everywhere on the street. The properties of the male protagonist Shen Yijia, such as Shen’s cakes, Yakun convenience store…

What this novel probably said was that the parents of the male protagonist Shen Yi and the female protagonist Shen Hua were originally colleagues, and both lived in the staff dormitory of the unit.

Shen Yi and Shen Wei were born in the same year, and the relationship between the two families is very good, so both parents jokingly set a baby kiss.

There are a lot of children of the same age in the unit’s dormitory, but every time she plays the house, it is Shen Wei acting as mother and Shen Yi acting as father.

Shen Yi, who had just spoken for a while, would say that when he grows up, he will marry Shen Hua as his wife.

Later, when Shen Yi was four years old, Shen Yi’s grandmother suffered from cancer and needed a lot of money to see a doctor. The dual-employed Shen family can’t spend so much money. As a result, Shen Yi’s father Shen Kun resolutely resigned to start a business.

Although Grandma Shen finally passed away from illness, Shen Kun’s business grew bigger and bigger and he opened many local chain stores.

Later, Shen Yi’s mother Sun Tingya also resigned and took care of the business with her husband. The Shen family moved out of the staff dormitory and moved into the first batch of villas.

Shen Hua’s parents were laid off when Shen Hua was in the second grade. After that, her parents Shen Hai became a taxi driver, and Zhang Qian became a supermarket cashier.

The gap between the two was getting bigger and bigger, and the contact was getting less and less, until finally there was no news at all.

Shen Yi and Shen Hua also have different life trajectories.

Shen also went to a private aristocratic school from an early age, and had a special car driver to and from school.

However, Shen Hua moved with her parents and lived in no fixed place.

The turning point was at Shenyi High School.

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