MFTIV: Ch 67

  She heard everything.

    everything is over.

    With tears in his eyes, Jiang Lu couldn’t see Qi An’an’s expression clearly. He only felt that his heart was broken into countless pieces, and he couldn’t make any sound of pain.

    He watched Qi An’an come forward without saying a word. These few steps were like walking his whole life.

    “Jiang Lu, don’t cry.”

    Qi An’an’s voice in a trance was still gentle, without disgust or fear, her tone seemed to be the same as before.

    Jiang Lu said: “Okay…”

    Before he raised his hand to wipe, Qi An’an’s little hand was already on his cheek, and he wiped away the tears with pity.

    Suddenly she put down her hand, Jiang Luxin’s lips pursed and moaned, and Qi An’an turned his head, raised his hand and slapped Qi Zhen’s face fiercely.

    Qi Zhen was slapped by this sudden slap for a few seconds. When the reaction came, she covered her face and pointed at Qi An’an with the other finger: “What are you going crazy?!” As

    she said, she rushed forward angrily and wanted to fight back. Jiang Lu’s eyes condensed, he instinctively stopped in front of Qi An’an, and threw away Qi Zhen’s hand.

    Qi Zhen staggered back in embarrassment. She looked at the two people in front of her bitterly, and then smiled suddenly: “Jiang Lu, Qi An’an heard everything. No, look at her reaction, you think of everything, right? Look? The madness that comes to you will never be cured.”

    “Are all people mad in your eyes? I think you are the madest one,” Qi An’an stepped forward and glared at Qi Zhen two steps in a tone of voice. Leng Ran, “If I knew that you would run to Jiang Lu one day to make nonsense, I would never say a few words to you when I saw you last time!”

    Qi Zhen’s eyes were burning: “Am I making a fool of. You know the nonsense! Am I wrong? You know very well how he treated you in his previous life. If it weren’t for him, how could you have died so miserably?”

    Qi Zhen glanced between them with a smile , After she finished speaking, Jiang Lu’s face was obviously white again.

    Just now he looked like a fearless ghost desperately killing his life. When Qi An’an came, he seemed to be a porcelain man who broke with one touch.

    Qi Zhen felt extremely happy in his heart, and as expected, for Jiang Lu, losing Qi An’an made him a hundred times more painful than death.


    An’an saw Qi Zhen laugh so happily, and felt even more angry: “Of course you are talking nonsense, what do you know? Those things you said have nothing to do with me.” She clenched her fists and turned her eyes to Jiang Lu.

    The moment Jiang Lu appeared from Qi An’an, he did not leave his eyes, as if she would disappear without a glance.

    Qi Anan stared at the teardrop that was about to fall on Jiang Lu’s chin. She told him not to cry, and he clearly agreed.

    She was heartbroken and stretched out her hand to gently wipe away the teardrop.

    Qi An’an whispered, “Jiang Lu, why are you so stupid…”

    Jiang Lu stood there in a daze. He should say something, but there are a lot of clues, I don’t know where to start.

    Qi Zhen looked at the appearance of the two of them, and suddenly realized that the current situation of Qi An’an was too favorable: she knew everything, and Jiang Lu had only guilt for her.

    Now that he can’t care about stabbing Jiang Lu in his heart, Qi Zhen shook everything out and said loudly: “Qian’an, don’t be pretentious! Jiang Lu just remembered how he tortured you to death, but he I still don’t know why he did this-dare you tell him, why did he treat you like that in his previous life?”

    Qi An’an turned to look at her with a cold smile: “It’s better to say it for you.”

    Qi Zhen coldly said. Snorted: “Do you think I dare not say? Jiang Lu, Qi An’an is here to retaliate against you! In your previous life, you were a prostitute who was trampled on. When the son of a girl, Qi An’an did not toss you less, she stepped you in In the mud, when you become yellow, she will be the first person to retaliate.” As he

    said, Qi Zhen stretched out his hand to Qi An’an: “She has remembered it a long time ago. That’s why she has been so open in this life. She has treated you from the beginning Well, she planned such a big game just to retaliate against you! I have reminded you a long time ago, but you don’t believe it.”

    Qi Zhen said so much, but Jiang Lu remained indifferent.

    No one knows if he listened to Qi Zhen’s words, he just stretched out his hand slowly, tentatively holding Qi An’an’s hand, didn’t even dared to hug her whole hand at the beginning, but gently pulled the two. Fingers, seeing that she didn’t shake them away, they clenched little by little.

    Qi Zhen’s eyes were red by this scene: “Jiang Lu, I didn’t lie to you, what I said is true! Do you think Qi An’an really loves you? Is it possible?! You hurt her so badly in your last life. She doesn’t love you at all!”

    Only Qi An’an could feel Jiang Lu shaking his hand slightly.

    Qi An’an sighed in his heart and looked at Qi Zhen every word: “You are not me, how do you know that I don’t love him?”

    Qi Zhen was trembling with anger but didn’t know what to say. If only she and Jiang Lu, she would still pay Can turn black and white with red mouth and white teeth. But now Jiang Lu is out of help, even if she tells the truth, it is no better than Qi An’an inventing a sentence or two to him.

    Sure enough, Qi Anan turned his head and met Shang Jianglu’s red eyes: “Jiang Lu, I will tell you everything, do you believe in me or Qi Zhen?”

    Jiang Lu’s lips moved slightly: “An An, I believe in you. “

    Qian An’an smiled softly at him, her voice very firm, sweet and soft into people’s hearts: “Then let’s go home.”

    She held Jiang Lu’s hand tightly, turned her head and said before leaving , Qi Zhen said: “Go I told you the first time I met, I advise you to find a new life goal and don’t waste time on us.”

    “Jiang Lu and I will be happy and stable

After a lifetime, this will never change. “


    Back home, Qi An’an stared at Jiang Lu closely, Jiang Lu also looked at her quietly.

    Qi An’an felt helpless and cherished in her heart, and she didn’t ask Jiang Lu why he didn’t tell her the truth. , What could he tell her when such a bizarre thing happened? No matter who it was, he could only swallow silently. After

    staring at Jiang Lu for a long time, Qi An’an finally touched his face distressedly: “Jiang Lu, I Why have you lost so much after only three days? “

    Jiang Lu gentle look at her and said softly:” I’m sorry. “

    I’m sorry for what?” “Qian An’an cupped his face with both hands, “How did the phone turn off?” “Is

    it turned off? Jiang Lu pursed his lips: “I…not on purpose. I won’t do it in the future.” “He really didn’t pay attention to the two days of unwillingness. Without

    saying a word, Qi An’an kept apologizing, “Don’t blame yourself, it’s okay, Jiang Lu, look at me.” “

    I’m afraid you worry about me. Eat well and sleep well every day, but how can you take care of yourself like this?” “

    Jiang Lu saw her expression, his lips trembled, but he didn’t say anything. He gently hugged Qi An’an in his arms, acting very carefully, as if he was afraid of breaking something: “I’m sorry, An’an…you Don’t be sad, okay? I really didn’t mean it. “

    Qian An pulling Jiang Lu, let him sit down on the sofa

    for his eyes no sense of security, Qian An kissed him on the forehead, sat next to him and looked at him seriously:” Blame me, If I had discovered your abnormality earlier, you wouldn’t have suffered so much. Jiang Lu…I’ll tell you everything, you just listen to me, OK? “It’s

    finally here, Jiang Lu’s fingertips trembled slightly, he quietly clenched, and his voice was low: “An An, what Qi Zhen said last is the truth, right? “

    He can tell, maybe Qi Zhen tried to punish his heart half-truth before, but in the end what she said was not a lie.

    Qi Zhen knows their past, and obviously An An also knows, only he still has a lack of memory. But it is only a matter of time, and one day he will remember everything.

    Qi Anan looked at Jiang Lu’s face. He had always been calm and self-sufficient. His face could make her see the emotions clearly, and his heart must be extremely tormented.

    She understood what he was afraid of: “It’s okay Jiang Lu, you listen to me, I promise that the two of us are still the same as before, will never get better?”

    Will it not change? Jiang Lu felt bitter in his heart.

    An An hurt him in his last life, and he also retaliated. But in this life, everything starts from scratch. The two of them originally only knew each other and loved each other, but God forced those memories of the past into their minds.

    This way… won’t it change?

    Jiang Lu pursed his lips slightly: “An’an, I am actually very satisfied now. You still…” You still love me, no matter what the purpose is, it doesn’t matter.

    As long as there is a little bit of love for him, willing to stay by his side.

    He really didn’t care about his previous life, even if he remembered everything one day, he wouldn’t care. But if An An cared very much, he would stand here and let her vent her anger, without complaint or regret.

    “Don’t be afraid, Jiang Lu, don’t be afraid, listen to me, I must explain this to you clearly.” Qi An’an shook Jiang Lu’s hand. She understood that Jiang Lu had a clear heart and dared to listen to Qi Zhen’s words. I dare not listen to her.

    But what she wanted to say was definitely not as bad as he thought.

    Jiang Lu looked at her with a clean look, and the distress in it was clear. Forget it, the resistance and evasion in my heart can’t match these bright eyes after all.

    Jiang Lu asked in a low voice, “An’an, can I hold you and listen?”

    Qi An’an smiled, obediently rushed into Jiang Lu’s arms first. Jiang Lu hugged her tightly. She was small and hugged like a petite milk cat, but she could fill his entire chest.

    Qi An’an leaned in Jiang Lu’s arms and thought for a while and said, “Although Qi Zhen didn’t lie in the end, she said it from her own perspective. From my perspective, this matter is completely different. Now that you can If you accept the past and present, you should also be able to accept…the parallel world, right?”

    Since she has lived here for so many years, then this is not just a book, but a complete world.

    Qi An’an likened the book to a parallel world, slowly telling it from beginning to end, and finally whispered: “…At that time, I thought that this person named Jiang Lu in this world really hurts me. It’s Qi An’an here, I must…”

    Thinking about his ridiculous goal when he first came here, Qi An’an shook his head, and continued with a firm tone: “I will be very gentle to him and let him stop.

    Suffering the grievances that shouldn’t be endured.” Jiang Lu listened quietly, his long eyelashes trembling lightly, and his arm tightened subconsciously.

    “Later I came here, and I became the Qi An’an of this world.” Qi An’an’s eyes were clear and clear, reflecting Jiang Lu’s figure, and she showed a shy smile. “In the beginning, it was really just a fight. You. But later… Later…”

    It was really difficult to confess like this. Qi An’an buried his head in Jiang Lu’s arms: “Before I saw you, I thought I knew you very well. I didn’t know until I got along with you. How hard you work. I feel sorry for you. I wanted to be friends with you, but… you are so kind and gentle, you really like it.”

    After listening to all this, Jiang Lu was silent for a long time.

    He held Qi An’an tightly with his arms, but he never let go of any strength.

    He had a thousand words, but suddenly he couldn’t say a word.

 But Qi An’an spoke again. She grabbed Jiang Lu’s big hand and put it on her face: “Jiang Lu, I don’t know why you think of the past, but you have to remember that what hurt you and hurt you That person is not me. There has never been any harm between us.”

    The skin under the palm was soft and smooth, and it was warm to the touch.

    Jiang Lu’s eyes were red, and there was a thin film of water in his eyes. His voice was very low: “I know.”

    He knows. It turns out that God has never treated him badly, but prefers it instead.

    The noon sun came in through the window, with a warm temperature.

    Jiang Lu took the lead to ask the question he most wanted to know: “An An, will you…will leave in the future?”

    Qi An’an blinked, he was completely integrated here, and his previous life was more like a dream: ” I won’t leave you.”

    Jiang Lu’s tight body relaxed a little.

    He looked at Qi An’an for a long time, and finally showed a slight smile: “Little fool from the parallel world?”

    Qi An’an didn’t understand: “How could he be a little fool?”

    Why not, knowing his embarrassment, I have seen his savageness, knowing everything, but still falling in love with him.

    There is no one more dumb than her.

    There is no… anyone better than her.

    All this finally disappeared, the little idiot should be the little idiot, Qi An’an didn’t care about it, and looked at Jiang Lu distressedly: “Look at you, you have lost so much, you must have not eaten well or rested much. When will it start? Think of the previous events? Did you work hard for a long time?”

    Her distress was so obvious, Jiang Lu felt compassionate in his heart, and gently stroked Qi An’an’s hair: “It’s just recently, not very hard.”

    If you start, then. Just before graduating from high school, he dreamed that Qi Yan went bankrupt. But at that time he just felt the crisis, and the real disaster was when he confirmed that he was the murderer.

    Jiang Lu smiled slightly. Although his face was a little haggard, his eyes were calm and peaceful, “It’s okay, An An, it’s all over.”

    He looked at her, and his smile suddenly deepened: “I have much better luck than myself in my previous life. “

    Qian An’an squeezed Jiang Lu’s tall nose, and poked him in the cheek dishonestly, “No, it’s me if I’m lucky. You don’t know Jiang Lu, many people in our world know you, everyone. I like you very much.”

    Jiang Lu’s eyes were gentle, and his voice was low: “But you alone will do this for me.”

    “An’an, when was the first time we met?” After she finished speaking, there were many things. Suddenly a sense of clarity. Jiang Lu recalled that when he first met Qi An’an, he felt that the “Qi An’an” he saw for the first time was not his beloved girl.

    When I saw you for the first time, Qi An’an thought about it. She was still a little impressed about it: “One day after school, you were walking on the road with a kitten in your arms. When I saw you, I ran up and called you. That was our number one. We met again.”

    That time…

    Jiang Lu was a little silent, because it turned out that it was the first time he saw her.

    It’s a pity that he didn’t know it was her at the time. At that time, he should have seen the original “Qian’an”.

    Jiang Lu bit his lower lip lightly, his memory was good, if it was the first time they met—the first word he said to her at first sight was to get out.

    “An An… I didn’t know it was you at the time, I had a bad attitude towards you…” He was so bad at the time, that was the first time I met.

    “What happened to your attitude at the time? I don’t remember much. Oh, don’t take it to heart, it doesn’t matter.” Qi An’an smiled and held Jiang Lu’s face and kissed him on the lips.

    After so many years, Jiang Lu was too gentle with her. Even though she vaguely remembered that Jiang Lu could not be friendly to her at the beginning, she couldn’t remember his specific behavior when she first met.

    Her soft lips came to kiss and she was about to leave. Jiang Lu finally couldn’t hold on, and clasped Qi An’an’s head with one hand and didn’t let her evacuate.

    He leaned over her lips and kissed deeply.

    Jiang Lu’s kiss has always been careful and gentle, lingering and lingering, but this time it looked a little rough.

    Days of fear and worry pushed him to a desperate situation. Suddenly the sky was bright and all the restraints were removed. He walked out of hell, and his beloved girl smiled at him in front.

    Jiang Lu deepened the kiss hard, and fiercely hooked her lips and tongue tossing around. Even if he felt Qi An’an’s breathless faint struggle, he only paused for a while, followed by an even more fierce attack.

    When Qi An’an was released, her eyes and nose were red, and her body was a little soft leaning against him, her eyes were very accusing: “Why are you so hard…”

    She stretched out her hand and rubbed herself until she was kissed. The red and swollen lips: “It hurts.”

    He was dizzy. Jiang Lu immediately looked closer. Some self-blaming lips lightly taped: “I’m sorry, An’an, I didn’t control it just now.”

    Qi An An glared at him with a charming and lovely look: “Forget it, I don’t care about you because you are so pitiful

    these days .” “Jiang Lu, are you tired these days? I’ll lie down with you for a while. Okay? I look at you and there will be no more nightmares. “

    Yeah, there will be no more nightmares.

    … I

    slept until nine o’clock in the evening this night, and it turned out to be dark and dreamless. When Jiang Lu opened his eyes, he felt that he was fully alive.

    The walking dead these days are finally reborn as humans at this moment.

    Qi An’an has been lying with Jiang Lu. She didn’t sleep well the day before, but it was a

    kiss in the end .

Jiang Lu rested for a long time, and opened his eyes until five or six o’clock in the afternoon when he slept.

    Although he woke up early, Qi Anan didn’t move for fear of awakening Jiang Lu.

    Waiting until Jiang Lu opened his eyes, Qi An’an smiled at him from the side: “You’re awake.”

    Jiang Lu pressed her hair scattered beside her pillow: “Yeah.”

    Qi An’an kissed him with a smile , and went down. Cooked a bowl of glutinous rice balls.

    The glutinous rice balls were not cooked too much. Eating too late was afraid that it would be difficult to digest. The two of them padd their stomachs together. Qi Anan sat next to Jiang Lu and discussed with him: “I came back too soon today. I didn’t even listen to the doctor’s explanation. Tomorrow we will go again and let me write it down.”

    Jiang Lu said, “No, I don’t have much, and it’s all right after all.”

    Qi An’s worried, stared at him a little: “Nonsense, what So fast.” She had read Jiang Lu’s checklist, and it was not a joke to have a clear tendency to depression.

    Jiang Lu shook his head and said mildly: “It’s true, the things I fear no longer exist, how could I make myself a patient and have you take care of me hard.”

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