Save The Young Villain

Title: 拯救少年反派[穿书]

Author: 麻生药丸

Status: Completed (47 chapters)


Internet author Su Xiaoxiao transmigrated into a novel, and became an extra with the same name in the abandoned article she has pitted.

And her opponent is now the living, the cold-blooded, cruel and paranoid villain in this book.
However, the big villain at this time was just a little boy who was abused by his stepmother all day, denied food, and didn’t even have the house key. He squatted and shivered at the door after school, and had was a little boy with no power.

It was all her fault. In order to increase the twists and turns of the story, she wrote the villain’s youth in a tragic manner.

She can carry her black pot.

Su Xiaoxiao sighed and opened the door: “Hey, come in, I will be responsible for you in the future.”

Later, his eyes darkened when he saw her.

Su Xiaoxiao regretted it, but she made another move that year that led the wolf into the room.
Jin Qishan recalled that he squatted at the door of his house that day and thought to himself how to take revenge on his stepmother.

Suddenly the opposite door opened, and tender white fingers were holding his collar. Her tone was tender and domineering: “Hey, come in, I will be responsible for you in the future.”
Jin Qishan: Ha, crazy.

# trying to change the tragic fate of the juvenile villain

Note: To pit a novel is to abandon it by not updating it anymore before ending it

Table of Contents

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